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Feb 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

True WWL. Pizza special NBA all star edition of -- time. To get on line. All viable fourth 260187. -- till 3866889. 087. And the NBA jam session at memorial convention center teams that cajun -- But in the -- there and the big chief Deke Bellavia. The basketball. World universe plant. Atmosphere. That is there ridiculously is in net New Orleans. This week in -- -- MBA all star game tomorrow night including all the we -- ceremonies with the 2014. East vs west all of our game and movie season today speaking the eighth Saturday night with a three point shoot out. Has skills competition and of course -- always very confident and famous. Slam dunk contest really at the NBA jam session -- one of the all time great defensive players in world champion with the Spurs. Bruce Bowen who -- there probably haven't thought he would -- his credit at an autograph session -- right after the kids don't. We won't be here to have 330 this afternoon that's when -- at all. The LSU sports network the type of basketball. At Arkansas has always outcome of the game box. 02601878668890. -- in the any basketball related quit if favorably about that we think that Bears. Is it -- he's coping as in the crime if it -- if you had to deal to team with one clear. Do you solidly in the -- Did you use to follow -- in the -- and now you don't as much when. Why don't Wear what would you era all is fair game here it to 60187. Also what makes it's about a topic to -- -- on the program. A -- going on here today and all star season. -- -- -- Yet they get we here -- well it right here at the -- autographed -- table. The audience asking him questions then I've got an outstanding job. Woody at the end but what better example of a San Antonio Spurs players improve oh yeah I mean nobody though you roll -- Of being able to knock down that big shots especially in the corner. You know he'd always set up in the corner and he did it consistently not a big time shot. And it probably. I don't know was under a bit but most of the time he was ended up guarding -- -- team's best player. Could go to that defense so it's just ugly and when you break it down about the NBA you know we always brag. About what Louisiana's fourth from the local flavor local standpoint about what football. Needs to Louisiana and and -- candidate football all the racket for a capital. That the weekend has the -- NFL players. Would be got to -- no -- state. Also -- brag about the fifty greatest players ever. That played a professional basketball. And that you look Louisiana sports hall of fame we have 7UP. That -- in the top fifty players of all time that being Karl Malone mailman -- that -- -- Shaq Shaquille O'Neal. The big -- Robert Parish the centenary Melvin hey Bob Pettit. Wanted to original elegy great and Willis Reed this is physicals on and on that just to name a few and it. They got it did you guys that are in the top fifty but household -- you look at. Joseph bars from that -- Elvin Hayes is Vicky and legitimate. -- old Jazz player in case for the parking lot. Beyond the group one more or Brad Johnson. Woody is Louisville basketball at -- like the wave back to wide boulevard. -- the guy commitment out the young the Lakers San Diego pick with the door. At that -- AB team you look at light rural Barkley Louisiana Lafayette which back I don't think you have a stellar stop as Louisiana. The average cycle with 31 points a game. And his outlook ignited three point career total is second only -- the average of pulled Louisiana the state. As a nation in the major college rankings that I -- that a product. You know that played right here at Louisiana. A lot of things when you ought to play in the plate at Lafayette like boulevard. That you got Bob Lubbock that's a very unique bastion of native southern university and what he -- that -- Chicago record. Rooting backs lately it Belichick basketball matching the mailman it happens -- -- average but a -- yeah -- net. The I had northeast Louisiana and another factor you don't -- if we -- you got -- Shaq like we've mentioned. That would have -- you look at it goes on and on Robert Parish report -- that area Bob Pettit all American at LSU. -- World War II fifty through it before it actually -- old. Over the three when he get a -- and obviously what are your favorite -- did -- nick after we got Rick roving brother Bart and general tucking. That Kentucky wildcats' winning national championships -- look back with the Celtics no other team. Other BUCLA. Wales if you wanna play college basketball at a good a ball. Run people at Kentucky basketball players have guys that -- they are and they got it in my. You know you watch him like well OK -- Greek mythology is the thinking