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2-17-14 10:10am Scoot: on Dunn verdict

Feb 17, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on the Michael Dunn verdict.

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Good morning I'm student for garlic today it was a great weekend weather was sensational the NBA all star game was in town. I was really impressed by the pregame show -- also the halftime show us trombone shorty doctor John and many others part of that show. Amazingly. They do to stage -- in this setting them. But the NBA all star game that there are a lot of people to New Orleans and there was a lot of traffic Friday Saturday and Sunday and Saturday night -- would have -- -- -- to -- NBA all star game and also. He always going to prove to recuperate until evidently it was which great also raids on the North Shore -- -- -- battery. Over the weekend yet it is the political season we get the full political schedule on our web site. If -- -- you will not come. Since so many of their. -- are so quick to define themselves as conservative or liberal. And since so many are quick to label others conservative or liberal sometimes it's meant to be a derogatory term like you liberal. Or you conservative. What makes -- conservative. What -- you -- if you really stop to to think about why you call yourself conservative. Or why you call yourself liberal. And are you truly a conservative. Or truly a liberal. If you listen to politicians and listen dependence on them and talk radio nationally on cable news networks. You get the impression that America is clearly divided along strict liberal conservative lines. But if you really listen to people talk and listen to what people say. I hear liberals say things that. You would think only conservatives would -- I hear conservatives say things that you would think only liberals would say. So the question is are you really conservative or really a -- talk about that later in the show also the city of Gulf Shores, Alabama has now passed a resolution. To place the words in god we trust in City Hall. Will this make a difference. And what about other religions that might wanna be represented as well you know once again we had this conversation about whether or not we should have. In god we trust in city hall and and really does that really make a difference do you think that would have an impact. Our society you know in a positive way we'll get into that a little bit later in the show. Over the weekend the jury reached a verdict in the Michael -- case this is the loud music murder trial in Jacksonville Florida. The jury reach the verdict. But they couldn't reach a verdict when it came to first degree murder said the judge declared a mistrial. I was stunned. By the verdicts. The jury could not reach a verdict on the murder charge so it was a mistrial. On that charge the state attorney says that she will retrial true we try to Michael -- on that charge. -- was found guilty. On three counts of attempted murder. And firing at a vehicle. Jointly -- faces. Sixty years in prison. Because for each count of attempted murder it's forty years and -- cannot run concurrently. They have to run consecutively. And sentencing -- -- to take place in a few months Dunn was apparently surprised for the verdicts did not see it coming did not expect to be found guilty. He claims self defense all along. And we you're talking about this on this crucial night. And also during the day here and under every WL. If there are a lot of questions. Is Michael not a racist Michael don't -- the seventeen year old teenager and teenagers in the car were black. Would he have reached. For his gun. If the teenagers were white. What they've reacted the same way if the teens were white. And did his gun give him confidence. To be confrontational. This is something that comes up a lot but we talk about these cases if if somebody didn't have a gun on them -- they have reacted the same way. Because a gun should not give you confidence. To do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do. A guns for protection. The guns ought to have with you if you get an argument of some money and you won a -- argued. A gun is not. To be carried with the attentive seeking revenge. Or acting on your rage or anger. On guns for protection. And -- done was blackened a teenager seventeen year old who's dead was white and it was an argument over loud music. Would more Americans. Be absolutely outraged. Which a real goodness. If you would join our show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Activity in a text number. Is a 7870. Understood blog got today again these blogs and their rights -- there quite often controversial this will be no exception. I it's titled loud music trial proves justice is not apply. And again when I heard that they did not come to a verdict to could not reach a verdict on first degree murder charges. I was stunt. As many people are now perhaps you were stunned at all. Now I have to admit as -- always half. And I'm I'm judging this from sitting in the court of public opinion. And I judging this from the standpoint of being in the jury box. I didn't hear all the testimony. Out what I heard. Leads me to believe that this was a typical example. Of a guy who's gone gave him confidence. Now let's also keep in mind that this guy had been drinking. I don't know how much she was drinking but he had been drinking at his -- reception. And he and his fiancee stopped off -- this gas station convenience store she went into -- there wine or liquor -- not sure which which you wouldn't device something. And then came out and shots were being fired into the car they left. They went back to their hotel where they were staying. He ordered pizza. And apparently made a drink. She testified. That Michael nine. Said I hate that