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2-14-14 1:10pm Angela: with a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker

Feb 14, 2014|

Angela uses her Open Mic segment to profile butcher Leighann Smith from Cochon, baker Logan Lott of the Royal Bakery, and candlestick maker B.B. St. Roman from the NOPD.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well what week it is -- a former mayor found guilty of bribery a first in the history of -- balance. The all star game in all its glory here in the Crescent City adding fun and glamour for everyone. And the cold weather came back only to start its retreat for a gorgeous weekend. Life is good. But it's even better because it's Friday and Friday means are open Mike. Time to meet three new friends and find out what's on their minds. We had three homicide detectives three firefighters repairs presidents and so many other wonderful people and today. Are you reading. We have a butcher a baker and -- candlestick maker. Like just got better. Meet Leanne Smith may be the only female butcher in New Orleans. Self taught she was a butcher of fish. Before she moved to New Orleans to work for crucial the restaurant and butcher shop owned by James Beard winner Donald. -- -- -- -- Former bread and pastry chef emerald. Now owner of the royal decree in bill chase and looking at him and he -- twenty people -- yourself. And -- candlestick maker BP -- room. Designer of candles and artwork on the -- street but who is also the and a PD coordinator. For the homeless. I have to say truly. And we met wonderful people. In this room doing this open. But the lines you'll have land have been fascinating and continue to be fastening. I'm gonna start with you -- because beautiful article in the paper. About you being the butcher and I remembered as adjusted. That's very true yes. And so how did you kind of break into it. Idol it's been so they have -- husband and -- today and my dad and a lot of hunting and as a kid. No I really have like. Strongly compassion towards animals which is weird because -- -- -- but -- -- felt connected with it. And it and that -- sentiment is really -- that. So you were living out of state you were not here yet only lived here for about two and a half years and from San Francisco California. And you one once that you were -- of fish -- is that really how it started. -- nine and just. Like -- cooked -- restaurants my whole life I get a lot of -- fish but treatment not only that we did some hugs. There's not the demand for this type of butchery in California people are pretty scared and I think -- thing like the farm to table with hole logs and such. Thank you know I'm here -- New Orleans and never have been here. And seem like the right place to go a -- I was only place I -- net. Got the job and work my way up slowly but surely. And here you are and here before we're gonna go back to that. All right mr. Logan yes I look at 224 years old and you've lived a full. You really have unbelievable. That and you've had your bakery three years yes -- storefront actually just over two weeks before Christmas. Two weeks before Christmas yes ma'am that you had been doing this. Prior we was start out of our house hum and then mean. Quickly outgrew that went to my mother follows garageband for about two years we got orders every Friday around selling two different businesses and just get my name out there. The demand was there -- more more each week so we just. My father and mother decided to put their life investment into us and my wife and on the head Dick head speaker relaxed and decorator. And there's a team together we're. Dominating so. And that is where let me tell you because it's Belle chase it's on. For a sixth and very close to where my house and -- live and so I ran over there on Saturday you weren't there. But I heard about your great king cake this -- and it is great thank you so much harder for what he's not saying yes she wasn't there but who run of the place was his mother. And boy did she -- you this man. You know just your living your dream yes -- that that's -- did you start as a little boy wanting to think. Actually baking. I always wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arm -- are working animals as. As it in the I used to do the pastries and then when -- did the pastries. -- And a big breaker and bad. The bread baker. -- decided to. Just up and -- so after he left -- overnight became -- bread baker and that's where from a true love for Britain. I can do pastries and cakes with the -- that would bread is where -- really love you know the passions is Britain but we do assortment of things and that's admirals as right now my passion and a lot of exploring a lot of experimenting. And just went from there since then yes -- -- so you were very young -- actually started in nineteen. That's calling that's when you start that -- and it at 22 actually 21 I was I was run in the -- departments. Yes yeah how much I love it when people well as you say it's a passion -- around so fragile and it and that is great yes. Baby saint -- and I go back decades. I hit so admired this woman for so long on many levels and only continued now. Not knowing what you were doing specifically with the police department and the two -- on but I wanna go back to the candlestick making. Because. What I left channel four. I had in the window -- I was lucky enough to have one of the few windows jailed for. And I had one of your candles and I had -- therefore probably ten years and when I left I left it there. A so hopefully somebody else is enjoying it but you are. Have led such an extraordinary. Traveling the world -- thing. I did December corners mostly and traveled for fifteen years doing that that I want to doctor John for ten years -- his road manager. So we traveled and other parts of the world you know playing games and all kinds of different countries. So during those travels and during the films and what kind of some of my Mother Teresa. The Dalai