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2-17 6:20pm Sports Talk: NBA All Star Weekend

Feb 17, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Yahoo Sports NBA Writer Marc Spears about the record breaking NBA All Star Weekend, the New Orleans Pelicans play in the second half, and the NBA trade deadline.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk. Operated jaguar opinion poll if you are an NFL player coach. Would you take -- in cameo or Johnson -- on your team on either cancer vote online at WW -- Dot com from the closest skills competition -- decided by a tenth of a second the dunk contest that brought the dunk contest bank. Thrilling extra period needed extra. Ground needed for the three point shoot out to the highest scoring game eleven records broke in the all star game last night. It was a great week union to say the very least gentleman who is on top of the NBA. As good as anybody writer for Yahoo! cut was a National Basketball Association walks BA's. John does now mark a New Orleans always tied in with sports. Off from a historic standpoint boy a lot of history made this week in what all star. They're not. Really great week and I'm not surprised news great the last final was it to me it is a fantastic. In. You know it was good to come back -- continued the city continue to grow grow grow from the -- over -- The game last night was one of the better all star game that's being -- is going to the fourth quarter it has been relatively close. And certainly this was one of those games the one thing that was international. And not one to fourteen of these games. And that was the first time but coming down the stretch in an article from MVP but I have four guys choose -- I literally. Turn in my bat ballad like in the past ten seconds of the game. And so you know are definitely -- some memorable game and so then Nolan should've been proud of. Mark I you balked at Shaw's status Salina I wholeheartedly agree I think what separates the team BA. From the wrist is is the way they on -- You'll and I might get a Pro Bowl. And you don't see that guy who won as most the most championships. And a Pro Bowl or are all the all the sports and what what they do you'll see the greats. Courts I think you don't see. Three of the best players ever dominate. Magic Johnson and doctor. The dunk contest they do it it's is fascinating I mean an all -- spans the legends breakfast -- to the NBA really day. They cut they cut of the blueprint for everybody else just has the thought in mind when it comes to honoring the -- who who put the sport on a map. Well you know that you -- stand in the -- and knows basically. The legends hotel where. A lot of guitar players Wednesday and then I'm good friends -- Mark Buehrle should remember in. The former rocket -- -- Two time champ and I believe. Game game 72 round ninth ID kiss of death golf media mall where they'll. As you go there and go in Miami was quite bit this kid in the candy store on man. So attracted to say is doctor Terry was there an -- elements as Popeye Jones. Yeah -- left little room Marten and he's I mean just. All these different people -- he was so excited as these sort of felt like. A famine -- sort of got the Avery Johnson -- There's nowhere else to his goal is safe happy birthday. Bill boom -- all star game I don't know official that on to. Man monuments they wanted to greatest moments in ink in sports one of the greatest moments in sports last night at the aspects -- I have an arena but soon as they came back from break they went straight to lessen penalties the. Yeah not out -- of those funny is like Bill Russell that play in the there. There are singing happy bird didn't have reference many of -- Yeah. Yeah you know the quality -- -- terminated. It's a. Ball is is is -- as a -- as a guy that we out of respect that was the -- BA Yahoo! Sports almost all weekend I'm mark we look at now. The second half of the season this is way he'd -- you start to watch him last night and see all these different ways you get five of the body. Can't think about you know for the longest time other than when they hand. Big yards -- -- Chris Webber Cheney on all the different as a Washington team is not only that this year. But he got some pieces in place that's a veteran players some good as they -- in trouble. In Nene but he got the young guys now lost on a play at a brand new deal a Wizards ballclub I think that makes the east -- -- perhaps out of Miami in Indiana. I mean three through eight I mean do I mean you know you can mix it up the west is a different store -- look at the east though. I mean all we are we down to the to a seven game series in in the window that might maybe win the finals of Miami Indiana. Well you know you it's just that you mentioned Washington Washington one of the few teams. -- thank -- with the -- a little bit that they are to beat him bad at Washington. And that -- you know if you wanna beat Miami aside that side by autism. Especially in the -- in the Gortat and into the probably Washington get a really really thin bench they're going to be one of those teams. Trying to get a backup point guard to help John Wall it very limited. At that spot now and it's like you know the big two but it. They're