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Scoot Show 2-6 8pm Bob Mitchell, Snakes in church

Feb 17, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host, BOB MITCHELL: New Orleans just hosted the NBA All Star game, and had great success with Super Bowls. Could the Crescent City ever host a summer Olympics? PLUS: Scientists found a way to accurately predict lifespan in worms – a breakthrough that could one day be used to predict how long a human would live. If you had the chance would you want to know how long you are going to live? ALSO: A 10-year-old boy came up with a novel excuse after he drove his parents' car into a snowy ditch. He told police he was a dwarf who forgot his driving license. What was your first driving experience like? Did you ever sneak out with the family car? Did you get caught?

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Well it is may Bob Mitchell filling in for a -- taking into a midnight don't know what you but I am completely burned. With the Olympics have I've just got. -- enough about it and as we. Take the show on the on the air tonight to midnight and what we're gonna talk a little bit about the Olympics but in. It in a different -- in and in watching the Olympics last night got to remember the fact that the of the Olympics in Atlanta. And we're gonna make it RB date somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. New Orleans -- fault of the NBA all star game and had a great success with Super Bowl from the past. Do you think the world you could ever host. A summer. Olympics you can cast your -- at WWL. Dot com I'm not sure thought a lot about it -- don't know exactly where we would do it but. I would have to think the way we have put things together we put Super Bowl together and however was always so happy. That we could put it together of course would be getting the money and that would probably be the number one problem probably the thing that would keep us from from hosting the Olympics plus. Scientists found a way to accurately predict lifespan in worms. They say a breakthrough that could one day be used to predict how wall a human would -- Now you have the chance. Would you want to know how long you were going to live and on the with a view to tell. If there was a way they can do a test on you and they would say it will -- You probably it'll have to be about Simon and lived to be about 754. -- or hate bad usually lived to be about forty but if they can. Like if you ranger and predict how long you with Lou. Would you take. Also what ten year old boy came out all the novel excuse after he drove his parents car in two -- snowy ditch. You gonna love this did he told police -- able to dwarf. At that who forgot his driver's license for what was your first driving experience like and did you -- sneak out -- the family car. And did you get caught. And here's the one that. I like the best of everything we're talking about tonight. A Kentucky pastor who starred in a reality show about snake handling and church. Has died of a snake bite now to practice. Is it legal in most states. But still goes on primarily in the rural -- should be outlawed everywhere. Does this practice -- went to freedom of religion. Our freedom just to be. A nut job so if you want to part of the show would like to hear for me at 26017866889. OH seventy can text me. 17870. A law of the text but I would much prefer to talk to you. On the last question whether it's freedom of religion -- freedom to be a nut job. I'm gonna choose freedom to be a nut jobs go to a Joey and Terry -- how are you Joey. I was doing great you're doing it. All right now this this pastor. Believes in. Fooling with snakes and he he lives off that scripture that says if you -- -- serve but no harm is gonna come to you. Obviously most of misinterpreted because. You know he's dead down on the hunt I'm not. I'm not happy in anyway or jumping up and down and saying it's good thing that he's dead. But you know that that. That is I don't know that as a practice that. I would run so far away from the church they pulled a basket of snakes and to Bob you put your hand in this basket I'd be long gone -- -- -- if you are absolutely terrified of snakes but. That thing about it is this -- -- I was below reading earlier on it and the that the but the news today. These stories axial all the networks -- at least a little bit of -- guy. All -- his son is gonna pick up where you left off so it's on the they are you now the fourth generation of the family. Who has been a factor in this church examples it. And this snake bite the one that -- -- guy was beaten by snake like that he would and so you've been saint Pete times before. Without seeking medical attention. I would never do OK but if that's what they did practice their religion and that's what makes them feel that they have anything god. OK that's great. A lot of their protection to make sure that things don't get out of the church. You know that they have proper you know -- or problems that -- procedures if something were to