Lama. Tribal chieftains in Africa a lot of different spirits of people. In between those influences inducted John that sent me out from the work that I do with a homeless almost. All of that traveling and having respect for people in and then appreciation of all the coaches that led me to New Orleans too because. And I just love the city like you do. But you. Lunch at stake here you met the one -- Mary right yeah and that the man in my dreams after I moved down here. And so. We got married at the house of blues -- just opened up. And and they are all for having a wedding there so we really appreciate that we like over 15100 people came at the landing mixture of bikers and music industry people. -- people and conducted John. Neighborhood residents. And then -- that we made decorations for the stage which is right. And that's we took a mosque from the swamps and all that I decide to make one have candles line the front of the State's. So -- -- -- three candles -- is adopted John number. And out and I decided not just white candles would be nice to put a label on them about the wedding. And we found out. They all got stolen -- the take it as souvenirs but people -- -- -- people like these accidentally make candles at the staff of the house of blues couldn't -- on the party for us for free so. And then from that we thought. In the area was a gap and then local market for spiritual candles like for a for a happiness success -- peaceful home serenity. Creativity all those things so since then that's been over twenty years since then and making candles. Four -- around here around the country and into this. And let me tell you I'm so touch because she brought candle that says an open mind. And I really put pressure -- -- minute candle in my life thank you thank you thank you -- also let me also mention that to Logan brought. King cakes and other assorted goodies. There's going to be a stampede coming into this race -- March and I and we're gonna take a break everybody stay with us were gonna continue with our open my with a butcher the baker. And the candlestick maker I'm Angela under the WL. We're talking with the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker it's open Mike stay on Friday and and it said this since day one it's my favorite day -- this is my favorite show because I like to meet people and I like to get to know why they do what they do. Back to Leanne Smith who is our picture. You got here you got to -- on. And this that you had always been interest in this but you're really giving credit to the people there for for change isn't. Is being a butcher and yours yours that is as much art as it is a science. Yet it's all pretty pretty precise as sharp knife it through it now the yet it's an art more than -- science and say. So you have to learn but don't -- -- the body parts yes I mean every. Every large. And relatively similar like from goat pig cow. I've only done one cow mad dash up the coach on those majority of the cows. It's all pretty similar but it's everybody. Narrative it differently and doing everything Q I'll take -- a -- at different than -- -- take down a peg. And the books -- easiest way to learn and Stephen enough. Yes on such talent Thai government incredibly talented men and what is the creative side of your job big creative side and our job as it. Day allow us to pretty much try anything -- on track. If it fails we don't do it again that successful. We do it over and over and of Reagan. So. We have a lot of -- as this tournament trying to -- different screens and such. And two different monetary means to me -- he has such NC we can do out of the pay its its. It didn't sink is a pig comes in and had that they own feet and a couple of hours later. We've created. When -- customer wants to die or. Passages. Between it. And -- do you go to sleep at night thinking what could do with this kind of grossed. And I and we play the game where we sit at the bar with leaders and books and like should -- Travis -- Travis like me and my assistants and a unfortunate amount of time together for that talking about me and go and everything that Stephen and -- let -- do you. Pretty much whenever we wanted to do well there aren't that many victories around in the south and or one and only one -- thinker and here it. We make. Just about everything in house for him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of I mean every single bit of -- that touches a piece of rhetoric customers about the -- and have. And then all the pickles everything we make and we get -- pigs raised specifically for us. In Mississippi. That they now payment. Yeah I think. You're hearing more and more about not coming back. It is an absolutely come back all over the country to it's it seems restarting this after that I don't think it ever really went away and that. There's a lot of like. Five the table but to shops opening and LA and all of our. Because you want it fresh and it's really amazing and there a difference in product tree again. For a pig that you know who raised it you know and it was fed you know has treated. Everything like that then a port that it died and guys -- I'll keep that in mind. Up we'll let this go on to back to think. So you you're young guy -- like to cook you've got the passion you've got that that the dream job and emerald yes ma'am. And you are rock and roll this man and then one day you said I think I can do this myself. Or less. But that's really gutsy yes ma'am very. And so he did it. Yes I am here am I have to. It was is very very brave I feel in my in my hand and like you said gutsy homage is. It's it's I feel that if I if I do it why not do it now and full force. You know build an empire from my kids and in their future you know so. Start young sergeant of hopefully enjoy it later down lines out of start later on and just work all -- you know in this industry and an -- and cooking and she's stuff like that I know a lot of people that are. You know that's that's what they do this