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2-15 1:10pm Bobby and Deke, NBA All Star JAM FEST

Feb 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- on the two MBA all star leaked it and this is thought also it's a great event this is family activity at its final here. At that earnest in Morey out and Christensen open lines through six so 17866. 88908. Seve is -- -- -- volatile about NBA basketball coach all time favorite. Do you think the greatest way to have a late in the UBA. And are you participating in any of the calls or activities -- lead at 3:30 PM this evening. That's we have -- the LSU sports network at the Tigers take on Arkansas. At bud Walton arena in Fayetteville this evening McNabb took some event and vice president Al in BA -- -- -- just now Patrick thank you so much. For stopping by and seems like a great turnout out there today. Yet thanks for having that that the best -- -- get to sit down as he -- second yup but he -- Only -- -- that -- actually it why don't look at it -- like everything cooperating the way at. The support of the fans added. I'm really a big day you'd think it actually all star game. Would you talk about really I guess it be Saturday. And it all starts -- you know at at 3 o'clock and he got the NBA development league all star game. Did you -- to have that you commissioner's news conference that evidence started 830. Like state for all star Saturday night the -- you start that the -- -- taco Bell's skills challenge. Executive in the foot locker three point contest but it sprite slam dunk contest. Just being able to witness that to me that -- for the president back to all. -- exactly say today's a big day also are salaries out the really big game we always call and I -- to stay here if he starts at 9 AM and goes all day long so yeah we're thrilled to be here in New Orleans and its. You know we love being with their fans jam -- was made for our fans we get it. There are some great events in the arena on Saturday night but if it is dissidents completely great for the fans -- -- just glad he's here. Now -- -- it was the last time -- he was here with the all star game 2008. Just talk a little bit about where where as far as. How you all grown from 2008 that now -- doubt he hated that this advocate then and and what do you have baby -- Florida if your. Andy as team president yards maybe to be that rotation to hold these funny it. Cheer so you know we we've done a lot of work since he doesn't they were really hard time you really evolving and enhancing the fan experience every time so. Starting in 2008. You know every every year we give more -- more in last year in Houston we have a lot we have but it doesn't things here in New Orleans that are brand needed NBA that we didn't have a decent last year. Like technology driven things like our NBA jam band which helps -- to five events for our fans social media center. The draft combine relentless design on these golf -- things to us you know we were really hard it. Trying to come up with new ideas and in the that this is a really short gap for us last time he does Neifi now this is this is a small the window it is -- -- here. In terms of repeat cities. Which got goes into your second question -- how highly we feel at New Orleans certainly and it. It sets you know again as a professional in this industry. Working with New Orleans whether it's the mayor's office -- -- sports foundation of the city at the pelicans you name it events that are. You know they're all such professionals you guys are so used to hosting these world class events it just makes our job that he's here. So little margin coming helped me out that you -- -- like the look with the New Orleans on Sunday -- -- -- that adults lunch I got the backfield and from the south I lost it up from the Carolinas Miami you have -- -- that you live -- Seattle right and Seattle and Ellis had a lot to cheer for well especially with the Seahawks it is they they. Absolutely that is relevant vice president of he'd be a bit suspect as we -- next to the B autograph staying here and right now one of the greats. The man who could truly think the road ice -- north servant and explosive that he its own path I know you're here it's the way gave the a's got this thing structured. It's almost like it's if you didn't know what he's if you have faults as a as a character Tony each area as this one back here. Visit us quality it's not where about the he would be the smallest it's. It's always nice and they got people work is this something you think everybody fall adult getting involved if magic. You've been here before. With all of the NBA activities. -- any other places that have outfielder as a follow us in every quarter along I have heard of him or Africans if we get this thing is almost -- -- This is -- very unique this very neat you know and a lot of fitness centers. Lot of minutes centers around the world and eight or rectangles where it was very very he can beat him. We've we've we've been learning all of our staff you