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Feb 14, 2014|

Dave talks about Valentine's Day tips, animal romance? And funeral at a bar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL offers news it's the four team. Feb. 2014. And it's TGI. Well come. To us fry it and I. Wow yeah. We'll how hard does he -- -- Got out of the -- present -- absolutely and but the guys effective today as they get ready for. Will wing their balance. Boy never estimate -- An area. Standing again lifeless this. All wasn't. Bag with pretty well off Saturday that she has developed you know -- in off among the things in my beauty bag there are. Very tasty as you must again up in the middle of the night. Beacon got a bad it wasn't what -- and again up this morning it was early months of the polish secret things they do some -- thing for. This step 400 you know since there's enough of that -- now now. The kids arrested in -- -- Monster right now that. And she said accurate the 50000 dollar raining but it prefer a new 50000 dollar via. Delegate to. Aria from -- pusher gatherings in the vehicle. Yeah I. Love my wife very -- Thousand dollars for balance -- out here at that powerball jackpot you'd be all sides yes 330. Yes now she could have all the rings and -- she wants -- we thought that I. -- -- Absolutely. That we have that for us and medical Friday got the all star game going on all kinds -- what lessons that they commit consolidated at the sun went to the NBA all star jam Powell -- -- -- -- -- And then they've incorporated -- more technology into. You go to some -- in the decade just tweet this and indeed he tweeted and then Nick Price falls -- of the machine. Our reality yet. Palace. Yet passed acting yet tweet tweet that the book yeah surprise. So now so you can shoot baskets and you'll -- Clinton slammed on -- he was attempting three pointers he was run and of course is. He had to get attacked yeah -- is there's some waiting involved or showed that the kids have to wait through and yet that the deal with it really does take several hours if you want everything. You know make sure he has set aside for five maybe even six hours and a big crowds. -- But worth that once you -- and he had a great time I -- little. There are brash attitude I wedeman you mentioned everything about this on what we're -- to -- around I'd panic pockets while I was leading in in getting prizes can I have -- my son and doing themselves -- Some Rob Ryan over there says that the court there I don't know what -- -- dollars -- there are stepping -- people's. Well you know I was aren't thinking this is a good traditionally have a great weekend for celebrity. -- I'll count and that they command -- -- hooting and that new world this week -- The Hollywood -- you got to have those. Approach towards -- area they're all mingling and partying and it's going to be a very big weekend now -- -- -- VIP. Lists of who's going to be different parties and out of mark NFL stars you act as a football season's over now as a lot of the NFL guys they're they're available. You know out of NBA stars of course as well and in Hollywood a Lister arisen that the vice president has opened his famous people walking around them I have some good. Yes thank you talked about fifteen minutes or first here on this Valentine's Day 2014. And gave him at the early edition. A WWL -- as -- fall weekend outlook for this Valentine's weekend but -- -- for a -- now and sports. Was Steve Geller right after the colts are good coddling weather on this Valentine's morning but were warm and -- today ladies and gentlemen. Went even warmer temperatures today 67. On this Friday -- beautiful Valentine's Day weather partly cloudy skies and look for highs around at the upper sixties and tonight we are going to see a few clouds mixing and overnight lows around 47. And late tonight there's just slight chance first sprinkle it quickly moves out though we're back to sunshine on Saturday. Just a little bit cooler tomorrow -- around sixty. And Sunday milder up to seventy and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell feels like freezing at the airport in general right now clear skies 36 degrees but that west wind at five has just enough to give us a windchill of 32 it's almost freezing in -- -- -- -- and 33 it is freezing in Hammond and -- looser right now so. May find some frost around. This morning as we start this -- David Carter we get into the sixties today by Sunday. Seventy degrees man that's down just about right for Valentine's weekend it's also all star. The -- was over there at the NBA all star jam session at a CU but I heard you on the radio. And I was over it with my son last night integrate them. Yeah we got this they were in the kids area. Right in front of the pornographic DJ -- I was either of them -- should see their big WW oak table not just to see you particular look at that point -- and I didn't cross that aisle as probably -- -- arena going through all the stuff with the NBA commissioner. The mayor was there and a lot of stuff going -- kids Dikembe Mutombo and some other MBA all star stuff was going on. A lot of two very uninteresting I was just a part of the the Super Bowl stuff that was due to be an NFL experience and the NBA one it seems much more. Hi tech -- interactive and certainty and bring a little boy over the