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2-17 5:25pm Sports Talk: NFL Locker Room Bullying

Feb 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Former Saints Linebacker Scott Shanle about bullying in the NFL locker room.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not Stanley joins us now Scott thank you so much for the time how are you. The pressure yes and he was you know how how much I don't know if I say I guess I am on the look confused by this report as I was explaining. The cozy it down -- how the findings in the 100 for a four page report says that missed the mark and it was he was subjected to a pattern of harassment. But it also states. That. One coach knew the head coach did know. It said that mr. Martin to evaluate his claims it was difficult because of his mental health issues. And he was considered to be possibly up to beat. Highly sensitive to insults. And also says that Martin himself. Also joked in ways with reference to sex drugs violence in bawdy behavior. It says that the report concluded that Martin's teammates did not intend to drive him from the team calls him lasting. Emotional distress. What would what are you get out of his Scott when you saw all of this. Well it's. You know some of the main points -- from the from the findings were. To me. I think you have a player who had a hard time fitting in as a rookie probably you know Russian -- rookie hazing. And thought -- get better the first year bit committee. You know guys joke around that inspectors rather normal Wednesday. And public anybody -- be acceptable -- left off but I think you want it beyond that in this case an -- you got to a point where. Jump and Marten would give it back just in hopes that they would start to accept them but I don't think I ever did and then it. -- were sent to him. You know it's one thing when you talk to him and tried to repair but it's another thing when you continually bring out. Did anyway and and background and you know that he can't help them in interviewed somebody in green and we input I think you go. The boundaries and on to me epic. That either part of it and joke around -- too far and it got way too personal. Scott Shanle is our special guests this act now. Why is -- players. Wasn't a player's job to. Maybe -- here in -- is something that is certainly from player a player or it is like oh no that's that's between that player and that player. Well I think a lot of times. You look at position groups and say you know that position group of their -- and control they'll handle it but. -- think the entire adult in the organization in the match when you look at. Well -- look at that roster and I say who would step in and say you know what we don't act like back here and I don't see anybody on the roster that far. A better player better present that would mean we have a position coach involved in balance -- where he was gone. And and they say that they coached and now I promise you the position coach any coach knows something's going on all the pitchers know because they sit. Its staff meeting and discussed everything that's on our team so the fact that they -- post it though I find that we're very hard. Is it. I did get me to degrade you could see this this is ways it's kind of confused him because he goes on any thoughts about the coach coach bill when and the coach turner. He says he was aware of certain jokes even put put put. -- -- -- Participate in some of the jokes but -- -- -- like a look at community of the battle is happy in being the head coach coach adamantly. We weren't impressed with his commitment to promoting integrity and accountability throughout the Dolphins organization I think -- a -- women -- coach. Immediately answers to the head coach so how could there be integrity and in on a clean organization. And and possibly that the head coach and I'm like god has found that out and look we all know did coaches. All the you know it it McGee's -- ahead but has cellphone they like to know what's going on the locker room -- is a very very important place. It just taught me to believe in one coach would know and others don't know. Yeah you're you're exactly right and you know the point and it and if it went to the coaches knows something going on and he's even partaking in. I promise you were similar to the coach knows and the head coach -- estimate that these meetings and they discomfort while the football team that you know not a hundred opens. Had to protect. You know. There and a little bit entrances and coached in now but I think. It was a total match from beginning I think you saw that with -- -- Cut ties in general manager -- -- -- responsible for bringing some of these guys on the team or were active like that so. They did it get in the public -- of a lot of fans state while that well all walkers and an island where -- try to you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- can you hang off a second. I would ask that's the most questions and of course talk about his former team the New Orleans Saints were visiting with. Scott Shanle Debby have a noose on -- 530 want to have a persons who go to -- -- zero Oklahoma saint -- back a world champ over the black and Oden or nineties and Scott Shanle is auspicious gain some operated jaguar opinion -- talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was released by Ted -- an independent investigator. Found a pat have a bet down them -- was to a great pattern of harassment. However he also goes on to say that missed the mark in this case was that difficult. His claims were difficult to evaluate due to his mental health issue he's being -- and it is possible heightened sensitivity insults. In Newsweek and seemed. Considers a classified as his unusual bipolar French it would be -- -- also says that missed them on also. I traded some of these -- jokes back and forth. With. Intact and Ito himself in this was so recited a recorded back or. Found an investigation that oval course that we -- period and 100 takes a thousand