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Feb 13, 2014|

was race a factor in the conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin? Will we ever get beyond race being an issue in anything we don’t agree with? Is race sometimes used as an excuse?

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The NBA all star weekend is underway -- the weather is going to be. Almost perfect it's gonna be like Southern California weather sunny to partly cloudy temperatures in that. The upper sixties to maybe the low seventies by Sunday. And you can experience the NBA all star weekend with WWL. We will commute all of our fabulous. Broadcaster we welcome all the fabulous NBA stars and alumni. And their family and friends and fans we welcome all -- New Orleans. And it's going to be a great it's going to be great weekend you can join us for the jam fest at the memorial convention center all weekend long it's that whole G. G is in girl -- G to the left of the kids zone. And tomorrow sports talk live with Bobby -- ability will be there from four to 630. Until LSU and you know baseball. Gets underway tomorrow so. I joined Bobby antique -- G to the left the kids on the -- line there. As part of the NBA all star weekend on WWL. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day added do you have a Valentine or WB singles this Valentine's Day we'll talk about that delivered the hate Valentine's Day. Also was -- was race a factor. In the conviction of Ray Nagin. -- it came up yesterday. Almost immediately some people brought the idea that. As they weren't enough blacks on the jury. This is our WW a -- general opinion polls the decrease was a factor in the conviction of Ray Nagin. 87% saying no 13% say yes give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up here in just few minutes also the scoop blog tonight is titled Nagin and racism. It's now on the front page of our website WW real dot com under our opinions also it's our FaceBook page which used Evian you will radio you can give us a your comment I'll -- some of the FaceBook post. A little bit later but before it's your calls in more your -- I wanna tell you lessening and witnessed today. I quite often talk about things that the Dicey because I know you see the same things. I was in best buy briefly today. And this. Child was. This child was was messing with a I don't know what material -- I guess nine -- at type material. The its use from from one stand -- understand that this was around customer service so if he gets if he gets busy day. They kind of rope off some areas it's at that but that nylon band I guess that's the best way to describe it between two between two post. And there's China was what was playing with it. So where's the mother do. The mother says. Do you work here she says -- do you work here. We'll go too -- to mess with that if you don't work here don't play with that. And I thought that was part of that was agreement would have -- She corrected the child in a very appropriate way and then she starts talking to the child about one letter is this. It's at L. Letters this. Am -- she's pointing out things in the store. And she said when we get home you can do all of your letters. And you're gonna right. So. There is hope. Their. Are some good parents. In the world. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text Amber's late 77 since the word thug has come out now the fiance of this guy were also talking about the trial of Michael Dunn. Which we talked about when this was with when he was arrested when we talked about this city as soon as. This came to trial we started talking about -- the jury now has. He is fate in their hands I'm assuming they'll via a verdict tomorrow we'll talk about it on the -- tomorrow night. It's the case of the 47 year old guy named Michael -- who shot and killed -- Jordan Davis a seventeen year old to black youth. Apparently over an argument about while music. His fiancee the the guys fiance. A testified. Saying that he said I hate that -- music. And that has brought the word -- into the whole conversation about this and the assumption and and I've heard this used quite often. The assumption that certain people are thugs. Because of the way they look. -- and I think about my generation. The baby boomer generation. And I think about how we did not want to be judged by the establishment because of the way we looked. I find it very hypocritical for my generation. To be part of the chorus of voices. That is now saying. -- thug because of the way you look where your anti social or counter culture because of the way you look. How -- my generation do that when we think about what we went through. It's totally unfair which is why I continue to describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. It back toward your text you're just a moment from Algiers Larry you're on the -- -- schooler in Atlanta. There are among the field. And rule it. Have a major. I would convicted. And later shipment. Rate -- -- down -- -- bigger arena in Atlantic Robert -- The bigger picture here. -- this year. So probably it won't eat it. Out there. Today. I didn't see that you. Need to be. There it would override that there's still. -- and Larry it's it's it's not about. Skin color it's about right and wrong. -- rounder sir I don't. It would. Boy is that good the makeup of the jury that it could have been there have been slow. Global mean. -- they didn't and wouldn't be -- it would duplicate of the bitter. -- -- And here are -- in America very good. Yeah and and Larry you and I -- courts -- and we heard a lot of the information but it did did seem to be just overwhelming or Tommy Tucker talked to the jury forewoman this morning an issue earned every