know change if you keep track meet it we're a little out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1518 miles -- -- Wrong neighborhood and I ended -- actually if you look what all the different sponsor at the right here this red read. You got it needed cycles on and on this is almost like and it DH Rachel. Yeah ideally yeah it is for a part of who we -- me everywhere with our partners and how they can activate the -- to really think to the fans that we we. You know it we we try not think that the trade show in terms of its not you know comes a year and see the products like going to a store we want them to engage FA anyways I interact. In the at at back to look at that it could be the growth that being -- was reading it here in the USA today article. The kind of impact this commissioner stern had whether revenue the group alone -- -- six million to five point six billion. And I think unlike the NFL. That it is truly international because -- -- football. People think soccer. Now it like Bridget but I thought the country not sell -- -- -- professional football it's not about the soccer player. And not that held the all American football and wherever I want those basketball. It could -- with unbelievable. We actually break it down that the US's less than 5% of the world's population. We did you throw in a billion people in Africa over a billion people that live in India one point three billion in China a hypocrite of the iceberg how does -- Actually going -- your -- tonight taxis to live overseas or to the NBA some very treated so I lived in Europe for about 67 years with the NBA. So -- we did -- and into the events that we do events and about forty countries around the world every year well so you know -- I had seen it firsthand what we do an event in China and it means that it is are it could potentially nationally and lets you know we we were so. We just can't seem to have had the perfect mix of western and you know alternative the -- for everything -- people playing basketball around the world for so you know. China was in the Olympics in the thirties you know like they had a team healthy you know they've played basket -- go a long time until I actually. Look at it at this and then I cannot tell the fans that the all of that and look at how great city. That if you look at this explosion I don't know if you put a price tag on it you look at the finals are televised. It 250 countries that fifty languages. -- something am I do like today they all started it is all the that you -- -- might wanna take a visit there but it's suddenly with the explosion yet shooting NBA all star. Yeah absolutely so you know we have you know we love turning two early -- -- the -- club explores the world that this week knowing all. All eyes of the basketball world are focused on us and you know we read you guys actually deliver wherever we look -- -- -- again. Patrick would you grew up. What motivated me play Florida and exiled from Charlotte so I had I was an original Hornets guys -- -- -- out here on the hottest guy you're out there well what he's accomplished since I've been I didn't vote -- is like Phillips the few days and saw. Oh yeah get a fifth nuclear it out and that's alleviate. I was I was a -- their noses and hot ticket in town is you look at it we certainly appreciate you without a basket at some time as always thought. Glad -- there -- nuances want to get in these glad you love -- -- great start where you were already way ahead of 2008 numbers pretend it's that. The fans have embraced this we built it for them in their company great numbers so really happy here afternoon as they celebrate the vice president of NBA -- -- at the game thank you selfless. -- 601878668890. Creativity is the number two game evolve as the evening gala. Got -- some signs down from today's Western Conference all off practice here is up from Roy Hibbert. Worked hard. Everybody room. -- It's a very good. There was no. It's not normal. Still a lot of value that -- That is -- Roy Hibbert but -- Georgetown -- and now sit there with the Indiana Pacers at the -- Eastern Conference all thought practice. The NBA it's been so gracious. Help put us all weekend long to get here it had a great round location. We're actually in our hall of G it's in the kids' zone in front of us at the autograph session where the iceman dogs they're resigning now. It's a few moments ago once dignitaries and now another one is the president of Spears and so the group. Cleveland's beards don't just now -- favorite thank you so much for the time. We thank you your basketball all year helping him because -- sit up here first of all how you jaunt to all of the great at that as -- -- -- -- Mean it's just a bit about the role you guys appealing it is squeaky setting up but no -- Doors open at 9 o'clock this morning but out of Matt you guys got them out there and advance. You don't this is a solid group with a little company so that's what good thing about having you know. A lot of local economic development of the companies we've sort of this view the last seven months and how does a lot this week. Health report they'd get that feeling -- that goes right well help to get the word out to folks it blows across the region. About camp session and I guess that's good news NBA all star. Now I've seen it from what you've seen -- all you need to turn out. It just aware that we have nightly meetings I would have been last night and that the numbers up there. Very proud of them that are already exceeding. 