text messages. And it also says that Martin's teammates did not did not enter into and drive him. From the team mascot if there is there a certain thing that you know problems do have good coming we all know they have a different businesses. Whatever happens. We week correct. Internally we correct in our locker room we don't go out -- Yeah I think I think there's just some of the pride in and handling everything I mean when you spent much time together. You know those that work its aura around alive and he spent a lot of time of guys want to do so with your own parameters that you have a lot more -- so. You know there's a sense of pride and innkeeper overpaying in house and there's issues sitting down resolving them because at noon today. -- bought out and play and proper sixteen Sundays Ernie we trust and accountability between everybody so. I think that's one. Another I mean the Miami Dolphins don't have that much success from building any -- stuff like that -- gone. They've pulled away from the main goal which went. Scott would it be fan to say -- you know. You do it in the league UP I mean there's certain things you wanna be up have a reputation for good they are -- teammate. And you don't want to be a dad is basically east is and Doug -- on these questions is that. How well he talks he talks outside -- it just does the fear that I do and reading in here is that something has had a hard over call. Oh absolutely. I think. I think anybody. Knows you know -- first apparently. You want everything stand now and there's just a lot of things that go on whether it's and -- Certain players personalize the that he on confided in me to help them -- Off -- just you want like effect of that trust and accountability trust those guys were on -- On the you can talk -- -- -- and point out that locker room. And a you know I know it. If you get that label of the player who takes it out at all upper orbit is conflict in the bank for stories it's it. Hardest thing about India -- collect this. There's a lot of things that go on it goes back -- family court before. You know a lot of things that they went that well that. Ability to get out there are in the and he's -- for guys civic trust. Scott what's of these two players -- on me no mart and -- war had the most difficult time. Relaxing on -- -- out of re connecting all competing. Employed by team. -- You know it's hard because they're both at different stages of their career Richie is it is much more he's much farther into the career and Jonathan of these younger player -- their -- -- an easier time getting. On what the team because he's younger little upside to enjoy it -- for younger players. What somebody's been killed -- exactly what particular you know saying and doing. I think that really water down on the that tinker with the interest I mean -- one of those where -- it out we want top. You know. Prospects that artistry it that. You you Rhode Island corporate guys have that character in the locker all -- get out there. -- last week off for your teammates again as it was huge staples took on the along with yourself and helping his team. When a championship. We'll submitted Jonathan -- Roman Harper and Jabari -- But all those guys out of the harassing it's part of the business and it is part of the visit but a now when you look back on it's gotten that not mean -- faces on this team that -- opponents who. -- -- -- -- It taught to lead at the same time. You know as a text all those guys in coach -- just you know when you see all the guys that you're honest that's what you. You can reflect exactly almost all figure -- told Campbell thank you for their commitment to winning. Other oh great teammates and it's important to have a we were just walking into it worked out that we were only able to come together at that time. And have success but. It would upgrade an honor put -- -- coach Payton -- your. The league the league eventually able to get that pink slip and I've -- where we are and you just hope right now Ramon Buchanan. And brought to you that we ought to do it anytime you have -- -- -- now would you to these days. I'm in -- we have and that here a lot of a lot of that advocate of preemptive -- -- sports and actually. And my six year old likeable -- the Atlantic. So I'll stay a bit fresher at. With -- activities. Scott you all you always seem like a structured got disciplined -- you have a wake up and -- ye -- of the Nomar and you get the key adult school and so forth I -- o'clock and -- -- like. Okay we're not Laguna or do you do you have like you got some mapped out way every moment dazed like they. -- Yeah I think I'm so used to that the structure part were usually every -- something like that to keep me busy whether major player out there. I just think you should do. -- -- -- Have a coach pat seven itinerary and somewhere at some time. That's definitely a good thing and then I just thought sort of wired structure for -- -- you know -- -- pepper puppeteers would not have. Scott now you are abused him and say you've done player values is are you united if anybody called you -- ground game. Well I think after -- not play in -- -- gonna do about well last season and lack Shrek and just oiler if anybody called the let them but I got Urbina out of first year. I really took my time and win and able to -- all -- -- that missed -- -- before. It I think that. -- -- it doesn't do it just play into the Saints. I kind of like and that. With the black and gold and other I think it makes it that much special. Scott -- Scott always as we've always been -- to his Manny victory and defeat him whenever we call the eight. I wish you know the but more success the future and hope you have a good time with the family. I appreciate it -- Scott take cameraman. Our rights Action -- given you his take on the situation to -- has been there and done then on with the St. Louis Rams in 03 in. -- these Korea in 2000 and -- -- on big bella Vista yet become the cohort in the 1000 dollar national contests on WW TO.