definitely the back a point guard I'm sure there will be trying to hit Andre Miller Jarrett Jack and Luke Ridnour. So but outside of that. I don't know that there's anybody else -- to do anything. To make Indiana on Miami's scared. It is typically are really don't be. A dog fight between those two I expect to be a long series. And they're both handled their business -- basic first two rounds pretty easily income into the Eastern Conference finals progressed. And mark were you when you look at it any Indiana I mean that the makeup of this team well obviously we knew about raw when he came out of Georgetown he had those credentials in college. David West so we know him close -- here in new wall once a year and again like Luis Scola but the did many -- Did de Paula George wood would be calm superstar status in -- eight point three years I mean that at this weekend. Amok with a dunk contest and we did all star weekend to me he just. He's like people who don't really watch the game a -- Indy -- in the post season and from last year is like you Bonifacio was though. Police movies real -- so the replays. You know also Oakland crowd of Fresno state Andy was. Certainly didn't live up to was abilities. But it was poorly coached there when I saw somewhere in a prior to the draft -- scout told me people are gonna regret. Not picking him. Because he's gonna and -- took the number one talent in this draft and our role as a big statement to make -- Somebody into the being picked eleventh but he certainly has proved that in Greg -- Special player who you know I think he's got a group that transformation that. Kevin Durant as well. He's got loose a little bit of speed a little bit if they -- LeBron and then. Also a net though comes yeah. So I think definitely think -- missing right now that dog bit to that -- today. And eventually. I think so -- it but -- was -- debonair and intelligent stuff on the. All do we can't that we save the last two minutes and then with a demo job on him with a mop. Well one hours we will as a people intrigue. In the by appeared Jackson. And it is right so blunt approach and serviceable role model we keep this kid you have forty days. Believe 58 in the so when those agent is really really pushing hard to get a move before Thursday's deadline. And a this is pride more interest in the -- definitely keep him out of Austin Rivers. Number there and at that definitely separate. And he's probable for the the loans and they get a better opportunity some world. Mark when you when you look at at at the pelicans seemingly -- the moves it made this offseason. We know what the deal was a garden sat to the Max. But did you bring in drew and you bring in Tyreke and Housley. Anthony the these that these -- the faces a nobody but those three young guys you've become -- to. And the Davis is is is all star I mean he he is where one of those teams you know when you get in the more it was not a guarantee that -- turn out to be. Okay he can be that guy you build a championship team around they were all agree we had it but when it went -- his team now with these moves they made this all season. With with holidays in Evans moved full. You know the problem as a team hasn't been healthy. Inordinate there's a lot of talent there I think they'll be great. That it can't stay healthy and so it is this is certainly you know what if cities and we'll never know what that could've been. I thought their team that could challenge for a playoff spot. But you know it definitely gonna happen and you know coroner has sort of nightmare is gone through. Jason Smith and you've beaten two people local. Weather if you do it you've known. Put the put depended on the Salem. With a little more time together. I think there's certainly have Americans relative recipe in the playoffs. You so you that you think this team is is is health away from being what they have far offers coach everything that you pretty silent. Yeah the thing that it's bad -- -- -- you want it you probably wanted to -- -- we wanted to in the role this year. Go to the growing pains to even make the play also. Or fight and be -- in the last couple days in fallout like to go through that experience spoke with some adversity together. Any and they just took me they basically lost to hold cities in the world and it was a lot of games left foot. Good losses to season -- because of -- injuries in and stuff so. I hate to say what you and that might have to go -- the -- -- growing process next year. And a western conferences is so talented that there's no rule for much from prepare. So. Will that make the playoffs next year I -- expect Phoenix to be as good about it and expect in the be this good. So. That the west is truly like -- nineteen. And if they're gonna they're gonna make it to the play the I think the -- that there but they definitely have to be you know. Mocks the mock how can folks -- you want -- I don't think for me Spears. NBA. -- Mark is always a play as a mom and -- say that he had a good time this week. Well stood here and get back my -- my mom just read -- It's in the number nine -- -- that -- daycare. Are right of the video it is time is 630 to one of the best in the game walks Beers. It would go to first knew this would --