go wrong and I don't think that the. So you don't think there should be outlawed. The model that should be outlawed because and as long as the white precautions are put in place so -- on the public. That's the biggest to -- stipulations there. Thursday does it grab some boxes and make the argument of the church they've got to have proper approximately the securities they think it was. That they won't be a minute for the public and that that they're being handled properly. What is this getting into. Too much religious tolerance and I've I find that you know anyone who says anything about religion. Other than a Christian. And we know we have to accept the developing. L. What is what is next what's the sticking your head and and in the multiple line. Thing is that if that's what they fielding need to do as long as they don't force -- to -- right. You know I I would never do like -- that was afraid of snakes I would rather the opposite direction. And ego that you do your Euphrates strip America bumblebee boy I think I'll probably should be -- the terms. OK I would not stand it that simple it is this is not something I would do but I'm not gonna say they can't let that -- that being hypocritical. You know again as long as the -- -- -- precautions are pleased to make sure it doesn't become a minister -- the of the public help. Let him do what. But it it's it's my understanding in in many of these churches that that's how they test your faith that you'll put your hand in the box and look -- they might choose. Yes I know that that that but cool. You know you're not forced to do anything if I don't want to do leaving. You know but the thing is this guy that first thought somebody saw that he was bitten they call an ambulance. -- which showed up at the right idea that the service. And he was already thought it at all. He was unconsciously couple. They have -- -- out all of them to themselves and his wife signed papers -- you -- that you want them to save it. So you know it's satellite that old little Boudreau joke where you know he's set now fortunate water rise and -- about the -- who broke up with me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I just about policy so he's up now the waters up around the on the roof of -- all the room they. Combine them both Paul Boudreau but take you to say it's Arnold got ability it and he looked out there and all the pieces for political bubble that helicopter try to pick -- -- -- -- a political moment and take -- -- -- because they didn't -- the pearly -- -- -- -- -- here and it -- what -- -- -- that caught the -- and helicopter. If that's Aetna Aetna Aetna. Hope to have a look at the -- for a guy and he wouldn't do it because this thing. I wonder I wonder with the fact that he had been bitten before I wonder. What excuse he's giving. Today for the family is giving that it did work the stuff. Only thing that I saw was one thing from his child on the BBC article especially set that you just don't know when -- time develop. What's -- you're tending your time then be up any time you flew with a poisonous snake. Yeah all the things for the interview at all they got a way to save them multiple times in this particular incident and and they didn't they didn't take the opportunity. He might have been bad but at least -- that'll -- you. Have you been following the Olympics. Not a lot. Did actually into the opinion poll which is -- about the they won't be a venue for the Olympics -- not too sure how we do that well you know we have a great -- -- called Chicago would be great all the track until stop the air conditioned so we wouldn't. It'll give anybody each stroke. The gymnastics it happened in the maybe things that are. I am being politically correct. And we have enough Olympic swimming areas. With our universities in the city. That we can easily take one of those and if they're not up to the outbreak about to open up for Olympic Games and we as he got built everything. Told you so so it was built. People we got there in there when they actually got the -- And we also have all that property out in New Orleans -- -- jazz land you stability. Exactly so we have places to do it and it would be great shot in the economic -- of our city. If we can pull something like that at all. It would be great it would be giving the money together that would be the big things up well. Wouldn't socially -- in my correct that I hear figure like twenty billion dollars. Does something crazy like that and and they were running right up against the wall to ought to get everything done and done well. It. One final question. As a kid did you ever sneak out the family car. No I did. I was taught to drive slow promote long effective recent double. I used to drive vote on more as a little tractors and everything so. I didn't have the fuel car. But I you know like -- -- it was Saturday at an ultimatum -- what if -- that it didn't steal the car that is what -- want to take an -- You gotta give this kid. An eight for his excuse me. -- absolutely -- It's great yeah the -- a loss like this story. And there's there's a little more on the story had a a sister who was year and a half -- put her in the -- I'll read the -- a little bit later on I think there were headed over to grandma's house and and and and a and a that it wanted to consult. It got the car took off and hit a snow bank and when they stopped in recent non medal board on the door April left my driver's license -- Gotta love that -- But at least -- tried -- paper creativity. I think. I have a good night. All right 260. 