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2-14-14 2:10pm Angela: on NBA All-Star Weekend

Feb 14, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with NBA director of events Adi Wilk about this weekend's All-Star Weekend festivities.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You don't we have something extraordinary happening in this community the entire weekend it's with this town is still thrilled. That the NBA his return for the all star game and all the wonderful events they. -- around it yeah you have to feel it outside because I'd live downtown and I love -- to him and love seeing the bustle of people what's going on the convention center. And we have someone very important and we're very grateful he is joining us that is adding. Wilk who is the NBA director of events and we appreciate you joining answer. Oh no problem but import -- I'm sorry. Are sort of important. -- important -- -- -- I don't you have very important a conflict. Here. You must be a little exhausted this time but a bit pumped up because it's just going to be. And I'm sure has already been phenomenal I watched the channel -- morning news and a couple of of the that they reporters just having a ball over convention center. It is it is I think that the -- challenge anyone. -- convention search and so there's 500000 square. Just basketball. Interactivity. For kids folly -- Your family -- -- is in -- extra -- -- to. Well let's say there's something for them to do that could Ingraham followed -- -- -- And on OK everybody. Do you like coming to New Orleans. We love coming to New Orleans. -- appreciate it here we were the first major event the comeback after Katrina. And we love being here and I chart they sort of sort of get a bigger -- -- electrical out of complete community. Was born here in the -- 08 all's guards and we continue to do so and some that this -- well. -- -- thank the city for chemical and just -- believe it looked over the coming back of your own recovery great city. But stand a great -- everybody's extremely welcoming. It is just on orders are not out on screen and great music and ask. I'm so excited to hear how how the weekend goes because in 2008 I was actually. And an event host at the jam session I think I can remember with the exact contest was when I was there every day with -- Which I -- Jersey on and I got to meet all the organizers and it seemed everybody was so excited to be there. You know after like you said it was a big first event after Katrina and everybody was so excited about the state of service. I'm how much has it changed is that it seemed kind of excitement. Is still there what's what's new that you love about New Orleans. You know people are just incredible. There is that it can do attitude well like Sully and years. You know we -- not a small operation. Command terms. Traffic pattern -- Just a lot of people come here and gonna always it's never. That's always. Helped -- can happen on sources. The city and personal that the body of other. And to -- on the citizens of New Orleans pretty cool -- Social got caught on. And that's been over a year I sort script -- -- -- -- the convention center. Some activities. With -- -- all areas to hear about. 1113. Which very carnival style in them as well -- and I'm not saying. You know talking about -- here to grow -- you know here. And -- and enjoying their careers or. Tell me about the hours of operation. Sure they were open court and to mark the world couldn't eight to -- and then Saturday I mean it's Sunday were open ten to six. Normally that is great and you're expecting how many sell shares. We expect a I think we had over 101000 yesterday not a sure could be. Or. Absolutely. And Mittal family so. You -- -- probably expect. In a 100000 come here and that is you know. The convention center we take over on our problems are so Saturday you'll -- you know that. You might have to wait a little bit participant certain thing respectfully and a -- A critical -- something different groups to go through. So yeah so you know we are autograph stage and took a different change we made larger than all somebody there. -- -- They look at somebody. And a lot cleanup. Partially true on. For example and in line and the person's arm. -- world sheet. Then you'll experts that go beyond that there's going to be a quarter century -- and we actually a couple of drinks other current government and some great so it. -- NC players. -- believe or view the Connecticut close and personal with our players you'll -- We've -- -- soak them in certain areas of the country pictures. Of that and which a lot of. Is -- one price to get in an accident. -- elders there from a different page. We do. A so today it is -- -- -- pick at all today. Saturday there are too high in particular. Sort of morning short of that and such. Really if you're in the morning and stay longer -- Fine we're not gonna kick you out in the caption in such an early or were absolute torture and it was just the way to. Kind of a couple of she probably -- Saturday -- -- definitely look like I'm so -- there it is sort of a dollar a lot of deals out there. The I urged a joke but it was or other event dot com amendments -- and there are a lot of partners. -- they are. Our workers that since they're they -- -- out there. That can actually -- packages but I -- -- could start and. We can't thank you enough for taking a break in talking to us and just. Thank you for coming back to the city and providing such a fun fun weekend for everyone. Oh no we want to thank everybody for held for having -- and posting a record book with bows to listeners supporting out. And local community getting aren't going to be a lot of on. And we look forward to seeing it. Thank you so much eighty Wilkes have fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --