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2-17-14 11:10am Scoot: on Dunn verdict

Feb 17, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on the Michael Dunn verdict.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome back to our show I'm -- in fort -- today. This is it to another one of the new songs that I think his -- It's called chocolate. And the band is called the 1975. So for all of you who were so quick to dismiss any new music today is being. Terrible and so -- really good stuff but there's a lot of really good strongly -- them there's well. Best of luck today is titled loud music -- -- justice is not blind. We've been talking about the trial of Michael Dolan he was found guilty of attempted murder in firing of the vehicle faces sixty years in prison. I'm the -- state attorney's office in Florida says they're gonna retry him on first degree murder charges the. Jury could not come to a decision so the judge declared. A a mistrial. This is about race. Andy brings up a conversation about race. And all of that is in the blog and not everybody agrees with what I rights of the you can read it and above -- gets a great comments on our web site. It's at WW dot com these two point loud music trial. Approves justice is not blind and here's our WWL party general opinion poll do you agree with the verdicts in the allowed BC trial 48% said yes and 53% said no. They do not agree with the by the way tonight is that debut with the news tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. On NBC and I'm sure we'll be talking about that tomorrow. Before -- get back to your calls have been talking about this a case involving Michael Dunn he's the 47 year old a white male who. Had gone to his son's wedding -- fiance is stopped off at a convenience store gas station. They went -- get a -- in the Weiner or something else they had their drinks at the wedding reception. And they stopped off and there was they they pulled up next to an issue -- full of fun for teenagers for black teens. And the music was loud and to Michael Dunn a told in due to turn it down and apparently they didn't and he says they threatened him with a shotgun. But nobody ever found the shotgun. And there isn't surveillance video that shows that they've -- to the car with a shotgun in any event distorted over loud music he felt like dislike for -- he shot. The -- ten times and killed a seventeen year old. And they could not find him guilty of first degree murder and and it might have been the fact that it was it was first degree murder not second degree murder but here's a really interest and tax in this. -- volumes of the way a lot of people think. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it illegal to play loud the music so loud that it's audible two persons outside of the vehicle. Illegal is illegal. And maybe the guy had a CHL. Which means. That he was by law allowed to carry a weapon. So screwed how could you pass judgment on the guy already. Well. First of all this text suggest. A mentality. That is so prevalent in our society. This guy saying. That if you legally carry a gun. And somebody breaks the law like playing loud music you can shoot him and kill. That would also mean that if you see somebody run a stop sign and you have a concealed carry permit and you're legally carrying a you can shoot him and killer. Somebody is speeding you can shoot them and kill it amazes me that some people have such a distorted distorted view. Of our system of justice. Now I don't know how loud. Music has to be before it's illegal. I hear it all the time downtown in the French Quarter I also and even more offended. By the loud on motorcycles. By added that the big pipes on these these spikes that are just in it drowns out. Everything it is far louder than any music that I have ever heard in the French Quarter. And yet nothing is done about. These old punks and their older punks they're -- they're like old suburb -- like old at least. And I I guess people are so desperate for attention that they've got to have a loud motorcycle so people look at. Seriously I mean if that's the only way you can get people to look at you don't you think that's kind of pathetic. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's having a -- numbers 877. Also this hour we're gonna talk about whether or not you're you're conservative or liberal. Are you sure -- conservative if you call yourself a conservative or you sure. I for conservatives say things that really makes it seem like their lapels but they don't even recognize. I hear some people that describe himself as liberals say things that well its arms like they're really conservative. But I -- they're not. To think about are you liberals or are you conservative. And since we are so quick to label each other. And since we're so quick to define -- I'm not but since many people are so quick to say I'm liberal I conservative. What is that the nature conservative I mean I I hope you thought about the mission and try to understand. Why -- conservative for what makes you conservative. Or what makes you liberal. But make you know ought