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2-17-14 12:10pm Scoot: on political labeling

Feb 17, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks why do people need to label themselves "conservative" or "liberal."

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Good afternoon I'm student born early today on bond that you will be on tonight doing just to show. No talk about New Orleans just hosting the NBA all star game we had great success with super balls -- the Crescent City ever host the Summer Olympics is also a ten year old boy has come up with a novel excuse after he drove his parents' cars to a snowy ditch. Told police that he was it to dwarf. Of you've got his driver's license what was your first driving experience like did you ever sneak over the family car and to get caught. So I joined by pitching tonight on this -- to midnight here and definitely well. Here's an update on -- to be WL pretty -- my opinion poll are you liberal conservative or you're not sure. But today they're just seems to be such a desire to label everybody I think it's really sad. If you watch the cable news channels if you listen to bid talk radio nationwide. There are so many definite lines between liberal and conservative and yet when it really comes down to us. And judging issues I don't think there are very many true liberals or true conservatives. I think it really depends on the issue I'm getting a number of text that that reflect that. And that's certainly is my attitude. And get their people who want to label do you -- the liberal or conservative. I think that is something that that results from from being insecure. So what if somebody starts a definite liberal or different conservative. Who would be more would it be. Would be better if they were just simply more honest about their Felix -- there are things that conservatives believe without realizing at that kind of defy conservative ideology. And there are things that liberals believe that make them seem more conservative and and I I know both types of people. There are conservatives. Who think that nobody should depend on the government and yet in many ways they depend of the government financial. And there aren't liberals who are very much you lead just. And it -- the same types of things. That conservatives often say about. Minorities and entitlement and things like -- so they're really not true liberals so what are you 60% say they're conservative. 43% say their liberal and 17% say they're not sure it's a 60% say they're conservative and 40%. Are not conservative. It is your opinion by -- to our web -- to be WL dot com. At the conversation about their loud pipes on bikes is has has come up we've talked about the the loud music trial of Michael -- Michael -- down guilty of a firing at a vehicle also three counts of I'm sick outs of of attempted murder. He fired into a vehicle with some black youth listening to loud music he told to turn it down and they didn't he claims in his life which threatened. I was in the court from the from the testimony I heard it seemed like he didn't have to. Shoot that he could've avoided this this confrontation but I wonder if in the case of somebody like this the gun gives them. The confidence to be more confrontational than they would be a big guys like Michael Dunn give gun owners a bad name. So he he's he's facing prison time -- sentencing is I think going to be a couple of months but he was not found guilty they -- declared a mistrial. Because a jury could agree on the first degree murder charge. Again. A seventeen year old is dead overly loud music how can that possibly be justify. If you at a -- Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- a -- -- is a 77. I wanna say this once again if you just joined us and and missed it. I love motorcycles. And when I can afford to get a bike I'm gonna get a bike I already know the bike that I wanna get I I had a bike before I don't have one right now. I've been to the class I have a motorcycle endorsement on my license. I don't remember anything in the class about. Loud pipes being. Necessary for safety and we're talking about the loud pipes if if there's a concern about. Loud music in the French Quarter. The one thing that even drowns out the music is the loud pipes on bikes. And it's obnoxious. And I'm talking about just. The noise from the pipes that makes the bike up a Harley for example on authentic. I'm talking about obnoxious -- loud music. And I. I'm just. I just in awe of people who risk their bikes. Wrecked the pipes and then look around to see who's looking at him. It's not about safety when you're in an intersection or you're cruising down the French Quarter. At fifteen miles an hour and you see a girl decided is the street January irritated so he read the pipes and -- just be at least the honest about it. It's for show. It is to some degree. A mating call. And it toward your text here in just a moment from Vanderbilt Jesse year and to -- WL. -- Sure. They were. Like the like the they. Don't. We. -- Sure. All we hear you. Been there. If it'll. Be -- Well I think it's a good point it and I remember anything about them on the test to get my license for for motorcycle. Yeah endorsement and and Jesse also -- if you're if you're cruising sixty miles an hour on the on the interstate. You're not wrapping your -- it might be a little louder than other bikes but it's if somebody's got music on there they're not gonna hear your bike anymore if you've got loud pipes or not and the loud pipes are. Or are utilized win somebody's not in a traffic situation -- dangerous. It would be yours. On. Your own. Life. You know you can -- 800 -- I'm going to -- the show special thing again and again let's let's be clear about this if people hear what they wanna hear and they don't actually listen to what is being said. I'm not -- motorcycle riders I respect motorcycle riders and I agree with that that the problem that. There art far too many motorist who were not paying attention to -- writers on the road. And they're not looking up and you have to