2008 numbers that we're only halfway through Saturday was their ability -- -- with your session. All of the yet ticketed events I have is sold out in the practices and every game. I'd run started last that was so I also. If he's happy and as a regular for the -- of -- It's certainly our you have -- and we worked really talk about -- you -- we beat Houston Thursday after you guys it makes it. And it which hadn't paid a visit on our radio of the futility out -- but there's something via -- how everybody I've had to thousands explaining. People who come you don't you think you may generalize here but their big kid is quality. This is -- -- symbolic key to this summer games and that was the big it's no good saying. Here's another air for other kids we've had actually odd games and gone on it was very -- believe it has goes it's something everybody here. Visit some family environment some guys have a lot of things that -- here -- -- -- -- a lot of these kids that didn't interactive things have gone on here. A lot things have gone on -- split arena would actually games being played might not have the. Believe it's been easy -- the president of speed has been so the group this thing with us here. A big part of NBA all star week you were at the camp since it went right at the -- arena that's without the big games go on and of course -- -- -- autograph stage. Right now I enjoy Durbin is signing autographs for a lot of fans had come on out there -- -- -- says it all day every day here. At the jam session at the -- Seymour after -- -- likely in -- growing up who your favorite team. Not basketball football as a defensive alternative alright alright it's all right and as -- -- -- you know before that won't have a different out of a Bulls fan of -- fans. Now welcome Bryant days they have these days. But -- some of them he's militants -- You know Bulls have a lot of Cavaliers -- -- -- -- -- to Cleveland he but also you know acknowledges that -- and -- -- right now. Actually your front alone I'm wondering is this one -- now wait you waited Brett they would go to what's what has -- -- -- -- and ask you how big golf fan aren't you gotta get out. You -- you don't hear it. With double or Cleveland and I as -- -- my mom who are leading in passing Cleveland. As illusion -- either Eyre isn't comical well at that that's -- and that's about -- -- she graduated from any well right now. Our our our fellows are. As -- -- mellow out but those he was Douglas obviously have nightly meeting C President Clinton have -- what. -- consulting group pieces so photo albums. -- -- need to beat you -- real briefly -- -- -- -- one of the game and not be afraid to throw a great just hosted the guy I think we gonna be in that rotation. Like we get approval here I don't know what that rotation every five or six here. But I think they gave that they love coming here who doesn't love to come to New Orleans and celebrate there's four. I'll let his college of professional. Football basketball championship all star event having an unbelievable I think I go by neighbors didn't go great. We got a doctor looked at the finest. Players in history a pro football is Ike Taylor and people who don't. That they've both -- the Davidson by frank Phillips Utica about represented I could ever do -- without people who fit the Texans yeah. And we rid -- you when you think -- cracked and training camp. And we've run of any resentment payments and that that that what you know about that -- -- net and I and we we do a lot Cleveland how can folks up volley you keep the woodwork you guys. -- -- I'm friends whose results were right on line with his talent at that time social media and it's just floats. And let's exams and listen that a great project for -- to work -- have a lot of work. That was I think the great team am I -- -- -- we're versatile and without penalty off. You know it kind of averaged out. What we do all around local media about it as they -- That and that's what it looked very. Black to me would I if I like how low deceive people need and can't -- a Sixers -- quickly in the Cleveland. As a younger guy younger -- about it so he's obviously doing zone where the young man -- always as -- -- like -- think well a young man at -- does a great job that you could be in charge of everything I think -- pitch at all that it very. I sure hope so that's a good leader we thank you so much I'll let you -- you guys go bust and the TV success you've got and -- -- Leon I pride in Cleveland is the president of Spears consulting. Group -- and -- -- Irvin -- -- -- who think the rule is. It is not as Otto Graham says a lot of great things happening right here at that earns him -- out and it is now are today the east and west a couple of calls caused. Practiced the ninth out here at the arena and I don't even get away day he is. You're way way. Yeah as and those open -- the other a little guys they're two of the third go to me. I think Vinny also. You know it is -- -- of the advancing years and knocked it my results are. Two dozen or so to be at Sears and knowing the -- It's a good start. -- -- -- -- Not a -- to do -- with -- player is once again it was close. You know what's coming into the game every year you close in ability billion younger. You know so reality. He says it's got to be realistic enough fellows with -- Mike Rizzo. We'll still go on and when I get done I can do those bell so I gave everything I had so. You know he is but once in my eleven years ago -- let you run that year. Some guys they don't know together and is day everyone's come through and that moment. I mean it could be a lot of my -- and I can't say that. I don't know on those and practice and -- you would you do know that you know. And phils -- Russell athletic. You know with the -- to be aggressive. So play -- of how good they would be to bite them and how do we -- we've played football team nobody in the court didn't know they could pick up those things -- open. Don't you play. And that is the Wayne wage is thought of for the Eastern Conference all stars -- backcourt thought I also thought it would be. Utley at the -- comments. All star team -- Irving. Going away. Call it guards Carmelo Anthony and LeBron update the reserves of the Eastern Conference John Wall to -- DeRozan. Com news that Chris Bosh Roy Hibbert Joakim Noah Joseph Johnson. And the -- is the leading coach of the top team right now in the Eastern Conference and then -- He Indiana Pacers. Here it is starting guard in the game BA's Eastern Conference -- -- you know that the first the first record over the -- -- missing you can start it just you know. Nervous it's kind of sweaty you know and his colleagues as you can. The ability to -- lots that goes to a good. -- out there are -- -- get locked in as best I can't and you know I just from Mombasa. I've been doing. Little bit of a time in. Pretty -- as a result and confident and it might -- points. Yeah I think about time don't rush you know it was a long long minute. So I don't think my time zones myself. Yeah. In my -- is going to be an you never know what's in the news when you go out there and us missing becomes easier -- -- if you want. Work to do. Will be regular. Don't go around I'm not a big Jazz okay. Let's let this. This yeah. You know it is one. Look at boards and this. Diary being announced -- and also in the 83 point shootout tonight at the the pizza for the 2014. Name BA all star Saturday night that -- tonight Bobby. With a lot of fond of out of the all stars that have not participated in any -- -- -- They are involved and you could see you -- if I'd be stressed that kind of talent tire. A fashion -- could see all the theory I saw as an entertaining history of abuse against -- being here tonight. There really is a fun it's ETA as well they have a big CN. And the winner here is I'm thinking -- to go to break he'd come back -- who -- to the city of friends for a it's it's a big boost for the -- The everyone's it's if you wanna be seen and you wanna also meaning he's seen you know kind of thing you wanna look at who's who and all that it. And obviously you have the -- with him being. And all the all the gossip channels in a big doubts about -- out here to see. When did ruined it who's hanging on the court who has the best seats yet you don't pollute. Who it was Bob Bob it would move ability is this -- hey you know what do you think you. You know it is so good club you think about this. You can be at a NFL game a big event but it felt kind of spread out right it is so massive we -- that good climate this would be king center. Andy if you along the lower quality utility of looking at the that you could care I think they'll say -- got to do and I had. Alcohol some. You know tickets that I have -- Atlanta and I thought about girls were only -- maturity gave to -- it took me you breathe. -- the we'll look I'll hit the 300. Me and my idea. Yes but like that that at that you it was like that -- who. An idea he sits -- -- Monaco that a game if they won't they let them make the pain some -- have a bit but then I had the biggest no right to the -- -- know the battle that they would Nicholas the it wasn't him out of France that you meet before it one game at Colorado and ludicrous. You know they got I think I would probably. I'll go at it there was Florida gave me the most -- there was thirty that's still alive and ideas that I went up and -- kind of a 5050 deal. And IQ Bob -- they looked at what they love who is also have access. -- locker room. -- -- I'll go and nailed again and uphold the locker -- it