weekend all -- so he's gonna have a blast every -- the pelicans are on he gets all excited so he's very into basketball right now not so much football bowl we'll see what happen well it's -- happening in the world of sports on this Friday morning. -- happy Friday. One between fourteen NBA all star game festivities have begun and basketball fans from around the globe have started flocking to New Orleans. New commissioner Adam silver says he will always remember this year's event. I'm thrilled to be back here for the second time since 2000 -- more importantly it's my first time and all stars commissioner. If you are -- for twenty years that this event will always be special my heart. The rising stars challenge will be played in this movie king senate tonight pelicans vote Anthony Davis is taking part in it for the second straight year. And will look to win the game's most valuable player award in front of the home crowd tip off is that eight. Pelicans head coach Monty Williams is sure happy the all star break is here as the season isn't just taxing for the players. I'm gonna take at least three days and really collect my thoughts. Try to get away and give back to work around Sunday is -- I know we have a big stretch coming. That tells next game is Wednesday when they host Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks -- the United States now has twelve overall medals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Which is one behind leader in Norway. The US men's hockey team opened its schedule with 8721 win over Slovakia as Paul Stastny scored twice during Americans six -- second period. And the Detroit Lions have released wide receiver Nate Burleson at safety with Delmas. The 32 year old Burleson caught 39 passes for 461. Yards and a touchdown in nine games last season. Missing time after he injured his arm in a car accident. Four on sports talk from the NBA all star jam at the convention center what should the NBA due to make people more interest that in the entire season. -- at 7 PM it's opening day for LSU baseball as the tigers host UNO. With your early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. -- few minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW golfers there's a clinic in and it's never field. It'll be have Alex box stadium that ought to look at that line because there I think it was sponsors -- -- in New Orleans by it against you and I was not ready I don't know the details but. Those are playing in baton Breivik doesn't quite feel. -- baseball all weather now we're freezing this part of what's it going to be like tonight where. As I can be nearly as cold yet not -- -- I guess the long sleeves as the team play baseball. Up in bad numbers tonight knights of the rising stars. Game is tonight as these equity rates tomorrow night. It's the skills competition three point contest that dunk contest. I absolutely. We have the slam dunk contest tomorrow night and then Sunday night -- -- All right I'll start unfortunate though Ryan Anderson of the pelican disturbed because I would have -- expected him to take part three point contest which would have made it more interest before. He's -- out yes you and it is not going to be on and he is also doing movie reviews for the pelicans website apple. He got he can't play dispute -- -- and I was saying. I see what documents when excitement and more sports here on deputy WL I -- met them and -- -- mine -- gone happy Valentine's Day that you and yours ladies and gentlemen. Get a suggestions especially ladies. Helped the men out this morning text -- 87870. And about the simple suggestions of what a guy can do today. To like get it right. To make you happy on this Valentine's Day -- it simple things that that lavish crazy. All involve things but -- -- to some easy suggestions of what a guy can do today to put a smile on your face and make your Valentine's Day a little bit better my wife did that -- -- -- Latvia. The bag of duties this morning that surprised me when I woke up big red bag with a balloon islands of my favorite candies and side thank you may be an obvious. -- so tonight at -- and LSU takes that you are now at. At Alex box stadium investors tomorrow at 2 PM. The same two teams go added. In zephyr field. In Metairie so there you go folks that -- settled up thank you for the vote to Texas to help -- clear that up and they get him as meteorologist Laura but Alpert the wonderful Valentine's forecast. -- season sunshine and a few clouds today but even milder than yesterday with highs cruising up at 67. And a good breeze going today now cold front will begin to move in this evening. It may bring 810% chance for a shower -- tonight with lows dipping to about 47 answered tomorrow behind the front. Just a little bit cooler sixty for a high still plenty of sunshine. And Sunday were back up to seventy partly cloudy and mild. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- ready for a cold start this morning it feels like freezing at the airport where it's clear and 36 degrees with that windchill making it feel like treating it is freezing on the North Shore clearance 32 and Hammond to clear and 32 right now in Bogle -- 33 and slide out some Valentine's suggestions from women. Put the toilet seat down well okay. That nice thing to do this morning and it gets you don't wanna start your round and -- -- -- cold remarkable. Man. Arafat wasn't quite going in that direction them -- more. Along lines of like with the estimate out says a man has -- already prepared for today than he's already in trouble. Sing like an extra things some simple things that would make it even better day month. One person tax accountants -- substitute flowers with oil profits. Another good crawfish out there right now and so cold that report was they're going to be small. And not many of them probably expensive it is for you find the big fat juicy profits would be perfect for the right color red pass -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's February the fourteenth it's 24 team is up. Paying gold -- -- this is a time when I say Wellcome. -- -- After driving. Really that is of double rounds -- A lot of movement at my house. Just jump on tonight. Bob again Bob. -- is no improvement. Ago feels good to be Friday and profitable. It's washing them get and I ask for text messages from women specifically. Did tell us about. The suggestion -- out. Hands on not not not how to screw up like I didn't quite put it that way out off the idea how to get a guy that's screw it up -- -- that's really what I was looking at. Some guys started texting me with. False suggestion. Balls yes and -- attacks you don't animated man you're just wishful thinking about things that -- would want -- -- to really -- the guys. The lingerie thing always confuses. Yeah I'm up by her -- You're really behind it. Well yeah it's time for yourself you wanna see her in the -- yeah. You're hoping that when she opens it she's gonna go all old boy and how much -- on right now house actually. And maybe got a relationship like that maybe she will be or can go back in the -- you know -- again you -- say this is what -- this is that you're deep thoughtful and sensitive enough to buy it means profound darkness. One woman does is it like this -- says he can make me happy by leaving a little love. My line. Yet he brings a lot of work or parent or it may be alleviated her car before she gets in the car this morning here a while she's in the showery and leave it you know maybe -- it now. Just a little something that they hated him. Or may not you know all the flowers delivered at her word or does affect. That I everybody out very well without them for us as everybody else sees them coming gas and all the women and they've become -- around and as for some element McCadam. He gets -- Now -- instant hero filming that the consummate -- you re deliberately yourself peeking get out of war -- yeah. -- show up with the flowers at her award. And announced to everybody she works with. There -- some suggestions it incumbent Texas today 7870. -- them several report it to -- now jewelry. She thought she needs dads aren't -- run that. My wife jokingly said that she was hoping about a 50000 dollar ring and now. But maybe she wasn't -- he might not have been this guy what joking a guy in that Taylor Michigan. Wanted to have a very unique funeral and now they have honored. His wishes in this suburb of the traits business in the -- put on motorcycles and now they put his. Pine casket open casket right in the middle of the dance floor at the all around bar has 100 -- numbers and crazy paid their final tribute to look at the dance lights on -- -- the Danes are -- At the bar open open Casio open I was looking at a picture Evanston -- a -- back all right dance corner. Traveling -- he died of a pulmonary disease in congestive heart failure and birdies specifically asked him when he wins. That -- be. Place there he worked at the bar -- thus the life of the party. -- -- -- It was the death of the party in a hundred people showed up most -- it accidentally wandering in the bar. If you elect -- address Thursday night may be out of sweetheart look at -- -- -- -- its elements and it was get a drink before dinner. As as a guy in the middle the dance in the pine box. Wow that's the but it room -- -- zero I mean analog I once we -- dynamic that is that is wears in his -- -- Honor it but after he -- on each and now the Bruins all my kids in -- wipe out and which ones I'm dead it would every day out exactly -- -- request that -- 91 party. I elected etc. I'm not amount -- I don't know have a celebration and he'd be glad I was never align our. If -- happy I'm gone party for that reason I don't care does have a part. I've heard people say that but then when it really comes down to it I don't get a round of so -- it's up to them out dead it would Janet right now it's. I always just regular relative looking down you know he's really mass in this funeral on the I wanted it to -- Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast that if they. Happy Valentine's Day. The last meteorologist Laura but now I left to play in hot hot hot you know kind of like where he picked up on Valentine's well you've got your big pink heart on your -- yeah there's one day of the year I can Wear this Wednesday and get on get up the most I can out of absolute very Valentine. -- any yet that the well. That sends them right doesn't August and I got this Valentine knee right with them leave without -- Valentine's Day all. Balance names today but I think -- even think about a now you're you're spread in the Valentine's Ehrlich a big pink heart. Of -- early on a Friday to -- man. Did you spirit -- you know we've been talking about the warmup cumin -- yeah. Days now but this morning. It's not a war. Yeah it's gonna be really afternoon that we see the warmup so big jump in those temperatures today -- the thirties this morning but -- later around 65 to 67 that -- -- that -- Saturday at. I mean yes it was actually pretty nice that we were in a bit cooler with that sunshine it really helped. We've got lots of sunshine late today and again and sixties later on a -- all right yeah. Perfect all weekend -- -- there's a weak front comes through -- mean it's gonna bring a slight chance for showers have for dinner time you know Valentine plants don't be surprised to -- sprinkle or two. It'll bring some slightly cooler weather tomorrow plenty of sunshine for Saturday that high only about sixty terrorists and -- that day. Tomorrow on the fifteenth and Sunday were looking sunny and seventy. But that hey I'll take sixty on Saturday. Over the thirties and forties we've been having exactly and seventy on Sunday as part near par Fred. Like it's it's currently for every -- -- like Saturday. Warmer Sunday which everybody -- well as the mother -- -- -- its -- weather in the morning. On -- morning it you know feels like -- Italy it is freezing -- -- dollars or -- Clinton dual electric -- draw morning and by this afternoon you can -- about it and -- hit the -- that out and aren't off. It. But we are warming up it's closer to the basket went for little suggestions. Maybe help the guys that realistically -- -- thousand dollar -- -- My wife's idea that not my idea right -- the -- that the -- I would absolutely win with that one I don't know that I won because of my outrage now the account or your state he had the investment retirement on the programming here happy Valentine's -- right -- well in -- -- -- another bad suggestion -- -- rural Michigan. The Detroit news that's rooted in Royal -- Michigan. And -- eleven events in nine. I'm just gonna read that it would birds do it. Bees do it and business of the Detroit zoo can now see how other species do it. As they move about today. It's the third annual love gone wild event for Valentine's Day each year. You have to be 21 or older to get it and that's it says visitors will get to -- quote handed intimate. An entertaining books and how the animals. Do the wild. -- couple things immediately come to mind. And number one just why. Yeah -- Colorado number two it's. How they can guarantee that animals are gonna be feeling in Everest and I am I feeling if you put the males with the females and and a bit elegant ILL okay. Yeah keep them separate and tonight -- -- not a zoologist but I think that that insolvent and you can only. Kimberly guarantee something like that and maybe maybe the woman says that feel that maybe they freedom raw oysters and now -- -- why don't and very light on the on the that over speakers -- -- just that -- Atoms thick and if I took my wife to the zoo and we're watching animal. Get busy I don't know had arrived to help going to be feeling that now that kind of an. I think they're going with that I have the -- Zune you're trying to figure out ways that you can cut it happens at these -- -- marketing. Right. And I'm like get beat anyone over to get it anyway so -- little life less if you go to the zoo on a regular day yet you sometimes sees something that you don't know. You know so for kids because it's a -- flight it's called the birds and the bees talk. For reasons -- gas but and I -- dispatcher Orman is our house. -- -- -- Oddly this once that was a jet skiing we accidentally came upon the dolphins -- as -- violent things and ever amen my office we -- ends up. Out and the males were attacking and a eating. Can become like -- dirt just. It is it would help that they government. The Detroit free your bought off walking around one animals do it I applaud their marketing. Thank you have a great weekend -- -- count. But now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts -- IQ -- coming in late 7870 little suggestions for how. Romantically challenged guys' skin. Score some points on this Valentine's Day straight ahead sports receive -- after. If you wanna take care to a romantic movie tonight you have options about last night is actually a romantic comedy. With Kevin Hart Michael -- and others says that he got that might be good for both of view -- it's funny for you winter's tale is a mystery romance that opens tonight with Colin Maryland. Several others including Jennifer Connelly. And -- love is a romantic drama that opens it debate. It's of that available for this league at three romantic movies opening at the box office. And that there is this. Robocop. Yet a remake of rubber boat cap which is an action crimes like night thriller. That's rated PG thirteen David Blake thinks Robocop will emerge as the winner at the box office come Monday morning. I'm going up against the current top five of the Lego movie the monuments men ride along frozen and lone survivor. Like nodding what does that Robocop jackets spin that to my wife has a romance I think I did nothing more romantic than. -- robot who goes around. We'll have people a man who was taken away from his fair only because of the explosion is now more machines that -- and that is there's still -- heart. Left side that he remembered the ones -- -- I think -- like that you get -- colleagues found that as maybe it is a little romantic. I didn't have a big I think you'll know it wasn't so romantic. I'm thinking about last night the best man and go to a movie with the giro and not be totally conflict. Vegas Steve Geller with your Friday morning sports -- morning everyone and it's -- for -- another big sporting event in New Orleans and Detroit fourteen NBA all star weekend tips off. Adam silver says he will always remember this year's event since it's his first under him at the league's new commissioner. I can't think of a better city to host all star is that global city. And our All Star Games televised in 210 countries so people come from all over the world to be here so it's very very meaningful to me. This -- king center will be hosting the rising stars challenge tonight and budding superstar Anthony Davis of the pelicans is taking part. Tip off is at 8 o'clock what coaching is just as much of a grind is as playing and pelicans bench. -- money Williams says he's looking forward to a little RR this all star break. Yeah I'm looking forward to a break it's been a lot this year from the injury soon. Some of the things that we had to do with the so a lot of good stuff too good to see our guys continue to fight there's no. Timetable still for return of point guard Jrue Holiday or forward Ryan Anderson. Who both missed extended time with injuries the pelicans return to action on Wednesday when they host the New York Knicks. And men's figure skating and skiing highlight today's Olympic action the United States has earned four gold two silver and six bronze thus far in Sochi. For a total of twelve medals the US only trails the leader which is Norway by war and in the total medal count. Today have four on sports talk from the NBA all star jam session at the convention senator what should the NBA due to make people more interest that in the entire season. Bennett said in its opening day for LSU baseball as the tigers host UNO. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports at two games. Around -- you and you and now and -- -- now is -- common trying to get improved and get back into the swing at things but man that's our way to start playing two games against LSU which is. Ballot count the top five team in the nation rates alleged you know the return of legendary coach Paul may -- -- -- trust Ari do you have. Cheering coach pulmonary talk about me street. Very close relationship he said that doesn't go a week doesn't go by. Where they still don't worry we played a human right he could you would know under may streak and there are Constant Contact he said he considers him like a second father so. A bit of an emotional matchup as well tonight night game one tonight at Alex box Damon Bentley into tomorrow at 2 o'clock it's never -- -- -- a little warmer for back and -- begin to -- By the way Hamburg masters itself tells me -- went C rebel now with her husband last night this is Valentine's yet. And quote it's pretty romantic there you go -- so maybe you're right. -- guys there's another propaganda that the amber says it's romantic. So maybe you can get your love it because -- rebel captain and everybody happy female approved as important so that's great thank you for the stamp of approval amber. Thank you people died in fifteen minutes Marquardt here on WW proudly about them. -- -- 555 your forecast. Partly cloudy skies this Friday good breeze picking up out of the southwest and some much milder weather with temperatures around 67 this afternoon. Now tonight there will be a few clouds moving on and and it 10% chance for light shower look for overnight lows in the forties. Now for Saturday a little bit cooler behind that fried still sunny highs of sixty. But Sunday back up to seven -- with partly cloudy skies from the eyewitness these forecasts senator I'm meteorologist Laura -- -- I do not expected to be warm when you walk -- the door this morning warmup this this afternoon clearance 36 the airport feels like 32 feels like twenties on the nor sure where it's clearance 33 degrees in Slidell actually freezing -- -- -- -- Some attacks made 87870 says so what I'm hearing it's Valentine's Day is just for the females correct. Women get a guarantee and men get up maybe I'm just saying an -- well. Now that's my understanding of it but some announced accidents that flowers and a card -- not for life. Well ladies and gentlemen I want to wish you and -- are very happy. Valentine's Day and thank you -- -- for the simple suggestions of how guys could do things just a little bit better. -- -- and it's going to be attempted Valentine's days they made up. Holiday no use in treating your woman any different. Definitely am maybe -- every day like it's Valentine's Day to get idea that. Could it be a little extra on this announcement they just go that extra mile. This thing. I want to thank my wife once again for my Valentine's surprise -- -- -- Mike goodie bag that was -- way to -- this morning when I left the house. Have the ability eat my peanut butter filled hearts yet because of my -- while money here than my voice is so much so I'm -- my Valentine's. Parts. And think about how much I love my way -- lobby maybe everybody have a wonderful Valentine's Day happy Friday.