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2-14 9:10am Tommy, romantic movies

Feb 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Orr, the Senior Editor & Principal Film Critic for The Atlantic, about the best (and worst) romantic movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Which what is interesting is now. You know there's the old. Discussion about whether life imitates art or art imitates life to the movies reflect what's actually going on into the movies dictate. How people actually act sort of talk about their Christopher war right now a friend of ours who he is the senior editor. And principal film critic for the Atlantic good morning Christopher. Thanks taking the time -- this have you every used a little bit of business that you saw on a movie. Maybe when when trying to date somebody there or or meet somebody -- keep relationship no one. -- great question I am sure I have I don't know it's been anything. They've taken too literally that day you know I think we altered -- Get our ideas how romances is supposed to to work from the movies to some degree so I'm I'm certain I'm comfortable I can't think of specific example. And maybe sometimes you get an unrealistic view of how it's supposed to work because not to be indelicate but. You'll see a lot of people on in the bathroom are waking up with sinus trouble in those kind of things you know. Now it's true it's true that doesn't -- that two who who managed to hit. It do you welcome these are few and far between. Yet I tell me about romantic movies AMC's got this list out in. And they're -- the notebook is the number one is voted by people in sleepless in Seattle Titanic you've got mail which was made fun of and a truck commercial was matter of fact. Pride and prejudice. Gone with the wind pretty woman dirty dancing Casablanca. And it's a wonderful life and a top ten agree disagree and then we're -- what would your list look like. Well again I don't I don't like that blitz much at all that. You've got mail and that kind of astonished that -- -- that was. A bat third act actor when Harry met Sally and and sleepless in Seattle. You don't mind let. You know elected elected romantic movies that they haven't had it to them. You know I mean as you noted with directory it's such a big category -- know where to start. You know brief encounter 1945. Movies very small wonderful -- But repeatedly. You know -- few years ago the -- one. Irish street musician. Great little movie one that -- at the Oscars few years ago. Before the first of the treatment Ethan. Hawke and Julie they'll be about twenty years ago. -- that a French movie that very strangely but one would be the umbrella that your work from from the late sixties. It it subtitled it victory in thinking about it is that the entire movie is itself. And actually let the people who are thinking it's capped Internet first maybe. The people you see on screen are actually thinking it's all lip balm but it's wonderful wonderful beautiful movie full color and music him. Heartbreaking. But. -- have a notebook. That would promote Peter. What is it that makes for a great. Romantic movie. He -- no immediate and -- for it depends. In other there. Romantic comedies then and sort of more serious romances and and I think. What both of them have in common is indeed unique hurdles that have to be overcome and they can be external hurtled. Where they can be internal hurdles that the characters needing -- Get to know each other word or improve in some way but that's that's probably. The main thing it is yet to people who need. And immediately get along involved a lot of Mary is not much from movies meet you need some kind of tension in need something. Some difficulty over to overcome -- back. Yeah and how he studied -- walked that line between a great love story and something that -- sappy and syrupy and and sentimental EEI mean I and it's got to be a fine line 92 balk. Yet no mean that it it's certainly at and there are a lot of movies so violently that some people. Love them think our wonderful romanticism and hit driver of the people's completely crazy. You'll look back to leave and leave it that. You know with popular when it came out has just gotten more and more popular I am a lot of people love it and it -- completely not. Now where's it all in the die hard trilogy and it was it was before one parent at what is it about anyway. Look actually you the love actually with that it was that many cannot ten years ago. It's Christmas they've had about. Ten different interlocking story lines at equal -- huge cast -- If you grant them columns first then -- Thompson and pretty much every. British actor actress that you know really need them. And a lot of people -- it turned in a big Christmas tradition for a lot of people to watch it. And the thing is that with the that is desecrated at 6000 words about -- last month. Got a lot of angry angry responses. And they have Valentine's Day moving -- Dan Movielink -- where Haitian culture it was a a florist or did -- -- and up. You know why can't. That sound familiar it was -- actually was kind of the model for a couple of movies that came afterwards including