all but it's been like Houston Smith. And humble you Blalock and all this Stacey Augmon right plastic man who's going to fit as -- That's where -- I've got unbelievable picture with Shaquille -- the Orlando Magic beat the -- Bob does that -- that reach or barely at execute that deal not even his weight. You feel like five years old and has this. You know little like Orlando Magic basketball that hot you never experienced that right you know secure new pulled -- Steve -- I've got all of a sudden. They can blow it you know locker room. You're not defeating the while at it yet if it's deep Nash is getting it is ankle thing being excellent at that game icing it. It just -- adamant in and I want able -- doing all right to me applaud the experience that. What you got up close and personal and that's like the built to be a part of that I mean politics we'll most of that -- the event and up. It was sort that out to do it absolutely is 6018786. Explaining -- -- in the in and around Travis. It is up there was a bit about where -- favorite basketball memory it was it pistol Pete you take out the old days. In the don't. It was just the -- favorite. About what this deal Larry legend. Bob whose Bob native. John have a take doubles celtics' Bill Russell. There are back. You know it over fifty the fifty greatest players that you being history and so many things and books I took some of them books and I. The summit pitches out about framed him as a wanna -- off but it's it's a lot that one up. That they want those gains on the sidelines -- -- Boston Garden. -- fired up a signal all of this well he is counting the best player in the game BA's. Thought the two time champion. Since -- all saw. And right now they are -- the team to beat the Miami Heat he is the project. What was Russel -- and because he knows whether to go to Richmond. You know obviously you will have to listen to Donald wolves book to normal golf course golf courses and also the episode. He'll put up. All believable we can and it was a little for the city. We didn't want to be treated me. Yeah -- past hundred years ago doesn't produce the good moments ago. -- -- That's includes the Eagles and I don't know there's little. Rodgers off all of our goals. Almost pulls you out of Philly title but hopefully my game. -- here you know I did little sort of development but also Eldred to do as well as. Milledge would most. Why haven't done too much and then. Obviously we'll -- flu -- Edwards out of a little different for every last night and -- and them. -- development close. He's not a developmental player we we. -- Devin doing his development. -- development where does not like. What does. Didn't have -- they'll put us you know it's just over there -- -- coaches that he would develop this. We just unbelievable. God given ability so we double -- And we develop that -- that we don't. You know. You know more more games he's played the playoffs is that confidence. They'll become one of the -- favorite franchise he's been turned over to all. Particular responsibility. -- -- about. Possible. It's. Also awful it was just one plus ten plus rebounds. The budget blocks. Ovals or numbers that -- -- former. You know rewarded. It'll probably has no one's been the Eagles who are going to. As far as you know. Portland pulled -- should do -- -- should play. Of walker -- that is what is. So operative with the the little about a dozen of them available with the notable. I don't know I don't know I don't know some -- -- that was basketball. Go through regardless this is the player would know -- -- -- -- instances. Oh fallen out of the football not -- of us. Was -- news without. -- -- -- -- -- -- No it was sort of summer. We've played more basketball experts -- let's listen to. The difference was. Over the source on wood come back and gotten -- -- so. Regardless. Of the -- all -- the players that. We're an older team and go to. Of also. -- voters threw -- at the body back -- sit back and form book. I think for us we're at a point now we know when do you don't want to do with the ball. Is picking LeBron James at today's east economic -- ball practice and LeBron and and the -- is one of those photos being his teammate Dwayne Lee out looking over in the west that topic those bonuses that occurring. James Harden in the front court Kevin Durant Blake Griffin. And Kevin Lowe almost always the congress deserves Chris policy in the other. Anthony Davis Tony talk on the ball that -- Dirk Nowitzki Dwight Howard and the votes. Is Scott Brooks to go to the course -- two teams that have the best records in the UBA in each conference -- -- -- -- Hanks I would wanna come to you. We don't want a bang -- up against the clock you want to talk about our all star anti -- -- indicate the camp -- some things -- as bad as we can sports including. The Black Sea -- parting ways with -- time. Top four favorites if -- guys who helped us win a championship and automatic it's that though with a good deal happening in BA all star jam session here on. -- -- --