1878. Toll free 866889087. -- -- big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. New Orleans just -- the NBA. All star game wouldn't quite successful Super Bowls. Could New Orleans ever host the Summer Olympics do you think we have the facilitation that we could. You think we could put it together but what I mean umbrella as a good dream and about to put that it would be great to have all right coming right out of your phone calls on the big 870 WWL AMF famine dot com there are -- seventy. -- jaguar opinion poll question the world -- has just posted the NBA all star game. And in the past has had great success with Super Bowl do you think New Orleans could ever hosted. Summer Olympics can we pull that off here. Here's a text message new to lane stadium tad Gormley -- Tuesday Indian superdome Reno plenty of spices. Let's go to Mike in Slidell -- in my eight. I'm doing that Mike what do you think you think New Orleans can ever put it together. And the postal Summer Olympics. Well you know in in terms of -- throw a party I mean. We can post Mardi Gras which is two weeks long. Which is probably one of the wildest parties you know in the world I mean it's not Rio di Janeiro but it's -- drug alone. And you know that the -- and final fours which you know I think I think it's just the key. Earlier column mentioned we could do it in the superdome. But yeah that's true but for things like the cross country. And there all the event set record choir outdoor I just think you'll also be too hot I remember we had Olympic trials here about 810 years ago. And that was the big complaint the athletes you know -- this city was great we were a great host as we are. But they just remember read in the paper they would just say it was just so miserably hot they'll collapse -- out on the field. Is it is it that much hotter here than and is an Atlanta. Well I don't know maybe. I just well I just remember reading in the paper. And that would be my only concern on that put their planned resemble a camera on them heavily by. -- where you born and raised here. -- and stay with me I prefer the heat I can go out and run. When it's 1995. Degrees and -- great but when he gets down to 32 and 34. I mean aside. And inside on the stationary bike. Haven't he would and I think your point would be you know consider in partnership with the -- -- and that sort of thing I think. It would be a great dream about it because I'm sure it would be great hosts. I really think the new -- police department. For all the bad press he gets is probably second. In not to nine has a corruption in the quarters but. The weight of the world police handles crowds and mark McGraw. I mean that that no other police force in America has to deal that. You're right you're right what do you think about this kid talking pastor that you start in a reality show about us they handling. And don't you know there -- people. Who believe that you if you really have the faith. That you can pick up these poisonous snakes that it will buy two and you'll survive while. It's outlawed in most of the states. But not in some places that -- in the world solve. This guy obviously. It's got a Coke comes so -- callers said that you know let them do whatever you want but your point was right on the money. That in some of these churches from what I understand it's a test of your face. Torture and they're so. So by the fact that the fact that making it legal. Giving the after the licensed to put the public as the earlier policy that. In harm's way because you know people are gonna get in the big group think and feel pressure and peer pressure. And what not to be part of the congregation. Because people do also crazy things in an about face. And and I think it has to be outlawed because they're going to be -- Fundamentalists everywhere in the you know trust the letter of the law and southern -- and. -- you know what are what is so amazing is how far. Our religious tolerance goes and in some areas how narrow. It is I had an experience. With me recently. And I cannot and will not mention the name of school curriculum did not want to get any island in at about. No no. I've learned my lesson on that many many years ago I think before I speak but anyway. I was invited. To readable to I think it was. Some for the fifth graders can't remember. And I could choose any book I wanted because it was I think they were there have been different people come -- and read books. And I've failed in my attic I don't know if you remember -- the -- Children's Bible