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2-17 6:15am Tommy, NFL bullying?

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, a senior NFL insider & writer for the Sports Xchange, about the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin bullying saga

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have corrected I'm ready -- opinion polls because somebody to accidents and what does he -- -- so wound. I guess we chance you would change in the pulled to his political correctness slowly ruining the NFL. 617 Tommy Tucker with you on this President's Day in. Get the latest on this Richie and kind need those situations harassing other players bullying. And what the NFL independent investigator found out Clark judge joins us right now randomized season. Senior insider and writer for the sports. Exchange morning Clark. We always get up early every day we appreciate you getting up early -- as you might be off with President's Day aria. Yeah I am actually you're not though who would get on the. Yeah tell me a boat the report and -- mother text that surfaced in the latest Arnold story. Well at it at the damning report for our individual involved the -- -- you know being the most. Affected -- John Jerry. My county Jim Turner of the trainer Kevin O'Neal and opposite that he goes to change. That the dolphins organization. Joseph Philbin the oldest he's in need of it makes people that they were pleased that the -- people who are positions of authority. Who allowed the kind of contact that the concept that. It is pointed out in the a report a series of harassment and then that's that's an honest with the -- -- unique because there were racial flowers they're all sorts of our incidents involving mark and the three others and other players as well. Would be a point after that. Make you wonder what's going on Indian Nickelodeon. I mean that's what it looked like me that there were. The people in authority were -- that the wheels and that and I've NATO and Jerry in. -- in particular who were. Sort of portrays the three amigos will run the -- there will be in the office supplies and we're doing whatever they. Gamble pleased with with other players and Jonathan Martin being the most affected. And I think it is disturbing as anything coming as the fact that. I think that the person in in positions of authority that line coach Jim Turner. This is deliberately didn't do anything it seemed to be complicit actually -- to be according to this report at least. Contributing and and I think it can be widespread. Repercussions from that yet helped me between equals. Will swing the the -- and it is going to be it is -- -- lot going on it with the dolphins and it goes week in advance to the complex. Has the NFL man always had a culture. In dying and I and Mohamed. To say other than veteran leadership for this needs be toughened up -- -- I don't need to -- today guy make sure does Joba gets a bit more aggressive -- that are. Yet to be questioned immediately -- it certainly has yet been in that locker rooms and that sort of thing. He is -- that goes on the -- incurred but not before I am confident that there have been. In hundreds of locker room for many years and -- -- -- Iraq within about this last year late last year. And we -- -- -- with specific incident that -- about the Steelers you know I mean we we wouldn't be allowed to talk that way too weak as it. -- other incidents in different generation but some of the things have been alleged here. You would -- into the wall catalog that let that happen in hectic. I think mention the disturbing thing is now allowed to happen these guys were -- -- record as team leaders are simply offensive line we mean so. What what are their hope for the Miami Dolphins are at that that I think goes -- of the kids -- development should be -- because. This happened on his watch you know he he knew about some things in terms of apparently that the suicidal thoughts. Martin bought his detention between now on Italy how can you not know what's going on the offensive line coach. With contributing to how can build. An event -- a video of this team I I'd probably make -- -- In terms of mom. The racial aspect of denial and zero in on that they did -- C. Com. Martin -- guess part and I see him returns in Texas and -- some radio epithets and then there's. Yeah I mean if you broke the record and yet that would yet I mean but it's quite expensive and basically. Eight it to absolutely need to get it but he did it tried if it doesn't condone it but it -- when he tried to do it in Indonesia. Complexity said his parents at the same time this thing. I don't know what's going on at these guys are killing him try to do whatever it can't uncomplicated -- -- working -- this thing about my sister this -- in this in this. And and you know it is debt -- to be cut -- whether it and so. He tried to go along with it and it would put it out here with that he really -- -- -- -- a bipolar president and you know it -- been friends. Then that would attack him and that that the racial -- Tommy don't extend it to market means that extended the assistant trainer with Japanese. And and they went after him as well com and -- that was allowed to happen and -- that the trainer about it and the trainer. Wouldn't cooperate with the investigation at one point walked out on the court and so you know you look at what is going incidents with the clock with a one that they want as many games they did it. What was that is happening is that and this is saying oh this is it this is the and it felt that -- I had never -- -- things like this going on a -- that things sort of questionable but when something like that happens that accompanied. You said they would be your friend one day then as -- he would be study was bipolar because he'd be your friend one day and then the next day it would just be attack -- Yeah yeah I mean in the Indy well the talk of the technology -- it. It is very consistent with that kind of individual and that they are in cut you would sentence them. Tax where he would reach out to him and then you know sent out attacks where he would need be little. And in the locker room and on the field demean -- -- but the -- would pull -- -- so you know -- recently marked the worst that he is simply try to fit in that sentiment try to. Beijing that the compassionate that your ability. He is somewhat but he's -- issues -- development summit Jonathan Martin talked about it was but if the guy who I would Boley back in the middle school high school -- -- Extensively about that -- that I don't know what it is about animals fight back com. And talked about what to do about this and honestly I think that's what his mother suggested he get professional help you know this is attacked with. So I cried out for help that he can -- it comes to that latest report and and others were allowed to humiliate him at no cost. And I try to make letter this but in terms of being your friend one day -- avenue back -- the other sounds like this off. Our -- Yeah but that he's got. An incident and in I mean he would they were thinking about it mum about sister. And and is doing anything began as Internet -- -- individual. The -- into different ways and in when this report came out I looked at the forward. If anything I thought honestly and adult in the field way -- mean the opposite -- -- -- it would -- -- on the. How to -- the day my. And the traitor all the betrayed their -- suspended indefinitely suspensions fines and guys that work here are the victim repercussion. -- will be felt I would say this week. If not sooner because I'm I'm surprised that gingerly up at the point that at least from this report I don't know it but in this report if it was seem surprising. Clark appreciate your time and and we'll talk to you again have a great day my friend enjoy your President's Day off it.