like news. Now again was there an assumption here is that that thug. Once the right way to describe these teen -- if you play loud music or you're automatically a thug or is thug. Synonymous with the inward. I hear people used -- in such a way that it seems to be synonymous with the inward instead of using the Edwards like those thugs. And it it's while it applies to everybody of of any race. It seems to be more specifically apply to. Young black males. Will how to you know somebody's a thug. By the way they dress. How do you know somebody's -- thawed by. The music they listen to. And I'm talking about this from the standpoint of being a member of the baby boomer generation. Which is now the establishment. And he Stella -- judged me in my generation but the music I listen to. Why is that generation today so quick. To judge based on something superficial like the music you listen to. Rap is not my style. I like some hip hop stuff I like a lot of the the don't know hybrid. Hip hop rock stuff. And it's a lot of great collaborations. But it all honesty that's not mine John. But that's OK I don't have to like every kind of music. And need to deal. But we defended our music which was very rebellious. At the time. And the establishment of the time criticized us for the music that we like -- we listened to. And again this is why describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because -- I think it's amazing that my generation is so. And so so short sighted. When it comes to judging a young generation. For the for the very reasons that dated wanna be judged when they were color culture and anti establishment. So we're talking about the loud music trial. Of -- not. 47 year old white guy. It's into an argument over loud music the teenagers refused attorney general I guess the other thing that I have to think about it when I was seventeen. If a forty something year old guy came up to me as it turned and you music. I'd say it's not your business. I remember exactly what I was like and I would have told the guy it's not if your business. And you can't tell me to turn this down. So what's the difference between that and the way these teens react at at and here's the other question. Have we have we become a country. Where if somebody is disrespectful to you. Disrespectful. Not not in terms just now Michael -- claimed that his life was threatened. Based on what I heard in serious situation. I don't believe it and and based on what I've heard about. Some of the video that has has surfaced. I don't think there's any clear evidence that he was he was threatened. It does seem as if he didn't have to be engaged in this situation and again I wonder. I wonder if he would not have been as brave it -- didn't have a gun. And that's not the right recent own a gun in America. The Second Amendment. Doesn't allow you to own -- -- to seek revenge. Or to kill somebody because they're disrespectful. It's about protection. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight. So often. Think this could chilly tonight you can join us with a comment this morning. I numbers 26 so 187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. It protects embassies -- -- I -- into Garland and we'll be. Right back. Under the WL. Good morning welcome back to our show lives due to think tank today or Garland over the weekend a jury reached verdicts in -- Loud music murder trial of Michael -- 47 year old and who is on trial for shooting and killing a seventeen year old teenager Jordan Davis following an argument about loud music. I was surprised that they didn't come to a guilty verdict on first degree murder. He was found guilty of attempted murder and to finally get a vehicle faces up to sixty years in prison. And the state attorney's office says they are gonna retry him on first degree murder charges. Was justice done. And -- -- W -- -- pretty general opinion poll this morning do you agree with the verdicts in a loud music trial to be sure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes I know everybody doesn't agree with me this is this is talk radio and we we talk. I'm for honest about what I feel and my observations of the things that did that I talk about. It doesn't mean that we have to agree and you may totally disagree with the scoop blog you can read it common ordered if you like and share with others. It's on our web site's title loud music trial Powell a power proves justice. Is not blind. Here's a text that says does everything have to come down to race. Well I hope not but unfortunately. Race quite often does become an issue. And I seriously have to wonder what this case would have been like if it would have been a black man killing a white teenager. Again it takes a moment ago it's great -- having this discussion about race -- during Black History Month. I don't pick and choose when these stories come up I talk about it when there in the news for -- and Steve your WWL. We're the more it seems more cool. Yeah all we got -- -- you know not -- my -- integration. It -- -- I mean to go good and it didn't matter what it what computer. Because I don't it -- kind of deal I don't -- -- All. Chipped -- matter what did you actually. Yeah and and maybe he was overcharged and I've got a couple of -- about this maybe it shouldn't have been a -- first degree murder charge. But it did seem in my opinion to be premeditated as he did have the opportunity to decide whether or not he was gonna get his gun and just according to my perception of the testimony. Which is exactly that it did seem like he was. He was angry at being disrespected but that's no reason to kill somebody and -- somebody's dead I'm a little confused about why it's attempted murder. And -- and probably. Should. I believe ten. So. Let's not call premeditated it in each student at the urged. You