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Feb 14, 2014|

was race a factor in the conviction of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin? Will we ever get beyond race being an issue in anything we don’t agree with? Is race sometimes used as an excuse?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- welcome back Joyce showed a welcome those of you who have been watching Jon Stewart and his Stephen Colbert are welcome back to the discussion here we have a lot of vote. Listeners of this show that watch those shows on Comedy Central. A -- Valentine's Day don't forget about that a 2 -- morning among other things Tommy Tucker we'll talk about. Whether or not guy should get presents to it it seems like the pressure is on giving the woman the president. And maybe these days when we continue to fight for total equality. Among -- of the sexes. Maybe we should put as much emphasis on guys getting presences as -- Casino where where we are sensitive. We have feelings. We wanna be loved. We wanna be held. Here's an update on our -- -- pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you think race was a factor in the conviction of Ray Nagin. 91% no and 9% say yes if -- opinion by going to W all that -- could like tonight is titled. -- and racism and they are some people who have -- brought up racism. And the fact that the jury only had one African American member. So do you think race played a part in this. The whole blog is really about how we. We can't allow race to continue to be a factor in everything. And with total recognition. Of current. And past injustices against blacks and minorities and those who are less a fluent -- a system of justice. There are situations where race is not a factor. And when you think about Ray Nagin and and who put him in office. A lot of whites voted for Ray Nagin. And if somebody does something wrong. They shouldn't be punished because they're black. Or white. But they also shouldn't be excused. Because they're black or white. Here's a text analysis from the band sold yet on the -- sure we played 1975. Waiting for a year it's cold the size of disobeying the place on a lot of the new stuff that it that I like to call soldier in the North Shore. I Casey you're on WWL good evening. -- -- I will put Casey Beck Arnold indices she still there from new world sees Ryan your on the -- show. -- -- -- Hey in I had to go -- straight talk like that -- -- to and you know what you'll all agree African American real. And I mean I don't treat people immediately afterward -- any other person such but it does seem Tolkien. I do -- you know -- factor and a lot of things -- on. Especially when it comes to -- To -- -- warn people perceive blacks. And I I I agree with you why I'm just saying it's what we shouldn't be that way. I agree that there is. There is judgment and you know one thing it and mentally to continue but. You know one thing that I've I constantly hear on the show is. The definition of young black males is thoughtful you know they thought she can defiance of money by the way they dress the way they would hear the way to where their parents you might not like it. But much of that judgment comes from my generation. Which is a generation that was very rebellious and was judged in this in similar ways by a the establishment at the time and now they're the establishment doing the same damn thing. I didn't -- look at that situation to all I mean immunity PPP. To -- black people wore out -- -- their deployment -- typical -- And talk in Detroit. -- African American males aren't given the benefit of the -- like some other releases all our. Are -- and Europe in refugee award new guy I want no retreat would be on. I mean you wouldn't think you wouldn't put your mind you'll immediately to cross country -- -- -- -- he. -- through the guys that book might you know it is probably won't pop into someone's but it. I don't believe that's an immediate immediate torturing him in which you keep widgets on the debate but I don't know it should be if you -- it shouldn't be a factor. Nobody brought out where I agree with you that it is a factory it it shouldn't be a factory in. And and -- -- had become. Fashionable that doesn't mean that some people don't Wear them to hide their face because they have malicious intent in mind. But it doesn't mean that everybody. Has that intent and you know I IC. I see stores and the mannequins. Have -- -- Right because he's passionate expression -- right. But issues -- -- important person in like -- I don't know that yet. But sentiment out there are issues what a black person doesn't. They're just they're not giving him the benefit of the doubt been active agents are automatically -- -- you you know we don't know. 1 morning I was filling in for Tommy Tucker and I was walking to the station at 4 o'clock in the morning from -- apartment downtown. And I gave for black guys the benefit of the doubt. They've jumped me in. And attacked me. -- -- Took a few things didn't take -- in my wallet -- -- itself orderly and get as much as they've they wanted to get. -- an end to this day height I don't judge black's I'm I'm I'm cautious I'm a little more cautious about being alone. On any street but it hasn't caused me to I have. Made sure that it hasn't caused me to judge everybody by their skin color because Alitalia I