about god and everything and always look at that. Kentucky basketball register a successful ones they out -- -- and I will talk yellow brick road we -- still -- -- the etiquette that hole and I don't leave yet. Exactly they'll love it it's I believe will be Orlando rule -- Enola argument Orlando wouldn't deceased now from Mansfield. What he did it now going -- artist David being a dominant player thirteenth seed in the NBA stuff burial -- -- yards slick watts. And what do we that it won't be equal what you know with the Seattle SuperSonics look good on and on the basketball influence. What you have in Louisiana. And like I said. It just speaks for itself the fifteenth it BA's fifty greatest players of all time. That Louisiana sports hall of fame has seven -- hit -- -- -- -- cabinet that's pretty impressive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All star game Eric Allen added -- a pro basketball. How dot com he will be what does later in the program to talk about that Bobby throughout this week. Because if -- -- we've got the other topics. We get beat on last night LSU it you know -- a very good ballgame here on WWR radio but batting. The college football. Powers that be. And some of the ones now that basically it was it was a bad game. Oklahoma. Our game -- both teams yet been able to. It is meetings at the end sanity if I only hit 85 plays -- Now facing an uphill climb. Because it's going to be some streaky with the 30 he's 36 o'clock -- thirty and I heard yesterday mark the -- all with -- career. And also up for it feels sad that you -- at the end of the National Football League this -- -- -- this week average depth and complexity of college football yet that you really hip. Beckett witnessed -- -- ball and what level in the party stick it up -- clocked him. If you look at it -- like that could -- -- -- -- good teams with the perception that they would have a stout defense. Of birth that the fast break offense that that hit second rule -- -- if you look at it really passes -- around offensive now. Not. You know voiced their concerns it's doubtful they'll let all that it was obviously Alabama coach and he saved -- You know he cares a lot of stroke that article code red deal we're a big part of that did it like they're particular about that -- available at all that the and they they that you analyze players they seem. And incidentally if -- that -- proposal. The low round of the attack now the past proposal -- the rule will allow the good -- between play. By prohibiting off the distance I've hit the ball it he'll point nine seconds are left on the 42 play clock. An exemption. We played in -- final minutes that each half to allow the offense without the ball as quickly as they want what do all of this done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that bit and all of a sudden in -- got back in the game. So what is that what it was like 67 minutes left trying to make a threw three touchdown which you can. Call all of. Doubted me you're in there in Atlanta Vegas and the further out -- back here is that the exact things because they have a reasons that he. This rule. Changes being made to enhance student athletes -- the back guarantee a's -- one local -- team to substitute. Air force coach Troy Calhoun with also -- to root for me he citizens they. As the average number of plays for a game the college football has increased these issue has been discussed with greater frequency got a competing in recent years. And we felt like it was time to act in the interest of protecting. Our student athletes now that was there that was this thing one of the -- that route to -- both Bobby is to strike also. A major vote of the -- both spread offense that often. Run plays for the opposing team that is set he went on a savings account -- committee this ought to -- to keep the -- -- the -- But -- replay to correct all the consequences. From a rare this call. However those who aren't it's. Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez -- ridiculous. For me it goes back to the fundamental -- the football alternates who knows what they have going and where they're going to snap the ball when they have on that the ball. Next -- and the defense is allowed to move. Eleven -- before the ball is snapped that's the advantage what's next you only have three downs. If you made it extra down the -- hits and -- -- able. This city coach Hugh freeze through the saint I don't hit it means it's not true you -- you -- there we thought about it. I would make they would have some tackles but it did prove things there is no there's no I don't matter that the other the other -- -- profile coach to beat EO. What could go to the book this is isn't like the option and opportunity equal shot at him and -- a lot of is an equalizer. We came we -- recruit