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WWL>Topics>>2-17 9:10am Tommy, late night talk show hosts

2-17 9:10am Tommy, late night talk show hosts

Feb 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to New York Times TV Critic Neil Genzlinger about late night talk shows and their hosts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So the latest with the host of the tonight you know as for me. Com. And I'm not old enough to have seen Johnny Carson originally but watch him on dvd I think he was the best. Jamie Jay Leno and a when he retired I -- believers -- -- two years because -- Always had the impression that he had just taken over the shall we cheated twice. We're gonna talk this hour with you about who you and a is it -- in dollars and -- David Letterman Jimmy. -- Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel. And years ago I predicted I swear again I -- everybody uses that -- even though he was frenetic when he first started yeah you do it would be the next Carson you're guaranteed. Outlets would -- against -- things right now in New York Times TV critic morning's. I'm very well things have taken a time when it is and tell me about the history of the Tonight -- the anticipation that. Jimmy Fallon. The audience as Vegas for him if there is any and and how this year it was going to be different with him. I think a lot of people are saying you will be bit of a throwback I'm not sure that I quite agree with that. All of these guys I think what they all have in common is that all of them would would. Still bowed down to Johnny Carson -- the king of this format. Even though Leno and Letterman were both have both been on quite a lot longer than Carson has people don't realize that sometimes but. They're ten years is quite a bit longer than Carstens once but I think everybody still looks at him. As the the touchdown. Fallon I think it is. Going to be interesting because he has some Carson like abilities that Jay -- did not have Johnny Carson did a lot of yet. And such within his shadow and it characters he had the great carnac and so and detectors and imovie you know. Right exactly and the Jay Leno you know did is man on the street interviews and stuff but that's not quite the same. As Jimmy Fallon and do a lot of different things from his. His goofy song parodies. You know in the came out of Saturday Night Live and has a lot of experience -- did you build -- -- matchup so. He can you can bring a little more to the -- acting -- Let them did. You need to answer and I as a and the people there are gonna. Like it he's got -- like abilities that Conan O'Brien does not have for instance. Jon Stewart is is they're too polarized attitudes. That's his reason for being on the air so he does he's likable but not in the -- Jimmy Fallon and. That in terms of Jimmy Fallon yeah might hurt me as David a tell David Blake this anybody around he'll tell yet. Years ago when -- first started I said he was gonna be the next Carson and -- what is it that. That he has in common name because it's hard to quantify these things sometimes but what is it that. He may he has in common with Johnny Carson that made me think and others think that he had it. I but that's kind this year like ability and that's that's one thing Carson habit people people like that people want him in the air ball. And I think that'll be true of Jimmy Fallon to settle in nicely to that somewhat earlier time slot but he also has eight. Eight factory and looking at him like Carson did that will appeal to a lot of people and it's going to be a little. You know he's afraid that that makes things a little edgy iffy field in the Atlanta now. Leno sort of at a box that he was -- he didn't really get. Two cutting edge at any particular time that them. Jimmy Fallon will probably. -- man out of debt and you know people people talk about how the audience for late night shows is is pretty cool now it's. Fifties to upper fifties -- the average age of people watched speech. And so you'd think the public -- -- state pretty pretty low key pretty conservative legal and then the -- had an audience people forget that. The great audience today is great that people were at Woodstock. They're not. It is not your great applause greeted people as they say so there that they can stand a little. This for a shaking up and enjoyed it then I think Jimmy Fallon can do that. And while still being. You know having universal appeal and that Conan O'Brien haven't them the other stuff. With the proliferation of so many different cable channels and so many alternative media sources. -- has a late night audience in general gone down. I I believe it happened and these chosen not quite the cash cows that they. Used to be. Is in the gold and agencies late night talk show. I I would like to feel a little more shaking up these basic format I'm. I'm kind of we hear it -- format. Monologue. Then bring out. A couple of people plug their movies and then signed off that's that in the format for ever. It and you know -- it can only defeat them. And ended with the band right the right always a monologue skit. And yet they guessing and with the mandolin let me get to take on a couple of different guys Sunni cumulus thumbnail Loney to -- Conan O'Brien. -- the -- O'Brien is just to I think it's a little off putting for a lot of