WL. Some of that audio is on our website to WW dot com and she just said the the evidence it was just so overwhelming but now. Tom Jenkins -- robber chickens and make his attorney says that there's going to be some bombshell information that's gonna lead to his his appeal and we do is. On being found not guilty or that the conviction being overturned. -- -- -- -- -- Black people but people are -- certain term rates -- level. -- -- -- -- -- We pay structure we here in the future that are. But if you pay your goal in -- oh. If you do -- -- supposed of them are -- and both. India and you can pick for a jury. What you is simply did the globe and go our ability. Mean you can. More diversity. He's immature. But if you embolden. If -- glory and -- and you you'd -- put your so that juror pool. You're safe city. -- paper should be. You miniature. Larry I think it's a really great point and I appreciate you sharing -- -- All right you too thanks listings WWL. -- from Slidell entity you're on the -- -- Hello Anthony. All right what you Baghran Anthony years diplomacy if he says -- Ellis on the West Bank -- here under the WL. -- that used to. I'd like to say. Idol opting. Ray Nagin got a fair trawl considerably evidence there and and the things. That he would. You know. All of really implicated himself. You know when he said he didn't know flowing to new deal. When he redacted the emails. Are being -- like that implicate yourself you know. And an assist are silly things that you don't know we'll on the fly in the open on the albeit it I mean Kabul. You know also if you didn't pay towards somebody had to him. We also heard her -- number of different reporters and Burt described him as being arrogant on the witness stand and arrogance may via a part of his personality that. Led him to think that he could get away with these things that led him to the position that he's he's in now. And -- this is that he would keep that budget called a show but I realize that this is it is tough for a lot of New Orleans. Because Ray Nagin was a hero. He was he was voted into office with such great promise in and there was just so much optimism about a successful businessman. In New Orleans area. The Cox -- successful businessman. Was gonna run this city. Apparently he was too much of a businessman and did. Many of the observations have been that that Ray Nagin really didn't follow through -- may year on a lot of things and he knew more about being a businessman. Then being a politician. And you and I don't like the idea that the politicians are career politicians. But you can't just be a businessman and you also have to understand that the political system not how to manipulated in your favor. But how to make it work. And they're just didn't seem to be enough that we still -- although. Again it's a tough time for a lot of people because Ray Nagin was so law. Lets you do most of again it was on channel four and I thought he put it really well when he said. Ray Nagin. Stole our hearts going in. Any broke our hearts going out from the North Shore build -- and every WL. I could. You're. About. About. -- politician. I'll. Bet you'll want. What this and -- that this. Person out there and I'll get your that it occurred in -- public. Which he did -- Good outlook that it can put. The ball. When I when I say when I say politicians I I don't mean. Those politicians that see themselves as politicians but -- this conversation came up during the presidential election of 2012 and Herman Cain was I was up in the polls it. It was a businessman. And the conversation came up about whether or not a businessman should be running America I think we all want a business mentality when it comes to America fiscally. But when it comes to a businessman you know you you can't treat other countries like you would treat your competition in the private sector. And if you disagree with senators and congressman you can't fire -- like you could fire an employee. They're the characters or that there -- -- -- The was that. That person. -- got it. Back there. At the -- it would tell. The public. -- -- played issue that I want people. -- -- And you'll hear -- -- But also. That. People. In. Order to -- the girls in. They're built. GOP it though he's not the yeah. Art and expect that at 13% think art which was a report. -- We don't jump out. At the black and white and we. Dylan politically show thanks for listing is -- just dropped a little bit here's a quick -- update on the WWL party general opinion poll. Do you think race was a factor in the conviction of Ray Nagin now only 12% say yes and 88% saying no race was not a factor. We're talking about that on the show and I were also talking about the trial of Michael -- the 47 year old white male. Who got into an apparent argument over and over rap music loud rap music at a convenience store. Was upset. And apparently out of frustration he claims it was self defense but all I've heard seems to indicate that it was out of frustration and anger. That he shot into the car killing a seventeen year old. Time it was a self defense from what you've heard. If the jury comes up with a verdict tomorrow and I would think that there will be a verdict in this case tomorrow. -- will talk about -- that the show tomorrow night and tomorrow is Valentine's Day don't forget about it. We're coming right back -- -- your comments I'm scoots Tennessee is -- WL yesterday I got a text or reminding me to talk about there's. Yesterday the same David Ray Nagin former mayor was convicted. In the same building. Former saint Tammany coroner -- Elton. With sinister two years in prison. Now both of these guys. Essentially did the same thing. They took advantage of their position of power. And