dollar five balls -- -- would have a big time athlete but what right do. -- it didn't matter if it's faster Rockingham I snapped out and outflank you can't get an antihistamine is all about coaches. You were big but I have any greens they're pretty data that you think yeah it if you going against you think there could be gone against an opponent that's running eighty blades. Vs 65 you'd think like fifty -- -- -- a topic that community. Which shall be approved it -- Dave Campbell always go to the different down bowed out really can't believe it days which is. You name it they -- and I didn't do it had to study. Though -- did that showed I think the power. The likes of like a big statement and -- and brittney how about this. But now people leave the -- would hate this coach. Very -- from Mike Gundy. Like gut did Oklahoma State head coach the abilities that is not a comical but it don't throw it. Instead the 102 rule it's like -- didn't have a an athlete basketball. To take away the shot clock. -- all the things you wanted to be at that game though. That's all all of us to begin at got to have a shot well. All the thirteen stick -- to take care of the basketball eagle and they like -- that that this -- could look like as the basketball make the shot clock. Anything as boring. You know implications. Did instead look at if you look at it between Disney is like it took a -- -- the respective. And in my office looking at the defense it's like actually a blitzing linebackers to raise his -- So okay it's like they'll -- looked at the office now that you could sort of -- bowl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you can see more old school sort of conservative approach that would garbage fill that that was not the football south. That they would run the ball not -- without the -- but they're not there yet but you look at the likes of Alabama. But did the other pro Al look good -- it's -- Alabama ripping them up. Other programs it. Feel -- the way they do. But is there lack got to stay sound they are Saints that's I don't need to think that allows they have to fight the week you thought well they got into yoga right now he's led Alabama -- -- -- of guys that we have come out mediate hit into about -- The -- they don't have to but we'll leave with you look at it Branson. So what drove a big -- -- a pretty good and I told you hit that when it happens I think demand. It nowadays dobbs Johnny red Celtics -- -- -- I could say they get a stop them right that -- success. They've got -- dealt with Adrian was doing hurry up gonna get Dallas beat him at this float around that don't have that success right so. Favorite look at that -- crystal ball that -- here. -- got a good stuff then all of a little on all we could do it because. We gonna say that trying to cut back when -- feel -- part about the players. How -- let it affect ballots about movement fought close game BA basketball boot you off all the time. Favorite later in the history of the game being who do you think it's the greatest player to -- -- 504260187203. 86688. 087. Who do you think you're the greatest in the eighth player. Hope all time as you vote or tell us it is. Here on WW you know he's I'd -- dog and why. Is it something maybe it Kobe Bryant. You -- maybe it is. Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell. Larry Bird. Magic Johnson. As a lot of arguments out there that. It's hard not to go it's hard not to say a guy like Bill Russell. Who was eleven point two -- thirteen seasons he won eleven championships. A -- feel -- -- today is that it's hard to look at the gap like a bureau. While united that's what I affiliate of the third show. That I think what they -- -- -- -- -- now. And I don't know particular about the next vacation you look at a league policy and they. I don't know anything -- -- -- then then it's going to be a hall of Famer. Are yet to win a championship. I don't know we've got to win game being here at your game yeah but I mean he's not at the Buick right but I'll look at it like when you look like I don't know truly appreciated that it would go way back in the NC bill Russell's. Wilt Chamberlain. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Either like a logical line. I mean right now I agree that the one thing the president truly. Big man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With that LeBron jeans that -- different world living at it it's right now that you're built in obviously Bill Russell. We're world champions and I -- gain equipment out of the game because -- -- it's -- -- game right when you're now -- problem like that's it this. It's several feet but that would doubt it but it -- that -- give pre game. But it don't mean that do it well on -- to Bard Hideki Olajuwon all it -- yet if they were played today. That it would be like the old Dominique. That you have to recognize you I don't think so but the point. Well okay out that the guys -- that they still beat Japanese. But this. It yet -- -- you think about it when he found that you know the -- and its fans will -- that's the point at about toys that it's like you had today here at Indy Saturday L all star weekend. They got me I don't think he gets any better if you look look at a skill set about whose acrobatic in who you know it didn't get flat out Q. You know the three point contest always appreciated that it the one thing. I could remember the one regret I have my youngest son though. -- you -- -- great Atlantic -- at school and they've won. You know the state championship. Fifteen years you know playing a tournament in in Knoxville Tennessee -- being able to look at who is not on Nashville. Anyone -- three point shooting contests. And outlining with him and I should have been there you know just to witness that -- he would not get out of shots so that's why are kind of like the three point shot. And an outlet occupant likely back out of high school. I mean at the end of plates that are out went from point guard -- its great to play better but the one thing that I can do on the I think Kevin Love. But you and obviously attacked the basket attack the basket Rockets without died. Really that you don't get that we're three point range but that's why I like. The three point shot and that's why everybody here is a Bears know it the pocket but he averaged almost want it like that game and -- -- shoot outside and I agree the NBA three. They have a couple of technological that it didn't even have the three point -- -- noticed how you know he got plot but it if the big mean not putting me in a big -- yet not a picnic to make anything it's about a free throw a bit out there and -- That's that's considered ranged from a big high top but it TO on the way our program voted yes yes but -- laid out of our knowledge of he put all that -- -- Ellis by the have a 150 pounds. But the other privileged and all that. So it's all you though. Going from guard to center -- senior now we have once -- of football. -- Johnny come lately the basketball ride a -- at seventeen games in a loud out fifteen times. They'll all that the guard Brothers that like okay I'm like I think I have 63 Florida guys 6566. So they mutilate I -- adamant. And hit it off and I. The player run right gone gone back and it still average the -- -- -- about -- -- I have three quarters of the game and I still Barrett like eleven point three points. Gone back to the inception of obviously with the -- -- team and so forth it is several key dates and tackle back obvious that you talk about that. The three -- -- you know early fifties -- -- adopted a shot clock in the fifties evidence if it that. You're also comes that is really -- statement causes me -- it was a robbery. A great robbery the end seventeenth. What's it 78 and 88 you want me to it Larry Bird. -- magic got to come with the another robbery every league this form I think -- Roberts bobbled it scheme robberies. With individual right to go back to golf you go make it -- copy. A lot of different things but the old to really elevated and the third magic robbery. Any the end. And even Jordan anything -- that these media. I mean spirit to date the law -- -- the most watched final -- with a Michael dog yeah you make of all the Peters watched after. It's broadcast from our gain will be too aren't well -- And Michael dogs probably was when he it's not a if you thought that he. When he what was it when they wanted -- sixth podium it was spirals about the waiting at the -- still the most watched finals ever. And that you speak of how long in this -- -- at this point but no no those were so many people think you beat. You beat generations of people the fans up down the reason why so many people nowadays. I'm not into boxing much like I am off our -- -- is because the thought that was answered my generation. With not as great. Runways which may be used to go to attract some -- -- -- -- affect you when you're on. Approach to a boxing match. When I don't think I've raggedy game in -- -- you have seen artists some alcohol is not fans don't win that Sarah a lot of -- to. You're -- if you have anything to -- a little older or younger. They knew Ruth came when they do do roughly -- -- they -- -- basketball -- -- -- People might have -- basketball they knew there where it was and a lot of people who -- high team BA Bobby became BBA fans I would Chamberlain Russell and Saban table that are also they'd hate me BA fans. With bird and magic because they followed them in that robbery in college -- and you know if you go with a lot of people who look through college basketball fans. They don't like the EPA they don't