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2-15 3:10pm Bobby and Deke, LSU Baseball

Feb 15, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk to Bryan Lazare, Senior writer at TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Think you're right -- activate -- how -- -- -- that right now I. Brian LSU and I'm not too good them as to Propofol with his losses and -- -- Milosevic -- in really bad losses that they gave me hope. I was maybe gonna have at least went three out of four road that would mean an upset over needed a victory at number fourteen Florida Arkansas. Yeah there they've got at that point now -- run. You know. I'm not a time to run out of chances and I think it's pretty good I thought all year long that L issue in order to reach. The NCAA tournament they needed to win twelve games in the regular season and yet these stadium can reach the turn semifinals while there. I considered sickened five out of it. We get twelve -- -- that means that they they can only lose one more which means. You know they can it would have to -- either Kentucky order itself it's you know LSU. And -- the opportunity you know needed you know Georgia has played pretty well recently practically a little bit. This afternoon in the winter that he will be in sole possession of third place ESP. That'll. That they lost to Georgia -- tech ran him and they'd get it on able to pit stop people who need -- you know even a couple of couple of wins at home recently Kentucky and Auburn -- it eighty point marks so. You know LSU I think it's a loud as a lot eighty point six of its first eleven not. Conference being this year last year all eight. They you know not play in spirit they're not playing well and the fact that. Now Bryant look at it baseball almanac and LSU Tigers kick -- -- their season. Two part question we're were you surprised. You know play you know one of the Spurs game and only 20 victory. -- then also when you look at. I guess the prediction from SEC coaches that the tiger the favorite to win the west with. This -- state if he would have been at their heels. And indicate. Possibly maybe Vanderbilt coming out. The east side things like audiences he's going to be as competitive as there ever. Considering where the teams are ranked and expectations. Yeah I think it's going to be a lot of parity in the league you know Laird C hit two outstanding peak at Vanderbilt -- they both at. -- -- So you know he's three usable good eligible for ourselves eligible -- you don't have a team like that this year in the -- And -- I think that out you know Mississippi State LHU and South Carolina and overall pretty good team they're all you know got a chance -- -- You know it's -- to win the league. You know L issued game last night against you went oh. I really think went pretty much and I expect you know on Aaron Hill threw well particularly. I -- you've got three. Good inning from out of the bullpen from -- -- Parker secure a couple and lord he would stuff roots are -- early brought in the unit after him. And Alex he didn't do a whole lot at the plate but I think that they're gonna struggle and leave early with all the new guys on Saturday they're up a little bit better start. Aaron atop the -- 10841. In the fourth inning at bat little bit better. The -- -- you know. AT dean -- she's gonna playbook when he opened up the conference at Vanderbilt. Going to be very important that -- pulmonary and have to find out who the best player we want them. You know who's going to be on the two week -- starters and in who's going to fill what -- -- Brad big news this week off kind of slap a lot of radar. Now some coaches upset. Me. Changes in the second clock in college spoke we've seen now school today in Southeastern Conference both notably. Oh Beers but you know to this conference it's. As to be addressed -- people who follow up coaching jobs that you -- runner up tempo offense that's. Are upset at best obvious short out of spring happy without a job yet you look Gulbis at -- National amateur bootleg. Dribble they would have been. Yet the you know -- -- is an official now these dark country need that they're very you've seen that get played golf in the first and back. It's most of the time. He entered the up tempo you just snapping the ball. In the low point you -- because it -- -- Duke Team. -- the -- some of those people that haven't -- interpretation it's like the NFL rule. In that it than the previous play and the 42 clock starts in the that. Rule was only for or expecting it not for the 25 in play clock. So. It's at the end of the play end the 42 clock starts looking just he'll get it back off the line at all the ball from the previous play in the 42 clock they brought. -- -- And it it's it's like it it's really. You know. I think sometimes they're talking about some -- expanse of the year my like or it may be like -- twice McGee. Where they are getting ball snapped off. And the first since that it's -- really I don't think it's going to be as much it if the -- get asked. I don't think it's gonna