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WWL>Topics>>2-14 8:10am Tommy, Valentine's Day

2-14 8:10am Tommy, Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about Valentine's Day: songs, movies, and love

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David you know. How well we get -- Out. -- -- -- -- -- But a lot of people call in and say they love when we talk -- -- other -- so this what goes out the media. -- -- -- -- Actually it goes out from Carolina. Michael -- as we continue with the stories they were playing a love lions game absolutely free and I love about this is because you don't have a prize in -- and call the other cheek you know and saying well. Just don't know for fun season when asking you to call in -- and we'll get -- information from you and connect you with your spouse to see if the person that we call remembers what was the first Sonia dance to and David and you've far too busy to fool with this now. If -- to call mrs. Blake. -- do you think she'd remain. The first one lead and so you would know she was right or not is when you know are -- I doubt seriously. It's all and -- and their results are excellent twenty years. Really you know. Oh congratulations David it's great when your anniversary very nice. Coming up it's deity is coming up. Excellent as -- line it's pretty much always -- and -- good answer they gave David. And now old line has called -- On his Valentine's Day happy happy updates via Carla. Thank you now we have your husband Hector on the phone high tech there. Don't. I'm well thank you did you do anything has surprised -- on Valentine's Day yet that begins in the year. OK but he gets the special plane. Ticket Holland and -- How -- how many kids. -- any green -- Now on. Did you two meet Hector let's -- -- member. Are what micro. And who approached who first. Other. Yeah and how to do you accept that advanced Burleigh. Again I knew that till now he -- marry each time -- An ankle my friend track meet Aaron and my. Strictly because you're Shia areas Cologne I'm just wondering. -- So how did you eventually win her over Hector. -- Really does -- it got to move Burleigh. -- Made ladies loved to dance and it's it's a way to get. I would think Hector -- -- to get a girl interested in other detractors tension is it. To decent Danson and and a lot of guys hate to Portland you think. I don't get to dance and -- And but he's advances suppose he'd been a total client on the dance floor like perhaps on an old meat we -- Stillman attracted doing. Died now let's get to that to a game to see if -- Hector remembers good -- The year hammered that are now -- that. -- in yet. Well it was uncheck motherly. Meaning -- and chain mail. Think Hurley is the secret to it would only had one miss so far and it was a white that missed it believe it or not and I guess -- count David Blake is. As a miss what's -- -- barrel ideology didn't sound like you just met each other at the prom what's the secret to say and so happy. I don't mean how -- that they are well. Our hands and keep more in that it. I had is that only on one side Hector do you have some love and patience and forgiveness in you as well. Yeah. -- -- have a great Valentine's there it is a relative -- planning game which we had a prize -- We don't -- here's a little reward hole. Is that Jimmy has one of the greatest love songs. Ever get a call if you want us to call your spouse and see if they remembered the this song -- dance to -- you planning how you met. The first -- he shared together. -- Flew home. Tommy Tucker double down below and let things here because I got there. The story about this I -- I believe sometime in Tel 818. Is that dedication from anybody. Com. They just wanted to hear the song -- gonna get a text here comes -- it says gay people like just as much in -- as everyone else and it's a shame that so many people -- deprive us of the right to have an hour song. I tell you this site debuted gay straight somewhere between if you have a special person in your life and and you wanna ask him what was the first song that you played there is that you'd dance to. You even have to be married just what was the first Sunday against him -- Colin will get the other one on the line and we'll see. If they can remember Peggy in river ridge tape Peggy you're under the W good morning. -- -- -- I think yeah or let's not -- wanted to carry our story my partner and I met at her tail between UN DJ fourteen years ago. Well it was actually you we're gonna -- on the radio then is Saturday or Sunday night the party what was it Saturday or Sunday and can't say it did did you both come out of that -- -- to be there. We wouldn't meet a group trend every Sunday to come and Clinton coming and I. And I met my. Had been there. And there's about five month apple started dating and now we're married twelve years. So were it not from me. You know you may not have even been together. I brought. What I did is -- made a family that's what I did they tell me. He went out the approach you or you all knew each other and then. Before you know it your hands touch streets reaching for a drink in your eyes met -- rest mr. Thomas story. How weak we went -- the did you know twenty people and everybody would do. And when my husband named tiger. I went into him and we can't have it went on her eyes and then I'll -- and one night. And and anti ticked me off -- And and he actually would like to go. And Terrell from the air we and at -- Friday. A lunchtime and we let the guys at the end of and then he -- knew I liked a lot of leeway actually Christie and now -- retention. No lay out what I wanted just stop you right here because so many people tend to stereo type. People that go here go there you -- Boomtown casino. Yet met because of me and then you went to see degas. At the New Orleans museum of art and you ate it Christians. Right and -- -- that most important thing he showed up at my doorstep -- -- a home baked -- -- -- Who would it would have been. Wouldn't have been