pick -- Not like you yet that they they separate. Not I think -- or that college football pro football it is again that while it with each other down because a lot of -- event that they plant the vice Versa but not like that out of my college basketball. You know the pro basketball. The people what you imagined. Like a Detroit Catholic 212 countries to Lawrence Welk on what you think about that I mean you can't buy that advertisement and then it as what you are. Now the -- that -- all of a sudden. To be that it the national people realize they've all that and the one that comparable to feed them today the weather is unbelievable here. Is it just makes it. Unbelievable environment. Not big I think going forward you know would be good but it gave -- better in theory. This stage of Kevin Durant. What was was playing with the Lakers I can't say that they that that the east teams thrive on it are he cant say Chicago. But I'll say about it on him off yet it this year that -- theories. Like Kevin Durant. But he's still got Kobe there is that this evening evening Colby. I think you'd be best is yet right now it's does that -- point followers and family buckle we. But it Kevin Durant all of that would be LeBron in the finals that we leave. You know be used -- they picked it now yeah it's all. Or Oklahoma City you are robberies and it that would be a Bill Clinton a Protestant one in the prime of his career Kevin Durant is peaking. I don't think he's in his prime he's he's he's he's he's showing you that he. -- -- what what the Hewlett documents would have been over talking about here it but it it shows started to bring -- the NBA is is does have a direct -- at their -- as their plant. It it is it's the it'd mean -- BP I -- -- yeah apparent -- yeah yeah about. Maybe because he could overtake LeBron James -- and all of a sudden. Not it to me that the that the season is not -- -- overall. LeBron the batter later the Kevin Durant fired whatever you think. Look what I've picked up form lately. Kevin Durant had a great opportunity. To overtake LeBron. Good basketball -- you can -- updated as well when you open not Wilt Chamberlain talked to Mike and Bob collective bout and it. John -- -- that ate up donated delicious stories of -- if that was about it used to go watch. The New Orleans Buccaneers went to the Buccaneers went to a championship that you don't look on that can't beat a team. Now they head coach at Southern Methodist University a -- what they -- only coach Bobby to win any NCAA QB chip and any BA championship. That being mayor brown he was a -- of their New Orleans Buccaneers ranked ask -- I think today. One of the top five -- in the history of professional sport that over the wall at eight BA buccaneer logo. We have yet they had van Malone and both thought it. -- as one of the top five local. All of them today they'll only ABA game only to. The yards Buccaneers locally in Oakland oaks and and and Rick Barry Rick Barry and being you know -- it was that evolves and all the blow it off and -- the all accountable with ticket yet you have these -- Well. I don't think it hard to cut off well all that was all went to the game. They know -- look up. Coming up after the top of the outbreak we'll hear what LeBron James had to say the Western Conference all -- as they practiced today out burial Steven the other. Who's covering it that's a marquee bat they've banned and Christian again odd dynamic -- double covered the morning drive there weekday morning at 6 AM to 9 AM. On three WR thirteen fifty they will be the BA all star. Jam session about it but have -- young man and has played a foundation and I tell you what when I think of the playoffs now. In the east a comma to the Western Conference there is one team. Regardless of their seed. Regardless of home or away -- home court advantage not. Has a chance against anybody they play. But this bird though the Golden State Warriors call me because the good days have one you can shoot to yeah follow up. Like they can shoot the basketball yet. Did it take a look they've got big mean it I mean they've got Bogut they've got lead at bats and beat me that to get him down -- -- -- -- Andre Iguodala defense of don't have courts hits -- in these positions in the second half. A ball into the tight but they are all what you could shoot the ball I get me. They they put the Spurs NCAA in its second round and I think as a team it is. As they -- it could be what their -- experience and Bobby took the key is keep the Thompson's. And obviously -- together because they they go hand in hand in long that's the preppy tennis long term promote -- and for all the people but. Golden State Bobby is a team that's a matchup -- Anthony you -- defense that. Well at the game it it looked at the curry I mean it down as the greatest. Of