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2-17 7:15am Tommy, NOPD shootings

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Susan Hutson, the Independent Police Monitor, about officer-involved shootings over the weekend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Three different as I understand it officer involved shootings with NO PD over the weekend or maybe it was different officers season Hudson joins us right now. The New Orleans independent police monitored help sort all -- out good morning Susan. Thanks for taking the time when listening at a busy weekend. First off what we're all three shootings involving NO PD. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Early on good morning of course -- Seton Hall at. On the yet the only I guess fatal shooting although. You're running -- never police officer fires a gun that its use for the right reason and on this and by the same token you have to realize that officers. Our appointment decision of making decisions you don't feud with split second so. I'm just trying to be fair to both sides here's Susan and in terms of I guess the first -- -- -- was accidental on the Friday was accidental or Saturday as well. I think not sure about act post Saturday and -- argument that there. It at the tragedy for everybody that position. Yet. -- will be. In here in the -- and while we recognize that I'm going into the whole thing. If we got a little details Susan on a Friday night when heaven there. Susan tell you what we are on a terrible connections among puts you on hold. And we'll take the break early year in income back as I definitely winning here which you have to say 718 time to take a look at. Mike -- -- -- over on this President's Day I Tommy Tucker got WL reconnect you now with Susan hunts in the independent police monitor for and LTD and so isn't just speaking quickly because I'm trying to find details and the other two shootings and I can't find him anywhere what happened Friday night. Specifically. Yeah a couple of peak to Canada at the TD burst up again in the investigations are still on the radio lovers. -- I'm -- right there was an accident and start. And OnStar has taken a weapon into custody. -- that had been. Member of the community to cut speak and it was an old and it and it. Accidentally discharge. -- Saturday. Saturday and whatnot and struggled in the 9 o'clock and governor Nichols. And -- about the struggle that aspect and one round fired. -- didn't need yet so I don't know exactly. All there could be children but we know occult and apparently call me to respond. And then yesterday. From yesterday. That -- -- shooting you know group which here. Liberty to ugly your mental decline. On what went out to and he disk. Clear because I wouldn't I'd probably 1015 minutes of achieving. I'm a -- and it can be that it relative job and my access to the scene -- immediate mine there. I am able to watch all the processing of the we're seeing all alone on on the in the body. We're able to look at all the evidence that was -- trail course and -- -- there at the scene and all that it would. Feel to make sure you know. When we hear what he witnesses in the officers. And you know other day. We can see that jives with -- and that was that actually. Any. Point was -- said that the gun was pointed at them. The 45 caliber gun was found next -- well again again it was -- What you've seen and about. To compete in the investigation still aren't technically at the -- where they're aware of members of the public outing. -- that things saying. Yeah man executed that he would in dealing with these doctors before. On the digital would leave him alone and that they actually like and you. Need a witness in -- -- One -- to victory yesterday and my deputy police monitor -- the two. Conservatives are looking at. You know the picture of what's going -- Again. To immediately stricter corporate and it was that there. Lot of people out there people were angry people wanting cancers. I'll end. Up as well but couldn't -- -- and mother father. -- sisters. Stuff like that so that we. Went out of that. Now. And missiles started because that the victim was she allegedly shoplifting in a store and and ran out and in the police realized who it was sort. -- and you answered one of my questions earlier when you said that the neighborhood it. Release of neighbors said the that the -- relationship existed between any officer. Officers rather and they got to get shot because. And my question was would they know who it was that they were dealing with -- and get a lot of text you see a lot of this on social media. About the victims record blow -- any of that applied business. But all we look at bill. We dirt from the crowd prior history oxygen in the stipulation that we -- all those record -- we need to see any contact with them. Up to date arrested treaties -- -- there. You look at his record but not the defining factor in this case it's the evidence that the seat -- the eyewitness. We have people out cry out there that people. -- beating up on her well. Can't work we're trying to get those that -- -- we need to act the most important information there that. -- -- break abort or to distrustful. But is there -- -- -- somebody that information we got. That is why you look at the wiggle out and it was critical having been in the chase so. Com we need to know what happened which our fault we need to. On the in terms of the investigation proceeding I guess it and what was said so far as NO PD acknowledged to the officers said that the gun at any point and was pointed at him. In the room. In the apartment in and out of the investigation. Until. Monday -- talk that entire time. Right in terms of process. What happens from here the offices been. Placed on administrative duty and they they talk about each officer car having a camera none of that's been done yet. I don't know what the conflict in two in the second district station stairs there. If there's -- -- about ethnic and we're not sure yet quart we're gonna watch -- they are so much of a pop that and that incident. I'm so that we can view and we will view that as well. So there was Cameron -- What can do you know when he went and we let you know we certainly appreciate -- time. Here we want the public now that I've only been at the beginning agree that they think you know PD what an important at age eighteen from the public integrity here and what you mean actually -- -- -- -- We're going to be ambient ball from start finish as far as -- consent decrees the FBI involved. Automatically. There are. Members. Are -- what purity so they probably. Com being reaching out that you were going again -- and it went and dealing with yeah maybe so but they. Eight and we will look at and and the court monitor. Outlook could actually and just give them information that we got from the seat of don't know what's going on state reached at this week it. We told you about ten minutes we came on and I appreciate you being so available. -- very very important.

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