movie Valentine's Day. And the movie he's just not that into you these sort of ensemble romantic comedies with. You know with anywhere from from three -- five or six different couple fall for. Fighting their way through. So but that I think let actually kind of a pioneer of that particular. Style. You know I recorded and watched for the first time last night when I think is an Academy Award winner at least nominee Tom imitation of life. From the fifties on how many -- movie's been remade but I -- served as certain decades ago Horry did periods of film that people like and don't like him. You know I think you can tellers -- in a movie that was made in the sixties and late sixties. As oppose a movie that was made in the fifties and even a forties I just loved those those fifty's movies where you can. I can be flipped it around and I can look at and I can pretty well nailed when that movie was made. Yeah but certainly through them and I think particularly with romances and romantic comedies there have been a real sort of variations according to era there was another sort of heyday of the screwball comedies bringing up baby things like that in the thirties and early forties. And the and then the post for years -- romantic film tended to get a little darker. And then you know in the sixties and seventies you have sort of counter cultural romances. And then net and then in the ninety's you really started to have more with you know things like pretty woman started to get back to sort of conventional happy ending romance with. To continue hands. And in around about die hard three but can there be a love story included in a and actually love movie -- -- action. Love theme and inaction. Movie I get a text here it comes in and says true lies they find to be a romantic. Movie I guess that's where. I -- lakers does seductive dance -- -- as you know it's her husband. I'm not sure I would call that romance but but on the larger question absolutely and I think a lot of the great love stories are sort of embed -- in a different kind of -- the you know I think it -- in man obviously back. In the twenties and thirties and and there are other detective stories that. Nick and Norah Charles them been married couples without investigating I think a lot of the the great movie romances the ball on them and one of the best. Portrait of marriage as romantic you know most. Romances. Sort of marriage is the is the ideal outcome. And then you know many credits. And it's nice to see in the that -- -- these marriages as. You know portrayed as something they can itself continue to be romantic for years which is really -- I would go to lightning round talk and Christopher award you'll talk to you all about your favorite. Romantic -- the most romantic movie of all time Chris the senior editor in principle film critic. In the Atlantic summer run through these real quick in and he does give me up or down okay princess bride. When Harry met Sally up Breakfast at Tiffany's. Up well love actually irony Tillman that Roman Holiday. Ghost. -- an affair to remember. Up but I think it should be incorporated. But those one of those fifty's movies wasn't there absolutely even telefilm side it's on Sense and Sensibility. Romeo and Juliet. Which one but the Leonardo DiCaprio -- I would say man and look here Abbott & Costello -- -- -- in the name only singing in the rain. And officer and a gentleman. You're probably I'm in with a guy hangs himself sixteen candles. Up it happened one night out weathering heights. Again amateur responded probably up. Lawrence alleviate in myrtle over one. They haven't done anything lately thing bringing up baby -- definitely My Fair Lady. -- Bridget Jones diary. I would they -- westside story. The force on runs. Oh definitely up on that note up my -- On Golden Pond. You know probably African Queen up -- -- you vote at Malia. That's a love story. Oh sure sure Wally and and he says that you robot. Great Pixar. Little love story at one other thing I want to mention that we are talking about movies that have a romance the open -- some other story the other Pixar movie from years back up. Has that wonderful. -- married like it's well -- think. Six minutes -- with that just the married couple and to end their life together and yet that doesn't make you cry and emblematic of something terribly wrong. Hi Terry -- I give you some classic lines here and -- as -- and identified the movies. Oh you can't I can't you can't quit being that that now that that report. I'm McGuire I got out of our. I would about a lookout for the lines on Africa. We'll get a deal like out of Africa. Yeah I didn't want it it's been years near near the moment to what I think about but again. Doctor Zhivago. Or the -- tourism if you can't in -- is my take honest. If you as a religious person can't grasp the concept of eternity. And you know on an assailant that is your mind at rest watch doctor -- 'cause it and it better not not ever and -- Columbus growth -- number fifty year twilight. Twilight I don't know -- -- Christmas been fun as always thank you so much thanks so much time. Have a great RI TT night.

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