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2-17 6:45am Tommy, NFL bullying?

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Korte, former Saints offensive lineman & co-host of First Take on WWL, about allegations of harassment and bullying on an NFL team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

645 quarter till seven Tommy Tucker and spend in president stay with being glad you're with us we're talking about this. A bullying thing in the NF now -- in kinda neat though the report that came out. And at one point in the reportedly been any investigation. -- the bully players said. Mostly the soft schools he attended in middle and high school. It was a reason for the problem is that the private school experience reinforce his self images a pushover. In an email to his -- and I suppose it's white private school conditioning turning the other cheek. And Martin's father who attended Harvard acknowledged in a text message and he he himself had pumped out many times. When confronted by whites who use the end word. Steve courts here did join us former saints offensive line and I'm a big fan of his and I and I hope on calling a friend -- icing. Sure I'd vote for your dad died in a that's tongue in cheek nod and look let's talk. I don't know. So with you would talk and no -- And that nobody that's what I appreciate about -- and logistically and if he was a football player -- as a person to get to Streisand's a human that I. Com but you never bullied me. And doggone million not in and use certainly could have his big you are but. Tell me about NFL locker rooms in the more you hear about this story and they quote about. No -- never learn to deal with bullies and explain no Aniston Steve. You know it's almost like the more information we do is almost more confused. It's fortunate there's no question okay and I think what you sort your beat as well or which -- just you know pills -- sort happens here. You realize that it's kind of might have been kind of a perfect storm look -- by matters. You know you've got one guy that's cut over the top. A little bit obnoxious some sort of history of any gets a call or that are -- veteran -- on the scene and India have another. You know the other party could beat Cuba to believe in Jonathan Martin -- seems to be maybe. A little bit vulnerable to a bit weak and as -- analyst. And did you have. Good thing that really bothers me you have you know coaches and sort partaking in this. And then -- the organization that is complicit with and that that's sort work bought it because some port dictate it. You know it was ugly and mean. Yeah I missed -- -- -- normal public would not understand and the group that so I would never try to explain it to him -- ever. Want them to really understand it's just a different deal but nevertheless. It it's certainly done that lately he's got to be -- -- that way -- -- -- couple aren't they did some people draw a line. In the locker -- I was -- there was always either. You know some leadership he's become the coaches or things -- -- players which it. They and stock offer he's a particular -- -- well he's not he's you know well. And it would pretty much stop you must stop altogether but at least. The other key witness to wander through an outfit like. You know and when he comes -- that they quote I just read about mostly soft schools. Private school experience out the do you think. Ion and his -- even talking about he would point -- many times when confronted by whites who used the -- -- It -- some of -- come down empowering your children and and teaching them how to deal with bullies -- -- would -- would you say no apparent about dealing with bullies in their kids today because it was kind of a different time. Yeah well. You know -- -- -- as a right answer timing I think I think every kid is different. I think it which is sort of figures look at disputed. This is going to be -- -- and comfortable this and I mean they're trying to fix now war. I'm gonna continue to feel miserable. And I think until late sort of get to that point and they have put back into their parents in this situation. -- -- stated Tuesday that mommy and daddy a -- school. -- struggled so temper tantrum you know this bully during protests or support some sort. You know props to cute just look at the world an ugly place and it's an easy place to get along. And that no matter where you are Liu are no matter who you and -- saying. There's going to be submitted to -- to -- you know either mentally. Emotionally or physically. I think it's part of life I think eventually there are people maybe just like any animal kingdom and on that -- be crazy about this but there are people that are aggressive and their people that aren't are. That are very passive and at some point you gotta learn how to deal with the aggressive people as well whether you -- them or not eventually you're gonna either deal with another one or another -- yourself insane or somebody else that's -- into. -- exert dominance over you. For whatever reason. -- also he would most players see this coaches you know boxing coaches for the sort of bully players because. Obviously the position -- -- You know administration to you know to people. -- -- every day course of those of course that the president and I think part of human you know nature has at least it is I think that's just the way acting worse established -- -- for the reason that term but nevertheless. I IC target -- as well and so. You know it's important to say you know and here's a little bit -- -- sort of -- Sort of sort. Sort of visit that you any about -- -- Risky option and and all the dark side. You can't figure out your own terms but it. It is and usually it's certainly is that in the situation not speak. All it's going to be all sorts of social. Would sense you were leader in the locker -- just some way to carry yourself and at any point in your career and and other NFL locker rooms that you know of where the coaches actually said look you know you. This -- -- again and you need to toughen him up a little bit he's got all the tools but he's not tough enough. Idea I think you do I think it it's sort of -- You can take a couple of ways. I don't I don't see that to that is a person except that you about the coming in her eyes wide open grow only count. A little like myself and to hear all of us -- it is sort of an outline cheer duty. I think what happens that you sort of warm side a little bit and it just talked to counsel a little bit and you make you realize it's a do belong there. And you know I don't take any crap from these people in the same time. Is -- one way at times and keep doing your thing is chance to. You know -- you so yeah it's more counseling being Benedict -- -- -- Like -- -- secure. Real quick. It in and just just struck me would would it have been any different if one -- and on defense and one have been on offensively -- settled it on the field a plan. Side by side I guess in practice so that would block against each other. Now now not know you really don't get -- deep into alignment but I think what happens is these creatures such close proximity with the guy. And really you're seeing everyone's. -- that are out there when you're watching film you -- and everybody and that's. When you sit around the decline in the league is about. I -- eight guys that are really in that group. If that's a pretty tiger as the ties group is going to be a football team -- think that. A long legal -- that absolute relentless ribbing you know if there's a few weaknesses thanks in your -- -- the post has signed it and they're gonna dig because. It's -- way I guess it sort of keeps you on edge. And and it's awaited -- -- deal with that may occur occur you know the biggest achievement medal air you know and will be used to -- to -- -- more on widget that you. And but it all take it. Get in fact try to. Make that person -- it came up. And to keep its focus and keep his it's all sort speak so it never -- taken to the point worker you know -- feel so terrible that. You know Israel is keep -- senator's office to line -- so large. Steve I appreciate you time -- you're Smart analysts. Have a --

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