story book as a to have like a doctor's offices and stuff like that I remember in -- before forward console -- and so politically correct and everything. Right and there's a lot of religious tolerance tolerance but I find that. For Christians as were little religious cult anyway. Anyway I brought the brought the book to the school. Hand. And it was going to read actually in that I'd I'd did rated. But the the teacher. Told me after I left. That the principal. Questioned her. Saying I saw some guy. Holding what looked like a Bible. Going down the hall to your class. While you do in the when he read that to your kids did shoot unit and unit and let those -- I read the story of no on the are okay. It and and yet I truly feel. If I had been. Walking down the alcohol away with. A ball from any other religion or maybe if -- have been walking down the hallway with a box of snakes because that's my religion out of hand -- probably nothing would have been. If you're reading Greek without you about -- current slide into the on that but probably did OK you know opened the other story is a. But I'd like you ought I think this whole thing should should be -- first of all when it comes to the tip of the pastor is going to you know that. -- if if if you how could you be a member of the church. And not feel pressured and and from what I understand and in these churches and if there is any one. Listening right now who has been to a snake handling service or view or a member of a church like that. Please call us and explain I've always read the the the the part where they want the the parishioners to put their hands and there to prove that they have the flag. What about the whole idea of the snake being evil is just so Neanderthal I mean it's so elementary. Two. And -- archaic view of what good and evil -- -- or back to symbolism and the Bible and so many people take the symbols so literally. It's really change you know that that piece there I'd say they're small minded people. And they just don't see. The logic in like a Collison had the joke is right on the money you know and cut the budget for you three ways to get pure and it didn't take any. I I'm petrified of -- I mean if you throw rubber snake in front of me and have a heart attack and die right on the scene. All I appreciate your call it okay thank you Mike. All right 260. 187866889. -- somebody can text me and it's 7870 and although I really enjoy your your taxes. I much prefer to doctors and here's another text message the the Kentucky pastor was killed by his own stupidity you know. I would I would say that not a wide. I would think that this kind of stuff should be outlawed but that's that's just me let's go to Steve -- on how are you -- Hey I'm. I was interested by -- story about creating art to the kids in school. And it due to that -- pit stop there wouldn't be or not. Uproar it ripped from a book from any other religion that. I'm not sure that struck out a step short question are now. Short question is it do you really think -- somebody goes to read in a public school from the Koran. That nobody you'll find that objectionable. I actually and my opinion on that would be I think there would be afraid. To stop that I truly believe that there would be up afraid that they would offend someone. And again you know we're we're talking about religious freedom. I think what has happened and I'm just giving you my own honest opinion. -- I think that. Even though we. War. From what. From what I believe we were conceived as a Christian nation -- I believe Christians get more. More prejudice then any other religion right now that's the that's the that's just my own opinion and you know reading. Reading to. Young kids among -- and the I can't see any harm another at all. Please and -- and he's gone so I just think if he hung up and listen. All right 26 year old -- 7866889087. A couple of things we are talking about tonight we have our brigade seventy. Ready jaguar opinion poll question witches. The world in just posted the NBA all star game. I had great success of Super Bowls put New Orleans over host. A Summer Olympics right now with so it's 5050. So what if you can go online at WWL dot com and the division or vote or you can call -- at 26 year old -- 7866889. Oh it's seventy the of the things that we are talking about tonight. Are this Kentucky pastor I don't know if you if you heard the story but. He started a reality show -- the I never watched the show I was watching. Some reality show I cannot remember the name of it but actually. The guys on this show. Would go out and fine. Poisonous snakes. For church services fraud do not know it was the same Perrier or not. But he he wound up dying of of a snake bite. After refusing. To be treated I think the name of the show was called -- salvation. And he believed in the passage in the Bible that suggest. Poisonous snake -- will not harm believers as long Tuesday or anointed by god. So I'm not really sure if in this particular case and he died did that prove to his congregation that he was not anointed by god but. Is practices so. I can even think of the word you know. Crazy I use that word loosely. That it's it's it's against the law in most states now in Kentucky. It is not against the law. Do you think this should be outlawed in all states. And I don't just we always hear what happens -- I don't think that we. Or always informed if if a parishioner. Died of a snake -- or it's a -- buy new ones up in the hospital and one's a very very sick. Those kind of things -- we we don't always hear about. But do you think there should be outlawed and all -- war. Is this just freedom of religion. And if you do these kind of things this whole category do you think it falls and freedom of religion or just freedom Libya nut job. I mean here here is. -- motions of the Kentucky pastor was not intelligent enough to understand. The Bible and that he died of his own. The penalty give us your opinion to to securely 78668890870. You can text me at age 7870. Are also on our WWL talked table tonight. This the story -- I've found that it really really made me me smile a ten year old boy. Came up with a novel excuse after he drove his parents' car into a snowy ditch. It's he told police but he was a dwarf who forgot his driver's license. Now the boy lives about. A 110 kilometers north of Oslo. He loaded his eighteen month old sister and a car and head. Headed to his grandparents his parents didn't wanna taking the field grandparents. Any one of the city mall mall on Paul -- So we've got the car drove more than ten kilometers before he veered off the road a snowplow driver found him and alerted the cups. The boy told a snowplow driver also but he was -- -- and he had forgotten his driver's license at home. And no charges were -- is to lead to thinking about what was your very. First driving experience like -- ever sneak out with the family car. And did you have a good car. Mine was. On my dad had. I believe it was -- 1952. Pontiac it was a manual transmission. Man I was trying to learn how to drive. And he took the bus to -- actually didn't drive the car to work so I decided. But I was gonna pick it up for a little spin. Well. I didn't do too well as they say negotiating. A curve and I ran into a signpost. And damaged the front of the car. Now fortunately for me to say I was from the -- 151516. At the time. And -- stashed a little money away I had had a little odd jobs in the summer time. The grass cutting and a few other things. And I think I'd say Republican call at around fifty books. And at that time like of the 1960s somewhere near. That's a lot of money and that they had a body repair shop. Near my house and I went in there and -- started crying. And gave the -- sob story and said my daddy's gonna kill me of people and vote. It took a fifty bucks -- the car drove back home. And my dad never felt all right we're gonna come right back with your phone calls at two securely 7866890870. Michael. -- and Melissa all you guys hang on I'll be right back with you okay I'm Bob vigilant approach boots on the big -- seventy WWL AM implement dot com. And concede that make them into the -- now. Again. Bob in his middle. -- the final regular 1000 dollars nationwide -- kindness to be joined RW WL with cash -- outside of Melbourne WWL. Cash contest alerts and you'll get a reminder that -- before each code words announced just extort cash now. 2870870. The word cash. 287087. General though the code word in -- at WWL dot com slash cache of WWL dot com. Slash cash and you can win a thousand dollars. Weekdays right before the top of the hour news at eight. Noon to three and six Troy and RW WL cash club today and remember message and data rates -- our let's get back to our phones are gonna go to Michael and -- met Michael what's on your mind tonight. It's still the real Robert Mitchell -- You -- -- Act and while. The wrote a rotary phones. Well listen and not only to remember rotary phones -- -- party lines do you remember that. Oh absolutely. -- -- it up mortgage night. And start or -- real. And but it rattle their route. -- no help first. Surely a rattlesnake won't kill healthy and -- probably. A lot like a dog at the and it's 00 -- by. All right you'll look to partner here -- I don't believe that -- Went out the. -- -- many states believe that this is so dangerous the damage in fact the majority of states and outlaw of this. -- Let it let you know what. I thought that I ever. So you're you're you're telling me in and listen I don't know. Anything about snakes OK I do not like snakes on the irony you tell me if a diamond back rattle snake were to bite me and I wouldn't get to the hospital about one dollar. You would get really really sick. Probably. About one by. Well I don't know -- they hurt. Me. Or look at it. As jobs -- like eight years and -- Oh well at certain. I wouldn't I wouldn't take a chance. -- Look -- -- -- a lot and got let. All right Michael I just a -- just go to Kate Kate how are you tonight. What about volume by that case that you you could be bitten by hugged a rattlesnake and you not to dive from a. I don't know about that satellite Nixie oddly that -- bet that's one reason why I was never -- ought to LaMont Butler go. Not make -- the -- debate while people. I am with few off hundred person there is no if if I were grew in its first of all. You wouldn't wanna put a gun in my hand and and and apply apply we're going -- and I saw a snake I'd probably shoot everybody going to be trying to hit that -- Well all I thought snake on the issue on outlet that the city -- -- look at that -- Well you're right. That this this is an absolute true story 11 night I was walking along the the lake front. I'm trying to see where I was I was somewhere. I don't know was one of those might have been lately you know I think it was the back to the beach okay and I'm I'm walking along. And -- step fallen. A branch that was on the ground. And the branch move and I normal heart attack right there I'd grow it. And I'm running and all of those -- would -- but that's a top petrified by -- and another quick story is true story I promise you I'm not I'm not making this up. I received a phone call once from my wife. And she said -- look there's a snake in the house. And I said then why are you calling me. She said you have to come home and get rid of a sudden now here's what you gonna do you're gonna go next door. And and not go on runs well so it's again live next door to me knock on runs -- have Ron. Come over yet the snake and when the stake is out of the house you call me and that I council -- -- derive much. Probably get. Below one it'll mine. About the the critical in the Olympics just to dimpled little. Old thing so not that you why. Point being that it. We do some Olympics and got award or K how would they evacuate people to adapt -- thank you got a point to Seoul saw them. But also you know it was thirty years ago that we did the world. Right and and now but that didn't. Really hand out the way. Yeah people who get thought it would can't write about that. Because I think you know what the Olympics she got -- got too many. Ball. These variables too many yeah like too many games go all one top -- got to be spread out not only just in the city itself. So something going on the bill got up -- -- on someplace so he got a note on some play ourselves. And I don't I don't know if really it would be able it do. And you know I never thought about the character issue that's that's the one thing that rise out but probably -- As I say be be the fly in the ointment but at it sure would be nice to think about should be nice to dream about. -- -- it would be I would take away from the but I just don't know like -- losses if we would be able to look it up on the follicles in the Super Bowl right audio book being at the one day event. I know people lately at all like a week but get a total. Doctor -- I appreciated. 260178668. At nine only seven it. It was a call and what -- -- going right here on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- I'm Bob Mitchell encroached on tonight at WWL now I know. Valentine's Day is past the spot but. Did you hear what -- west. Gave Kim Kardashian in for Valentine's Day. 1000. Red promise. Of files of -- While let me read this text message -- let me start by saying I think all religions or crazy. Or simple minded as you upset about this they handle preacher I agree. That he is crazy but this was his religious beliefs so how was it any different than any other religion yes he died for his belief but name one religion that there. That no one has died -- not cause death of some kind good point should be outlawed. Maybe so but so -- a ton of other things that caused millions more -- like cigarettes or alcohol to name the big of them win a much bigger issues to deal. With some -- with respect if you're just tuning in here's what we're talking about tonight. A Kentucky pastor who starred in a reality show about snake handling. In church died. Almost like like Jamie to -- died Saturday evening after refusing to be treated. On his show snake salvation. The ardent Pentecostal believers said that he believed that the passage in the Bible should just poisonous snake -- Would not harm believers of -- as they or anointed by god. The practice is and legal. In most states but still goes on some into some rural. -- communities so should this be outlawed all war. Do you think this falls into freedom of religion. Or does -- -- All into. Freedom to be a total nut job. Our big -- -- -- project where opinion poll question. New Orleans host of the NBA all star game has had great success with Super Bowl could New Orleans ever host a former Olympic and give us your opinion at WWL dot com or is calling. At 26 -- 1878. Or 866889087. And I wanna vote tonight about your very first driving inexperienced and university outlook the family car. You get caught liked his ten year old boy. We had a great excuse for driving the family car. He just said it was a door for -- forgot his driver's license. I'm Bob excellent -- -- on WWL coming back right after the news.