they ripped off the citizens. And I I also heard the word arrogance. To describe -- out and I don't know him. But I heard is some people say that this was his attitude never apologized. For what he did 201 of the things is why is -- one of the things he did. Why is he paid himself for vacation days. But they were vacation days that he actually took. And I believe they were able to substantiate this because he posted things on FaceBook. From his vacation. So what is it about. What is it about some politicians. And end -- politics. Itself. Turn good people. Corrupt. Is the temptation to ticket to. Take something that you think you're entitled to a boy this really is part of the entitlement mentality in America. You know there are there there are people who think entitlement. Is just relegated to a certain segment of the society. Now. There are people at both ends of the socio economic spectrum. They feel like they're entitled to things. I can take this it's mind I'll take it. And yet you find one and always criticizing the other end of the socio economic spectrum for this entitlement mentality. And we see what politicians quite often. Aaron Broussard. And -- case. And I believe. Aaron's Bruce -- descriptions and ratings discretion both came in their second terms. So see you get this this feeling that well this is my second term I'm not after this term I can do whatever I want. In the same way that I mentioned the other night it was a horrific accident. Involving that somebody was texting. And they -- -- How many. Cases like that -- we can hear real life cases real cases were people were texting and kill somebody. And their their texting in the same way that your Texas before they killed somebody they were doing just what you're doing behind the wheel. All I can do this it's just too is very aren't paying attention. Everybody who was texting and killed somebody bought the very same thing that you think every time you text behind the -- I don't want a lecture you and I don't think this is a lecture as much as it is a reminder. How many of these cases are we gonna have to hear before everybody stops texting behind the wheel. And I see it all the time. People are still texting behind the wheel of a car and a joy I don't text anymore. I've got to be stopped -- -- text. And yet it still goes on so so. In relation to that idea how many times are our politicians gonna get caught how many politicians are gonna get caught. Before politicians in general realized. That they should do what it is that they think that they're gonna get away. So they were also talking about whether or not race was an issue in -- Ray -- conviction. If you enjoyed our show with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- Amber's late 77. Here's attacks I guess some people wondered ate chocolate jury that reference to Ray Nagin saying that. And New Orleans is going to be a chocolate city again here's attacks that chocolate city comment was his downfall. And that's coming from a black man. You know that was a really. Really. Dumb. Racist thing to say. I don't know if that was his downfall as much as that was a symptom. Of the problems that would lead to his ultimate downfall. For Mary Mike here on the -- showing every WL. You you -- You know. It's -- -- -- that that is that 800 pound gorilla in the room when it ultimately. Rate system. Everybody who knows. You politics realized. That the only green and make him elected the first. I can't chief Pennington. And the second time again. Mitchell drew what does the white. Conservative and you. Are the ones who elected. The second time he renegade. Andrew. The conservative. Republicans in the lead annual and did not want. -- and true figure that the mayor's job because they'd been you know married. Late. And it is so. We're running on treadmills and right next to me -- Perry. Right wing white woman from. New Orleans that was McNamee a sure thing. How terrible. That. You want to re elected rate again. Win it turns out that should actually vote for right now in just keep mutually Andrew. I'm Mike I did mention this yesterday I didn't have a show last night because of basketball now both AM and FM but I was on their sports talk to to talk about some of his sister was breaking news yesterday with with Bobby. And I I I went when race came up which would -- a quick reaction that some people had a symbol. You know think about think about the white population that put Ray -- office. And you look at the time and again keep them -- to be opening quote unquote the establishment. Candidate he was supported by. That. Man and New Orleans. And again chief Pennington. They were both on black. Men in black Hispanic and I met the man and so there. Conservative. Program. The second time when he. Shouldn't which shows that meant everything to me. That he was elected an -- degrees in Israel acted as one conservative. Didn't look -- political and true. I was surprised I was surprised he was reelected. About that so yeah that them -- -- the -- that that that. It. Mike -- it's it's a legitimate thing to bring up on -- going to call the show here's a text. You sure don't wanna talk about Marc Morial. And I guess that's coming from the same person who sent a text earlier. And I'll go ahead read this to you it. We find it it reads. What's. What was it about Marc Morial. He -- the city for years and got away with it. Okay if you have evidence. That Marc Morial did something wrong. Would you please face us and that to me on email my email address is -- WWL dichotomy of if you have evidence. You know people have this perception. And it's really -- I he did this -- -- they have no evidence. And believe me I would if there's a big story I'd -- to break it. So