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2-15 1:10pm VP of NBA Events, Patrick Sullivan

Feb 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up next at some event -- vice president -- in BA events don't just now Patrick thank you so much for stopping by and seems like a great turnout out there today. Yet thanks for having that that the best -- to get to sit down as he talked second yup but speaker. Yeah it's only 101000 dollars actually it why don't look at it say about everything cooperating the way at. The support of the fans added. I'm really a big day you'd think it actually all star game. Would you talk about really I guess it be Saturday. And it all starts at you know I had at 3 o'clock today you got the NBA development league all star game. Did you could have that you commissioner's news conference that evidence started 830. Like state for all star Saturday night -- -- shooting start that the first event taco Bell's skills challenge. Executive in the foot locker three point 910 minutes sprite slam dunk contest. Just being able to witness that to me that -- for the president back to all. Darn exactly say today's a big day also -- salaries are the really big game we always call and I -- to stay here -- he starts at 9 AM and goes all day long so yeah we're thrilled to be here -- New Orleans and its. You know we love being with their fans jam session was made for our fans we get it. There are some great events in the arena on on Saturday night but if it is dissidents completely great for the fans -- -- just glad to share it with. Now -- -- it over the last -- -- he was here with the all star game 2008. Just talk a little bit about where where as far as. How you all grown from 2008 that now about our team is it that this advocate then and and what do you have -- going Florida if -- Andy as team president yards maybe to be that rotation to hold these funny it. Cheer so you know we we've done a lot of work since he doesn't they were really hard time you really evolving and enhancing the fan experience every time so. Starting in 2008. You know every every year we give more -- more in last year in Houston we have a lot we have but it doesn't things here in New Orleans that are brand needed NBA that we didn't have a decent last year. Like technology driven things like Perry -- and van which helps -- to five events for our fans social media center. The draft combine relentless design on these golf -- things to us and we were really hard it. Trying to come up with new ideas and in the that this is a really short gap for us last time he does Neifi now this is this is a small the window it is that it here. In terms of repeat cities. Which got goes into your second question -- how highly we feel of New Orleans certainly -- -- It's so it's you know again as a professional in this industry. Working with New Orleans whether it's the mayor's office -- -- sports foundation of the city at the pelicans you name it events that are. You know they're -- such professionals you guys are so used to hosting these world class events it just makes our job that he's here. So little margin coming helped me out that you -- -- like the look with the New Orleans on Sunday it got to that adults lunch I got the backfield and from the south I lost it up from the Carolinas Miami you have down in Arizona that you live -- Seattle right and Seattle and Ellis had a lot to cheer for well especially with the Seahawks at. They absolutely -- -- relevant vice president of he'd be a bit suspect as we -- next to the UB -- staying here and right now one of the greats. The man who could truly think the road ice -- -- -- and explosive that he its own path -- -- your kids the way gave the a's got this thing structured. It's almost like it's if you didn't know what he's if you have thoughts as a as a character Tony each areas there's one back here. Visit us quality it's not where about the he would be the smallest it's. It's always nice and they got people work is this something new for everybody fall -- getting involved if magic. You've been here before. With all of the NBA activities. Hardly any other places that have outfielder as a follow us at three quarter on Michael earns him more apprehensive because this thing is almost -- -- This is this is very unique this very neat you know and a lot of -- -- -- Lot of commit centers around the world anymore rectangles where it was very very -- he can beat him. -- we've we've been learning all of our staff you know change if you keep track meet it we're a little out and operators and walking -- 1518 miles a day. Wrong neighborhood and I ended -- actually if you look what all the different sponsor at the right here this red -- You got it -- cycles on and on this is almost like and it DH Rachel. Yeah ideally yeah it is for a part of who we -- everywhere with our partners and how they can activate the -- to really think to the fans that we we. You know -- we we try not to -- the trade show in terms of its not you know comes a year and see the products like going to a store we want him seeing -- FA anyways I interact. -- at at back to look at it to see the growth that being Gael was reading it here in the USA today article. The kind of impact this commissioner stern had whether revenue the group alone if it is six billion the five point six billion. And I think unlike the NFL. That it is truly international because -- -- football. People think soccer. Now it like Bridget but I thought the country not sell -- -- -- professional football it's not about the soccer player and not that held the all American football. Wherever I want those basketball. It could meet with unbelievable. We actually break it down that the US has less than 5% of the world's population. We did you throw in a billion people in Africa over a billion people that live in India one point three billion in China -- -- hypocrite of the iceberg how does that. Actually coaches here again today -- tonight -- live overseas or to the NBA some very treated so I lived in Europe for about 67 years with the NBA. So you know we did -- and into the events that we do events and about forty countries around the world every year well so you know -- I had seen it firsthand what we do an event in China and it means that that -- are it could potentially nationally and lets you know we we were so. We just can't seem to have kind of the perfect mix of western and you know alternative the -- for everything -- people playing basketball around the world for so you know. China was in the Olympics in the thirties you know like they had a team healthy you know they've played basket and go a long time until tactic. Look at it at this and then I cannot tell the fans that the all of that and look at how great city. Bet that if you look at this explosion I don't know if you put a price tag on it you look at the finals are televised. It 250 countries that fifty languages. That's something am I do like today they all started it is all the that you -- -- might wanna take a visit there but it's ugly with the explosion yet shooting NBA all star. Yeah absolutely so you know we have you know we love turning two early exits that the -- -- explores the world that this week you know -- all. All eyes of the basketball world are focused on us and you know we read you guys actually deliver wherever we look -- -- -- again. Patrick would you grew up. What motivated me play Florida and exiled from Charlotte so I had I was an original Hornets guys cellular -- out here on the hottest guy or you're out -- well what he's accomplished since I've been I didn't -- this is like -- -- -- few days and -- Oh yeah get -- -- -- we -- out analysts alleviate. I was I was a -- -- that was the hot ticket in town is you look at it we certainly appreciate cue to stop the basket -- some time as always thought. Beckett nuances want to get in DC but glad you love -- -- great start where you were already way ahead of 2008 numbers pretend it's that. The fans have embraced this -- built it for them in their company great numbers so really happy here afternoon as they celebrate the vice president of NBA -- -- at the game thank you selfless.