don't wanna be judged by the behavior of a lot of white people. -- you know what would be judged by. That action to -- you know and it took -- unfortunate but. I guess that stigma attached to me I mean I've never been to -- have a college degree want to read the other and so trucks. But you know I can't -- you a lot of people look at me as -- why. Tell me about Tillman when you experience that -- tell me what what happens to -- would -- That's how people interact with cunard indicate support you an example. -- work in a position where I happen in your customers don't believe it's. And I can actually from both sides that's so black people when he when he talked community intra -- beat that city oh whoa. He's intelligent -- black leader. And -- Think that the I looked like -- -- -- speak intelligently for a black person that is perceived black people support the speaker at certain -- and our objective from the other side wall where this deal or use and you never been which are crucial trucks and you're working. I'm not you know at the moment that a lot of people don't know that looks like it is not. And not to -- -- an exception to them not to a lot of people who do the right impolite. But it should we can stick with ties that we. People he's certain images and they have certain preconceived notions. So that automatically call -- that per simplistic with ties the first black person and. -- there there there are not enough people there are not enough radio shows that. That that the point this out there there are not enough people. I'm reeling against an N and condemning this kind of judgment they're there are too many people that simply feed into it and it's. It's a -- -- and it's easy and it's convenient and you know I have I've studied did the business that I mean for a long time and and there are far too many people in my business who don't understand it's it's like you own a gun but you don't understand Oregon will do. There are so many. And I refuse to just follow along with what is convenient which is. Just getting people to rally around. These just preconceived ideas about everything because that's. That's easier than trying to challenge people to think about. The truth and what is Rio. Well all of these you do -- it looked like he accidentally. Ryan I appreciate you calling your show many thanks for thanks for sharing your story -- -- For new Roland Centre sac here on WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- I want are you from our perspective for -- on this issue that you can get in the I didn't need to be a racist. And so can you mean captivated a quick encapsulated. -- few words on your definition racist. I didn't do the quick simple definition would be. The judgment. Of character. Based on skin color. OK okay I am. He would outlook we are which Egypt would be a technician to -- -- departed -- racism I would be funded -- -- My my definition of racism. Including institutional component to in Edwards prejudice. Let pol. -- isn't it activated and that it. Op. Well it's not as you know racism has and has changed it's not. It's not the physical segregation that was once part is the society. And it's it's it's still the -- intangible way it's still very present. Yet but it institute. The institute American Media. The gentleman before the you mentioned media but the -- of poultry young black man. And even to move movies include these. If -- ministry. Aren't. Formal spam. Up until that he -- recently you know we want achieved it -- it will be used Lee -- and hopeful. -- happy but he would be the vast majority of treatment in a very negative and pitchman with an immediate. Definitely a criminal justice. I think that weren't black people aren't for -- much -- -- -- seeing it in some mini its origin. When -- A black person or electrocuted and try our. Who complete it will be actually you don't -- Called the program. The hope that the the arching an sentences intellect but yeah. Graham. Cracked. Engagement at certain tournament -- -- -- and cocaine. In and get probation -- you know who usually it would. Cocaine but. We are. What physical. Political. Our institution. Read the and you you eat -- at the bit at certain strategy that that institution. Patent and he looked like. Are -- -- -- it'll torture but multiple launch dropped. -- nick didn't get locked -- and are they were much unity so are all black people. -- that's an institution. And the present international conflicts. For a little angle angle and a maturity and we usually used to be. Yeah. It was mostly current patient. And the Ferrari. President but then will. Where he's not black hole and being. After the civil war well actually choose. Are -- watching group called construction. The reconstruction which long pretty much a patient -- -- eat eat. Eat what. Have to grant the ministry he -- that's strange. It acceptable. -- get the gentlemen. Who succeed in its present but you remove the earth and and apple people. Protection. Deferred rent it and are -- work where we aren't they. And that's lowered its black people couldn't -- that the attitude. It would be -- agency. It would be convicted in fact two angles and the entry and that's what it was. This same thing he would do as. So the present art equipment that the complex in a wave the continuation. Slavery in the current -- I don't I and it's with