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2-14-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc with St. Tammany President Pat Brister

Feb 14, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about the Galvan trial with St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on Fridays it's gone down to being good afternoon and all welcome to a great Friday afternoon Valentine's Day and hope you got some great plans for you in Europe sweetheart. Either way. Are joining us this hour saint Tammany parish president Sampras that we haven't -- to shuffle things around to accommodate. Very very busy schedule we did wanted to talk with -- -- normally -- He image -- come on with this the last Friday of every month we've kind of recap and talk about what goes on saint Tammany parish. She answers your questions and -- it takes suggestions and comments and we thank you for giving up that time. Each month but today a couple of news items breaking in saint Tammany parish although maybe a slightly overshadowed. By the Ray Nagin trial that took place but two really important things to saint Tammany resonance won the sentencing of a saint Tammany parish corner. Peter Galvin 193000. Dollars in fines plus another 5000 dollars and issued by the judge. Two years in jail a lot of people think not that -- harsh enough maximum jail time could have been five years. Was given to Alaska to weigh in on that do you think that this was spared do you think it was too -- do you think it was too harsh as some folks -- Now what about the support that is said today influence to judge I was really surprised. To see those letters come on I don't think those people did themselves any justice by. By doing that I can't understand why is certainly demand could have done some good things in his time but. He certainly did some very very bad things and I think probably one of the worst things. To come out of this so finally after all of this charges and investigations. In string around. He finally admitted that you know he cheated the people he was sorry for what he did the he was shameful the way this affected his family but -- he just realized this now that he was found guilty and are made -- took plea deal admitted guilt. Because what was going on if you recall when these charges first came out. He refuted any said he wasn't guilty of any of the stuff and so what happened was we had to go to his defense we did the saint Tammany parish taxpayers. And cost us even more money to defend. His fraud and waste in in in abuse of office. So I don't know how would have been in favor -- full more maybe those letters of support had some impact of judge I don't know. But we're gonna talk about that and also this so I was kind of taken aback if not shocked by. The fact the saint Tammany parish we've been talking about an inspector general office. As a preemptive move to eliminate. What we've seen gone on them and take people like Galvin the cordon. Amir -- -- ability price and we see -- in neighboring parishes with the rate -- issue Aaron Broussard. Jeff -- goal. And bill Jefferson and the list goes on and on him by having an inspector general keeping tighter. Rains on it now a lot of that stuff could be eliminated prevent it and an additional data Sandra slightly with the League of Women Voters brought up and our first hour. They're basically in efficiency office. You know it could be a lot of cases where. They just observe what goes on and can make recommendations on how we can get more for a dollar out of the government and and generally it's thought of that IG offices pay for themselves by saving money in the corruption and also by saving wasteland. I know that Bristol was always in favor of that every time we talked she said the you know she was and they've demonized gene that may be our opinion is changed. Let's find out that Chris saint Tammany parish presidents and ones that thanks for joining his -- And you got a busy schedule today thanks for making it work force we've put them out. I appreciate your shifting things around I'm sorry about to be in a different time slot that. I do feel it's important that we have a conversation electrician picture. Your. Accommodating me. Or tissue wanna talk about forest Peter Galvin sentence well on the IG. But let's talk about the Peter album. Sentencing purse. I couldn't. I was a little surprised it was only two years but. I know we have an excellent judicial system the church and don't know what we need to. Does the final decision. But I do you know you know we -- great thanks thanks to the US attorney to be allies because. While it seemed like it took a long time when you think about from beginning to him -- -- -- revenue. Our federal case. To begin in hand with different achievement for a short time particularly I think there have -- investigating and -- You know. I don't know that however long he he could've gotten -- in jail. Would have made it. Feel any differently about his betrayal. Trust to the service and so. I did I am. Happy that there is some restitution being made that 190. Some odd dollars that's restitution. Back to. Think any player action all for expenses it -- were not justified that he could not. He's pared money force so expect to start on the wrong all that money being paid back. What you know -- would think elected officials like yourself would would really have to fund is distasteful look at what it does is it just cast a little more doubt. On all elected officials that are out there working -- trying to do the right thing in not trying to self serve. When these things come alive in just cast more doubt on all of our elected officials and we just seen so much. It does and you know I. It is heartbreaking reported what it does because there are several really good honest hard working elected official talent to come up that's when I'll open. But there are many many others and they don't get the spotlight and they don't get the advocate just happy everyday. Doing their job right away so obviously it's a good start reflect badly on all that term. I guess that blatantly talk about the trial I think it's betrayal -- -- citizens that are the elected officials also. Actually pats stay with a gonna take a break we come back wanna talk about this IG on decision at the task force that was appointed to. Check on the feasibility of creating -- they came away with a basically a no vote on the IG and came up with something called. Forensic audits or special on its kind of handed off to Louisiana legislature and find out. Which is an opinion is on that move will back parish president pat Bristol after this time good afternoon from the big 870 -- -- deal. And with -- saint Tammany parish president that Reston town I'm getting emails and phone calls they think this is a saint Tammany our weather wanna know about road conditions and turnarounds -- efficiency is stuck. And is well let them know this is an abbreviated special addition because we got a couple of important issues to discuss. This IG issue many you I'm sure you aren't able here but slanderous -- through The Who acted as his secretary recording secretary. For the task force kind of explain what the choices won the options. The three of them to create an IG that would follow the dollars and in the one that was voted on was. This one that would create through the Louisiana legislature legislative audit office. Some enhanced audits. That would be hiring certain -- it is and who determines that I guess it would be through the normal channels. That the legislature overseas governmental activities which. I don't think is accomplishing anything that's like calling 