know the -- very specific when it comes to first degree murder and second degree murder and manslaughter in things like that. It's it's all about whether or not you. On -- -- I don't think this guy left his house thinking that he was gonna do this it would it was that this was not well planned out. But it did did seem to be premeditated because he intended to do what he did since. He -- walked away and not done what he did Steve I'm I'm going to color showed thanks for listening here's an update on our -- have -- a party -- opinion poll. Do you agree with the verdicts in a loud music trial 58%. Say yes and 42% say no. Can -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com here's a text of the teens have a gun in their car. No gun was ever. Recovered. Here's it's excluding join the show I know. You spoke with our guitar player. Four sold yet. Really hoping to get a chance to come here is this weekend. Yeah -- out of this is of that -- on the North Shore solution that does a lot of new stuff and they wanted to come here it's all -- hopefully I'll get a chance to do that. Here's a text is good if I heard right. I don't shot ten times into the car. If that's. If that's so that he wanted to kill. I would I would think so if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy -- a -- 7870. I got an email from a listener who says so the only station and I get it work is WWL. I love Tommy. -- -- -- Mean that he doesn't like me. I think it is important to listen to both sides of an argument but I also listen for common sense. The teenagers drove away from the shooting scene didn't take different to the nearest hospital then they went back to the gas station. Why go back did they ditched the gun. You eventual -- evidently don't understand the legal concept of reasonable doubt to -- I you try to bend over backwards. To be fair to black people but have -- evidently do you think. White people are all crazy gun toting lunatics. People who have concealed carry permits or not knots most of them have had experience. Did make them very -- they have -- You once said you don't like that mentality. You can judge others. Mentality. Unless you watched every minute of the trial you should not be on the radio questioning. A jury verdict period. Well is a what is wrong with this a first of all I don't bend over backwards to defend blacks -- bent over backwards to defend what I think it's fair. And if you listen to the show with an open heart and open mind. Then you would understand that there's more common sense on -- show. Then an unknown target when anybody else in his radio station and talking about a lot of that the TV cable shows and the national shows there's a lot of common sense. On the show I definitely understand reasonable doubt. And I has said constantly will continue to say that I am judging this from the court of public opinion I any event and out of the tour via text here in just a moment. I find this Casey for staying and it's unfortunate that it is about race but in my opinion it is about race a mention if a -- black man. Pulled into a convenience store gas station. In the issue be next to him was for white teenagers blaring music the black -- didn't like. After the black -- told the white teenagers -- turned on the music. There was an argument. Following the argument the black man pulled a gun out of his glove compartment. In his vehicle and shot and killed a seventeen year old white team. The black man proceeds to fire rounds into the SUV with a white teenagers as it pulled away. The black man had been drinking. And left the scene after shooting seventeen year old white teenager went to his hotel with his fiancee ordered pizza made a drink. Never called 9112 even report the incident. As if it was nothing. The black man was on trial for first degree murder in the jury could not come to an agreement on that charge of murder. However the -- now faces up to sixty years in prison on attempted murder charges. -- this case be perceiving a lot more reaction. For some people if the man who killed a teenager. Was black and the teenager. Was white. Loud music trial proves justice is not blind that's the scoop like we're talking about it's on our website at WW dot com if you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we'll come back with the more your comments are you satisfied with me the verdict -- do you think this trial should be should be retorted and we tried and and was race part of this in your heart and in your -- but I don't I I try not to make race an issue. But sometimes it's it's unavoidable. And I can't help but think that. Maybe. As a as a as a nation we put more value on some lines. Then another lights. And the very idea that somebody is debt a teenager is it. Over an argument over loud music. Doesn't speak very highly of those few gun owners. That own a gun for the wrong reason. To join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- a -- number receipts of creativity I execute it for -- and we'll be right back with more here's another WWL news update with crystal -- Harrison yesterday morning before church and I was watching could be 21 touch when it counted and I'm just amazed that some of the great music that is out today. And and how. So much of it reminds me of the eighties and it's very interesting that we're now starting to see. The rise of music it will define this decade and it tends to happen in the third and fourth year of the decade and here we are 2014. There's definitely -- distinct style. And assists at this is part of that trend dimension dragons teams. I'm -- it for Garland here's our -- it you'll pretty gentle opinion poll do you agree with the verdicts in the loud music trial of Michael Dunn give us your opinion like going to DaVita QL dot com. We're also was gonna talk later about whether or