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2-17 6:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Locker Room Bullying

Feb 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Miami's 790 The Ticket Host Josh Friedman about bullying in the NFL locker room.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- and it is real close of the situation and knows a lot about it -- -- The Miami Dolphins and Miami area sports is Josh Freeman Dolphins opponent -- on seven -- take it. In Miami Josh pleasure again had -- the program I don't know about. You Josh but from the -- not the actual report from the the findings. Are that we'll kind of laid out a summary. This. It's almost confusion. But somewhat to speak if you you read -- to this whole report on actually. You know. Who was wrong what wrongdoing was -- in what was actually found in this report. Well I mean I know a lot of it seems pretty clear cut it seemed like it was the ringleader. Jonathan Martin you know we've participated in some things. Wasn't victim I mean the way I'm I'm interpreting it is. You know yes he did some of the same type of text messages language but I think he was doing it to try to be in rather than the you know means a vindictive. Spirit like the other three guys that policy area any time ago. And Andy you know it would appear that you know I mean Martin was the victim here and any better victim. Going back to junior high school and high school and college that just is. He's wired that way yankees by you know blames himself for not fighting back -- suspect we he has to to do that. Yeah and I guess that's that's the point now I don't know how it and an independent independent investigator could -- that but I guess some. Would have to have agreed it's sad because it's as if I winning Marlins claimed was difficult giving his mental health issues and his possible high in the sensitivity insults. Is unusual but pulled a friendship with and cut veto but see that's why -- go back that's okay well we know corners reported both of them. Took place and now account insulting each other which was considered joking at the time but when a person is considered difficult because America -- using heightened sensitivity. I guess somewhat with a with a higher authority or someone would with the background that had to tell us okay. How much can this -- we know we condition that he dished it but how much can he take. Well I mean. That you left the scene you know what it is if you think about it. I think the one big mistake in China and -- me it was ago I would've felt like that you recently gave. He misses it was mentioned in the report. Had he done that in the you know he didn't complain I mean think about his position coach -- in the four. Was complicit in this yeah it is. I mean how this guy has his job is amazed personally haven't fired for cause because the opposite wind was. The worst in the NFL. Secondly. It's not that the report -- on Friday you know 22 seconds read a report in the second term it was. A real bad guys in -- and and he should have been fired. So we don't you know probably total that can't even go to my hope is difficult because Hart hello. The problem here. You know what's crazy about dad just zillion and one since it says how. Jim Turner was aware of the joke -- -- -- he was involved in an inning in 2012 the one it's and report. Of a Christmas -- get -- one hand the report also says. At the end of being -- feel but it meant we were impressed with his commitment to promoting integrity. And accountability throughout the Dolphins organization I don't like. Who in the hill conducted these. I disagree with that you know what shall open it ought talk all the time to us throughout the last couple years he's been here. Of character how important is that good people and character people. While we were here the people and isn't going on right under his nose and I put the worst thing is it's furcal if you lose between middle that he was complicit. If you department the second worst thing. Is a dual -- and did nothing -- the worst thing is not knowing at all I don't it's not terrible like disagree. And seeing a lot you'll know what political the open but even if you through these rough waters of the scandal. I disagree shall -- -- should have known about this and and and claiming ignorance I'm sorry this is sort team. -- fingerprints -- over the entire organization and it should have known and and to me I think he deserves suspensions for four. For not doing that a lot of people disagree with me if I'm in the minority on this one but till the open deserves to be called the carpet. But this one from not knowing what was going on with -- -- team right under his nose. Yeah I mean from from coaches in the week that we all deal coaches around city but then of course the every week you're looking at an opposing coach in one thing that we think will all agree -- In these coaches. They know everything Eagles on their locker room yeah I mean they they they want -- one of the huge party especially now just is Tammy UB tell you we have talked about during OTA's. Okay this is where that the cammarata does so well you stalked in these workouts dancing -- it's a lot. But gas coming together the chemistry and the -- grooming -- to work culture. So for any head coach in any sport not to know I find that extremely extremely hard to believe. Think you go problem Brackins and you know what I was in the in the decided no difference to me don't be ashamed of that back. That this was happening to my team all the stuff was happening in I didn't have a clue to me that that's something that I think it's it's you know actually -- has done nothing -- happened. I -- I just found me of these players marred inning kind -- which when you think is the most re sign with a team for. Well not with this club do what -- benefits being on the offense of one element at all either of those guys forget there's there's no way that I wanted to be back. Rick and I mean as a free agent as is -- here it was mentioned in the report I think both guys honestly you're going to be faced some kind of suspensions -- there somebody you've seen. They simply -- while Jonathan Martin. Immediately spot for -- I can think of a couple possibly won the niners can be reunited with his old college coach Jim Harbaugh. Another possibly look into what people forget -- He he -- Blind -- stands for for four years so meters eight feet there are. You know I'd welcome by the way real quick and you gotta go. Would that help role and aid argued it was spent -- -- entire locker -- each and every player who may end. Supporting cracking -- -- it was unanimous that what the Cardinals players right now and see what they think about that. Josh Freeman Jazz great work -- folks volume onto what did you. Free go at RI DPO one don't work read that correct them side won all worked read -- 1043. Follow him on Twitter just -- Dolphins reported host on 79 it to get in Miami Josh thank you so much moment. I'll come back and get the Roger and John -- calls plus will hear. From a mr. Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports -- was in town coming in BA all star game -- weekend this weekend here in the big east.