WWL>Topics>>2-14-14 2:20pm Angela: on the weekend's movie selection

2-14-14 2:20pm Angela: on the weekend's movie selection

Feb 14, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with Jude Borque about what movies to watch this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome you back to our Friday what's happening. Ian -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the way to do we make it easy. You know who makes it easy for us in our world of movies. My Valentine I've never really met face to face. Cheat. A little news that you -- -- -- Hello my love -- you to. I am better hearing your voice guys I'm right here I know camaraderie of these intimate moments it's just last year and what. Where -- and -- I love your suggestion that things roll market outlook or a wonderful thing could view. Everywhere. Wait you know options all over the place and here there's a lot of relief fund would be better opening up this weekend in wide range of movies well. There is there's -- read today about last night he is that comedy that is getting great reviews its power ever mark them. It will shorten him but like in everything these great people look at all play and -- in all of also be extorted two of them Korea Koppel. And there's another couple there who beat who. The war -- girl and that they are safe bet comedy. It is actually may. Didn't panic show probably that would with Rob -- -- anymore. He stands. Sit on the market. But -- are you -- here. -- just very much. Productive and good suggestion for people to date exactly out what it is something over here. Global crop is opening up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All I have bothered -- that he's got a decent girl's out in the wanna go see robo -- on Valentine's Day no there. I Garrett and Judy just said in recent action can lead to romance sometimes romance leads to action and he has not error the. That's what you're not well. Well Derek there's another remake of in slow build regional -- Brooke Shields. And the news political. But he didn't morbid news. -- it kind of scale are very. And that's an important -- mother want to go see the movie when -- that man on the white. You've ever -- that the Colin Farrell winter's -- -- the current troubled the rule. But it also gotten really bad reviews but it seemed -- It's sort of a -- that. But it being being warned if they wanna go today I you know right there with them but be prepared. -- -- before sheriff's. Africa. And you're talking about your favorite and would be about last night. It is and they -- it definitely cheer that -- -- that most people know Romeo and yet from Broadway with Orlando Bloom. And content what -- our police are on order. -- drill bit and it's showing right now absolutely. Yeah you can go either weren't sure our tickets in -- there's more hearings on route. And you -- protected -- like five or six days they have broken -- only the blue. Our current -- are the board reproduction but don't sit there and you know -- company -- part. That is incredible. Wonderful. Great to. The character very often do things where they've they feel more broadly -- and then put that out and that's like a major release almost pretty -- Great great for balance and but you know art -- -- action at the love there there's so guilty argued that the older movies. And on -- lot of them -- you know. I was asking people around the optimism on FaceBook what is their favorite movies and they'll hit a lot of you know there's. And notebook which is sort of the more Rico and warrant. More recently. Goes is that real popular sort -- what it will go to community it really eat something -- -- to -- he can watch over. More romantic Lama. -- -- you go we're bringing the comedy in the air. But two of my all time favorites. When Harry met Sally. It is just delightful it's just plug in fleet and -- into the yeah. -- -- And get the more recent movie that didn't make a lot of the box well it's. In in dvds failed initial all the time love actually. You remind me just tell me well actually has about one on different. -- weren't going to ruin. Hugh Grant played the court than their arm. And bears. You're not least in that it is wonderful -- to start from the Walking Dead. Plays. -- This from her ultra laws he'd love for the gap but actually guard someone else and he always -- -- during -- court. And it is great scene where he ring the doorbell. It's getting there with the caller. And he just expresses his luck to her and just says Arnold never argue that I would love you forever -- -- It's delightful. Good opening and then. You played the first two minutes about. Is the perfect little love story. The very first ten minutes about -- comedy. Of that that animated movie and go home the last ten minutes. Cinema Perry decent. I'm putting that out there in case you're on Netflix are in the so that movie until everybody in our. It is. But you know another few movies that people. There always -- about. When they talk about romantic comedies. From Casablanca. Pretty woman. Mean. And -- -- yesterday that they would they get their art cool daughters he would because of -- about a constitute a part. Slight market where we're at. Our vision -- under. You know my guilty pleasure movie is you probably won't make fun. Whenever you've got mail. You've got me. I agree with I can't turn away -- timing comes on cable some ups and next couple hours club book to thank you. And -- if you wanted to TP you. And -- and that is a huge. Eight it was sort of the triple play are when Harry met Sally and down completely piano lessons you've got -- on the from Rhode. Who are currently. It like indoor. -- -- He's delirious at this and you mentioned Titanic. -- I -- -- but I can make is even you know people ought to be one. May old movie called the money or the people who -- back over and over because the story. It will work. And it is it is whether the took the hard. Six. It's -- -- on the comedy. So so there -- people can then -- and celebrated. Or are they wanna go to the movies. They are torn it up there. Bargaining actually -- honestly leaning toward rubble. -- -- I. -- cool and better in the original areas that. Are mr. wonderful. I do your thing. You aren't the only year wonderful Valentine and enjoy your weekend. You think -- food and approximately.