be an offensive drive for all the time. I learned to be better driver in car after taking them did the motorcycle test and after going to the class. I really became sensitive. A blind spots so you actually do become a better driver if you learn to ride a bike in the right way. Now however I'm I'm not gonna defend writers that are absolutely. Obnoxious. With obnoxious sleep loud pipes. And I find it interesting that day or -- they are people who are playing music in the quarter and they're the target of criticism. And yet nobody says anything about the loud pipes which to me is even more obnoxious. Offer Mississippi Peter -- WWL. -- -- Don't Balkans -- in one auction. There's a lot of liberal about you -- call local. That gave art -- -- like that. Surely there's a lot more bigger issues on. But. That. They are all concerned that art just. You know Bible bumpy underweight and and that. And that is -- that's not true and that's why I like having this conversation. I just I I find it interesting that there are so many people who who wanna make sure that I have a label when. I don't think it's fair to put somebody and in in -- category. If they really don't belong -- category and there should be nothing wrong with saying hey you know what when it comes to some things you might think a liberal but when it comes to other things are really conservative. That pick as the biggest. -- -- between conservative political rhetoric being considerate of art for all America. You know and YouTube. Though they're just in your concern. You know -- you know I ever. Analyst -- -- or audio or I don't wanna spend billions -- be -- You know but then you're able to help the poor person or you know you -- -- -- personal. I'd say -- -- no -- School. -- dart between your high school I went back and -- open school work in at -- -- out. And the like and I would now work two jobs each. Took what do huge group on wall. You know no competent and really don't like. You know a lot should go to people who are locked him. And Peter I you know I know I under it would be nice if it would be really nice if we could take care of the world that we have a problem taking care of our country I I don't disagree with that type I agree with foreign aid in the in the cases where. It benefits national security depending on the situation depending on the country. And it as as random amount as it seems to be. A foreign aid is just really on a very small part of our our whole. Our whole expenses as a country. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't cut back on even those areas that make up just a small percentage Peter glad to call the show probably to get his is fair to say that. All conservatives -- all levels are not alike but yet in this country there's just this is. This tendency to wanna judge people either -- this or hear that -- as I said. I hear conservatives say things like. You know well if I'm on a trial I want to I want all the food I can get so I'm gonna drag on the deliberations. I'm gonna take money from the government who's gonna feed me if I drag on the -- the deliberations here and it ended in a jury trial. That's entitlement mentality. So it's hypocritical to really think you're -- true conservative and that's what you think. If you would join our show with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688908. Stephanie. -- everything except the except that -- do -- for Garland will be right back but if you well. The -- looked great on national television last night you know I've noticed. Because again you always hear. On the overhead shots of the Mercedes-Benz superdome more than eight smoothie king arena -- -- center. Are provided by Goodyear but the -- is not always here have a small fixed wing planes flying over with it with a camera so when you hear it -- is that -- you by Goodyear does and as easily mean that there is a blip in the year. But this this weekend which is so crowded downtown and really a great crowd I spent a lot of time in the in the. Quarter anyways just now a lot of fun lot of great people in town. I woke up and it's 350 until 349. To 11 minutes before 4 o'clock Sunday morning. To carry of Saturday night woke up and it looked out of my window. Canal street was bumper to bumper in both directions. -- -- bumper to bumper. Camp was bumper to bumper and it was a huge crowd at the corner of of -- and and canal. It's eleven minutes to four and steal a massive crowd -- don't forget tonight is the debut of the new tonight show with Jimmy -- And at tonight's Bob Mitchell will be introduced to -- I'll get back to more of your text your just a moment if you wanna join us with a comment about any of that stuff that we are talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in our -- amber -- 77. -- -- talking about it whether or not you're really conservative or or or liberal. And are you really sure of what you are or disappoint you find yourself a little hypocritical. There are a lot of people who are. Social liberals. But this -- very very conservative. And I -- -- have to put my my. To get to put myself in that category. I'd like to describe myself as a radical moderate I have an opinion about whatever. The issue is but I'm not always beholden to the right or to the left we've also talked about the verdict over the weekend. I'm Michael -- the 47 year old guy who shot into a court teenagers killing a seventeen year old teenager. -- Jordan Davis. There was an argument about loud music so loud music led to a teenager being dead. And Michael -- claimed his life which threatened. There was a mistrial declared on the first degree murder charge bye to Michael -- Was found guilty on 34 counts of attempted murder and firing of vehicle he faces sixty years in prison. A sentencing will be just a couple of months. What what's your reaction to today's verdict. -- -- good blog is titled loud music trial proves justice is not blind. And unfortunately I don't think justices point. A lot of reaction to that on our web site you may agree you may disagree you can read it share it and come under if you like it's a WWL dot com a -- city market welcome to -- show. I just think it's to particular calls to comment please put on a motorcycle yeah I think it's annoying when these motorbike come to the French Quarter in the open up the engine. Only because of the confinement in the ankle. But I used to ride a bike -- and believe me when that I used to many times I had two of my engine just to get the attention. Of a driver who's not paid attention. So it does for the benefit put it right. But I do understand in the corner is just ridiculous. Yeah well you can't you can't claim that it's for safety reasons if you're at an intersection. If get a stop sign or -- or you're trying to get the attention of some female on the street. Yeah auto and I'm talking about a -- -- -- doesn't see you in the blind spot -- and -- and -- into diabetic people so it disposing counts. If we got -- the shooting of Florida maybe you can explain to me out of this guy get convicted of attempted let the government. I don't know. It's not like somebody was it to somebody was killed. So why is it a -- that it was attempted murder in the case of the the other people and in the vehicle or three of -- the news that counts. But I'd I'm just I'm really stunned and and maybe it was the first degree murder charge may be it was not as premeditated to it as defined by the law. In the minds of some jury members. And and and it would only take one jury members say hey you know. I I don't believe astute to to cause a mistrial in -- particular case now. The state attorney's office in Florida is going to retry him for first degree murder. But you know I guess that that the the good news is this guy is going to jail. And I think that's good news because there's no justification in this country for killing somebody over loud music. Margaret -- -- political show. Art thanks it was. Here is a text that -- conservatives believe that all liberals are just lazy and looking for the government to give them stuff. What is ironic is the red states that vote for conservatives get more food stamps Medicaid and housing subsidies. Then the Blue States. You know that might be true. And I I do think that there are stereotypes on both sides -- and there are those who sable conservatives are all. Bible font being. Racist. Intolerant people. And that's not true. And liberals are all lazy and what the government take care of and and that's not true so what has been so convenient for for talk radio. And the cable news channels to present. Definite. Lines of conservative liberal definite categories. I think it's important have a conversation that you know what it's really not like it is portrayed in the media. It's clearly not as definite as you think if you search your own heart. You'll realize that. You might not be as true conservative or is true liberal and it's. Some people might think -- war. And there are just hit so many people who will. Align themselves with a group would not necessarily agree with everything the group stands for. There are people who or vehemently. Against abortion. But yes it was their teenage daughter. They would they would think differently about it. So to me. You're not really a true conservative for a true liberal if you see both ways. Also today weren't as little time talking about the Gulf Shores, Alabama they passed a resolution to place the words in god we trust. In City Hall. I haven't decide exactly how -- doing -- -- passed a resolution to put the words in god we trust in City Hall. Will that make a difference. And if you put in god we trust -- you have to open it up because this is the United States of America do you have to open it up to other religions. As well. People will get the wrong idea. When I say I don't know what difference is gonna make. It's not that I don't believe in god it's just that I'm not exactly sure how. That phrase. Is gonna manifested difference. In the world today. If you would join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Texas -- -- every symphony. And a Monday afternoon on studio for Garland and will be back laborious and the WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Why is it's so important to determine whether somebody is liberal or conservative. -- there seems to be at Tennessee do what they define everybody and that way oneself and and other people. And if people want to try to only polonium I I don't think that's something that we should really focus on it really should be how you feel about the different issues and what club. You belong to. Here's an update on a WW will reject -- opinion poll. Are you liberal conservative or not sure 62% responding to the polls say they're conservative. 21% say their liberal and 18% say they're not sure. Give us your opinion like going to WW dot com coming up next on -- show a closeup look at marriage and life. Is it better to marry when you're young -- later in life and is it better the second time around. And whereabouts may December marriages do they work and does it matter who's older and who's younger and a lot of you have experience with all of this. And what about Blended Families how difficult is that. And is it true that no kid marriages are stronger. As one of the things -- -- talk about today Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill. This afternoon and every weekday from one to four here on -- -- well. On his good blog which is -- turning on our website as title loud music trial proves that justice is not blind. I wanna share this text with you which again this is I think a frightening mentality that a lot of people half. The text reads quit saying he killed the kid over music. He -- a car because. The seventeen year old was cursing at him threatening him. And started after him if the kid would have had some respect in turn down the music all would have been avoided it. Cindy dias since the undertone here is that. This person is justifying this. Over loud music you know -- if somebody's disrespectful you can kill. Now I know that he claims self defense. But he really didn't have to start this this