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Feb 13, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While it was a beautiful day it's a cool and beautiful night it is going to be a great weekend weather wise the weekend is gonna be almost perfect. The city is becoming allies -- getting very busy with everybody who's going to be in town for the NBA all star weekend. And the India else all star game on Sunday we welcome everybody who is in town for the game welcome to New Orleans I can I can feel it downtown and if you work downtown early downtown like I do. You can already sense the changes in the attitude and the electricity in the city it's it's quite alive and if you're looking for something to do this weekend. And you like to be part of New Orleans when there's a big if -- town once again the national spotlight will be on New Orleans a lot of celebrities in town. I'm sure that if I take a walk through Harris that's some time disappoint this weekend. I'm sure -- see a lot of NBA stars there. A past and president because NBA stars from really to a not all of -- many of them enjoy the the festivities that take place at casinos. So yeah you know you never know who you gonna see in town this weekend and a lot of a lot of celebrity musicians are in town as well. A real Williams are among those who attempt performing a doctor John. And trombone -- are among those performing from the new World Series so again this is a big weekend and there's a lot going on downtown but if you do come downtown. Be patient. Look for a legal place to park and give yourself time to find a place to park it again just be patient because. Already the city's getting very crowded. Our weather is beautiful but about a hundred million people. Are feeling the impact of another winter storm. Now in a nation of about 340 million people a hundred million people feeling the impact of a store that's a lot of people. It now land wise it's it's not that big of a percentage but when you think about how. How populated -- the north -- the northeast is compared to that the northwest in the central part of the country. I guess it doesn't -- does it come as any surprise that a hundred million people out of hunter 340 million. Are affected by this a winter weather it's time for tonight's top -- dates here at the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight and every WL. Number eight. From the moment he was first introduced here. The mascot of the new worlds pelicans. Was criticized for his walks. And you know I can relate to that because I've been criticized for my looks over the years. This -- highways -- -- it was scary. He had traits that. Made it seem like he was a close relative to the clown penny wise from the Stephen King movie at the B did you notice the similarities. It was like a really scary scary clown. Well peer has undergone major cosmetic surgery. And has returned. -- scary he actually looks more like a cartoon character which is what most of the mascots in the NFL and NBA look like it anyway. But he doesn't look does carry on like he did before I guess they they did this just in time for the NBA all star game being in town this weekend deal like the new or the old pelicans mascot not quite as menacing and help our team is as menacing as the old. Of -- Cutler but -- looks at a little kinder and a little friendly -- And I was thinking when I first saw him on a personal peer into the best I thought. Thick thick of the schools. That may get an offer -- to like us to bring the the mascot of the pelicans out to your your grammar school know that's okay just keep it right there we don't want to scare the children -- he looks he looks different now. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Things seem very certain in America. Same sex marriage will be legal everywhere. And the recreational use of pot will be legalized across the country. A deal has been introduced that may lead to Rhode Island becoming the next state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. I just don't think this trend can be stopped now and is this a trend if you even want to stop. As I have said Palestine if you listen their show on a regular basis you know that I don't smoke pot. I don't judge those who do I did awful long time ago but I'm not gonna benefit from legalize marijuana. But I think as long as it is -- legally on sale in this country. And music about the impact that today alcohol has on our our society. I don't understand the argument about why marijuana is illegal but again this is -- -- topic that is gonna continue to be a big topic -- continue to follow that and discuss it on the show but I do think that those are two things that are. Inevitable in this country same sex marriage legalized I don't think that can be stopped at this point and the recreational use of -- Will be legalized number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our sales. Are down. Could Barbie be less popular now because her perceived perfection is no longer accepted as norm among young girls in America. And I guess that would be a good -- may affect I think barbies on the as a cover the February issue of of Sports Illustrated. Yeah Barbie I think borders of -- -- of these hot models. I reject check this out I think Barbie is on the cover. On via. The new issue of SI. She should she's looking pretty hot I remember I I -- up with a sister a couple years younger than me. And she had Barbie dolls. Now. -- a lot of people are gonna perceive this in the wrong way. But I much prefer playing with the Barbie dolls that we GI Joseph. Mean I just think that was a reflection of my total heterosexuality although some might some might be -- that the wrong way. But -- -- been criticized over the years for setting a bad example for girls and I I don't know if if if any girls should. Should never get the feeling that they need to be like Barbie. And mothers to buy a their kids Barbie dolls subdued -- should explain to their kids that you don't have to look like Barbie I remember once the the statistics of of Barbie than the actual measurements of Barbie were so ridiculous that she would even be able to stand up if she was actually beat her breasts were like. I think with in proportion to her body her breasts were slight. 980 inches at a waste was like nineteen inches so I mean it just wouldn't even be possible so it unrealistic. Of of course -- really setting a bad example for kids I'd I don't know but I would think that did that much has changed and when you think about. The don't generation -- her parents today. I'm not so sure that they would buy into Barbie and is a good reflection of their generation and I just a confirmation from John workers studio producer. Barbie is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. How would that any controversy but the photo shoot the focus of president controversy about the you know the bottles to in the photo shoot controversy -- -- On the beach somewhere number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The United States swept the men's slopes -- Skiing competition I believe this was the first Olympics with this men's slope style skiing now there's been men's slopes file. Stillborn is it at the jumps and and everything this is only the third time in Olympic history that the US has won all three medals and -- competition. In 1956 the men's figure skating team. Won all three medals in 2002. The men's half pipe snowboarding team. Won all 33 medals and now in 2014 the men's slope style skiing team won the top three medals. Which is really it's early it's it's interesting to see how exciting skiing has become. Snowboarding made skiing better. The the technology. Behind the snowboard. Made skis a lot better. If you ski a long time ago if you ski now I'm sure you've noticed the difference in skis that that the technology. They went into to making snowboard -- has actually now made -- better and more exciting. And the candidate they were. -- there were. Skiers but it needed to see the tricks like -- he even -- skiers and half pipes so the the influence of snowboarding has really made skiing a lot more exciting. And with the the round tips on both ends of the ski you can go forward and -- -- backwards on the mound and I guess another question is are you even watching. The Olympics. I find myself watching but I I keep hearing from people not even watch in the Olympics. Now the Olympics did not even help out The Today Show on NBC because ABC's Good Morning America in the ratings still. Beat The Today Show on NBC. Even with the Olympics. Number four in tonight's list of top eight at eight. Has -- frequently to communicate with everybody. You bosses. Coworkers. Family your kids. Your wife your husband boyfriend girlfriend. Lover it's it's a way to to to do any thing you can ask somebody for a dated and -- people actually using -- text messages. To break up with somebody. Is is that too impersonal I mean I have to admit that I've I've gone through some strain moments in a relationship. And -- I said what I wanted to say that a text. And I I have to admit that I think it's kind of a cop out that you that you did you don't meet with somebody face to face or even on the telephone would be a little more personal. But I have to admit that I like texting. I like it because it's to the point. It's its directors though -- BS. It takes less time to do with and call -- I guess in these days win when time is just such a precious. Asset to all of us. We're looking to save time and so I I I'll I like text. Now at at first I thought well texting is really relieved impersonal. But he texting becomes. V wade people communicate. Or one of the primary race of people communicate. And are you starting to. To appreciate texting is a very personal way and not an impersonal way to communicate with people. And are we losing the -- of communication. We'll talk about the good and the bad of texting. Andy you like it and and do you communicate personal things like asking somebody for a date. But would you. Rather ask for a -- asking for a date on a text and if you're woman do you mind if a guy asks you out by text or do you think he Belichick calling. -- to join -- show the comic tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a -- summer is a 7870. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. All right guys. Girls tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Do you have a Valentine or or you single this Valentine's Day. Now it's. It's so it's under four hours left. Until mid to fight the official beginning of talent Wednesday. So you still have about three and a half hours to break up with somebody before you would be obligated to buy the -- So disorderly -- you -- that little window of opportunity if you wanna make sure you don't have to buy somebody a gift or if you wanna. And bring to give back this would probably be a tough time to have to break up with somebody I think Valentine's Day slide. You know but we really should appreciate the person in our life that we love every day and not just on on Valentine's Day and for those of you who are gonna be alone. This Valentine's Day. You know I don't think there's anything wrong with being alone and -- and I I hope you I hope you appreciate the benefits of being single in and being alone. And I know that this time of year during holidays that wind it's. When there's so much emphasis placed on somebody special in your life people who were alone either. Continuously or occasionally alone and you happen to be alone at one of these times when the focus is on somebody you love. I know that can be really I -- the can be really difficult. But think back on some of the tough time she had when you weren't single. And and hopefully see you won't get too upset being alone this this Valentine's have me believe me -- a lot of people go through Valentine's Day. And they wish they were in your situation if you happen to be alone again to join -- will talk about Valentine's Day what was the best Valentine's Day you have. I can think of -- very unusual. Valentine for me it. I'm kind of reluctant to even share that -- the story with you but I'll I'll do that a little bit later in the show. But if you wanted -- for the comment about a Valentine's Day your best Valentine your worst Valentine's it would be kind of tie this into texting. Is it is it sufficient to say happy Valentine's Day. In a text. What do you expect a card. And do people still send cards. With emails and in texting and FaceBook to people still send cards are numbers 2601870. And his record really that much more personal because of all these other ways to communicate. Our toll free number is 8668890. -- seventy. Text number it's a 77 here's a text the only problem with text issue cannot convey emotion or inflection over a text message Denish really true. I've written words whether it's out of a piece of paper or on a computer screen on your telephone. Written words do not hold emotion. And quite often I'm Wilson detects and I'll let somebody say what did you mean by that. Our -- -- weighted average is about it would take something completely wrong. Because. I wasn't able to give inflection I wasn't able to give life and emotion to the words that were written to talk about that in the short. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jury deciding the fate of Michael -- 47 year old. White guy who shot into a car black teenagers after an argument about loud rap music. A seventeen year old was killed. -- seniors Jordan Davis. He was black guy an argument apparently erupted over this loud rap music. I heard morals and morbid the trial and and and heard more of a a repeat of some of the trial is that the jury was deliberating. I'm assuming they'll be a verdict tomorrow but don't necessarily but if there's a verdict tomorrow we will talk about it tomorrow night here on the -- show on on WWL. This is another one of those interest in cases where. -- race has come -- it's unfortunate that -- -- so often part of this but I've actually received a talking about this. Text -- phone calls from a few people. Who seemed to actually. Justified. What Michael -- did. We kill this -- he claims it was self defense. But I've received a few -- and -- of a few phone calls on the show. That seemed to indicate that well he's probably just fed up with those young thugs and their music. Really. So your your fed up. With young first of -- you don't know they're thugs. But this is the attitude that some people happen to me it's really scary. That people which somehow figure justified. In silencing some body by killing them. And there are. There are a lot of racist in this country. There are racial racist in this country. On both sides. Of the spectrum. They are are. There are people who think. You can talk to me that when infect this is one of the things in Michael Dunn said. He might have said the same thing to a white teenager -- is that is possible. Don't cut it appear from John wicker studio producer -- is the new inward. It's true. It's a code word for. They import. Because I don't I don't hear the word thug. So casually used when it comes to white suspects. As I do when it comes to black suspects. I was in this guy's testimony Michael Dunn and I I don't believe him. I think he's guilty I think he committed murder but that's based on. My perspective from against sitting here in that did the court of public opinion and I'm not hearing everything I haven't heard everything. So I I it's not fear for me to judge but based on what I've -- I think the guy's guilty and. -- a message needs to be sent it we've talked about this quite often on the show a message needs to be sent