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2-17 4:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Feb 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri to talk about the Tigers 3-0 start to the 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The LSU Tigers had a very big week in getting off to a three you know spot. Two -- -- three her right here on WW LSU coach Palminteri. John just now coach and Eric thank you so much for -- housing advocate this morning and yet like up. All the thirty players played this weekend you said the one of the things you want is you want those -- options -- Tommy your mechanic. Shake things out and I guess my question did you coach is there is there a timetable is there a number of games you might have under your belt before you kind of factory any figure who who is going to be those -- guys and maybe the -- that you you put in immediately after the start -- I thought our questions and answers you know actually. You do wanna get a good feel for your team that will be in another week or two weeks. -- certainly going to be before negative thing about the middle of march the program which -- challenger league that are. Travertine and the way we wanted to beat the you know that first week and I thought we elected thing to -- very. The starting pitching was outstanding just about everybody here at all kind of true well. That'll treat our catchers call well. We we didn't great -- that there were some some moments where we have to some guys swing the bat very well. But you know -- are trying to figure out at the end of the game is going to be Gary can get lashed out. The world is gonna get the middle of the order -- pregnant so it's gonna tackle that time to come up to the year chipper I can't tell you magically what they're going to happen that. You're gonna need to plate you know another ten games so wherever real good feeling that. Coaches -- to think -- -- -- of the freshest thing in memory and Lance is the six to zero win over Graham -- Jerry oppose shape. Was real strong yesterday and and I also a Kramer Robinson another young man comes in just takes advantage his opportunity. Talk about -- performance yesterday which -- sought a -- Robinson I want to say that. Had a local us all he's saying he thought he put out a clinic put on a clinic out there yesterday. They would if you haven't seen the play he made on a pop fly and felt territory. Eager to -- that -- up on computer. It was I think two years two and number side that play that they're -- -- college. It was a sign a player whoever -- second baseman nature to pop client stout territorial about the wall near the bullpen and he came out of nowhere and slot led Natick catch can beat his -- -- -- -- ground it -- -- an unbelievable play and he made plays at the middle turn double plays me or catches a little soft line drive -- look like you're gonna drop into patients took. Heatley was amazing out there that which indicated -- A game without getting hit like he did today but Erik Kramer got a chance claimed he sequence kids that. -- a big gamer you know he looks much better game that he does in practice and I wanted to get in the first bought in that chizik -- -- freshman and actually got the student where they're at east College Baseball playing on the big stage in. It didn't disappoint you know. What can make -- back -- purchase and you just outstanding you know just what are expected he would do out there pound the zone. To all treat pitchers stretch current losing -- -- to the point -- in 93 miles an hour never should throw that hard before. But he did a great job that picture jam in the last and he says we built -- pitch count up. Which you know landed and the more endurance -- -- down the line but a -- year purse here with outstanding -- Cramer -- A coach and an area I've gone to southeast and now of these doughnuts -- DC -- a smaller venues but they'll be jam packed about like to come out when the top ranked team comes to town. A does that kind of the you know maybe -- -- -- simulate -- prepare you guys when you go on the road those bigger stadiums. It jam -- an era tied to be packed tomorrow night to be a lot of people hopefully wood will be there when you play southeast and it. Yeah it'd be great preparation and you know went to New Orleans yeah exploited their fertility and it is a 7000 people there. And -- -- that order him and went in -- you know that we repaired back in 09 remember that. Plates that territory take batting practice street we're so excited western what do you know about the same thing. Will be going to knack to just play Northwestern State so. You're that it was important accountable on the road start which he did on Saturday and then that's coming. Wednesday will be Cody gone out there and legal generic mister -- pit road start so. I think all that helps in preparing the team that we get ready for the SEC get the fact dimension that sent it. That is South Beach and very fine ball club they just beat Louisiana Tech two or three address and then -- know they're excited about what they are going. Coach Palmer an ankle and an -- thank you so much for the time and good luck the rest this week. You're all right LSU and southeast and coming up in LSU Virginia -- this week in and big ability and this is WW.

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