to conserve. To join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven to December's 877 here's text. And so if someone goes to Jazz Fest vacant kill everyone as long as they have a permit well exactly. From home a -- -- WWL. No it's not I don't find you a pretty fair and balanced -- -- I felt this doesn't property closely and one thing that until. Until. Somewhere that was on the jury comes forward and explains and I don't think we're gonna go. Why they didn't find of first degree murder it was either a they couldn't agree on premeditation. Which is yeah. Aspect that has to be there for first degree or beat. They actually bought the self defense argument which is self defense in that case there wouldn't be them a murder committed. They must've bought the story about him believing he saw. Shotgun in the -- -- But until a juror comes forward and tells us what their thinking was. We have no way and knowing why they couldn't agree on first -- And it could be that first degree murder is so well defined -- -- invited DN it might have been easier to convict him of manslaughter. And and I I -- I don't know if that was an option I get the impression that it wasn't that somebody can correct me if if I'm wrong here but. -- the guy is the guy I was stunned Michael Dunn said it through his attorney said that he was it was really surprised it is Stanley's devastated by that the verdicts. He's going to prison I think for sixty years. -- -- self sufficient I've just got to say one more thing. My father was a World War II -- he said there was no good music after god Lombardo. Step up and my sister what's The Beatles on -- and we still laugh about it Thursday. And Tom when my dad for so that deals in my dad who has really into the big band sounded Frank Sinatra all of which I I respect now. But my dad thought The Beatles story joke and all that music was not a good music they're not really playing. They only -- records are not right we -- not release singing look at the way they look. -- know my parents said the same thing about music that I was listening to -- a lot of adults today. Are saying about music today. So I join our conversation nationalistic if you wanna join us with your comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers -- of these seven. Here's a textile loud pipes save lives. -- for the idiots who don't see us riding. -- So if you don't have loud. I -- your bike if they're not so -- That it's totally obnoxious. Dan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From -- Chris here and every WL. What you think Oakland are saw -- what was it that the text message and it -- it to people because they are against the law illegal. The total for an idiot. Again I mean may you know you -- about it -- remember you when he walked out more. And a second off you know that the -- sort of fights yeah I agree a lot of ambient obnoxious. But it those sort of what they -- people is don't pay attention went to draw. -- decreased you have a motorcycle endorsement. Actually I do not. But I don't want to on the minds -- that you have motorcycles. You know and when when that. You gotta be more than anything you -- attention. I agree I have an endorsement I went to the class and one of the things that I learned I -- I learned to be a better driver because I've I've went through the motorcycle class. Well and I never heard and maybe I missed it but I did very well in the class. I never heard anything about loud pipes being a safety issue I think subsequently I think -- subsequently become an excuse. On because people are starving for attention and that's part of the whole deal was to make them motorcycle loud but I can tell you that in the French Quarter when it reverberates. Off these these buildings that are so close it's it's truly the most obnoxious. Think you can possibly -- here. I I agree with that you know -- mean there's there's a point -- At someplace just two per kilowatt. Chris I I enjoyed our conversation ethnic -- nationalistic. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. Protects oversee 7870. Here is attacks that reads do one of the reasons that motorcycle riders have loud exhaust is because it's a safety issue really. I mean I took the class I don't I don't remember that being brought up as a safety issue. I realize that it's excellent but if you -- driving sixty miles an hour on the interstate. You're you're not reading your pipes. And that's the most dangerous place to be cruising. Ten miles an hour in the French Quarter -- sitting at a stop sign why do you have to ram your motor so loudly that everybody focuses on new. -- an eagle thinkable and admit it. I'm not bashing writers would just be honest with what you're doing. I'm student for growth and we'll be right back to. Since we're so quick to. Define ourselves as conservative or liberal numbers. Quick -- call somebody a liberal or conservative. Where are you. Are you conservative. Are you sure. Are you liberal. And you sure about that. There's a -- -- -- pretty -- opinion poll are you liberal conservative. We're not sure. Right now 60% say they're conservative 