to all those people. Who think that guns are to be used for retaliation. Guns are not to be -- used used for retaliation or revenge strictly for protection. Now I get the impression. From what I've heard from the case. That Michael -- -- He killed this guy I guess he figured might work here's Don and he just went off and went back to his hotel. His girlfriend got a says -- they went back to his house which -- decreased to two and a half hours away and he was arrested here. So. If it really was self defense wouldn't wouldn't report that to the police. And it if you kill if you shot somebody. In a public situation anyway if you shot somebody -- of a self defense you wouldn't call the police. Really. There's going to be a lot of talk. About this verdict and we'll talk about it here on discussion if you -- with -- are numbers 26 held. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a checksum for -- states have recently by the way I was watching Nancy Grace earlier tonight when HL and. She is truly. The most abrasive. Most. Obnoxious person. On television I can't think of anybody even more obnoxious than Nancy Grace. And if she's threatening to cut the Mike off of one of her guest who was tried to talk. Really it was his turn to talk I admit that but it was the abrasive way she handled it mean I I watch briefly for the information but. I don't know how anybody can stand. Nancy Grace. Finally tonight it's number one on the right tonight's list of the top eight and eight. Was race a factor in the conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. And will we ever begin get beyond race being an issue. In anything that we don't agree with -- Is race always going to be an excuse for something we disagree with -- Immediate reaction to be guilty verdict of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Included. Some comments from people I was on yesterday and on sports talk with Bobby -- -- because it was breaking news and and I was -- to -- deal with some of the reaction to the the guilty verdict. It is dealt with something similar reaction that was in the I really didn't expect. And it was race. When I think about Ray Nagin. When he was elected and what he meant to the city. And I thought about it. I thought about -- -- the case in general. It didn't occur to me an overly sensitive to this if it didn't occur to me that race would be an issue in this case. But a couple of people yesterday afternoon. Even during a -- -- part of the ideas that he didn't get a fair trial because of race. So let's talk about that and I think this is part of a and honest conversation. About race relations in America which we have yet half. We've tried to have her on the show will continue to try to pass it. I don't of America's really ready for them honest conversation. But it really is sad that so often race is. The reason. Racists the excuse. For a verdict or for an unfortunate incident. When race really may not have anything to do with it. The -- blog tonight is titled Nagin. And racism. You may agree you may totally disagree. It's on our website at WW dot com it's also on our FaceBook page which used to be WL radio. If you gonna join us with your comic tonight our numbers 26018. Saturday. Toll free 8668890878. Tech's number 87870. This is the script shield. And will be right back -- -- -- from New Orleans on -- WL in our top eight at eight tonight. We started about Barbie sales being down and could it beaded -- less popular because her perceived perfectionist. It still longer acceptable. Among young people waited points yeah that once was and -- among parents who were buying for their kids. And I mention that united sister two years -- than me and she had Barbie dolls I prefer playing with the Barbie dolls then with -- with GI GO. I had a texture says Cisco somethings are are better not said playing with their playing with the Dole's comment will come back to haunt you like to. Don't you get enough of that -- already come on buddy give yourself a break. If you think about it. Playing with Barbie. Makes a lot more sense than playing with a man doll. Here is a text. That reads a race was only a factor too racist black people in the Nagin tried. And by saying racist by people there are blacks or racist there are whites are racist but all blacks are racist. And all whites are racist either this group blog tonight is titled Nagin. And racism and this came up instantly after the trial yesterday was racism part of this case. There's only one juror. Who was black to ration the rest were were white. -- a blog is on our website at WW real dot com under our opinions also on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and -- recently your FaceBook post coming up. In just a little while a from uptown -- when you -- WW elegant evening. Yeah a woman known about this Florida case what is accepted these teenagers yeah. Could you explain to me about this case. Well it's it's it's rather complicated but essentially comes down to a guy. And his fiance -- the he's 47 years old. He left his son's wedding reception. I'm staying in hotels so they stop at a convenience store. There -- Was a moment when he told the teenagers who were I think for. A black teenagers in the car next