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WWL>Topics>>2-14 7:15am Tommy, romantic or a cynic?

2-14 7:15am Tommy, romantic or a cynic?

Feb 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Crystal Walker & Phoebe Thompson, co-authors of the blog and book "Desperate in DC: Money, Marriage and Manners in Washington DC," about whether they're a Valentine's romantic or cynic

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Valentine's Day it's me Casey case and doing the dedication. And crystal walker joins us right now co author of the book desperate in DC money marriage in manners. In now Washington DC Phoebe Thompson is her co author and they have. I think vastly different views when it comes to both Valentine's Day and I -- everyday life good morning ladies. Now good morning coming -- though it's gonna be probably easy to tell who is who here because. EB. Comes from England originally she actually work with the BBC Sophie B let's argue. Hi -- can count on. Come on building a crystal walker is a DC based players hi crystal. Try to much -- -- -- and I and regionally and neglect anger out that my aunt and then you know much less if there. Whenever I know -- now tell me. Where -- you people differ on Valentine's Day and romance setter will start with you crystal. Hopeless romantic album like that anchored on playing and the idea that -- -- the couple hasn't done I mean that I'm -- -- Split that Eric Clapton and beautiful night and not compatible. She's blond and Tommy and the Burnett you know what can -- I -- -- hit by the idea from -- to contend at that time the reality is and I. And I expected or hoped for but I I'd now like -- this Fella Hai -- I love you get your Valentine's Day and that he'd give them and I loved you know even more and then get -- to begin lining has done you know my partner Tommy you know how much he insulate it. I'm not -- that and how it happened of course but but that's that's what I counselor. Year ago attorney McChrystal because I'm trying to figure out of you for against Valentine. -- -- I don't think that's you why I'm gonna take the Taliban did you know I'm -- -- that -- Phoebe has a lot more at stake and it. -- and you deadly boards today Hahn. On. That right -- -- -- -- -- some people don't like Christmas and they bah humbug and until Christmas comes anyone present. -- -- I'd like to third time is that you know might be accurate hearing about and then they can not have the effect it has been a card for example and -- read it. With a careful study detention and throw it -- Not quite. Do you can't keep animal. And again towards getting its storage facility was a time limit on cards. Great question -- may be an issue is that that loud you know because Vietnam and it you know I think a good 24 hours. So Hillary keep it on account for three or four days and then suddenly emotions going on now which is the insulin. Maybe tell me where you stand on all the. Hopefully it will be different -- means for the same thing -- do -- kinda like how I have to keep this thing and then you know as they guy. And and Christmas and -- holidays because I say that. Expectations. That there are inevitably disappointed to have. And by the way and one of the people he says don't get any and -- I'm disappointed -- -- -- that being -- me. Didn't really just say that -- -- I lean more toward your side because it seems like everybody thinks that just because it's. Valentine's Day -- automatically the romance is going to be rekindled their just because it's Christmas every family is gonna get together and get along and ultimately everything rears its ugly heads of their problems. Absolutely in action I've managed to study in in the -- that press and the thing about. And the parent it's -- your relationship to keep up with another couple. -- state have been tested to view because and otherwise it just staring at this point. Staring into the yes. Wow and I. Think he had good. Partner and -- he -- down. No I don't let you Chris the way you cut down on that. Well I think quite I don't like to hear that we should -- a couple because I would prefer TV and her husband -- that I can spend time chatting with. I don't think. He's a better relationship with another couple especially. Bickering and is. -- because. It's. All relative visited. It gives you turning the other in the same manner that we you know each other look at them and it. Bond against a common enemy is an ambulance. I could actually write this this whole thing is gone terribly wrong it's about your Bullock. But you that -- It's called desperate in DC and you can check out more at that but it BC dot com we take accidents humorous look at money married -- -- then the next capital. And even that we are kind of dot -- and at times that we put on everything including now -- people -- since. Like a great read thank you ladies and I'll be able and happy Valentine's. Happy and thank you definitely can't hey listen listen -- -- there it. C network winners only unity. Right now because there's been Italian media thank you CD have a great Valentine's. And Merry Christmas and Easter.

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