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2-17 8:45am Tommy, refuse service?

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Thomas Witt, the Executive Director of Equality Kansas, about a proposed bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to gay couples

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker you know we knew we had already jaguar opinion poll here it says is a legalization. A gay marriage inevitable 61%. Saying yes and I want to make that a poll. Because we talk about some of the same issues. With some frequency here in the reason for that is every now and then something happens. To advance the story there's a new wrinkle to it in one of wages. A law -- -- in its way through the Kansas legislature -- say that if you're in business and a customer for example hated being gay he had married offends your religious beliefs you -- opt not to do business with them. Chris Plante joins is -- beg your pardon Thomas -- joins us right now executive director of equality Kansas morning Thomas. Thank you for taking the time witness. Tell me what your main concern is about this law and why it is so dangerous. Well the biggest problem what -- -- legalized discrimination in the statute books. And you know and well a lot of discussion about bill is -- private businesses internal weight gain in customers. What people don't realize is that business. -- in the -- actually. Worried because selection orientation. Program or non discrimination statute. What it is and state. The worst part of this bill is that it is government employees the right to refuse to Serbian being came in and that is differences beyond on mature. Gay and offensive lines are married gay and lesbian clients or married gay and lesbian clients. -- -- Domestic partner or any similar arrangement is the way the ability. So. They would have that would be the they would know automatically because it would be. Part and parcel of whatever was the government employee had to do because it would deal with. Gay people either living together being married. That question is how would you know. Well let's say my partner file joint tax return. We could look at. Revenue refusing. What city police officer -- unfortunately respond to a report to. Got police officer might look at a couple of problems in water in your relationship. And walk away in the treated as domestic violence issue. He the department of vital statistics can't refuse. To put -- spelled wrong on death certificate. Hospital -- refused to allow. There couples who make decisions for children and like sooner. Dual list of possibilities. Do we -- it goes. In terms of of the other angle of -- not government employees ridge's business owners. Is there a case being made four OK you own X wedding reception hall or why a restaurant. And you wanna take my business then. Mraz stronger and restaurant across the street then that's -- -- windfall for them they -- they're so happy that the other business as there aren't that right. Have you heard anything from business owners who. Might before the law but because. -- will take no business gene Gibbons. I haven't heard that like that play the president of the news chamber of commerce. If he'd put out a statement Friday in opposing the bill. What you were to go out and went straight to that wedding call that you're talking about. The owners do support the -- -- -- couple. But the -- that it was an employee who doesn't completely -- way to -- in the way that bill was written. The owner of the business conduct disciplined employees for taking action. While I don't know that part of it thank you Tom. Are you appreciate your time Tom -- executive director of equality Kansas.

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