20% say they're liberal and 20% say they're not sure. So 40% right now responding to the hole or not conservative. I hear conservatives say things that really makes a liberal and I don't even think they realize. That they're not true conservatives and I hear liberals say things that makes it seem like they're conservatives and I don't think they realize that there are not true liberals. I'm shooting for Garland you'll need your dissent with your opinion go to our website to be -- -- -- -- come -- give us your. Opinion on our poll -- date on that to update on that coming up at a few minutes ago do you talk about. -- about music loud music and the of the Michael -- trial he was found say guilty of attempted murder. -- face is sixty years in prison but there was a mistrial declared because the jury couldn't come to an agreement. When it came to the first degree murder charges and then I brought up the idea of of of loud pipes in the French Quarter of remorse and look these are beautiful bikes. And again I went to the motorcycle class if people say well that you need to have allowed bike for for safety. I I never picked up on that in the in the class at all I think it's a subsequent excuse. A to have loud pipes and and why do you need to read your pipes if you go in ten miles -- -- the French Quarter that's simply to get attention so let's call like it is. And it takes a moment ago from source and thanks for bringing this up we were having dinner on a balcony in the French Quarter and the pipes were really. Obnoxious if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths hear what's happening in our tech's number is 877. From Metairie -- Euro and to -- WL. Yeah Clinton that they you know and probably didn't he can hear your opinion. About Padilla. What that bullet at deposition that the air station. I think I'll be here station by the -- gorilla and -- out. And he can't stand them about music that you. It's certainly not like it was in neighbor and he was trying to have a quiet dinner at home. Not to be an excuse to kill somebody but he is your I think this -- a really great brought up. -- April in -- there and the potential for teenagers and it didn't matter there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- become confrontational for always graft that stopped Durham. My it's just that a Smart thing you know and because if you -- permit that we get the -- -- -- needed -- On the other hand the guys who Buell a cop who shot the guy that theater. I understood that because of the younger guy Margaret you regret that. And you know popcorn -- -- -- -- fight but you know what an awful but it starts or something -- like that the -- to try to distracted. So you know can teleport so I mean I understand the different. In the year for two hours and -- that border takes up the -- in the future shooting but it. Do you know we are critical in our help is that girl and get -- again and that. Can I think it's a good point on Politico the show and assess as far as the movie theater guys -- I wasn't I wasn't there. But you don't eat you really have to prove that your life which threatened. If you are you to convince a jury elect respect and if you -- shooting kills about. Here's a Texan reads I think you just have a problem with motorcycles 'cause. I never hear you complain about cars with loud pipes well I would complain about that as well it's not as big a problem as motorcycles. Downtown. And I love motorcycles. -- I would like to I I plan I plan on having. As it is like an apple cart and a motorcycle have a motorcycle to it again -- I went through the class there are a lot of people riding bikes that don't have a motorcycle endorsement. I'm very proud to say that to I have one and I with for the class if you wanna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. As early seventy. In a text numbers 87870. Here's a Texan re -- you don't you don't get to the revving of the loud motor bikes. Is the mating call of the middle aged red nose -- soccer. I didn't realize that now I do merely your WWL. Think this is taken McConnell should I grew up in six -- sending me things are a whole lot different from what they are now. I was -- my it was a -- Marines. Special forces. It means that the council. He had his earnings and I had a pistol. But. He'd tell me can never pull it less -- and he used it and make sure whenever I was getting is that it needs to be for something. That my life with the threat. And -- you know one of the things that stand your ground laws have done is that they have removed which we've always had laws on the books that allow people to protect themselves with -- lethal force if their life for properties threatened. But more so their life and then the property. The stand your ground laws have now started to. Present this this idea that. You don't have to retreat and in the lawsuit were on the books before stand your ground laws it's my understanding that they require you to retreat if you can't. Mice question about this guy Michael -- is he didn't really have to be in this situation defeated wanna be in the situation. Therefore I take -- sky and gave him the confidence to be in a situation and then. Which was at the alcohol was it his it was it is prejudice because there's some people who perceive all young black males to be the same which is is clearly unfair. Whatever it was this didn't have to happen in a seventeen year old is dead. Yeah and you know what I don't understand. It is -- fourteen. Instead to seventeen Euro packing guns granted they get these guns from. They're not -- -- about him. And that's OK don't -- -- how would use on if somebody broken out after me. I am not able to defend myself against somebody breaking in my own. And I have analogue on an anecdote. In new people coming in Italy and there are now negated that -- And I don't think anything wrong with that I don't think there's anything wrong with. I don't want to be -- I think it would bother me if I had to do that but I'm not gonna let somebody. Come in and an -- Because on certain news and I'm not gonna do it. -- -- I'm I'm I'm glad you called because I I think it's guys like Michael Dunn who -- gun owners a bad name and I think it's important and responsible gun owners talk about how. They use ago under the gun and -- He -- from the beginning. And that -- tasting was my granddaughter. And I say what I thought I was sitting. Out front on the front of a Taco -- place and not -- for you know. -- Put that debate and almost all the about turn. And I thought there was a law against that it was not -- -- I'm not blind -- And I didn't know about when it was go and in. -- intractable pain up. I don't know what they think what they think about that but I wish they had little -- They. -- And it was just think it would discuss that. Well it's not a look and I understand. But nobody should be killed over it. You know all -- I would never say. -- only thing not saying about killing it this year in your home or something to that expanse. And somebody's coming aptly used in especially a woman I'm not -- a lot of time asking about it. I don't want to live alone now she can't defend -- I really think anybody should be able to defend himself but there's a big difference between defending yourself and you see you're going to seek revenge Maryland -- really going to call the show thanks for -- If your whole stay -- this if you -- with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text numbers -- have needs anymore text about loud pipes on motorcycles helped keep idiots in cars aware. It's really to show isn't it c'mon admit it. I stood for -- and we'll be right back after this news update with Chris Miller and every WL. Look at that George show in this beautiful very comfortable spring like Monday but it is a very pleasant temperatures all this week -- it was a great weekend I hope you got out and enjoyed it. And this city just look phenomenal. On nationwide television during the NBA all star game last night. There -- a lot of people in town if you are downtown called this weekend you know how crowded it was on the streets. To traffic everywhere Friday Saturday and Sunday. But it was a very successful in the all star game drones once again looked really good that the country. I stood in for -- today and I I I saw during the halftime show I saw Charles Barkley part of Charles Barkley interview with President Obama. And Charles Barkley said that was the coolest thing he's ever done. We -- just really excited about it. Here's what I really like about that. Charles Barkley to staunch conservative. Charles Barkley. Has supported conservatives. And I I I like that that somebody. Was honest enough to admit. That you can disagree with somebody. As president. But you can still be in law. Of sitting down with the person who is president of the United States. Here's our WW -- pretty general opinion poll this hour are you liberal conservative. We're not sure. Right now 58% say conservative 27%. Say liberal and 15% are not sure. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- like trouble giving a date on that as we continue to track that poll throughout our show. And there's always something new on our website at WWL dot com like Julia predicts that the saints will. I have to put the franchise tag on Jimmy -- you may have just started talking about dissent in the news. And Disco blog is the loud music trial verdict proves that justice is not -- already getting some response to that you can -- -- share with others it's -- -- WL. Dot com. In this position as a talk show host. In between the calls and emails and text that I receive. There is no question. That Americans that many Americans aren't desperate. To label you conservative or liberal. And this idea that you're not strictly conservative for not strictly liberal is unsettling to a lot of people are not really sure why. Because I hear so much hypocrisy among conservatives and liberals. I think if we really broke it down. Most people or not true liberal most people are not true conservatives. It depends on the show and it takes a moment ago from somebody says there. A social liberal. But an economic conservative the fiscal conservative. And I would agree with that