people. He's he's. Get a great. But I think people don't embrace him and I think NBC -- that out when they try to get him on those job. Oh wait a great what -- a phone cut out recycling your -- assays got a great. He's got a great back -- History says he try to. And -- if that's sort of a cruel. Outcomes across its cool. At times and and that's why he wasn't quite embraced only need to -- material a major mainstream audience. How about an older Arsenio back for a second time around. -- it interesting and of course you know. One thing that whole universe does not -- a lot of diversity. Frankly that Chelsea. Handler and then there's a lot of -- He has yet. It in the middle. -- -- this whole universe could use some some. -- you know we have a little informal contest here every morning among us with a quote of the day I think you you nailed it just now you're the leader in the clubhouse with there's Chelsea handler. Arsenio and an oval -- A whole bunch of white guys not Letterman has he evolved any. Has he gotten away from what made him successful is he doing the same old thing over -- I I read him as sort of doing the same old same. I'm not sure I see a lot of variation in the air from Letterman today vs Letterman. You know whenever it came on here twenty years ago. And that's not yet not expect not necessarily a bad thing if your. One if you're up at 1130 and one at the moment and watch well. I can always turn on Letterman can I know what and again that. That you know there's a comfort zone there and it'll appeal to a lot of people. But it. You know I'd still like -- love to watch David Letterman and if you ever get a chance to go fitness studio audience that's great fun. And. Are you inviting me. After the trip. To do that but but Tom let's talk about on Jimmy Kimmel. -- -- can -- is interest thing. It he and I I like Kimmel now a lot of -- -- like him better than. Jimmy Fallon. And the guys really like that I'm not sure Netflix is correct for that I. I was right. You read ahead -- because he was coming up next. He's he's. Taken more more than do it more. Goofy stepped in any of these other guys which is why you'll never see him on at 1130 he's he's at 1230. Kind of guy and is it gets to two out there I think to move up and earlier in the in the evening. And since we moved down at 1230 -- think Seth Myers is gonna do against Craig Ferguson. -- Back out and had an interest in under card to the -- Letterman. -- -- Has both. Both of those guys I think can they will shake up the format. In the Craig Ferguson has done -- -- -- -- Except -- two and then as well and not get a little bit fearless. Which has so you know that's -- the 1230 slot for I think you'd. You can do whatever you want him. -- and that -- not a lot of consequences that the audience is smaller and. Let's talk about some ratings and how Leno did against Letterman. Is did is it -- -- job to increase the audience not to lose it. Did -- first it is not lose that bet that that's in the -- Bryant committed. It would be lovely -- Picture for NBC if he did expand it. But I bet they'd be happy if he just didn't lose it and I think that has a good chance of happening because they -- that he. He's a pretty likable. Kind of personality and. You know and the and the people who are watching Matt -- it's it's not that they wanna be bored at night and I think Leno was sort of your Internet. The zone where this. Kind of predictable and tact that soft. And fallible will liven things up a little while still think. Serving material that that can embrace site to. Got an excellent chance to keep in the -- The Leno. Audience -- and experience of any. At the university -- so fragmented now let them. And I I don't think people frankly -- gonna reach. The younger viewer which -- so green all the networks. But it I think that's a lost cause trying to get twenty year -- to watch. A late night talk show that's just too much else for -- look at. I know -- busy -- let me ask one more question and that is Jay Leno and his success. I never was a Leno fan I know a lot of people dead just love him to death and well how do you explain his success BA's dated -- was it just so plain and simple that it appeal to a I mean least objectionable principle -- will would you say that. That's a pretty good description he he didn't make a Lotto waves see. Did did a lot of fairly safe jokes. Politicians. Eat anything anyone can take -- shot at a politician that's not to offend anyone that even in the politician. Himself and he had that Republicans sort of slam silky he -- middle America. And an -- that he knew who was audience what he didn't. You know we didn't do anything to a fan that audience. Most formulaic idea sound like a scientific approach Torre knew is trying to reach and do what he did. What he could to reach. Right exactly and -- Until bill. Casinos and other -- for a long as he wants to do stand -- -- that audience. It's still very much exists that middle American audience. So you know. You know he's got -- good at hitting it where it lives and. He he can keep doing that as long as he wants to ensure. Neil thank you so -- time I love talking about late night watching late night TV. Talking about the players in the business of little so we appreciate your time to talk to you again any.

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