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2-14-14 12:35pm Don Dubuc on St. Tammany

Feb 14, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany President Rick Franzo about the parish's decision not to employ an inspector general and about the verdict in the Galvan trial.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back into the think tank checking on operating opinion poll question is a common background had been marinating their -- seeded saint -- court appeared to -- get off with a lights the league got two years in prison. And a 193000. Dollars restitution plus an additional 5000 dollar fine 74% of you saying yes it was too light point. He 6%. Saying no it was not that that was what he deserve a maybe some felt he should have gotten more. That's what we're discussing for the rest of this hour joining us now is Rick friends of the president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish and you know -- -- -- Rick joining us aback when that Peter gallons. Deeds were first being discovered and there was a petition. That I was being filed to have him removed is he refused to resign and heading up the charge was the concerned citizens of saint Tammany and Rick was very active -- and -- the humans job and providing the of the proper places and times for weeks on end where volunteers went out their demand those petition. -- stations and -- Rick thanks for joining with preach. They should excellent this year I'm actually sitting on. My a Qaeda can buy UK. -- -- without time and I don't like button buy. It and that's not -- when -- -- honorees. A lot of beautiful place answers very cynical smile of it to non violent. Well Rick if you would quickly noticed a mission statement concerned citizens of saint Tammany who comprises it in what is the mission. Well we do we have a group of about. 02000. Members. And we have a database probably close to 40000 people that legally too because of the recall. And where basically we've status didn't 2000 tendon which -- and generally it's about -- government. You know we we're just going to be one stroke for the citizens making sure that the government does right by them by citizens and aunt and be good students text vote. And and be transparent and accountable for Fuller. -- everything that disposed deal to. And and that's all about we will Coleman out on it if we have questions gonna bring it out. And we have no problems. You know directing message to change and when we think did not -- for the benefit of the people. From what I understand you had a seat and on the committee to task force that was to make the determination on the feasibility of the inspector general get to that in a second before you. Are you satisfied with the sentence on TV Galvin of diseases can we disclosed that -- now -- this election on. I think that you know everybody's gonna want -- -- seeing -- and don't get on I think he thought we should go to but. -- Plea bargain arrangement with the FBI and and basically consolidated the indictment on the court I think he and you know we don't have -- -- five but we know we've chatting with the FBI and what you tell -- I don't know specifically. I'm a great deal. And departed deal was a celebration in time so with -- -- the maximum sentence. He could've gotten which -- he received was two years but amid uncertainty could -- with 818 months concert judge did -- maximum sentence. Based on the way to put -- -- together. And eat yet he -- fine I think it's payback aren't 9005000. Dollars. On the article and I think he spoke with peppers -- present is that and I met with. Just when this was over. And I ask -- with my team. Whether or not it will go to sue. -- X million plus dollars. They'll wasted on the -- on the Paris and compare them to meet at corner and I told. That if she didn't it's the -- did not follow through that we will and there attorney general. And say hey this ST you can file charges against him and state level too based on display at all we need to collect money back. She. The president boosted its say they are trying to put things together they plan on going for disease had them recoup that -- -- is -- -- -- can be gotten. He got a handle on it's beat sold well on -- as such right now I think it's a more to sail. Yet they'd do it you got it I think he's got the course and -- got it in retirement too well now but it will can't touch as time. But it's in fact he does at the Paris wins this battle which -- beaten to much about they would in this lawsuit. Not to recoup. The money for the legal fees I believe that they can actually apply that to his retirement package which since he certainly. See that kind of money he got. And you know as the final insult guess who has to pay for his incarceration. -- airlines are now in it's here it's a travesty what happened think that -- -- I think so in the long run. The betterment of satanic -- has opened a lot of -- Put a lot of heat. People who win necessity they would really strict focus. -- now that it's official the make sure they do right. By the citizens and the and because student attacked the -- forget sometimes that now money. And they have to. And looks out this interest in their own self preservation so enters -- which is sometimes the RB obviously it's sometimes -- it it it is politics. And this Galvin the cases exactly why the people saint Tammany parish want to do a preemptive move by giving an inspector general and then a present. And and go back again and we gonna get to that next because I know you were involved and I believe -- -- -- the -- -- to. Keep it. I want to get your opinion on how that went and did they do the right thing. And wish it would go with -- here as far as the future of inspector generals in sync them with talk with Eric Frenzel. President of concerned citizens of saint Tammany don't buy you came at a known as big branch -- beautiful saint Tammany. On a gorgeous Friday afternoon will be right back and listen to the think tank WW while getting a lot of phone calls and also Texas ago the hitting Galveston questions at Rick -- president of concerned citizens of saint -- may or may not be able answer but -- before we get back to that topic. Let's move on to this inspector general did in fact concerned citizens have a seat there and they vote. And do you think the best a decision was made -- to forgo the idea of creating this independent office. In going into what is being called an enhanced audit which is still under the auspices of the legislative audit department which I don't think he's got that time. And the people necessary to check every parish all over the state didn't really accomplish anything -- doing. You know out we