to him. And he told and turned on the music. And his fiance testified that he -- and I hate that like music. And he told return and the music. Somebody the car turned on the music but somebody else I don't effect the person he shot. Reached over and turned it back up and apparently said you know is something about I'm not gonna turn down and he said you're not gonna talk to me like dad. And he retrieved a gun from his glove compartment and shot into the car killing the seventeen year old. As the -- as the the car with the wounded well yeah I don't know whether he was dead instantly and on the with the seventeen year old who was shot as the the card issued the pulls -- he got out of his car and continue shooting. While and he's he's claiming he's only in self defense. I know he king claims self defense on their albums so good that it -- the difference is posting new ground rule alone. Because first Novo. He stepped to the convenience store okay he's he's -- these teenagers sitting musica. Gets what -- the smartest thing to do was pull away well it -- way. Bill thing to do is -- blow would that because -- I would start. Rules it's in the hands of the injury well exposed to a parliamentary. Echo what I would I would because -- that it -- 20. I would call -- isn't there. But this would -- He shouldn't he says that one alone is witty. And well and I -- that in this. I think that's -- I think that's the key I don't know how you claim your life which threatened when you really had an opportunity to retreat or not confront the situation any further. Repeat it. McDonald's all these different and being in the know they confronted he. He claims that he saw. He he claims it -- the teenagers got out of the vehicle but there's no surveillance video that shows that he claims the teenager got out of the vehicle with a shotgun. He heard a pop -- we know their shotgun doesn't make a pop so apparently nobody shot at him and I guess the only way that he felt like he could. On cover his son his bike was to claim self defense and claimed he saw a gun but there's no evidence of a gun. What do you have any witnesses. On his you know to testify for him. When it is elsewhere in his work in announcing a fan of his frequency basically testified against him. Well guess what if you don't have any witnesses. -- -- -- -- While I agree notices sent or it comes down and talk about it on the show believe they believe the recess for tonight and it'll probably come tomorrow. That would be one way to put it he -- charged -- -- neglect on the -- -- -- if you're you stay with us are coming right back with more of your comments if you enjoyed this week with your thoughts or comments about anything we're talking about -- -- -- night. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text number as a 77. This is the -- you know. And we'll be right back on DaVita QL do you think race was a factor in the conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin necessary to be a dual party -- opinion -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com. There's always something new -- web -- of the Foreman on the -- -- the jury in the related cases talks Tommy Tucker. About the powerful evidence against Ray Nagin. The attorney stated the allegations. Nuclear bombshell -- coming up this could overturn the Nagin conviction. All of that information is on our website -- conversation Tommy and the -- from the jury that's on -- -- dot com also obvious to blog Rooney tonight is titled Nagin and racism. Another. Blog is destined to be somewhat controversial you may agree and disagree -- if you like. Read and share with others -- -- -- will -- -- also -- -- and we've got the latest as we always do on the Sochi Olympics all of anymore. On our website W appeal to a cup also we're talking about Valentine's Day advocates tomorrow is Valentine's Day. You know there are people who -- Valentine's Day there people who who hated and if your loan Valentine's Day is still appear here Euro payment that. Here's a text scoot your producers did wrong John Wecker should -- producer. A little while ago productive -- is the new word for -- the new and work. And the way I've heard the word thug used its a very nice wave of replacing the inwardly by agreement. Mystic says he's wrong if it walks elected. Idiots. Thugs are not racially panicked. They are white. Black. Yellow and -- The NBA promotes thug mentality. As do rap stars punk rockers and knows who profess to be. Eight chat appearance. As we are forced. To live. With appearances today. If you don't wanna be a thug get a haircut pull up your pants cover your -- and speak proper English. I wonder if this person is a baby boomer. Because I can. Take some of these descriptions of people today. Can take back on the young generation to disperse it may have been part of and say the same thing was said about you. -- you can't judge somebody is being a thug white black yellow or brown if they have tattoos. You can't judge him by their hair. It is absolutely absurd and in this is part of the mentality that I think is wrong with America. I hear is some another attacks that reads -- this is about Barbie I love beautiful women. But I never expected to be perfect. From Texas