any better -- the end zones -- plane was equally. Are you Peggy and so happy what he'll do and for Valentine's Day. Actually we -- -- in nineteen friend over and we're having dinner party house that I. I'll be had a great time and talent hello for me. You bad -- On same news agency that. Doctor rain in the government for an answer eight. That marriage that family was created. Because of me so I guess seeing commie Cuba. Lot of people coming but we don't need to go in and that this is a dedication amber. Not just the love so let's hear. I get a request here it goes from John and Jenny Ray Charles -- and I can't stop loving new there's Phil Collins song I can't stop loving you but soon. -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah no. I don't think so Tom. But happy Valentine's -- to me anyway. -- moon. Frank we go Frank's wife is known everybody's given there permission and so forth and and we're play and I guess a little little outlines game this -- to be married but to see if that. Significant other in your life remembers things like the first on nude dance to it's frankly -- And and how about Joan your wife you witness. Joan. Joan I -- -- I'd -- you aren't speaking of frank had announced. Alan -- married. Or years I -- I Joan what is your anniversary. February. We'll -- just celebrated it. Well congratulations. Frank. Frank. I don't know I don't play I don't think so. OLMLB anniversary -- go to bed at frank do you there. I would have put everybody on hold. And figure this out David and -- been holding for a long time -- David you're on W good morning. Glory. -- the most for a moment. -- mile wide. -- -- -- I don't. We were invited to the governor's mansion. And when the government came by greeting and he grabbed her hand she had never met. And he said -- -- first wanna tell you. How. Your. But I must tell you this you didn't exactly get the couple at the governor. Governor we do -- that Burnett. Guess I kind of figured but -- -- did did did you have to say okay got -- Google for hand now. Almost almost had to -- it -- look at a little quiz on it and each what you and I. ST well army and then -- -- and she says the main -- on that -- I'll let you know about should your. Don't want it to have a Toby. Yeah I think he might have also -- let if you -- it is ought to do better than him occasionally. Have a memory of my sample taken -- that you are -- Hi David had a great -- more calls we come back about Valentine's and he has called -- story. We have to get your spouse on -- find out how you meant it and what was in romantic moment to view of and it had an if you don't buy L the Valentine's romance stuff tell me if you'd rather get something practical. Or if it's not necessarily about today in you'd rather whoever it is in your life if you eleven together. Deliberate -- how you maybe maybe two and -- DC is run in the vacuum cleaner would really help -- line. As you know David Blake I can guarantee you there -- people listening right now. That maybe mom works and is trying to take here two or three kids and dad is gonna run out. And by a necklace or against her long hours or candy and she's like well okay that's great but if you really wanna prove you love me. Help me help which a lot of guys that has meant to do you -- 830 now more calls we come back right now time for -- WL first news with a. Friend of fires. -- -- old enough to remember this song but somebody texted -- And says I called him major Harris asks. Love won't let me Weytman hearing me. Roll -- -- because. Being born in seventies Anaheim music or really in the eighty's yeah good your news on. Mean how long you gonna keep -- the song has -- again. -- and until it comes time for social security and I'm going to end up. I mean I'm talking about the on sports talk to them always get people what is an interest in the entire NBA season. I would start with getting people interested in the entire game. You all c'mon I think a lot of people watched and not not just saying I'm not dig and I think a lot of people don't watch the entire game I. It well that's possible but I'll say -- when your team is winning and I mean winning a lot of things really turn around and the seats get filled and the viewership and -- -- I don't mean a pelicans I mean in general a game of basketball seems like. It's hurting mom know you could you do it's hard to watch the whole game because of you know one teams to score a hundred no evidence in the score 88. First at being the feeling in kind of miss that. Maybe it's just the way while -- is the NBA is is always surprising me or somebody's down 22 points you figure things all or breath and find out the next day the team came back and and beat. That's why you have to watch the entire game announcements and it's a great way to spend 23 hours. So frank. Is asking. Joan that's right only get a body bag on the air here frank is asking Joan would plant a little. No no year lover game if you remember what was the first song and dance two wars offers me yeah and in. And frank we've established that you and -- are -- speaking to each other correct. -- -- -- -- They just hit an anniversary on February 10 designers and it and frank you remember how you two met. And year member of the line that he approached you with -- Yeah I actually. I'm not sure he approached me here perched -- who approached who frank. -- Do -- remember what the first words -- amounts where. You. While our Internet and go in and that point -- had yet Iran Iraq. What are strong and we dance student. I had a -- that would -- Yeah. -- -- Joan why do you have anything you'd wanna ask him like perhaps. How he proposed do you remember how he proposed served -- -- -- proposed. -- -- -- It would call it was an end my call it will it will be all about way back home. And in percent open. Like -- do you expect a number in my life. You eulogized frank you're just a romantic at heart what do dance. And it's a red light and yeah. And elegant in a good thing. Thank goodness it wouldn't deny him against Allen have been married. It's Nagin is there were no cell phones and magazine and oh lead. Joan the -- on the big. Cities -- kids go to. That. Nobody's happy. Where there again about plans tonight brand equity and obviously. They're really. Market -- in a good for you all in and just letting you know write your own card. -- the deal here happy Valentine's Day to deal. That. 843 now seventeen before nine having some fun on a Friday it's Valentine's Day and all it takes your calls too not -- if you want to squeeze your your significant other but. In general -- guys did gifts as well as ladies. And it is NB off NBA all star weekend a lot of tourists come and attempt if -- could take up one place freedom won me dollar show home one thing -- it'd be. Tommy Tucker thinks of me on this on this Valentine's Day morning and evidently well yeah. As New Orleans as the Saint Louis cathedral. WW LA NN Gaza. Murray. Romantic songs and yeah. And I. Know a lot of people. Again I'm not old enough to remember this and -- this -- being dance and song and dancer Hines. And you know today's deal. It didn't matter. Dances are different now it's because. They can get together and it's Rubin dance. And it's not about the company and couple earlier Chevron and advancing it again in a group in dance and they don't -- the whole civil sonics -- Sony stuff. I'm like where the video. Stops of the segment ends and and it. Then -- a slow song apparently it's a big deal for a girl to be guessed -- dance buying guy. And back in a day that guys -- really looking forward to the slow songs news beginning at eleven touching squeezing. Did the happy Valentine's Day young thank you so much for listening. Tex comes in very Sweden says happy Valentine's Day Tommy Dave Cohen David -- David Blake Jordan. Amber and all of folks that help make every morning Valentine's Day for me lovely Sheila thanks for all you do from the -- -- cat. And it's very nice of you thank you another text comes in and says in this sounds like something you would -- in a movie. I tell -- I thought I would share the story of how my mother and father met my mother was working at DH Holmes. Or is we used to -- or the people are old enough used to -- DH Holmes loses. Wrapping gifts my father came up to the counter with a dress watched to give to his then girlfriend. She wrapped -- they exchanged mile smiles he left. When my father went to give the gift to his girlfriend her mother thought it was too extravagant and made him take it back. So my father. Remembering the girl Olympic -- -- brought to get back. And asked her to unwrap it for him. So next hour we talk about romantic movies. And how movies though the depiction of romance has changed throughout the years with. Christopher -- senior editor in principle film critic for the Atlantic our friend. And it brings up the question of what -- what do you think is one of the most romantic movies you've ever seen -- one of the most passionate movies. You've ever seen. And build one with. Kathleen Turner. And William Hurt. And it's in Florida. And it's hot and steamy and it turns out to be. Murder for hire kinda thing and it doesn't sound as though they could be passionate romantic. But it is she plays him body heat thank you amber that's exactly with the name of it is. Jerry mobile before we get to hear a song is there a favorite romantic movie viewers that you just love to watch. Jerry had to say -- how -- ya -- I'm sorry Jerry. If they're pregnant or may well something that really you just watch and an almost teach you to cry and ordered it just touches your heart every time UC. Like if they currently we don't watch the very much anymore but not that I can think just how did you meet in what did you see him we met in trained union BTU in Long Beach. And with then there -- sixty years. December the twenty. And this now we used to apply a -- would give me a kiss stability dream now. Not father would say it and try to get this plate. I think -- like that enough you now so and are witty. That played because we did not day at our reception because it was that are down mount another helmet so what difference. But happy Valentine's Day to -- sweetheart sixteen year. Com what do you think the secret is seen together all that time. And got determination. Really trying to win a marathon. No way I guess you are com. While I'm so glad you called the deal -- anything special planned it and not that we talked about we talk that maybe aren't happy. Do you like surprises does does he constantly surprise you with things. Like surprises -- now you do -- do McCain -- Indeed that is come home with flowers Monday -- not a good thing. Then maybe he's listening and yet again thank Ontario and let you know -- Santa -- We're also next hour -- talk -- cat from buy -- 95 point seven. Whom I love. To listen to announce symbol of the talk to a hallway -- about Valentine's Day with their I'm lapin is dubious or Italian. We'll talk about Valentine's Day with her and she's somewhat recently married again listen. It's going to be interest 853 timely get -- Something that -- won't use. He's on into granite on Valentine's Day morning sharing one minutes in those who are trying to do dedication that we can no longer music. Fox's. Jackson. Browne and David to Sharon's. Sounds pretty you romancing him. Now playing. So. And and. Song you're my leaning a little continued his -- now. Will be at medications if you like if you -- get a little shout out Tia honey and but also play some more of the know your partner game. And as courageous call win and give -- -- name a number of viewers significant other and only Cullen put two together on the air and you can see if they remembered for example -- first. -- dance to. The first million head first thing you said to each other but maybe that's how you met. So we've had a lot of fun with that so far will continue taking it easy on a Friday morning Valentine's Day -- -- seventy -- WL.

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