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2-17 8:15am Tommy, refuse service to gay couples?

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Plante, a Regional Director for the National Organization for Marriage, about a bill in Kansas that would allow businesses to refuse service to gay couples

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eight and Jordan eagle -- yet is the lives lost my -- that in a flash and evidently. I Tommy tiger with 816. Are ready jaguar opinion poll is in the process of being composed and -- ask you something to the effect of is gay marriage in this country inevitable that it's gonna become law of the land and that there's nothing you can do about it I would ask you. You care enough to stand up in and try to get involved to stop it. And -- and -- come in and help me as the dust began to settle and the cows are ready come home as they may be in stacked in the barn. And the chickens already begun to bruised and as the toothpaste out of the tube. I think that about covers it gassed right now is to talk about. This deal in Kansas that's or somewhere some restaurant owners understand it wanna be able to refuse service to gay. Couples based on their religious beliefs Chris -- regional director for the National Organization for Marriage welcomed a debit WL. Thank you could -- thank you tell me from about your organization I think he goes to our poll about. Gay marriage becoming inevitable lord do you care enough to stand up and try to do something. To prevent it and I guess we should really began Chris with what's going on in kansans. Sure well the national organization for marriages the preeminent national groups standing against the redefinition of marriage the legalization of same sex marriage. We protect marriage in the Senate Committees that supported wherever. Marriages under attack in he obviously it's across the country right now. Are we work hard to achieve to be either worked legislators legislatures to defend marriage or there's a legislative move to redefine marriage to oppose that. We're also working the US congress as well within the federal court system. I would big part of that is protecting those based communities that support -- as well and that plays right to the cancer situation. When marriages redefine. This is not aids simply live and let live. Proposition marriages they're very public institution that's more than just the private commitment of two people. It's a public good that is designed to raise the next generation of children in the healthiest and most ideal environment. And people -- very strong religious beliefs about what -- emergence. And the bill and chances is not about. What someone feels about gays or lesbians but what someone believes very strongly about marriage. And allows. Our business owners or even government employees. To say I cannot in good conscience -- this marriage. It because it violates my my personally deeply held both religious beliefs. Mom did this thing I'm confused about religious away in my mind works whenever I hear about a new law or. A new rule or knew right now is wonder how are you gonna enforce that in in this Kansas instance. I don't know how you would know and I told the story earlier you didn't hear about a male friend and I added a business associate we're gonna go have lunch both of us known in the community. And we decided not to go on Valentine's Day not only because it would be crowded but because. In our opinion it it is probably wouldn't look right the tools -- -- launch on Valentine's Day Tom. How what are restaurant tour no. If somebody was Gaby at the two women to men and it is swinging just two guys two ladies gonna to have lunch or dinner and eleven under even married. Sure what that. That that's the important part that we need to shift. Public perception on on this bill and other bills like it it's not about whether two folks coming in for dinner. Artist and their relationship. It BP we're talking about -- -- eight same sex couple coming to Russia Wednesday. We want to have our wedding or awaiting read our our wedding reception. Here a year that your facility. And still talking about serving the wedding ceremony or or other events around the wedding not just. Two cup with the two men coming in off the street to have dinner on on Friday night so it's very important to get to realize that that what is. What is being proposed in Kansas and unfortunately seems to be stalled in the senate. It's a bill that would protect our baker a florist or photographer. From having to -- the same sex marriage ceremony. Not. Not based on and on sexual -- addition put on their beliefs about what marriages. So I guess in -- way this is kinda. And think in his through here kinda just thrown it back into the market and let the market decide because if if I as restaurant tour aren't reception hall florist and want to do business with people letter. Getting married -- a game get married and and the guy across the street or the woman across street doesn't. Well and eventually I might have so much business that there are no longer in business and now just be market forces at work. That that that that is very good perspective to take on. Because what we we que no problem giving you for a for example. In Washington State. Our leading florist is. Is being sued not only by the ACLU but by the state of Washington for -- refusing. To provide flowers to the same sex marriage ceremony. -- -- force that the history of both employees and serving gay and lesbian clients and employees OK so there's a question of discrimination on sexual orientation. They're being -- nonetheless. Well at the same time in the same town there are other force who would happily take that business. And -- not with what little we have our our businesses brought by people say that are being intentionally targeted. To beat sanctioned by the state same sex couples are potentially going to people. And not in not accepting -- decided that they could go across the street and get the same Serbs. So this is something we need to really look at very closely as people who defender on him one woman. It's not just let -- -- it's not just -- coincidental. That there is a very strong move afoot. To push back people say. To push them out of the marketplace. And to and to bring in and to do everything the -- think he can. Q in that not a way on acceptance but a complete support. So in terms of as you said the easier words marriage being under attack. And a business owner under religious beliefs having the rights either accept or deny the business would. This is limited only do between a man and a woman who would it have anything to do with. Men and women of different religions men and women of different races different nationalities senator. Well you know one of the very difficult questions and I will admit that these bills need to be very carefully new ones. What is it what is at stake here though is our First Amendment on whether you know how these bills such as one cancer is actually. Play out as one question but the question that did the most important thing is our first amendment rights to the free exercise of religion. Palm and and you know whether or not he would be a Christian florist. Or on a Muslim. You know a Muslim butcher. -- these are those are somewhat irrelevant. The case studies is same sex marriage but are we in this country. Actually protected in our free exercise of religion. Or as the president of the United States saying are we being circumscribed in to the free exercise of worship. That it is calling part that we are read exercise or are worshipped. Inside the -- Georgia march for four walls -- church. But what we do in public -- going to be completely different. -- with the founding fathers. Saw in the -- -- one and. Let me throw home for example let -- final business owner I see a guy that I know. That's an area that takes his girlfriend a luncheon it's apparent that there's some hanky -- gone on there. When I'd be within my rights to refuse service to him because it offends my religious beliefs -- them. That billions. Sure sure at it and you know that took that is a great question on on the hypothetical. On the reality is it's that same sex there urges them is the one pushing the button right now that we have -- we have. Big acres we have. We have we have bed and breakfast owners who were being successfully sued because they're under their religious -- -- cannot violate their conscience. And serve the mayor the mayor -- quote unquote ceremonies. And they are the ones being sanctioned please know we can. Where it. That's why. So it's brought these -- that the truth is when we -- -- People -- come under attack across this country and we need to be doing everything we can protect our First Amendment right. To the free exercise or religion. I we appreciate your time Chris -- regional director for the National Organization for Marriage in.

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