argument. That teenagers could have been more respectful and avoided as well. I can I can make that argument. But somebody's dead. And it hurts me to believe. That if this would have been a black man and a white teenager. Over loud music they would be much more outrage over this. But what really concerns me is this. This idea that well people are just fed up and they're frustrated. And so if somebody is disrespectful. Of course I'm gonna take out they're gonna fire away no that's not what we do guns are not gods or not to silent somebody who's offending you. Guns are not designed to. Protect your reputation or to. Two to. Get back it's somebody who's being disrespectful. The constitution. Guarantees us the right to be disrespectful and to be offensive I'm not saying this the right thing to do but we can't go around killing people because -- They're disrespectful to us. There are many times that you probably should have been shocked if that's the case when you were young. Because you were disrespectful. Also it was a lot of misunderstanding about my point of view when it comes to things like in god we trust of the ten commandments on on public property. And as the city Gulf Shores, Alabama -- my favorite cities in the in the world want the pink pony Florida damage to great great place and you know we're now getting to attack it now do what they're starting to warm up. More of a -- thinking about times will we can maybe get offered a place like Gulf Shores. This City Council approved the words in god we trust being placed at City Hall. My concern with this is what good is decorative. You sicker really change anybody's heart. Who might be criminal or tend to be a criminal. Is something as simple as the ten commandments. At a courthouse. Or anywhere for that matter in public. Is it really that simple. To make people more civil. One of the concerns that I have is that when you when you put up something like this do you do you feel like well OK we've done our part. We've got in god we trust. Back in City Hall. We've got the ten commandments up in public. Is that really gonna change behavior. Or do you just think that you've done something party yourself because well we got religion Beckett. But since this is the United States of America do we have to respect all religions. And if you open it up for warned you open it up for hall. I didn't write the constitution. I didn't find out I was one of the ones who founded this country the beginning these -- not my rules. These -- the rules of this country. And there are many people who wanna pick and choose how they apply certain things. And I just don't I just don't see any evidence that -- placing the ten commandments or in god we trust on public property. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how that's gonna reach the people who are. Who are prone to be criminals I don't see how that's gonna really change anything and yet there are people who will. Stand around and probably applaud in god we trust we got about the City Hall. The ten commandments we got it up at the courthouse. Really do you do you really think it's gonna make a difference. If you wanna join our show with a -- this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. And a text ever take 7870. Here's a taxed. That reads the prosecutor in the Florida case made a mistake by charging Michael -- with first degree murder it was second degree murder. I receive an -- actually it I don't. I don't disagree with that -- -- to some degree which was premeditated but it wasn't. Premeditated in the classic sense that this is something that he. Plan and then went out in India I think he reacted to a moment of anger and by the way the guy we -- and drive it. We had drinks at his son's deception. He had his fiancee were stopping off -- -- convenience store to. Get some more alcohol. And then he left without calling -- like this was no wins it's that this is nothing hitting called 911. Went back to a social order pizza made another drink. And finally went home. I excluded from Roland and we'll be right back at -- She can sing I mean you might not like your tournaments and as for. Miley Cyrus. Adore you. And scoot it for Garland. Here's -- -- to -- skewed I believe the first degree. By the fact that he left never called 911 at least George Herman called. When he killed Trayvon -- Here's a text more outrage if it was a black man in the white boy you were delusional. It would have been buried as much as it could be black on white crime is hidden allot. Here is attacks -- second white man. Who has initiated an incident killed and then claimed fear of life self defense. Apparently black life is not valued -- excuse me or protected by law. And I understand -- pretty even though Georgia -- nine. What it was not white it it always seemed like race was issued here. I judging them Michael time trial. Sitting here in the court of public opinion as I have said often I didn't hear every bit of the testimony. I don't know what the specific instructions were from the judgment I watched in part as much as I could. But we do all have opinions I disagree with the that the verdict -- I have to accept the verdict and I do accept the verdict in the same way that I accepted the verdict in the George government -- I disagree with the verdict but I accept it I disagree with a verdict in the Casey Anthony trial but accepted. So you can disagree with the verdict and an an accepted as part of it the system of justice which I do. But -- I talked about this Michael is on trial again a few texts and calls from people who. Seem to support Michael -- actions. As appropriate recourse for black teenagers playing loud music and showing disrespect. We got an email from a listener that rambled on about. Black man who wanna beat up crackers. Should make sure the crackers don't have guts. The email that went on to mention Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Michael don't claim self defense and I got a text a moment ago that went into great detail about. How the kid came. I I don't know maybe you saw