early retirement and and then you know because in -- so it's hard. What is your day. My day you get up at the get up at 3 o'clock in the morning. Go to work for 330 and -- only -- about 7 o'clock in the evening well -- them come home. Spent time with the family fortunately in my life in my child. -- a similar fortunately she's had a cake decorator and does everything for me. She's there'll do loss we get the news we do get to spend quality time together you know what we come home and very short. And back to bed and wake up back to back to work you know -- do five days a week and then on -- -- -- -- today and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a day and a half relieve the day you have office in the house on groceries are truly not a it's -- it's like that's like -- That's what I've come relies can have a second yes ma'am which earned her second child and very excited. That is once you -- let me take the bakery is big and -- on the back it's very big you can have like they care. If I wanted to and you got a grandmother and I mean a mother who will be a grandmother who can take care exactly. What we did we set up for the future we suffer large -- quality from high quantity. And and that's who we set up for an hour right now but were crawling we're in the stage of crawling right now you know it's communal life. My mother and my sister -- now so it's just a lot of got a lot going on for people in -- zone. Had to say the least but what worst were steady -- a part latter and hopefully we'll make we'll see the top. Monday you know you will eventually will give you got the right -- -- different than anybody who listens to you. And -- issue knows that this room thank you so much video wanna go back to your wedding because again it was just. Everybody who knows beating you know she has this fabulous bird. Who is very. Wonderful and if she said more people know the birth of her that's not here and there goes the set -- her wedding. You dressed as the bird I mean you had this fabulous had dress. Other than others and it was spectacular. Right you know my bird is an umbrella cockatoo so it's wide and when they raise their defendants as a whole big crown so. Mike stark the the mask make her the he had made my wedding dress -- he had made own doctor Johns. He got hit dresses for Marty kindness I turned him. And -- he made this wonderful. -- creation. You know for Ryan when eyes and deacon everything and then along -- of that is down the back and I go. I talked to issue is there on the stage the whole evening she stood up on top of the season. This. Piece of him on the stage. For the deal to -- in the decoration -- So the arts says she stay there all evening enjoy the music -- but never heard there and I still have that and it turned into my got custom. That the head fees because it was so beautiful I could just put it away. So secretly glad his mother daughter act Marty I think it. I have heard my hand and -- now Q when did you transition. To continue to do the beautiful candles. You are doing incredible project with the and a PD right yet -- well after after. 9/11. Things down a lot and the campus this year as far as people want candles says looking around for some other involvement. Anyway but at the time and captain -- dad did from the police department he came down to the eighth district in the second. He discover all these homeless people had been volunteering with the police the neighborhood watch and things like that so is known in the police department. As a volunteer and different color. But heat he decided to set -- a homeless unit because he didn't like the idea that all the police can do is send somebody down the block or taken to jail to solve a problem. Which doesn't solve the homeless from is either way -- -- -- is still homeless. And they stepped up activists in nineteen Cindy actually invented. The homeless assistance unit he got a grant from my man -- -- passenger man that's me in Havana and and and then what I can do is is interface of the police can call me citizens can call me businesses homeless themselves and they want help. And I can go to the scene -- the president trying to figure out what services can best connect to them and actually drives them and that's appropriate. So -- and liaison between the community in the police and the homeless and that's primarily in the quarter hours it on the court order it on for the whole the whole -- So do black and warranties and outages sometimes but the majority of homeless are in the downtown area between different color in this dvd and in the US rings around that that. They are primarily here so. And the services and that's the services and that's important thing -- people I think a very it's. To see people -- -- -- places they can go to choose not to -- so how do you helps them resistant. For you you help that they with. With patience and compassion. And a smile like you friendly with them you lend that to their for you it's not ready for help -- that tape take it -- refuse. But let him know what's out there you go there in the town -- if you only take you and try this out you know yeah. After I get to know them and sometimes it's that trust yet that they and my outlook the -- gotten out you know BB. TV we'll help you. Because right into it. So. So. Most of the people do -- now. They do wanna get sometimes that just lost in how to get to it so you know I'm out there there are several other outreach agencies that there and I involved. In different ways so. Uh oh we -- we try to address -- try to get them into into services and into house. That's the whole point in the right exactly so summer abstinent but it's in sooner or later. They're ready to get -- the states this -- this you know. And and so we've and we helped them along and they need to. The McCain until. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our top with a butcher the baker and the candlestick maker right after the news with Don -- While we are back with our butcher or baker and -- candlestick maker. And in the lives they choose to live and it's it's exciting to see people who love what they do. And we need more time I think that's them the message all of you are sending you were lucky enough. To have an enthusiasm about something. And you found it and you got the job. And it's not everybody's that lucky to -- very very lucky. Let's talk about. I want to go back I wanna go back to the -- thing because I. You know all of -- all of us who are carnivores. But -- -- of which most people on now are -- -- know some vegetarians I have total respect as well. But if you eat meat it isn't just what we see wrapped up and me rushers are. It is a process. And I'm just interested in. You're looking at an animal and of course I could never do with the economic government and I can't -- that that problem. But -- -- parts. Then it's a matter on your deciding. What the best part would be four X recipe. If the most part an authorized to do with like equality in fat normally in the me -- we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Side closest and head is gonna have better marveling -- what you gees fan support cap and -- Depending on. The marveling inequality. Depends on what do you -- it has like a really wonderful -- fat ratio and -- marveling. Will sound of the port captain's document. If it's got a lower my ruling and less fat mean ratio -- quality if you. -- making great grass -- images. And do you cook I cut. At worker in my life in your yeah that I've cut my whole life that's how became such -- dish -- and kid. And then just worked on the line like everybody else for an -- and kitchens came here and then poetry and act as far as what we do. And the British -- We -- couple laps and then we help with the exit specials we do -- orchestra means solitary he's Gretzky that thing. And I like this come -- come. But I don't think -- gonna hit a does the you know does the mechanic wanna change the oil credits I'm probably yeah panicking and 2000 cooking on holidays. I love -- Well and while that's good -- in the in the world unique to being via do you other I mean on your four hours that your home and -- asleep -- before you go back to the bakery. -- interest and other kinds of cooking. I'd do a love Italian through and -- -- -- is often but it's it's as a matter of finding time that's the thing I still love to cook. But see the thing is that at the bakery we do a lot of -- So when I do cook it's another passion and I'm enjoying you know sand and it's it's it's. It's something that we don't -- -- we don't need to do however we actually are about -- and get some more help -- -- hopefully soon founders him you know breakfast plates you know. -- please you know upper eighties secrets something that's so open date back to cook and move more slowly but surely. You know I was at a wedding and they had such an extraordinary wedding cake and nontraditional wedding -- It was tilted it almost reminded me like Alice in Wonderland Anderson and I thought boy that that was no less -- than if there was a frame around it right. And and are you seeing a trend for different kinds of things yes ma'am. We read we customize. We specializing customize -- case. Com that's the news the biggest thing recently we've seeing mom what's your purchase up to turvy. We never got any menu orders for those however I do see a lot of people game. It's an art yes it got to make that case it's it's actually leaning and it's just it's just it's it's an illusion you know. But we we do a lot of -- case -- wife actually started campaigning on -- more often and and so -- actions -- departments parish president's birthday cake. Which was fourteen years broke through of people orange and is beautiful. And yes man she's been over about eight hours and it straight I mean we had that we was it was crunch time -- -- like with pain in a pedestal and yes -- definitely a campaign and the everything basically Wednesday -- -- a banquet you know that you make its answer is yes yes illnesses. That's not at all and she says there is backbreaking hours it really is -- don't understand you know baking is not it's not justices -- him and then you know. Just like with the -- the process. You know minds from disease you know from start to finish. It should view its interest in have even though you're saying you like to get people there what you're doing you're really doing alone. So it's EU what are you thinking when you're making candles yet actually. -- -- sees a light candles and what what. Interest me and them originally is and still does he suspected to burning yet. The light and heat radiating out into the universe the last disappearance. So the energy has transformed out. So when you so what I'm making and I make a much Tamils myself you know so they -- -- my -- -- -- the right energy to them to me because you know it's. Like you in New York you know -- itself and a what I find is that like the purpose on the start to candles is that when you do burn a camel. You focusing yourself you are focusing on the energy of whatever that's for if it is. For the creativity. Of that is sort of in peaceful home are. Getting a job or whatever it is so you're putting your energy into it. And then that energy transfers out so did little chemical like driving a car the car is great. Yelled -- his somewhere but you have to drive the car you have to steer it or you want to go says the same with two of the energy of candles is that. It's your desire behind it what you want and is always appreciate that and I hear back from people. Have burned the success cannot touch our Broadway is truly heartwarming and even got letters back thanking me for their candles and other Lastings and it Miller is viewed as it wasn't me. As you know it was a your energy. Great continent but right you know I had I hope I'm not bringing up on seven but Bibi is extraordinary. Is an extraordinary moment. And she lost that fabulous man who she married on that beautiful night at