have a much impact you know I think it is I think people -- it will look at it and wait there. And -- I think I've figured you know what -- about -- very. If anybody else -- -- Nick -- would have been the -- dollars aren't guaranteed yup war would not have been as great. You know Brian what you look at it and -- from experience. And I know how hard it is to get everybody on the -- they like it ultimately that the ball that they. Before -- nights that it. You have to have complete called basically. And it is not like right it's not like all like related. -- -- 80 run that -- called at the plate though it would be late to call that in theory get out that you could get it off. -- you know that's not over what you do throughout a game. I didn't feel like I'm in that than it is in two minute drill and if we would in effect in two minute drill that I -- why am I. You know are we really think like that it wasn't anything else. It's its feet inside Nick Saban sentiment from lot. Spain and coaches. And I think it's -- out there really think you know they did it get the triple past it's not gonna really at that much imminent who. -- what would you say is LSU basketball program be as it again I think sometimes we look at. Obviously where you audits the football conference football baseball common but. This is that a coach did a program China radioed in up in a -- it's. Not real good and he's not like you rebuke and in the -- whale of a big whales. -- easy easy you know a big fear is that this is of the -- convert to this the worst. Yeah I look back at the start of the year this is where I thought Ellis still hot but -- cute with the fourth -- and -- you're behind. Kentucky Florida and Tennessee. When it comes to plate today. They are tied for fifth with Tennessee. And the few teams with a one game -- which I didn't expect from the B or Ole miss and Georgia. You know I thought that. You know -- units or guys returning who had plenty of experience you've gone -- with it in the -- Johnny O'Bryant. And Andres current and then they brought -- -- top. But in recruiting class with three players ranked in the top 75. -- Martin. -- -- and -- quarter it's not thought would. Those seven guys that you throw in Malik Morgan who had a lot of experience -- they wrote that -- player that felt it could be pretty good like that and could finish fourth in the yet see that. Well. You know I think -- the season as laid out. I don't. The makeup that it's the it is not a good defensive basketball team if you look at those eight players that I -- -- And you're down one now Morgan out with a knee injury. Most of those guys you say okay are there an offensive player or because the player most up opposite players and I think the makeup of the seat. Hasn't been good. Doesn't matter the sport they think the -- strap from eagle on a road Utley could be bad he'll look at the bank. The thing there -- -- think that the political wrote what they they a problem winning I think it's it's that. Comparable situation and delicate bat well they had good players but they're mostly -- required. And when they get on the road the other home team played a little better offensively cute little better. LAQ -- and she got. May not shoot the ball -- it's only did he not think you can draw a compare with the other thing that gone. Now the last couple years when they -- on the road and what it's L if you basketball. Right you know we had any all star you know for the week in here talking about basketball. It's amazing and a lot of times you little talk about it but we love football so much -- by per capita. You know how many NFL players that monarchy in Louisiana but I thought isn't that amazing out of the top fifty in the eighth player of all time. Seven of them are in the Louisiana hall of me. Think about that -- you know that it it's unbelievable. That the number of players great about Butler that tomorrow again. Sorry you're right about -- not an LAQ right now five players in the NBA. And or the spot from Louisiana when David. From Mathieu I bring it in bad capital in Baton Rouge and Garrett Temple. From you by Marcus Thornton from out from back room Cody on the spot where he played in the NBA you know we wanted not -- Anthony Randolph. From Dallas though at least you know brigade has been good basketball book Bobby football. Is -- -- -- -- -- Is it law you know everybody saw Alex and football signing that. So now it's on -- that comes right now it's concentrate on basketball. Below what happened last night -- well. And -- -- -- like he stepped in baseball that they would start turning near it and the good thing well though it and I think that that is that a lot of schools in the SEC I think football has gotten such a big foot pole. Enough it would be. And bases that it is just not as much -- into the stands for it and advance the ball well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the -- who led the LT or. Practice so much -- now we appreciate. Talking guys like I'm alright see you Friday night to beat out. You know goal.