not you're really conservative or liberal. I hear people who probably -- Claimed to be conservatives but they say things in and do things that makes it seem like they're liberals. And I hear I hear liberals do things that makes -- seem like they're really conservatives. So really what RU and what makes you a conservative and what makes you liberal think about that we'll talk about that in the next hour right now we're continuing with reaction to. The verdict came out over the weekend about -- Michael -- The judge declared a mistrial on first degree murder charges but -- was found guilty of attempted murder so he faces up to sixty years in prison. I John you're on WWL good morning. -- I'm public comment on the trial apologized. -- really not pay much attention to. But -- comment on his concealed carry department and and while most of us on all by itself. And we are carried out and try. Harder to avoid situations that we had to drop. I'm gonna guess some might like it loud music and he. The store gas station option -- and there was -- a child what barely out music went down. Profanity just let out and that I had not yet McDonnell. Wouldn't comment don't want it. I just kept him out shot because that's a potential escalation right. And John I think it's people accused it's -- give all gun owners are good name but it's people like Michael done to give gun owners -- -- good music and should be a last resort. I think it's interesting that some people -- eighteen. Confidence to be in a situation because of the gun. You we're very cautious about having that resource. So having the gun you do it more react but if you didn't have -- -- if that was not an option for you you might confront them. There were children. Now. First of all I appreciate calling your show I appreciate you for being a responsible gun owner. No problem. Right you -- if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a Tex receive 77 -- here's a Texan -- to what are you going to bring up. Reeve and the knock out games well we've we've talked about that but. We focus on on different topics at different times I mean is this somehow to justify. Here's what really amazed me about the Michael -- case. But as a -- talking about this I heard. People say and I got some text of people who seem to justify. Michael Dunn's actions he's just a guy -- fanned out. He's he's tired of these. Teens. The way they looked the way they act and there are loud music in their brazen behavior he's fed up and they finally ran into a teen. I mean to finally these teens finally ran into a man with a gun who was better. That's. That's not a reason to use your gun because you're fed up. And it scares me that there are some people liked the liked the ex police officer seventy something year old man. At the movie theater in Florida. He shoots and kills somebody over argument over texting. Claiming that he wished he felt like his life was threatened because apparently the guys who popcorn in his face. We've got some people carrying a gun. And they don't really understand. What to do with it or how to use it properly and that is really really scary. For Metairie calling your -- WL. -- -- -- Comment come in the fact that the generation. Of today. -- listen to that type of music with multiple language that password. To talk about the great women I think that's where that comes. The worst worst thing for my generation speaking for myself. Obviously. I don't know how to say it but let go yet to get. We put the ball we have to but music in -- -- I'm -- I'm going to be a woman caught every -- equitable. And -- about it. That's the difference between music and I got news. And I'm not going to defend that aspect to find music it's unfortunate that I think it reflects the reality that lives in in our society and in many many communities. But I wanna remind you that in the context of the world that we live -- it's really impossible to. To judge our music based on the world today you have to go back and realize just how rebellious it wise. The -- the FBI was suspicious of John -- -- there was a fear of revolution there was this. Under current among an anti establishment generation our generation is now the establishment. And there was there was fear of rebellion. There that we were strong fears about the the influence of the music at the time and again you. -- you can do it you can look at The Beatles and think -- they look like really nice clean cut kids but they were very rebellious went with their hair and their look in their music when they first hit America. I'll agree with that no exception I'll take that -- is that government may have spewed a revolution. Comment I think personally important to get station packed and looked it looked at me with not all parents. Look at it yet B he's -- weeks. Didn't think -- caught a revolution hurt anybody. She talked about when not to. But we can't do it again it is I guess what I'm concerned about is a growing fear. That if I perceived threat based on a stereotype that I have in my mind that it doesn't have to be a real threat I -- automatically receive this threat. Now again I leave downtown and so I am around to different people all the time. And I'm around many of the the types of people that people stereotype is being. As being funds are being dangerous but I I don't assume. That anybody is it is a thug just because of the way they dress I in this cautious is like candy because of what happened to me I'm even more cautious now. If -- whole stay when this were coming right back with more of your calls are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Text numbers 87870. Loud music trial proves that justice is not blind that's the scoop blog you can read it and -- owners feel like. And share it. Again it's another controversial blog that we're coming right back