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2-13 7:20pm LSU baseball Coach Paul Maineri

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The College Baseball season opens up this week in tomorrow night a good matchup number two ranked team in the country ideology by -- entertaining the you know privateers. Up that's an out of welcoming LHU coach pulmonary. Do the radio coats and Eric thank you so much for the time and how I was -- the preparations. At this point for the season gone for -- team. Well it did preparations -- outstanding we had quite some weather like everybody. About head to has had two in the country spin and really difficult pre season. But I think we've gotten when he worked on I think we're ready to go our guys are anxious we just got off the field and had a nice little -- -- Not that we looked pretty good so I think very excited everybody's. You know kind of counted the minutes down -- the first -- -- made. As being the first pits -- a lot of people look at no other NCAA staff and they would think that this team wanted to stress. Is pitching it is that is that something you you feel Koppen about on the disease and. Certainly as -- -- and all of the on the mound to take. He's a proven commodity you know you talk about the reigning SEC pitcher of the year all American. Simply one of the best pitchers I've never had the privilege of coaching but we do have a lot of question marks -- again I'd have to prove themselves and I think they have the talent. You know putting two and has pitched them porous and he's pitched very well at times says this -- Kunin -- Broussard. You people like needs fury and hundred evolved and has had their moments so. -- you know it's new week it's not like we have the totally -- staff -- these guys need to pick it up another notch because now we're really going to be count on them for significant innings and we're gonna need some help from some new pitchers. I'm excited about some of those guys. Freshman by the name matier pushing at a lecture to left in about -- in the -- Bowman at Saint Louis junior college transfer is gonna get to start on Saturday in an effort. Field against you and -- so we're looking for some good stuff that those guys and as well as. You know that the returning players and you know if they if they clicked in under the tutelage of talent and are outstanding pitching coach and I think will be okay. And -- you -- pulmonary is -- this against the Tigers taking awed. You know private he is a doubleheader dad being a double -- so to speak Friday. A tomorrow -- 630 attempts and it hampers the -- On WWR radio Saturday afternoon at 2 PM except for the -- you know it is something that I couldn't count on to the box. Take on Grambling State -- and Mary when you look. To tomorrow night's match up. It's all about LSU that you know but was vote because it's based earlier he's obviously on that you things -- -- you you -- at him and know what he's safeties. Look -- fall to step across that lining getting on the field tomorrow night. What I bifida and is their coach -- to open up the season. All hall -- the year before we know the pit box you know the the level of expectation you have for these teams as well that the fans. But what is it like this bought it new -- Well this. Is my 32 year of having an opening game -- think I'd do it pretty used to it but he did at my age -- experience. You know there's lectures something special about that first game and butterflies just -- a little but he anxiety because you don't really know for sure exactly how your team's going to react to it. You know sit in the stands are going to be -- there's can be different team across the field you can't control what happens in this scrimmage anymore. And then you got to go out and score more runs in the other team that night to have a successful night so. It's exciting and you know next played in Omaha it's part of most exciting days of the year opening day but. You know that you mentioned about me being in the other dugout and -- around Macy's is quite simply were the most outstanding people I've ever known in my life and -- -- I'm really open and our fans give and the tremendous welcome back to college basically been out of the dugout for twenty years. And I played form in 1970 and 79 I think 85 misses last year. Until he's gone back this year so I can only imagine how he must feel about it. I love the man dearly he's he's just such an outstanding person has influence so many people like. Quite frankly I'm a little fun and enjoy these -- as much as I normally would because. If we're fortunate to win I don't think they'll get much enjoyment that that -- in the -- was on the other side of that -- obviously wouldn't be any fun to lose either so. Yeah I'm gonna kind of looking forward did to get me get through these first two games and get on with this season. It's an area -- it -- bachus of sports because they would that last year with Nancy with a year of its own every year takes I -- -- of itself with that said. What you did last year it got to Omaha. Good stretches and when you won a lot of games or what is something may be last year you you carry over into this year something you'd look and say -- got to improve. Or do you just say -- if it's a completely if that you don't take anything away from thirteen. Well I'm a big. Believer -- being positive and I want our kids only to be. Tilt with the with positive spots so. You know what I'm gonna hold on and keep them decisive about last year result positive things that we did you know neighborhood to ask me if go into and -- in Omaha provide the motivation force -- Policy can tell you is not a motivation now like to keep bringing up -- distinction that was the only negative thing that happened all year last year. -- want an SEC record manic games. We won four championships were national seed we're number one in the country in the polls. And I think the returning players realize that they complain that the best teams in the country and I want him to feel that way. If we're fortunate to get back to Omaha this year. Then I believe it will played better. -- the next time hopefully have a little bit of luck to move you know will stay longer hopefully come home with a championship but. Omaha so far often in the future we know we're going to look at how we're concerned about his. Played you know tomorrow night. -- go out there and playing with confidence and enthusiasm and energy and playing well and get started on the -- and hopefully it'll be great journey. How do you look at your opponent going to the first game of the season is that is -- a lot of both scouting and look at me to hit it in. How difficult is that knowing that this team what they did a year ago. Personnel allows a strategy of course it would tomorrow. Thought coach based on the I know you don't have put up on what you know did prior you know maybe a different strategy is it a lot but that north just the first. Game the first game it's really difficult even to scout the opponent that you really have no idea what you -- and did so. You know it is but he did have butterflies you're going to be in our players stomachs and I think the only thing they need to focus on his themselves and Cornell and play in the game in the waiting no outs and if we if we just focus on. On playing confident and playing loose and having fun. Then I feel strongly that will be able to to play well and hopefully that'll mean that will score more runs in the other team that. There's really not much you can do you know that you don't know much about your opponent -- I think they're playing like four freshman in their line after four freshman. You know bases in new coach -- has this whole different attitude his strategy. Will be different in the previous coach so he just hope that your instincts for the game carried through. LSU coach Paul went there that I just taking on you know tomorrow night here on -- yet you know it Saturday afternoon in in on Sunday take on. Grambling State two of those three games to be heard write your own that we -- -- coats and Eric thank you so much for the time and good luck this -- okay -- blockers.