the house of blues. But even prior to that you'd have the tragedy in your life of losing your parents. To a horrible. I don't know how anybody gets through that and I'd look that you and I see such kindness and warmth. -- every morning. Much less what you're doing with the homeless having faced such profound tragedy. And what is it in knew that got you through. I think you know I just been with a shamans in the Himalayas when I came home and then my parents have been murdered and also monies. And down like a home invasion in that in -- again its own house like a lot questions maybe. But I realized canonized in the still everything happens for a reason we may not know at the time what the -- tennis and everything is a blessing. And we have to accept and appreciate. And it -- so I appreciate my parents when they react if they had to leave and had to leave. So everything in life it's this too much tragedy we can again. Let. But what are your -- however -- we are we do will we can we have to just appreciate that. Italy and so I just respect. The powers that DO whatever is going on in the universe because you know we can't always understand it. But I appreciated them. It's it's taken lessons to heart maybe focus on adolescence maybe and smaller than before. And then made me appreciate it is around from day today. And when my husband passed it passed from cancer just from one month to the next you know it's only only the knack for a year and a half so. But we appreciate every day again and -- the last few days we did you know -- And even said he said you know and went to the yeah he thought he was at the mountaintop with me for the last couple years in his life so. Oh we just have to enjoy being here enjoy what we're doing appreciate everyone and we know violence coming and going and life sentence. We don't see somebody ever again. You know that they're still around and they asked someone who we just have to appreciate everyone receipts day and that's coming on and also from Mother Teresa. About just having respect and -- to help at that moment whatever you can do to anybody that you see in -- every ago. My tea this may be the greatest Valentine gift of all just listening to those words. I wanted to do want to stay with us we'll continue our talk with a butcher the baker and the candlestick maker right after this. Well we -- back I still enjoyed our torture are baker and are candlestick maker just some final thoughts from all of you. What do you what do you see next for you in the next five years is -- I don't plan manly men milling restaurant group anytime soon -- Stay in for a long time hopefully. And then eventually I just wanna have my -- Patricia. -- we haven't talked about one of your hobbies is that you paint skull so -- I made a really good relationship that the guy who raises their pigs and people like that's part he brings me other heads of animals from the slaughterhouse. Anatomy and Laramie clean them. Takes a couple of months that's. Relatively unpleasant. And then that we pay them and there aren't people yeah they're pretty -- most fluent that we get Barack. My longhorns between six and seven feet from point going to be huge actually Stephen has one he gave it his now wife for Christmas. But there they're pretty red. I bet they are yeah they're not even chicken it would end up on the John policies may simply and they usually just throw -- -- -- -- so we take. A lot of them we have a lot of skills and their backyard -- So will be seeing you link -- is now likely -- What about you five years where he -- Hopefully. -- employee has her ahead ahead ahead ahead. Hopefully we just keep climbing the ladder of success. -- continue always stay consistent five star quality. Com manages hopefully everything pays off in the end you know rises. McKee come elaborate hopefully would just build in my day and more more people comes to mind -- they trying. Other friends and their friends at other and so well we will be just and he is Swenson in in those that like that's him so you never know. You heard the words here 24 years now get ready be a daddy again for a second time here on top of the world but yeah very much room. And yeah I. I love love. This BP. Having that never plan from day today and yet you know what I'm gonna do next I never know what adventures around the corner scientists like to stay open. To anything in it whatever feels good and like everyone here has expressed passion. Whenever wherever your passion drives you romantic drama some routes next to start this ten years ago when I was 57. It's announced sixties at the and you know like what they get that time like now it's -- some all new direction in itself. So I'm I'm just opened -- to a giant and if I can do something meaningful to help people in whatever capacity. That's fine with me. In which always make it can't OCR -- -- definitely. European final thoughts on why you want to stay here. What is it about. Compared and it ran outside and relived. It's magical and people treat each other this way and then the other said he and Clinton people treat each other. I like to people treat -- and they hear it's welcoming. An island am and it's real. I never thought it was Israel that was the experience I I like other people and the culture and the way people treat each year like you can't buy that night it -- wonderful now. And baby you aren't more people immediately like her. CNET -- and that's that's very -- then it's the people like BB in new -- who make this city. Who make it interesting and fun for all of us and thank you all are butcher or baker or candlestick maker of one thing. -- and -- because she came up with this idea we need to do a butcher baker the candlestick maker and boy we did. Thank you very very much wanted to went to stay with us we'll be right back a little thick a butcher or baker or candlestick maker wanted to stay with us because we're going to be talking with -- about what's happening now let's go to the newsroom and Don names.