all time yeah and -- We talked about this last night that if you look at it later that'd be it's healthy that he's -- curry. He could make a run at Ray -- a career record with reporters being. I don't know what Ray Allen. About reality they'll beat Pittsburgh last year noted nobody had -- not world champs -- Ago what are -- means that he'll be you know I think it needs work if there you know all of it's that we cars. The LP Dell curry is that it was an NBA player and -- Lynette that the opponent the same -- you know NFL version of that demanding. Archie Manning with the damn good NFL player. A look at what Peyton and Eli has accomplished this thing -- with the -- Dell curry nurses at that worry me if I believe what what they've been able. I think that that would -- in a car that we talk about this sort of break it that. Tonight you can have. The sprite slam dunk contest. At this became thinner you also have to three point shooting contest. Now when you look at the three point shooting contest out -- unbelievable. How we want it -- Bryant gave that divert all stars to compete in jeopardy game I mean what more can you say. -- -- let me too excited I thought. Running the trailblazers. Are are of Portland trailblazers and Damian billiard. He's tackling five he'd -- at this all star weekend not order to as -- -- we -- -- he's a lock it. Different have been they'll probably go out that Damien -- million as you try and it detained. The fans that the so hopefully. Well limit her Crosby. Yeah -- will provide his thing and get a break and play the trail lately that the union Lilly would. It seemed like he was rookie year note down with ugly or would you look at this plan done. -- is -- we haven't seen. -- -- -- -- This the first time in six years that we all start that if -- land they'll keep it got to go back in 1980 copy of the Chicago. Obviously that was -- -- backyard. Along with all star Dominique Wilkins Clyde Drexler. Is the best stoker's obviously of all time. And you look at golf stars that are gonna be a competing in this slam dunk contest and though when he bit it's going to be Portland trailblazers guard -- in Hilliard. I thought about the between five -- -- Indiana preakness while we're. Other cutting a complete Paul George is not only now I think the star but it was still aren't what -- do with Indiana bases it at all they'll watch -- Wizards. Guard John Wall who is obviously. Gotten better Mary did you know his first all star game. You know experts I think about it that he can live updates occasionally did what we've done as of late John Wall. And the addition of -- PO out and whatever reason they got a decent team -- -- the punt team wise you have fun at the -- It if you look at it. You know that's the kind of means that you need yet to be. To really. You know be a part of the slam dunk contest that you get that name recognition. -- Harrison Barnes to the Warriors spin back or of the kings. You know -- -- that that they'll start that I admitted. Ballot that bit of its championship is the -- Terrence Ross that the Raptors. That this might be Olerud at Bethlehem the companies that we've seen in a while the squeezing choke on I want to thank you for calling debuted at Uga. A -- ideal man I go about it and I. I didn't -- Cooper reserved mallet he got around the you out there and say that potentially -- -- out with a guy who blew it didn't really have great speed. Did that the great leaping ability but actually maximize all the potential would Larry Bird and I doubt. And and I would say you know you wouldn't bet the guy you. If you other than you know -- I got a good jump off the building but just my heart and sheer determination. You know -- -- Well I have to agree with that -- the line -- God given ability didn't have you shoot the lights out and shoot the lights stayed at that that's like -- No matter how hard you work well to be a better yet and maybe eight years ago I had a inability to work at it you yet. Let me just say there is a lot of guys have Al would give a lot of god given talent I mean you sort of -- Yeah well I mean Jordan. Great leaping ability. You know and then there was a lot of players that come out this like you -- and then ago. These guys these -- bad break in the NBA or NFL and make it won't agree players yet they're all. That that says a lot because you don't ever came out of work it all back to go strong to go to be an -- -- being. When it way out of it without question without question there are one of the greatest ones operated elated by the and -- -- Larry Bird and a -- -- that Bobby Knight Indiana in the way it. And eighty -- -- broken a garbage truck beauty looked at it again it's the right is my success still there and that the hopeful it. He's not -- -- Bellamy were the NBA all thought Kansas at Uga Uga.