the understanding. That I'd I'd still say. We have to fight the the instinct. To pass judgment based on fairness and unfairness based on skin colors with total recognition of the president and of course the past. Yeah yeah our greens are real and we shouldn't we should be the word yet. Iran is how we should be part of the judges in justice. Well we should try to understand and I I think that the the biggest mistake is this. This preconceived idea that well I understand how you feel and I mean it and reading sequel now so this is the way you should feel. Yeah it was a it was the movie the Butler. Did that really opened my eyes to something that I hadn't really considered. And that is how. How recent in the past. Mistreatment of blacks whites in this country. And and how young people today have firsthand experience of that. Because of their fathers and grandfathers. That younger blacks today who were not treated that way. -- have a firsthand. View of it and that. That creates their perspective of life that can't can't always be understood by somebody who hasn't experienced that. Are going to. People. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Racism -- you've beaten it yet but to. Do you know apple. Perspective. You know and it's a recommendation -- -- It's an idea but I really think that you know there are a lot of experts that you have been talking about and I think the conversation needs to start with us cities to start with with with real people. And and I think we just need to try to figure out a way do to have this honest conversation in the. -- -- -- -- there are real people he would be the intention. Are those real people being convinced that it should change in the rate the constitution that in the that this very much mark. Well I I agree you know sometimes I think we're over burdened with experts on on different subjects and sometimes it just comes down to. That's a real people talking we outnumber even even the experts at -- expert advice -- has. Is it is good I I like your definition of racism. Prejudice plus power equals racism. But I also understand the casual use of the word racism it is a word that's synonymous with precious. -- -- -- -- -- And Quebec but people on our court and we should be -- English. -- I don't I don't think anything as I understand that the point you're making I really don't feel any different emotion when I hear somebody's racist or somebody's prejudice. I feel the same thing I think it ultimately means the same thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He Q what -- are you -- you white people. Did not -- Apollo component in our -- it reinforced that he had been traditions are upright they're -- we can't and stop in general. We have to -- Bryant. And -- you we have been a bit and so wearing version of the craft and I called white citizen who. All. Were. About undermine. Deep part of the black people. And that the institution. How. I do not only did he needed but it kept Powell behind. To carry it out to the original. Not backed institution and it would be the number of them are -- -- on Powell to import. Night I totally understand and I was really interested to read recently did today George Wallace was actually a moderate Republicans lost the election in his bid to be governor of of of of Alabama and then then switched to this southern strategy of being a segregationist. You're an intelligent guy we you know we have a lot of really intelligent listeners to contribute to show it's really important -- in a lot of ways it's a changing talk radio I appreciate. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I'm real -- and. I appreciate you calling. Aren't they solicit a get to a more year a text you're just a moment to -- to hand steadier on the -- showing WW well. -- -- I. Don't think that -- It actually. -- -- -- -- That. -- should. -- -- Yeah I would eat. It. Should she. Now. -- Sort. You wanted to -- I am I'm gonna think about this during this break Steve what -- hold on. I. Hold on hold on the breaks Steve they were gonna come back and -- comedy be suggestion for a for Valentine's Day. Are you realize and I've been married twice and haven't always said -- most success with relationships. They appreciate you asking me anyway. And I will tell you what I think here's a band called the neighborhood this is a song called sweater weather. Again that I think this is another one of the interesting new -- that is. Making music today. That she is in some ways reminiscent of -- music. That my generation grew up with there's a lot of really great music out today and and so many people in my generation I hate all the news you know there's some good news stuff out in the system. One of your songs -- I think it's on. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back for more comments. There. It -- and for those who just take this off all the new music is a terrible time. I'd like to featured on the show this is a relatively few fans called American authors. So it is best day of my life. -- eastern and again a lot of this music today. Bruno Mars in. For brown and Williams and -- -- a lot of this stuff that's out today this is very reminiscent of the past. I delegates you'll -- it takes -- just -- -- go let's go back to Steve pedestrians and Steve you wanna know what to do clear white -- for Valentine's Day she is she gave you we hit about chocolate covered strawberries. -- And the political group. -- -- -- -- -- out you know way. Idea give kids. -- -- Yeah it. Volume that would be having kids -- acting you can get it didn't get a baby sitter. I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can you can go out. Or are you guys do something that like you did they do something either go to the same place or go to a similar type place. -- -- it was similar to something you did when you first fell in love. We couldn't -- -- heard. I'm able to do it tomorrow. Time did she work. You -- I would show up with something that worked for her because that will make her feel good. Seeing the letting other people see that she's cared for. -- I shall -- work and ended don't just have a delivered a delivered yourself and to say I just want to wish you happy Valentine's Day and a lot. -- I. Thanks a lot -- listing in their column tomorrow night let me know how it turns out if you wanna join -- for the economy tonight our numbers 26 I would depend too much on my advice when it comes to. -- relationships don't. Although I have experienced a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But one Valentine's. And I was living here in New Orleans. I was single. I was dating. Three different people. I mean that that was something that you'd you'd you'd did it was more common in the past that it is now but I was dating three different people. And for Valentine's Day I gave them all the same perfume. So nobody could smell anybody else for McCain -- in my apartment. Because I'm telling if if it I mean women can smell somebody's perfume at your place. I mean they're light. I like hunting dogs. Who's this. Butler what what is that's real. So if you give the -- see this is really horrible advice diseases and encourage some idea I'm not proud of that I'm just revealing. A moment in my in my past it Ted pile of in the same color and it was for the the definite reason of those so nobody could -- anybody else and they were over. Casey you're on WW on the evening. I didn't -- And the good guys. Are easy. And it. Hitting the market currently he's in that one this year. -- like. It really good at talking about it that the that we are the more than that it would mean you know the competition and nothing goes anyway when we talk that I really feel like -- -- that we talking. Not being and would we don't speak up a couple of talk about it right. And they're actively extreme behavior it would amount of people because actually talking to people -- -- I agree. Black people talking like people like the spot in black people. In all the talking and -- need not being you know why it back and I want me. When asked why that is why apple back not that bad. So act act and in both the guys in. Well despite kept it in the you certainly did you. And in them and be active in feeling that what about each -- and but only aimed at my feeling it. You know I wouldn't be the -- that made it that kind of in on it and in independent -- you know not necessarily mean. That. And it being on at about being at the. -- explain what you mean by taking his case and. I mean you know when you have there and -- -- and the -- -- let him -- but you know killed. Being mistreated by -- it. All right Bart -- the way back people making comments about like it -- it you know being open about it. It is -- -- the -- but in the end these. -- -- really quality that they know and run and I walked away. In. Don't I -- that the guys were tight and that could lead. -- -- -- being that knows exactly and and count them is important that the company in the back in the. And I like men on the list the Libyan opt in that would net. No it can. I -- they Lorena. Denied that there is -- -- -- announced -- you know that's it it's certainly one of the first steps to having an honest conversation about it. Right and I mean I. Elected directly to grow about talking -- because. And also when people. I understand human life the -- and what might have gone to. In that group and we need to -- like. Why poignantly you don't understand what the -- or if you act and it you know what what white people went to a public advocate and victim advocate that. What happened in bad. Good news in the morning and it. Obediently and. They extremist why -- people who need it that it was definitely. But it in one -- you know the wind dependent and that we that it will be in those ways. And that not helping the armpit and -- like that that's something we need to talk more -- an open about it. Don't look at it is supposed to talk and that would -- extreme behavior. It is like shooting not because they're playing that loud. -- running. Out of those being. Well Applegate didn't -- -- Asking why is that it. Well I you know I I I don't I just I don't think there are enough people who do what I do. Who want to encourage them honest conversation and it it's it's more. Advantageous forward for them to. Feed two on either side to white or black defeat to the preconceived ideas that already exist and are already. Perpetrated in in the media. But Casey enjoy recover station I appreciate you listening. If they can direct network and I know I've really enjoyed your show every avenue provoke -- in. And doesn't stop and people and that you -- want people want to think about we -- because that and keep doing what -- -- I -- Casey thank you very much if you wanna join -- with the comet tonight. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. Protection -- 7870. -- -- like tonight is about Nagin and racism. The immediate reaction on the guilty verdict of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin included some who thought that race was a factor. I didn't really consider that but as I thought about it I think the real. The real issue is the fact that race comes up so quickly even when race is an issue. The -- blog is on our website at WWL dot com under our opinions is also on our FaceBook page. Here's a comment on the other FaceBook page two thirds of the blog -- Broussard -- would Edwards Peter Galvin. Any price. On same deal same conviction. This is not to suggest. That that whites are not. Convicted because they are. And in that the blog guy I talk about. Respecting the the idea debt that justice has not been color blind justice has not been fair. Justice is in my opinion more prejudice. Against those who don't have the means to get a good defense. Is more prejudice about economics. Financial status -- is about. Things like skin color although skin color is a factor. And that needs to change that's not fair. And if you're white. Try to understand how you might feel. If you weren't quite. Here's a text. What about the black Panthers. What about the black Panthers. This is part of the the score keeping you know that I I would like to talk about. Well if they have this why not okay. If we talk about the plan. What about the black Panthers well if you listen to this show you know we've talked about racism on both sides of the spectrum. Of course -- the black Panthers. Bennett and they're are still black the black Panthers. That's not good. Racist it is not good that judgment that prejudice is not good. Regardless of where comes from. I had I had out of a black gentleman who. Met mean not too long ago. And their personal introduced -- again this is duties of the radio this is the guy who is who was jumped. By four blacks on his way to work. And this this guy told me said you know you work you're robbed. Well I mean I have really wasn't -- I mean it -- they took my briefcase but he didn't have anything in it had it had work from the show and it reports. He told me said. Should you were robbed because they they were trying to get back at the white -- And I was a little bit stunned by that because I didn't I didn't think that there was that kind of of of a feeling. I understand it. But I think this is -- this is a real concern because. Whether somebody's black or white or whoever. You can't hold them guilty for the sins of others. In if you don't know what's in somebody's -- in somebody's heart. Don't judge him. And and and so often we just dude jumped to conclusions about people. I mean I I still get text about -- attended the idea of wearing a -- comes up well -- I'm you know if I see somebody with a birdie I don't I don't trust him. Antics of some audio a moment ago said that there are they walker in the quarter with a hoodie on because it's cold. I mean there are people who honestly. Don't trust people in in in -- And I protection Simonyi a moment ago said well I don't trust people in goodies. I trust people who Wear suits. Well let's think about this. Where do people if people wore what he's in the same environment. They Wear suits. The chances are you trust. But if you always if you only see people wearing booties on the street. And if it's. Late night and it he -- -- An area that you might not feel safe anyway. And that's good and to the fear. But if I see if I see. If I see people in town for the NBA all star game this weekend. Wearing what is -- Paris. I'm not afraid of them. Now they might make the argument that the casinos. Went to a casino. So again what would -- -- when I recognized that these goodies have become fashionable. And I still hear people -- judge people based on. On that fashion statement. I just can't help but think how hypocritical it is for my generation to pass this kind of judgment. Because we were judged by the establishment. By the way we dressed. And it's not fair to judge people by the way they dress even if you don't like it. And this guy Michael Dunn who's facing first degree murder charges in in Jacksonville Florida the jury. The jury has the case I'm I'm thinking there's going to be verdict tomorrow we'll talk about -- the show tomorrow night this is a guy who based on all the testimony I've heard. Prejudged. These black -- car playing about rap music as slugs. And they talked back to him he shot him he shot one and killed at. Trying to get a -- just a moment ago but. But this song in a relatively new song. Where's that where's that Max Foster the people. Pumped up kicks down this is a good song -- reminded me of that. This is -- show thanks for being with us and we'll be right back on WWL. Earlier they showed tonight I I mentioned something that I witnessed it in public earlier today. Child's. And a mother in public in this trial was. Doing silly inappropriate to. I'm gonna share the story with you because I want you know how the mother reacted. I there are two things that seemed inevitable in America and no one is that same sex marriage will be legalized everywhere and the other is that recreational pot -- to legalize