we've you have some some evidence. And this is not just what she won a belief or what you think cap if you have evidence. And please send it to me in an email and it will do the best we can to uncover. I'll turn over to the right people scoot. -- I mean if you don't count. And I got a -- him over to go for somebody commenting on the situation that I mentioned about a mother that I saw despite earlier today. And her. Her child. Was. Messing wins. The the -- -- line between the two stand cities used to -- direct. Direct the line if if he gets dizzy customer service. She was playing with it and a mother said tour tour -- do you work here. Well if you work -- that you don't play with that don't mess with that and has sent this text says that. That mother must to be must be in town for the NBA all star game because there's no way she's local. Isn't that says yeah I I got the impression that she was local but again I guess I really don't know. I've -- text are coming up from New Orleans Mary year and to -- WL. A little on the line to. Comment you made about. I'm that would. Any -- beat tech and then. Would kill somebody in -- call because they would -- thing. Well part want to say that I would like to see. Anybody -- and body and -- and it. That they get paid to men didn't. -- -- patent the highest degree. Because maybe that would get an and that demand is gone now and hot commended as is. But maybe could even be -- -- actually -- now that it can. And people with it why. Would it -- people coming just. You know marriage -- And yet people still drink and drive -- it. People are starting to take dead or seriously and and August over the past decade or so and there's this idea texting and driving. We shouldn't we shouldn't need laws to Telus what is safe and not safe for us to do -- -- use our common sense and realized the texting. Is not safe and and quite often just using the phone looking up and number on the phone isn't safe. And you know I have to admit that I going to be really gonna be really careful about it because sometimes I'm tempted I mean I I answer phone calls sometimes I'm tempted to. Look up a number on the phone which requires me to not be paying as close attention in my driving. I'm in the lead paint something or not they had this bill in Nam -- you don't put any -- and now you can just -- into the machine and now. The machine at all about the number eighty page -- and apart and then -- Yeah and of itself. Well probably a little -- people that had that and -- upon that they would have been -- it was upset because they have -- repeated that but I -- the ballot. And then think about other things and that talking back and forth to this machine. What you want me to do that that -- Anybody who who thinks very going to call anybody who thinks. That having a conversation on the phone is no different than having a conversation with somebody in the car. Is is naive. That doesn't understand communications has understanding about psychology. Because if you have a conversation with somebody in the car. Psychologically that puts you in the car. And we see this all the time with people on the phone they drive slower they don't seem to be paying attention traffic because mentally and emotionally they're not in the car. -- having the conversation there having the conversation with whoever's on the phone with that and they're really not in the car. We've been talking about texting it's become such are frequent way to communicate people continuing to text and drive. Are we losing the -- to I have personal communications with each other. There are good things and their bad things about texting will continue to talk about that. Here's a text I can text while driving using voice command I just did. That's going to be a different situation. From Gretna Vic -- on to -- WL. Yes do about it touched on situations in Florida as a -- Michael -- -- indeed. It would be. -- -- -- -- it but it would be outlawed for black person I would make a Mac because I. To get to go to Florida. That and July trip. What is it about getting out but I don't think it about is probably you could drop and Tenneco. Dot -- -- -- Support -- Portland to -- that it. And who brought it. -- And -- -- what it would cowboys. That broke out. Not -- -- -- and and and now approach the -- didn't want. And it -- -- might add up. And as well and hit a -- on the and find out by telling them more. That got me into. -- -- -- -- one -- situation. Potentially. Will need -- call on them. I'd put it on -- -- in the -- and that -- can only. In -- into -- people. You don't have worked and bulky and presidents. -- and that. -- is rampant and -- and talented and it's going to want to fly. You know -- Their -- conservative liberal. But but -- what I mean figure you. -- you're also talking about -- right read part of the state of Florida. Now everybody in the bright reds part of Florida is not gonna be racist it is not going to be a trigger happy. But it seems like that there are a few. -- shared this mentality. That a gun is too quickly on fans' anger and seek revenge and that's not what -- gonna sport. -- -- Did -- look you mute that this started with alana France quarterbacks you've patent on the blacks really and it's. Or black which would of course you don't have the right. It's an important -- that it would black a Mexican. Unit chaplain and -- -- not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we'll talk about it when there's a verdict picked I'm glad you called the showing it's an interesting the interesting thing you bring up about being afraid to go to Florida. Nobody if Florida wants anybody to be afraid to go to the state you know as far as being in a dark street with four black guys Wear a -- is. You know you should be on a dark street in the French Quarter a period and I would be and is. -- cautious of anybody. Not just black guys Italy's. Now -- your -- stay with this if you wanna join us with your thoughts -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. In a text -- is they simply simply this is this do show live from New Orleans on a Thursday nights we're coming right back. Oh yeah this is appropriate as we approach Valentine's Day. I have experience. In life. It makes me believe that works. You can tell. And so I. Loves me. -- studies. Do you think race was a factor in the conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin vets are WW authorities in my opinion poll tonight. I give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up in just a few minutes. We welcome everybody who's in town for the NBA all star weekend it really got underway today. The NBA all star jam fest is the morial convention center our guys from sports talk Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia will be there live tomorrow. From four to 630 that's in hole G. And it's right to the left of the kids zone to join up Bobby -- out there tomorrow and really this is a great time become the downtown new worlds at this week it's gonna be beautiful. It's going to be hard to find a place to park but that shouldn't discourage. If you if you like to be part of the city when it's. Just solely the national spot like like it is once again right now through the weekend it and today I really started to notice that they were more people in town. -- more traffic downtown. Fewer places to park but you can still find a place to park and come downtown and enjoy the city is a lot going on and once again we are very very proud to be in the national spotlight we do such a great job with this. If you wanna join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688908. Saudi text Amber's late 7870. Understood but tonight is titled Nagin and racism it's on our website at WW dot com here's a comment to the block eroded and not everybody agrees to a right. This this week and this is a titled unfair justice Ray Nagin will always be looked upon to me. As a positive role model for young African Americans. I believe he had. Unfair treatment and was singled out because he's black all the charges need to be dropped. Well it's not fair if he was singled out because he was black. However. If he did wrong. And just got caught. Then how would he be good role model for. Young African Americans I -- I was surprised when -- when I heard among the initial responses Tuesday conviction yesterday. I was surprised that anybody brought operates because it just never -- I'm very sensitive to a doing a show because. Race and sexual orientation quite often comes up with issues especially race. I'm so surprised that that race actually. Was somewhat of an issue. Opt for Mary Bryant earned every WL. Excuse. But the problem with same sex marriage isn't that matters itself but despite society for whatever reason today. Still it's very Linear definitional what a man no woman should -- Well I think society -- a Linear definitional lot of things. And I think what the problem -- You know it if you deviate from the script that all -- seated hatred. It is judgment. On bigotry. And not -- -- example at that Michael's fans story came out last week and listen to every national talk radio about sports. And a pattern concept a real man. Particularly not a real me and -- -- And he's the perfect script there you know you don't PP don't follow the party's -- therefore you're not a real name. Brian I think that's a really good point to bring up an end this society is very very afraid of change even if changes for the better. I think about the that they changed his country went through with integration. It was a change that a lot of people resistant. So all changes not bet. We can look -- and see a lot of changed it has been very very positive. So why not embrace the positive change. And yet some people are just so afraid of changing generals that day. They've they've they've resistant -- same sex marriage is destined to be legal in this country. So you're used to. States who continued to approve it and the courts. Will continue to. Say that any ban on same sex marriage is illegal the other thing it's gonna happen -- countries that marijuana will be legal ultimately. More of your calls in more of your text are next. On the -- show on every WL. Pay for those of you who -- leave us to watch Jon Stewart or Stephen cold beer make sure you join us again at 11 o'clock tonight from mid city -- -- Only WL. His case and argue and good rob. When I heard of their Victorian game it really need to be discussed in -- speakers. A lot of people had a lot of the equipment man. And because the politicians like -- needed. That was one reason mark senator government never released money spit lost a lot of -- the opportunity -- And he made a lot of people -- -- rated. Along. It took me use the so. We -- Albany and a few power a criminal and where did. -- -- -- -- Is trying to give me the third degree where we're not walk it but -- wouldn't do so. Ronaldo but they were there were. There were so many moments when Ray Nagin was it was it was a bright light you know a calling out the federal government. President Bush the federal government get down here Ernie did that Monday showing girl Robin our -- to a new -- care Burnett. I appreciate you calling. Ray -- -- right here on WWL. Calling out to the federal government and then action was take it so it was it was. It was sad for a lot of people because Ray Nagin was such a a bright star in some ways and and they're breaking our hearts in the -- We'll be right back.