with more of your comments on -- in fort Garland on the VW -- It's really easy to. Compare things today we have the past think that the pats lose -- really in Austin it's nothing like it is today and now agreed that a lot has changed. But it was on this date February 17 1969. That doors lead singer Jim Morrison was charged with simple offenses. After allegedly exposing himself on stage during concert in Miami and simulating self gratification. He was found guilty of exposure and profanity charges in 1970. Cents is on appeal when he died in 1971. Imagine if a young rapper and expose himself on stage and simulated explode and not just. Granted it's product I expose himself on to imagine what the the outrage would be like. I'm not justifying. What Jim Morrison did I'm just simply saying that. My generation is very quick to pass judgment forgetting how rebellious we were. When we were young I'm screwed in fort Garland double dip back to a more detection -- moment we're talking about the loud music trial. -- there was a mistrial declared because the jury could agree on first degree murder charges but -- Michael -- 47 year old who shot a black teenager killed and is facing sixty years in prison for attempted murder and firing at a vehicle from Mississippi Mike you're going to be WL. Hello Mike. -- and -- your -- WL. Well I -- And I. You know. He got on and that. Got another. But up to the door and feel comfortable. Out. Like. I'm not like the Lance got -- good. At what point that -- Is. It we McCain. You know -- knock it in the -- that we -- it there. -- to a picture. A picture we. Are and it will. A trip like this old. But different eighty and a different. And you know we. -- You want it. You -- -- now it's a whole different. And -- and I think that's a good point because suited to address his words just a short then as they are now and I have I I have not seen. Even Miley Cyrus or anybody like that Wear shorts any shorter than the hot pants that were popular with girls and I was dating at the time. But what the market. And I can't think right now. But they're oh some Beckett in the seventy ready out with the thought about working that you could say it. And so excited about that out. I and I appreciate what you. Immigrant and here is attacks. Getting just a ton of text it is music and here is -- text that read. I don't care about race stereotypes it's natural that -- the issue. I'm sixty year old -- answers 47 and shot and killed a teenager over loud music that is insanity to me. Here's attacks I feel like my life is threatened every day by people messing with their phones while driving but I can't start shooting -- -- If you're on -- stay -- work and come right back with more of your. That's for talking about the verdict in the loud music trial I think it proves that justice is not blind. Michael -- 47 year old shot and killed black teenager. Over loud music. And I mean I think that pretty much over loud and music shot and killed this -- gives gun owners a bad name and there should be totally outraged at this guy's behavior. I feel like -- are on the jury I -- found him guilty of first degree murder however he was found guilty of attempted murder faces up to sixty years in prison. I'm student for Carlin will be her right back on every WL RU conservatives. Are you liberals. And are you sure we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour here on the VW -- I'm -- in fort Garland before about your calls here's a text is reads if people keep talking about how rude kids are up. For four decades. Old people have been so rude telling young people cut your hair take a -- turned on the music I don't like what you say I don't like what you're listening to. The young people say cut the comb over changed the shirt let the pants hang a little -- all the guy at the gas station was wrong. So was the guy at the movie theater I'm 42 by the way from every day and year and -- BWL. It is a good. You know oh -- you really amuse me personable and -- -- I'm probably. Rate somewhere around with you on 66 usable. And the Olympic days it would oldest. Where there's people. -- the notion. It anywhere you know constitution that pure. Insulated from somebody -- it's -- clear. Whether it's the -- Music they. Outlook we took a -- -- -- imposition on you Obey well but right. -- -- -- Morals. Usually thought for a while and somebody else that it is this released but if somebody was -- -- out -- listened to their music. All the time and -- -- -- policy though that's a problem with that. -- -- Pretty much covered in the constitution. But we talk about global and -- Sanctioned in time where -- They're like they are there waiting for a -- Or -- or you actual mobile ought to. And I I agree and I think this is really one of these serious underlying problems in America this idea that will we can go through life and we have a right to not be offended infect the constitution gives people the right to offend you. And you should deal with one of the problems I think that results from from on suicides in drastic measures following bullying. Is that younger generations have been taught that he you should never be offended nobody should -- yeah we live in a world -- you know what get tough. People made fun of -- and people can always make fun of people and you you don't have a right to not be offended right I totally agree with you. Yeah I think you know and -- I. For the most part I'm not really that crazy about rap music but guess what -- -- crazy vocal music he's. Dan I gotta get to a news regularly played a call I heard something this weekend the French Quarter that I have never heard before and as you know I spent a lot of time in the French Quarter. Street musician. Singing opera music. Getting tips singing opera music so I guess class in the French quarters moving up.