it one point. A bill has been introduced that may lead to Rhode Island becoming the next state along with Colorado and Washington State to legalize the -- real recreational use of marijuana. Also on Barbie sales are down I was reading about this today -- to piecing Barbie and the cover of Sports Illustrated. Embarking -- it and she's always been hot she's always been a hot model. I haven't heard anything about the the photo shoot just about here but the photo she with the mom I don't know -- -- -- photo issue where we've Barbie but it -- of the cover of a Sports Illustrated. But Barbara sales are down. And I'm wondering if he would if he could be dead. That did barbies perceived perfection. It is no longer. As acceptable as it as it once was. And we think about the generations of mothers that are now buying. Dolls for their kids that that did navy. Barbie is not. The best example by a Barbie sales are are are down enough for it to be noticed by Mattel. I had a sister not mention this on the earlier so my thought it was a big mistake from Egypt to mention this but you on the very honest. On my sister was two years younger than me. And she had Barbie dolls. And I remember playing I've I've sometimes would find myself. Well let's just say I paid more attention to the Barbie doll thing GI Joseph. I know what you're thinking OK -- play would really play with Barbie dolls but I was more interested because I was just I was heterosexual. And I couldn't help. And I just. Well I guess I had more fun. With Barbie and her outfits. They did with you know GI Joseph and his flak jacket. From Kansas Doug you're a WWL. You government. That. You sort of Spielberg food and language we really need to get together. In this country general corporate corporate per each one of those Kazaa that's what causes the greatest prosperity. Among -- so in general we truly. Damaging thing that he destroyed its the people. And everything else. I don't know if people don't realize is still. We had Doug we're we -- soul. We're so prone to judgment and if it's not judgment based on race it's judgment based on. Sexual orientation. Or class or. Notice so many things that it really is. Sandy we don't see ourselves more as. The human race day we don't see the things that we have in common in terms of being human beings as opposed to the things that separates. -- -- -- we -- live together no matter what you write it and you need to stop looking at those things. And making sure the greatest thing which is the prosperity. But little you know on this Valentine's -- yeah. What women like the most is when you don't do notes and on Valentine's. Than you do it. What -- no special occasions arise. During the holidays but it looked. Doug I think that's a really good point it to do it when it's expected is not as good as to do it when it's not expected I think it's a really good point. I -- I appreciate the call thanks solicitude WW -- night. Tug toward your text year just a moment here's a text telling me that the band. Foster the people we just played to they're here from from last year a pumped up kicks like this -- There'd indie rock band in the performing -- Jazz Fest this year check him out that's from Robert Robert thanks a confident. Hey we have another New Orleans winner in the WWL 1000. Dollar national cash contest. Congratulations to Debian guerrillas and Joey Pardo. We gonna put some money in your pocket you get four chances every -- to win a thousand dollars was it WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon 3 PM 6 PM for the code -- Enter the code word. At WWL dot com slash cache or click on the contest Lincoln -- if you will not come. And you can enter on your Smartphone your tablet office computer or surfing you don't you can win anywhere. Every day for lucky listeners nationwide -- -- thousand dollars each. Good luck. And remember the times to listen right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon at 3 PM and 6 PM. Under -- if you will. This is this your show and we'll be right back. -- Yeah yeah yeah. -- So they wanted to. It sounds very much like music problem. The past. Don't worry I'm not dancing anyway and I did he couldn't -- I just detects that great shooter tonight -- feel proud to goes through this from Lance Lance thanks for your text and here's a text a lot of people wearing suits where bodies whether or not at work. They're just comfortable and relaxing myself included -- Bill Belichick. Always wears a damn -- -- don't think that he will cause any trouble. It's all about percent legal illegal village circle cause trouble is if you going up against the New England Patriots. It's all about perception that is an issue that most people. Need to. Needed bag need to bring it back to tolerance. And giving people the benefit of the doubt. So think about that as you go through your day when you are so quick to pre judge somebody. Think about if your pre judging him based on the way they look as opposed to maybe trying to figure out -- who they are. What they John -- studio producer -- here's a final update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Do you think race was a factory in the conviction of Ray Nagin 93% -- 7% yes. Oh by the way the mother discipline the child in public in the in the appropriate manner and I give kudos to that bombed. One in New Orleans.