Howard here on the -- showing to be WL. Eric and so more memorials statement about -- it's something just really got me. More moreover book about his administration. And Reagan would have read that book he wouldn't be any trouble today. There was a lot of controversy with Marc Morial that he was never. Ever convicted of anything nothing. That's true. Good but the man was marked. Really want when naked party he did say. But Eric until more morrow making statements that -- just can't get over in the past that you. I'd I'd a had a Stephen astronomy do you want to refresh my memory tell it would volleys you about it. You know just that you know now. You know what the longest reputation centric eccentric. I've read it but I -- that I. You know I read data and -- I didn't think there was anything wrong with that any more than what Michelin who said well I mean. Well okay your perception in my production while you're OK but well whatever Howard your perception is that Mark -- -- who has. One is a a dishonest mayor. Your perception is that it's coming from some when he was dishonest so I don't know the you can fairly judge a statement coming from mark -- Well let me just say use of -- More quote Smart -- administrator -- just made. Our our political and if you have a preconceived idea about somebody that -- about how you're gonna perceive a statement made by the person. And at least the honest enough to yourself the fickle you know maybe I am I'm not the person to fairly judge this. If you wanna join -- show with a comic tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. Idea think race was a factor in the conviction of Ray Nagin. Nine jurors were white. Two or -- And one was black and there was this this woman activist who showed up at the courthouse. In front of all that it live TV cameras who -- just spewing out all kinds of ridiculous mostly inaudible things. About this system and the white man -- -- couldn't make out much of what she was saying but apparently she was. A screaming that it was all all racist in the system against a black man is is that your impression of what happened with Ray Nagin. I'm scoots and we'll be right back into the W I'll bet I witnessed something today -- was it I was at best buy and and I witnessed. A mother and a child. In public. And the -- was doing something wrong I can't wait. To tell you what the mother didn't. Tell you about that -- the good news at 9 o'clock here's an update on our WTO pretty -- opinion poll. Do you think race was a factor in the conviction of Ray Nagin 92%. Saying no. Only 8% say yes give -- your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com. I hear is attacks that says Cisco and I think Ray Nagin. May be innocent I think his attorney was not prepared for the full onslaught of the US Justice Department has from Dewey in Georgia. I here's a text defining thug. A -- a thug to me and I'm being boomer. Is any person who uses fear size or position. To intimidate a person and not how they dress Wear their hair have tattoos or the color of their skin. Or the social arena they live it. What a perfect definition of -- Perfect definition. And it probably came from a member of my generation the baby boomer generation. Something else -- to talk about tonight is say is is thug is used on the new inward. From Metairie -- a year and a BW. -- -- -- -- -- And Ray Nagin and that ago I agree with temporary but -- hey that's how tonight goes. Where that bank should that is in the try to correct the system they should get real ideas. If you get rid of these clobbered people. You know flat senators and congressman Robert -- To influence how. Can now. If -- The spa somewhere. But. I think it's. The high level. Do -- most you know. Lobbyists with what the purpose of a lot to gain interest congressman. -- hole and it's interesting that there's a lot of people who leave the congress become lobbyists. Yes and in another thing is dead body you know. Get into the -- Pictures look at. The company that provided the the money excellent. Com. Permit imports to Cypriot didn't do. Where the college profit. If there's if there's. If there's any slightly but I would I would think that people are looking into that -- mean did you know there. There are people who would love to bring down. A prominent politicians and -- -- think that if if if anything is wrong. Well you can't I can't say this but he something's wrong hopefully people will find. Well governments and the governor's wife in the government's doing anything wrong are -- if you have a problem addressed the problem. And you know. Hate that we got a problem with it that these. -- is we need to step this -- definitely the -- -- But I'll say NATO. I'm glad you called I mean -- I agree this country run by a lobbyist and and believe me there are senators and congressmen and congresswomen. Who are. Receiving. Perks. I guess legally. Receiving tremendous perks to influence their votes. Lobbyists. Seem to do. More to influence votes. Then the constituents. I'm not a senator or congressman's state or district. Again here on -- just be patient stay with us this is the -- show more of your calls and mark your text right after -- -- -- what this mother did in public coming up next.