there are people who were quick to label the liberal because of my opinion on some things. But actually I'm not liberal. And I believe in small government and I think the government can't continue to spend money it doesn't have an effect my stance on same sex marriage I think is really based on my conservative ideology. Because it's about the government not being involved in somebody's personal private life. I know somebody here at the radio station on it was a conversation at the station this dispersant proudly wears the conservative branch. Bashing big government bragging about his right to own a gun. Bragging about being a conservative a really staunch conservative. But that person made a comment about how if he was on the jury. In the -- trial he would have drawn -- the deliberations as long as possible -- we continued to get free food free meals brought to him. From the jury -- on the jury from the government. Now to me that's a classic example of entitlement I'm entitled to something. And then of course you're you're you're. Causing the government to spend money on new. So here's a conservative who really is expressing a very liberal point of view. Somebody who might be or nearly critical of people who have the entitlement mentality but this I thought he was entitled to all the meals he could get. From the jury. IE also know somebody who's liberal. Who makes comments about minorities. And people's weight makes comments about things like that that make him seem like a staunch staunch conservative. And very much. -- -- So neither of these people are really liberal or conservative even though that's what they proclaimed today. I'd like to think that we all. Can be honest enough and say you know it depends on the issue. Conservatives in in very simple definition. Not resist change they want things to remain the same. How many conservatives are in favor of changing the law to make marijuana legal. And there are conservatives who actually agree with me that same sex marriage is something that should not be dictated. Or prevented. A by the government. And they are are. Liberals who have. Conserve reports -- duke it really should come down to honesty about the issues I'm a radical moderate that's the best way I can describe myself. I'm not going to be beholden to the right at the left and I hope that you would be that way as well. So if you are conservative I'd I'd I'd like to hear what. What you think defined she was a conservative and I'm not trying to put on the spot but if you probably call yourself a conservative. What is at the -- she was a conservative. If you proudly describe yourself as a liberal what defines who was a liberal. Or is it really true that we really for the most part we're not really conservative or liberal. Why is there such -- temptation in this country to want everybody to be so so. Well defined. If you wanna join -- show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Till 3866889. Sincerely seven in the protection of -- 7870. Are you liberal. Conservative. -- honestly not sure. And -- by not being sure doesn't mean your spineless it does it mean that you don't have conviction it just means that you don't follow along with the the myopic perspective of either liberal or conservative. Ideology. I'm stupid for correlate our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 protects him receipts have -- haven't we'll be right back. You know I think I love about the -- -- senators. Coming into the -- with music -- will be again John -- and number one what I think is really good news songs. And got a text here says says scoot get rid of the leaned fading in and out music sounds. Sounds like -- 9070s. You know I don't think this is anything wouldn't get rid of any time soon -- missions that I do. And filling in for garlic today but obviously in this cute show at night when a cylinder and to be back stewardship at night. Here's attacks on either liberal or conservative a little of both is necessary plus it makes life. A little more stress free and it's from tyra and we get another New Orleans winner in a 1000 dollar national cash contest congratulations WU Ellis or -- Pardo. And we can put some money in your pocket. You've got four chances every -- to win -- thousand dollars just listen WWL weekdays before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the code word. And the code word at WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link it -- -- -- dot com and it's just -- entering your Smartphone your tablet office computer or surfing until you can win anywhere. Every weekday for like you listeners nationwide -- thousand dollars each -- good luck and remember the times to listen right before the top of the or news at 8 AM. -- 3 PM. And 6 PM here's a quick update on -- WWL pretty -- what people are you liberal. Conservatives for not sure 66% say they're conservative 19% say they're liberal. And 50% saying they're not sure if your opinion going to WW built a cup also we've talked about it loud. Pipes on and on motorcycles strictly in the in different quarters. It's very obnoxious for anybody who enjoys the