some of the testimony that there I didn't see. I I didn't see that it didn't seem like he wished that. That definite but if that's your impression that your impression. One of the problems that I have is this perception I hear about it on the shows that I do all the time. When you hear about young black males. Wearing goodies sagging pants you might not like that. But a story isn't it to judge somebody and I am so tired of getting that text if it looks like a doc. And quacks like a duck it's a duck. Really. You you mustn't get out very much because wearing nobody has become -- fashionable. I realize that some people use that to hide their face when committing a crime. But your ignorant to think that everybody wears a -- for that reason. And you see what he's on mannequins in department source. So it is you might not agree with the fashion but again. I'm part of this generation the baby boomer generation that had its own fashion style that was quite rebellious and quite different. And yet my generation is judging in the same way that they didn't want to be judged when they were -- I don't get the sagging pants. But I think it's a mistake to assume that somebody is a thug. And if if you if you have a garden. You can't kill somebody because of perception. Of somebody being a flight because the perception of fear. You have to actually fear for your life. And maybe Michael -- did I don't know I mean based on what I heard I'm glad the guys going to prison. He was found guilty on 34 counts of attempted murder and firing at a vehicle. So he's going to prison for I think I think sixty years. He -- they're going to appeal the state attorney's office in Florida is going to. Retry him on first degree murder charges. And there are some who will argue well they should spend the money. You know to some degree understand that that money really. Money shouldn't have anything to do with this do we need to do what's right in terms of justice regardless so -- of money. Here's a -- -- a faithful listener but I see where secular media will probably succeed with passing gay marriage and legalize pot. Not sure I disagree with those but I don't think either really matter in the quest to improve our country more important things to work on. Well that's true I don't I don't think that it's it's up to the media to task gay marriage or legalizing legalizing pot. The media reflect the attitudes have. Of the audience. And there are so many people who believes that pits Americans are manipulated by the media. And as I've said countless times and all the study that I've done of of the media and the relationship between mass media and society over the years and it's something that I have just taken for granted I've. This study did -- I'm I'm interested in this this whole phenomena and -- First I interest you when I started reading Marshall clue when. When I was really young which is I guess one of the reasons why I had a hard time getting dates. But jive was always fascinated with this relationship between mass media and society. I if you are manipulated by the media then I would suggest that you have allowed the media to manipulation. And tell him here's a text mr. -- for president. It says a -- doesn't. So it's okay to get into. Disagreement about. Loud music. And -- similar law. And the perception. That somebody's just plug. Because of the music they listen to. Is to meet the epitome -- And being idiotic -- judgment I guess it's the best way to put it I scooped it for a girl we'll be right back into the WL. Are you liberals. Conservative. Not sure that's -- -- it you'll pretty jacked up people here's the final update for our show 63% say they're conservative -- percent say they're liberal. And 70% say they're not sure here's a Texan -- media reflects audience BS -- the media elected the president. Liberal bias. Well since there's been a concern about liberal media for so long then how do you explain that George W. Bush was elected twice. And the fear of the liberal media controlling America. Has existed true Republican presidents being elected. The other Rush Limbaugh is of the world in the Fox News channels did not create. That -- in America. They simply reflected. That vote in America. And if you really think about it the media doesn't have as much control over your mind as you might think it does aren't you had been led to believe a from a plus stayed here under the WL. The first acknowledgment and they'll go out loud music claw back and -- it -- Look we knew -- -- caught in their morning our border mattered it was a black or white or whatever and an acute it and aren't. Well you know that's our goal -- -- it may be shot and and and even if they ran off you know use it distracts. And back were were what you should be you know -- maybe part of it all -- And Dave you know I've I've been told by. By experts -- if you it was a situation of four people against me if I would've had a gun and shot. -- I would have been justified because of of the force. However. However if I would have had a gun that morning and I would've shot. By the time they started. By the time they hit me and Andy pushed me under the ground and hit me. I would have had to shoot him before that happened. And it could've easily been been argued with the witnesses there to pay my friend just bumped into this guy he pulled out a gun and shot it. I've I fully believe that I would I would have been on trial. For. Defending myself and in particular case Steve I'm going to -- gonna get that question there are quite often but it. The way it came down I would have had to shoot before anything really happened if I was gonna prevent it from happening. And it would have been a question if I really needed to shoot at that point. -- blog today is titles loud music trial proves that justice. Is not blind Angeles coming up next why are convicted drunk drivers repeatedly arrested for putting our lives in danger. -- talk about that and other topics coming up next one of the department order studio producer I've -- it for girl and have agreed to a lot of New Orleans.