911 after the effective also would do nothing to. Trim mini just waste in government waste that they might be able to assist with the and the other was a constitutional amendment which would go to the ballot couldn't go in November we'll probably have to go in 2015 but there was. Concern about the definition of some semantics the word effect and how would affect the government but it would be involved by the government. And I'm still of the opinion the way they handle this thing is we asked the legislative lettuce green and I G office. We plan that offices to operate independently of government is not acceptable to government. As a budget assess to -- and then after it gets running up and running we assess the feasibility. We look at the cost benefit ratio we see what they've done to curtail some of this abuse waste and fraud. -- and go from there and I think that's where you are on this as your opinion changed justice task forces and has passed a mountain considered. -- and -- Q -- down the comedian made it. Should that suggestion -- now it's apple that think it probably would have passed. But -- more -- an option and a Tea Party anger is the perfect person to explain it but because we have so many different. Taxing entities. Our -- text. Money users that. The DEA's this year -- sensor in the score at home daddy would not been included in inspector general unless. It went through the legislature. To. -- it a constitutional amendment to make sure all important would be included. You know if we have a cleaner when I went and put that much the way while attempting to get the best we could I just wasn't sure we wanted to go to our. Play in the hands of the voters in the first day we know what we we don't need and even we went the constitutional amendment. Route which would include all of those entities and more than just final part -- -- support. At the end of the day which it would take a couple years as you just mentioned. Other people are that the state not to contend he perished in would be right back where we started in with Aetna. So this is not the best that we did. But it I think it's what could do to make sure we can. At least to some of the goals that we brought it to me. And I think now it's time part. Called entity. That -- on this commission and the public to come together. Indian venture legislators here you know we really want used to work in -- we want out and not think we. Will Sandra. Basically said that this issue may not be over. I don't know how old the task force was arrived and who served on it but according to what she said there were only. Handful of non profits in good government type organizations such as those that represented. In most of it was a lot of elected officials and government people which is gives people the impression. That the hand is being guarded you know the foxes guarding the henhouse in the situation. -- I've gotta agree with them but if this is gonna go forward and eventually we are gonna create a true independent of government. Inspector general's office what is your suggestion for the people of saint Tammany and have gotten. On operating opinion poll it's not scientific but it stayed at about eighty plus percent saying -- -- bad idea. Not to create the office of people still feel that way and let's look at it once how they go about getting. Well I yeah. I agree I agree with them that's what they want that what I heard in and step would be. But we are parish parish government has not made that speech can just get the legislature to say are we can say compared. We want an inspector general to be able to look at all these agent. And we -- weakest on the local places. And it passed an important to our. Our law locally -- put let's get an inspector general. The court would have been included -- that could have been constitutionally. Or any the other agencies mentioned true. Are -- I don't believe would have gotten that we needed to. -- -- and the -- to the table of the Korea options. It would get guess what Greek EU. -- buried there and beginning its. Section. Our conversation. So there there may still be around. An inspector general down online but. I'm -- didn't I didn't come when it without anything. From that that compassion. I think we got something that we can get -- -- what was on it but it is not and it could still be home readers did. But you know. Albert disagreeable bit which you're on I think the people on the committee air -- air power and not probably not every home. Organization. One that's come home represented but it was a wide range. And I do think they did some due diligence connection and they talk and it was all public and made -- public -- I think it was set up a good process -- could have gotten him that. I think sixteen people on it apparently Colin may be more than that it was because when he was the number that was on the 22 people that's a pretty -- Section. On that border open to hearing public -- action taking what they urged. True and what is the best that we can do but I think at the -- options at the culprit. I think it was city the only one status subsequently on. Sandra mentions them and about two spoiled volts where. I didn't get a chance to ask about what was a spoiled -- yeah. Well -- two. Members and today. Wrote it and what they thought it -- -- pitch they did not take more of the three options. I just wrote in what they wanted. And apparently it was. Decided. The community are true -- -- that and in there about military was not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Donated one didn't want the Leslie let audits that neutrality amendment did in and I Gionta. I think I think and acknowledge -- it's because had listened to and they're discussed and people think they're gear com. Opinion -- the moment in. From the from the conversations I've heard I don't know what angle on the piece of paper for defense which just -- -- -- to. Okay well that thanks for joining has taken the time and juggling your schedule around as always it's always a pleasure to visit with him look forward to the next. -- I welcome thanks again. Saint Tammany parish president Sampras denied still got a pretty opinion poll question it has -- still dealing with an issue in saint Tammany parish this time. We're asking you did saint Tammany parish corner -- Peter -- get off with a light sentence. And we have 76%. Saying yes he did. 24%. Saying no we did exactly what you deserve cast that vote at WWL. Dot com. We also have another guest it's going to be joining us to talk about these two issues. Rick -- president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany -- -- called Rick was. Leading the charge in the recall petition against team in Galvin which was no easy task. Galvin continued to fight it and wouldn't refuse to resign even though there was. Mounting evidence against -- cost apparent that taxpayers saint Tammany parish. There's several -- money to provide his legal representation against that Rick is gonna -- Talk about that decision asking is do they think his organization concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Did Peter Galvin get a fair shake in the sense in also -- of -- opinion we've got to from Sandra -- for winners from the parish president. One is he concerned citizens of saint -- opinion on the Paris voting down. In essence not to create an Ngo office in favor of the special legislative will be right back to discuss it Rick friends though. And your phone calls and text 87870. On the text of phone numbers 2601878. Outside a fumble which calls total three. An 866889087. Right now it's time for news is Dave Cohen standing by with -- latest.