quarter on a regular basis it's something that I really don't I don't understand the mentality behind it or the need for it. And I'm continuing to get texts from people telling me that we'll have to have that for safety. I don't think they do. And I went to the motorcycle class cinema motorcycle endorsement and I'd never remember hearing anything about it. Now I understand the purpose that it does serve but if you're going sixty miles an hour on the interstate. You're not reading your engine to the point where suddenly. Somebody's gonna hear you -- to hear you or they -- Motorcycles are being -- with I mean obnoxious -- Loud pipes. In the French Quarter. At an intersection. Am I got a text earlier that it's it's a mating call is that indeed it made it really is is. It does that really turn women it is is a woman that -- CU and go oh my -- I think I need to be with Erica. Again this it would wind and noise issue in the French Quarter comes up the the loud pipes in the French Quarter on a Sunday. Is far more obnoxious. Then any loud music that that I've ever heard we've also been talking about the case of Michael -- the loud music murder trial. A verdict came in on Saturday. A mistrial on the first degree murder charge but guilty of attempted murder but yet a seventeen year old is dead do you agree with the verdicts are from New Orleans -- -- -- -- well. 88 Saturday. Good. All right well you know not. The actual height birds by -- defend ourselves. And a -- -- a lot for over 25 years. And have been on both motorcycles that have loud pipes the pipes that are not well. And if you do have. -- out there like that what we call -- your pipes. And on the vehicle wreck your pipes and -- that -- okay. I eat -- it's (%expletive) like everybody else is if you ban apples you can't sport much. Didn't go to Chris I told I totally agree with you in and just because we talk about something. Whether it's gun owners or on our people with loud pipes and their bikes. I'm not indicting everybody who rides a bike I just want people to admit that it's really it's for show. I gotta disagree with scoop arm and -- point taken what what I mean by that is. All they're afraid loud pipes save lives and you said I just heard you say them about being on the -- statements freeway. Yet when you're going 6070 miles an hour on the freeway yet people art -- -- -- eat too much -- your local trapped there. And you're going you know 3540 miles an hour and I've seen it happen time and time again. Where accord rate cut off and your happening Richard gets a little bit here that I they'll look why. And that's where that -- comes in loud pipes save while. But this is -- -- this is nothing that is actually taught in a motorcycle class is it. It's not -- -- mobile chemical -- I wanna say that it's it's something that it's preference. It's preference some people have more for our performance. But I mean you know run hard out there for example -- that these loud fight performance. And I -- black -- -- critical that is well -- -- -- -- -- I ride a Harley-Davidson. And when I first bought the bike I remember my wife when did you at all. And October just a couple of minutes ago she liked that together you're. In meat -- so I'm like yeah -- now. I wanna be harder I wanna be seen. But not in that hey look at me. I want to beat her not want to be seen because a -- -- on the mall lights and is that the end of the day and I wanna deal that you know like it was a wonderful -- Today. You know why I can't listen I understand. And as the motorcycle rider we do have pretty much every right to be on that road. Because we're registered vehicle were picture Chris. I don't understand I am a -- I I have a license I have the endorsement I took a look at the I took a task and I know that there I know that. Then it's that -- a tremendous blind spot with more and I know that motorists don't pay attention but I'm talking about just the if there's so much concerned about noise in the French Quarter then why. Why not do something about if you could be so concerned about music and why not be concerned about the loud pipes in the quarter which are truly obnoxious and -- not about safety. I am not get -- disagree with you anyway. A real good example -- on the beach Panama City every year and that it is out there and share there and wanted to. Jews not rack your life. It's the law if you get caught the prison got you know what. Car -- your fight this. Or it's so loud did you get the building them one other. It's ridiculous and you know. I think there's got a partner for the quarter -- quiet -- like an all out. Again like a responsible gun owners thanks for being a writer I'm not indicting writers I love motorcycles but -- let's be honest summer kind of obnoxious. I'm studio for -- we'll be right back and VW well. I love motorcycles have an endorsement on my license but I don't like a -- justly loud pipes especially in the French Quarter. We're talking about that also we're talking about the loud music murder trial a teenager is dead. And are you conservative liberal or you're really not sure -- continues in the next hour.