we had. -- two people -- excellence we had a retired two star general election with a IG in the military for a number of years we also had no legal counsel as to -- potential. And it'll look what is interesting is that you know weeks on the Tesla came out. And who was on pets poison you know we knew it was going to be a major -- Klein because it is -- -- delete and going against all the agencies that we won't try to have a night he'd be able to go into. In earliest you have to be a you have this sense that does the cargo which typical of course she Panama. Sheriff's that you don't -- all these days you know you know we feel that there need to be looked at some time. Are the ones that came in closed mines and and and actually changed altered their position they didn't want her -- But on that you know wheat state it's and so on was that. That resolution number 89 came -- -- senate. -- to step which if he's ability on -- But yet. The -- -- -- derailment strategy. -- I feel coming from both the DA's side and and the reps senator for the parish council. Carry him -- -- able to be real. And this and that and that's how they can public is planned option story. And I guess you know at the end of the -- And voted out he could see how the votes lined up it was basic basically came down to. You all candidates and against the quietly government relations you know and deal. Say it was night that we had mayor of the Peta they came through -- voted for -- IG -- and and we also had. Counsel from a coming to -- Mark -- also voted in favor tonight Judy. And picture at an sheriff's department -- -- frequently -- -- and -- supporters tonight you what you are apartment. But everybody else. -- dictated the makeup -- You had. The -- courts -- but we're determined to lose to be out ages eight HE crow center to grow and a -- piece that data. And when I looked at Tacoma and this is all we election. And and I am really at reservation that we talked about it and say now should we involvement it. Because we know. In ago but we learn -- it would certainly it certainly be -- and yet points out the coolest meaty thing now. And and that's what we did and we -- -- and I have a lot of respect to -- we have gone. That is they continued. To try to keep them. Focus on what the mission was stated in resolution while on. Image should be there shouldn't be any government and disease on their home making this is the consistent the fox guarding the henhouse. Is there a possibility that another legislate -- -- as she got to find men that write one that would take this and in in comprise the task force made up in a different fashion. Which would bring about a different result. Sure well hoping it will we'll see how -- -- to how this actually written up presented this and and it didn't really won't vote is on option parade then we've -- to present to occur the legislation saint Tammany. Try to get legislation negated it and. In in our own way you know direction. Where actually get legislation of course in both state who we yen and each parish in the occurrence they'll stand wanna just like -- -- Orleans parish just like the internet's. March you know and party -- is stable order option great. And what was disturbing to me and I that spoke or -- That is just when they made that decision fought him and sit there and I had so much it was. Has anybody. Who's who's supporting it's actually met with the legislature or. Anybody to that. Well what that would blank stares and nobody did. Nobody there including them on option story without any discussions with the -- were able to be included in net. Well I told him listen listen she didn't. -- -- -- -- And I called the legislative order that we have a relation with them -- other issues that we can -- to -- on Google. And I I spoke with that -- par. Who is the latest order he basement on the trade order. And he don't he sent me richt uses. I can't -- its work and in and I get it into McCain to meet. And. -- they are taken as soon -- vote on some domain name and you know they have and I'm unwilling on not knowing participant. The one that was gonna implemented and even know anything about it. And it. Could be -- because what. Took -- and I and I think that's the -- of you know one. And that it is that -- -- state. But I doubt of course it's just different dates ran through the house and the senate got -- Well we had to -- sources to do anyway. We can't duplicate that for. -- exactly my point and it's at what they opened up. The -- And what that would mean that is. If you step saint Tammany heaven's -- -- but the legislature ordered this relationship with that taken a stab this. And what happens to -- the -- and then every parish in the -- can use that as a precedent. Don't legislate orders have a fine. Now a lot of good if Tom Green the people of saint Tammany right there ready to -- create a government independent IGA's office budget. -- and do the assessment of of their performance over a couple of years on the cost benefit ratio and then make decisions from the and that. That's well I'll I'll go at this week in -- due respect to that cancel us and strictly out people and people are supported IG wanna wait for the actual official. Document that's handed hitter and a I understand it it we don't like it. And then be honest with you we're considering it and it bringing it to people he petition. Like we did -- and a true and that's what do we can get on the ballot and let the people make that decision and not them make the decision to my argument to them what. Listen it's not your decision. What that we haven't IG and you exposed to open. But feasibility study how we can make it work and and the Paris and then let the citizens people I did you know business not. Supporting and I keeps you need to come up it's the only read the resolution. I'll just -- this should be separation of church and state that needs to be separation of IG and state. These guys that if -- don't work it's got to be that way. And pretty -- at Uga beat -- you know it's a quick note at a tournament on a Monday night at 6:30 -- in the column at the John Davis Jim. We're having eight that debate for the candidates for candidate there running for congress in April. We have all the media we have fox a channel full channel six. The have a kid and and tried to fuel and be the host. That passed in the questions to candidates -- And it's not people just -- 630 Monday John Davison look home right at the target -- so much on its. Rick enjoy the rest of the afternoon on by became a friend -- At any time you need as you know -- a fondness 1990. I want him. Friends so president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany.