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Feb 17, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host, BOB MITCHELL: New Orleans just hosted the NBA All Star game, and had great success with Super Bowls. Could the Crescent City ever host a summer Olympics? PLUS: Scientists found a way to accurately predict lifespan in worms – a breakthrough that could one day be used to predict how long a human would live. If you had the chance would you want to know how long you are going to live? ALSO: A 10-year-old boy came up with a novel excuse after he drove his parents' car into a snowy ditch. He told police he was a dwarf who forgot his driving license. What was your first driving experience like? Did you ever sneak out with the family car? Did you get caught?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well to remain. I'm Robert Mitchell in pursuit tonight taking the show to midnight here's what's on our WWL talked table. If you've been listening you know we're talking about the Kentucky pastor. He started a reality show about snake handling and church she's done -- what. A snake bite now the practice is illegal in most states. Should be outlawed in all states do you look at this as. A practice of freedom of religion. Or just freedom to the a nut job and we're also talking about -- for driving experience she did you ever sneak out with a plan the car like this ten year old boy. It would what are -- excuse. Ten years old got a plan the carpet is year and a half old sister in the car -- to -- grandma's. Drove about ten K. And gotten to ran into a snow bank. And the police came to investigate he told police that he was the door pretty forgot his license and home. Talking about that talking about our big 870 pretty drag our opinion poll question. New Orleans has just -- the NBA. All star game which had great success with Super Bowl could New Orleans ever host. A Summer Olympics let's go to Howard is that he would Chapel Hill. And only eagle real -- to -- -- yeah. Yeah and then pregnant back up on about Judd Apatow. Well I picked up an old newspaper his commitment to Turkey. And out barbecue these safety newspapers and pack Portuguese -- I still get those -- -- I still get those newspapers I'd I'd still get some. -- -- on -- back porch and I've got some great stories like that and got one I'm going to. -- right in the round and twelve. Okay well it. Chances of radio. -- a computer as well tonight and -- probably doing you know Mexican state -- a -- -- -- Okay well what my thought is that it the world Olympics. You a picture. Taking in saint Tammany parish in the wall. In in a cost link -- link from an Olympic winner. That could be used by high schools you know -- -- and when pools in in track. And wallet also but not that it should be something that would take in saint Tammany area in the walls. What about the one mr. -- in the possibility. That we always face in the summertime up of hurricane season. Oh well that's a chance you -- -- -- that football game -- dangerous so it's not a situation okay. But that's one day this would be one. It would be. Guess it would have to be I would want him in August as a tablet on the use of these thanks. I don't know what that could be better. Union and the eighteen naturalized. I would say buildup that all of this is September but I would -- the -- tried parents -- Let's Tammy. Needs something on me. If people don't they -- out from law well in the -- of them did in world they -- until twelve and a good -- -- -- And then my grandma must. That -- bill if not we got your. Picture. If they have the Olympic tickets -- -- me they can take in the law. In -- about the -- calcium. Boat swimming everything that Kabila well what people at saint Tammany. I thought -- I would like to see it that while -- the -- the only way it. Could even possibly come a moment. You know this is well like the call a Fantasy Island subject it'll never happen. But it is -- the league great to think about I wonder how much money it would take to pitch something like this does that it would have to be tried parachute couldn't just do it in New Orleans. Blog that you would take him. Into the Gulf Coast with that. And unanimously. Walt insisted and it worked with the gulf coats and I think it's different spot try to get together. Not only law. Olympics and it did that this bill let is being applied -- Tourist -- In in that area and that each of standalone but space and will also. And think and the like you that this is Tammy I think it means he's more tourism. In them get away from the original question. In -- things -- kids. Well I believe you're right I'd like to see saint Tammany parish have some type of just huge exhibit -- -- -- would bring more tourism. Have you ever been to -- a snake handling service. Don't know that the of course there at -- snake was the goals they -- -- going on all its. You know it also this they form into -- -- I don't go anywhere near state now what do you think handling snakes here's -- situation where pastor died because the was holding a -- and handle and snakes -- service and I didn't work out too well for him. It is against the law and -- that should should practice like this be completely outlawed. I would say yes because people attending these services. Don't know bitterness it's okay he's seen these people TV. These -- points at stake so you know -- all these people out there in in the church. I think that the dangerous situation. -- -- I don't know enough -- -- -- some guy called in earlier and said that you couldn't beat. Bitten by these by these rattlesnakes in -- diamond back -- -- of cotton mouth rattled and they'll make you sick animal Tilly and they're I don't know about that. Yes I mean depends of the person of real. Always get a bit possibly when -- services would -- right away. I I thought that if that for instance if I was bitten by a rattlesnake -- if I didn't get the the anti venom. That I die. I would say yes -- and so I would say yes. I wouldn't you know not get the indictment on Monday don't have hospital's response what would -- -- field he would handle around animals snakes and I think that we did get I'm calling it -- look you know this is so group. That can hit one more minute to take -- something -- -- -- exits. OK I like turning a duel against work. Is that these all take trains go to French court. You don't want to market treated explode have problems yes. That he's trained and keep the opponent the world takes to train to French Quarter to a terminal now monastic in the quality. They unload these oil from the drink called -- -- what you bring to -- back up toward that. Something I'm concerned about these technical. Point two different -- -- quarter. Oh because that the terminal on the fly on the wall and almost all -- -- -- to -- content well. Something to -- that. All right we're listening and look at it it's great to see it go back stay back but yeah. I that the newspaper -- thing. Not -- and I'll be back on the tomorrow night disputes filling in for believe Garland so I should go back governor. It made my ninety that they take care. I thank you I appreciate your call. -- we're going to come right back that David and Tom and mr. Charlie you Gaza hang on I'll I'll be right back with if you wanna take part in our conversations tonight. It's 2601878668890878. When it comes to handling snakes as part of -- church service. Should this be totally against the law. And what was your first drive an experience like you do of course need I'll put the family car did you get caught. A -- to hear from him and a woman -- what do you think you think there's any possibility. New Orleans could ever host. The Olympic Games I'm Bob Mitchell and which boot on the -- 870 WWL AMF and then dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in first -- tonight on WWL always something new a WWL dot com -- to -- prediction saints who put a franchise tag on -- grand. Because they're too far apart in negotiations. We'll have the latest blushing Gunner Reid disputes blog on -- -- music trial verdict proved justice is not blood do you agree or disagree. Also the big chief recap of the NBA all star weekend New Orleans -- primetime Steve Geller who doesn't like Anthony Davis. Don't know -- I'm not asking I'm not -- Steve Geller doesn't like. And in Davis Steve. Steve felt with. His article is entitled who doesn't like Anthony Davis plus it to build from our whole sports team. Of all the -- that Clinton plus the socially a limits a checked in every day. We have medal winners and big moments of the women games it's all long line though. At WW dot com and on the WW old news just -- a great job an incredible job. Always reporting to you all the top stories in the news -- nine -- never miss -- never miss the top story. But I'm Alex almost or -- -- on the on the back pages of the newspaper that's why -- Subscribe to some of the newspapers and I give -- the liberal mob -- Portugal carb religious act up and that's what Howard was talking about. And here's a story from the the Arizona and does that. It's it's a weekly newspaper. Of very weekly newspaper. A woman jumped from the second four bedroom mobile fifteen year old boy after his mom. -- -- purporting naked with the team. -- Gonzales 34 broke her ankle when she crashed to the ground outside of the residents. This is about thirty miles outside of Tucson there was. Gonzales not -- -- after the boy's mom fell asleep but -- said that she and Gonzales consumed alcohol. That she had brought to home and he had sex twice that evening before his mother taught them. And it twice before Martin caught that. The -- mom recognized consult with the family acquaintance. Whom she had previously caught flirting -- With her son. Come I was fifteen and ever attracted women like that let's go to David in mobile how are you David. So when you're fifteen you ever -- -- -- older women like that penetration come come to your house sneaked in your house. After you my thinking your mom's slips things in your house and comes to your room. -- -- -- legislation that's every kid's dream -- -- fifteen girls dream. The F. Those those monster my sister's actually first -- -- drive -- experience sure it. I was in the vehicle with there was probably about time. Similar operation that kids. But he was well and when I go out and we decided to play around in my mother's Almonte the trucks. That was horrible bus speed. And of course now the the occupied came on and me the truck was output in the neutral and of course it was Marco -- a decline you know as strong. Well what -- what it was startling words we jumped out of the Dutch rocket that was well and actually jumped out of the truck get smacked right into imagery. Well hook up. A bit with it it. Yes you got busted and yet. Nobody nobody was injured. And that. Pat -- in the engine Robert. -- -- -- I'm glad I'm sure how old you say you -- the time. And you got to give this kid credit credit for a great excuse. Yet Chris was created when there. Quickly on the camp and it certainly. I mean especially at the right to be it American it would it would call -- A I mean you know if you handle. It appeared you know. You know appear Christian you know all the Tibetans say and joke about it with the stick when -- in the world leader. And I believe that scripture was referring to of the disciples when they were all on the all the gospel road preaching the gospel that if they weren't to taken. Pick ups and firewood and there was a snake and in the statement -- that -- I think that's what referred to not the fact that you should. You should test on -- -- the put my hand. In a box of rattlesnakes. Yeah exactly sometimes if you just. He goes. Sometimes see what you -- It firm all right -- what do you think about the world ends and I am I realized that. That this is just like I've slipped a Fantasy Island thing -- you think the world -- could ever handle. The Olympic Games this summer Olympic Games. Although it's as big of a fancies you think and yes I do on the regional after I think they would have to. Bring -- support from you about murders in this because maybe that's followers. My hometown. Mobile, Alabama -- -- -- collected it in Atlanta during the Summer Olympics back in ninety. I meant it was kind of regional north toward regional. Schilling. -- the destruction the airport infrastructure and the hotel structure placed being able. How local people -- -- perfect place to build the Olympic village would be -- those -- to fight the war and put the Olympic village out there. That by -- that would do so much for that area unbelievable. So I appreciate your calling David. All right 26 year old late 7866889087260. Someone told me that was listening to you. And you give the number two fast and I couldn't Collins I'll give the number real slow. 260. 187. -- 866889. Boy it's got -- 260187886688908. Revenue of a couple of lines open for you should be able to -- and you can text me. And I'll get to Tom and -- -- Charlie and in just a second look media. Let me read this. This text message. I grew up in West Virginia near the snake handling church -- Whoever says that rattles -- won't -- -- was mistaken. It's not a fast scale. But it will kill you if you were not treated that's kind of what I thought and I wouldn't take a chance and I quite frankly think it's something that should be just totally. Against the law. Some people -- Paulson to. Freedom of religion. I'd Arctic its -- in the via nut job let's go to a common text power you're Tom what are what part of Texas Tom. Well around sixty miles north and east to global. -- -- most -- little -- public Little League. So they -- In the text is put on him. Opinions Sweetwater Texas a rattlesnake roundup like Katrina and march but I'm not sure. Now do you have any churches that practiced candle in rattlesnakes. These particular person. All worked and worked well what can Boyle started -- -- -- -- you'll go to -- actually. A little bit of -- forwarded -- And I'll tell you what. People wounded we will run only. They have enough -- -- forward. Genocidal if you go lagoon -- -- a good deal for ourselves we're going to show. -- It will there by both political. He -- their coat room cooler. Look he's not a big influence colorful. That's it yeah that's -- reason or and got my true. I'm one of these people that I believe that the only good steak is dead now I'm I'm petrified of I heard petrified. When you people -- big wrote -- to open old. I can imagine when your number. This I'd bet I'd be afraid if I did that all of his friends would come after me. A very well prepared when -- -- You know. There was a little girl old Brcko the flow of only it is a corporal. This got to build a bit right. Or hold that picture in the local and a corollary what could blow -- hole and horrible that smoked. -- -- -- -- -- Mean it won't. So -- as it cut acute treated. Do you think that. This type of practice and chargers should be against the law. We've go a little you know. If people. Are. -- It's OK to say at. Will. Ignorant maybe took rule. Book. Totally. Open people don't know. -- it. This indictment that rattlesnake. Roundup to influence or were they ignore boat row. Doug Miller and Mike Dillon -- -- in the country. Or don't kill me is that we're like million. They're there won't -- Bernal. Is. For a little they have the horrible friendship of. Tom let me ask you what else we're talking about tonight I don't know -- if you were growing up if you ever. Sneaked away with it with the family car and there's that there's just a great story a read about this. Ten year old boy who want to go visit his grandparents and mom and dad didn't -- taking so he took his a year and a half. Sister. Put him in the car drove. And he drove off the road into a snow bank and when the cops game. He tried to sell them on the fact that it was a door for him and he -- leftist driver's license at all. And I think I just think that's such a great story but you know it it reminded me of not when I was ten but I know one when I was fifteen that I tried to sneak we'll put the what the play and the car did you ever do anything like that growing up. No no no that's outlook would be an excuse pulpit to rid. That is the that is a great excuse I mean that's that's a very intelligent thing forested site. I appreciate your call it and Tom. Are all right let's go to -- -- and mr. Charlie. I'm doing -- have you ever been to one of these -- services. Now now but I'll I'll say -- I can put out so well a religious person. -- how do you define -- and religious. While the world and Africa Christian. You know -- -- -- -- libel law all of a frequent basis for. At a struggle that not only that they point out -- can easily got to wanna make -- kind of connotation. But. It used marijuana. Out it will we yeah I want. Is at least it is not helpful in on Colorado. OK but yes religion that -- out there -- If you. When you explain that explain explain that. I don't -- -- Feel like you do certain. Law that religious. And then. If you will that you -- out there -- Would like to call it. An act like. It. So isn't that. It all in one. Eagle and that went public and -- Lesions is considered people in the state. That is. Well okay mystery in. It. So there's not design. That well all in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- out no notes to me no sane human being wouldn't that. -- -- -- read one samples Yates public I would hope that it would be illegal in all it now -- quietly. Yeah. -- at all. -- That that we should allow people. It was small ball stop like it up. Obama. You know you knew you bring up you bring about a very good point because. In the old testament people sacrificed animals and in in the old testament. What you were supposed to do if you were supposed to -- and almost have like a pet like take a of a baby lamb and and keep but the family. And and and raise this lamb for a year and then and then bring it to the priest to be sacrificed because. That way you felt an attachment to this this animal. And you're right that at that at that time to help people believed in an animal sacrifices. -- today and and taxis -- sultan. -- -- -- legitimate that it would be like. Well I'll say it -- didn't -- what these people are said. And actually it actually goes to -- process so like when you if you have a formidable. And -- -- to -- -- While having and prepared. Did you tell you about how you approach and it's not. -- -- I definitely wondering EV. -- would it help you. Hit it at that DC the ball the randomness of the sect like crap wants and did. Saw the -- on this film all of a certain things it. It is not it's not. It's not legitimate. Argument over religious freedom. Are now what about you when you were growing -- you ever what was your first drive an experience like. -- You didn't you never did sneak out the family car. Never. -- war. -- was legitimate evidence. And you know. You know what -- Yeah. You know after a dog I did the right way -- And now an -- More money off a -- I did it. And amp a mentioned earlier that I actually got in in a small accident when mud and used car. And I had like fifty bucks saved up and it just happened to be about to blog for miles a body and fender shop and I went in. And I cried and cried and acidic if you can fix this thing for me today my dad's gonna kill -- And that -- spent the money but I did have one of my kids one time. Wind we were on vacation. I had for a bunch of years and lost -- during her American Katrina. I had an 85. Red Porsche can relate convertible that I -- and I took great care of that car I -- it. In the garage. And picked -- a cover OK that's that that's -- it was beautiful. And I want publication and I told my -- You better not even think of taking that car out. So what I did is. I checked the mileage. Before I left. And -- I came home. There were a few extra miles on the car. So I'm Boston Garden is a looked at a straighten that place and I said. And and ask your question I already know the answer before you even. I have the answer before you even answer so I know what you if you tell the truth ago Vizio and and cheap cheap cheap cheap fessed up but the I guess that was just too big a temptation -- just bullets at the garage you know. Shall war or you'll that's that's that's. That's a great movie would agree that. Exactly same. All right but I appreciate you voted in tonight. All right 2601786688908. -- is look at the calls -- we have a a few lines of the interview one of -- in right now you should be able to run it would not much of weight. You can text me at 87870. I'll read -- to actually come back I appreciate the Texas. But I would much prefer talking to you. 2601878668890870. Growing up. What was your first driving experience life in the junior members need I'll. With the family car did you get caught talking about that we're talking about when it comes to handling snakes in the church service. Does that fall under freedom of religion. Or just freedom would be. A nut job I'd love to hear from me I'm Bob Mitchell and -- the poll numbers 2601. Late seventy. 8668. At -- -- seventy coming right back on the big day it's seventy WW LA and implement dot com and I'm Robert Mitchell in force him tonight today's WWL try to drag where opinion poll question the world -- is just host of the NBA all star game. And it's a great success with Super -- do you think the world Leon's could ever host -- Summer Olympics. He can cast your vote at WWL dot com. We take a peek and see the look at 55% saying no. -- 45%. Say yes to 6018786689. OH seventy. Our phone numbers -- read a couple of Texas and be right with yeah ago Larry and Veronica on hold will be with you and just the second. Addition to say courting this text. The snake handling preacher was given the final exam -- by god by the white this guy this this preacher talked about the Kentucky pastor died. He had done this already eight times. You know that it is really pushing your law. Poll almost make the -- eight times you know die and you keep going man. I truly truly think this falls. Into the category. Of the freedom to be and real 100% certified. Nut job. Here's a text message got a three puts snake in my house my dog one wild. I -- while want to see the dogs I've freaked out thank god the dogs killed it but I had to get an outside about five years ago and still makes me shiver and shake. I'm what do you I don't know how many of you listening or petrified of snakes but you're petrified of snakes. You can call and just fill us in on them I am I'm I'm I'm even scared of rubber snakes. Handling snakes falls under. Putting the the lord god took the test which you're not supposed to do and that's exactly. My sentiments on this let's -- let's go to. -- go to Larry. Larry how are you tonight. I'm doing -- warrior Sonia. Well I agree with beyond strengths. Touchdown analog and oh big lap about -- sneak out are -- broke out. Live in the north suburban Chicago. Apparent work -- I'd open the garage door drive about a mile or so what would -- as -- and they -- Alistair. Hold. I was like thirteen fourteen it. But he couldn't hear about other product or dealer yes I actually went -- you -- are you kidding. Characters who are the movie was made -- -- popular aren't. And -- still -- the -- -- glamour or stool you. Lot of dispute in Highland Park and director of Europe. So but like we live -- delegate was that our reality. What did did you hear my story of what happened to me when I took the car out when -- listening earlier. I was making a turn I mean I'm rocking and roll in on idol live dog all are are you familiar with New Orleans. -- some compact I'm confident that Portland. Well I lived right off of the lesion feels avenue where the -- feels overpasses. And and my dad would take the bus. To work in fact he worked at the at the morning call -- Pakistan and he would he would take the lesion fields bus to work and it would leave the car home. So I decided you know I'd ask him to teach me to drive and of course you wouldn't so I was gonna teach myself. And I would get bravery and braver. If I'd like Q the first couple times I would I would I would go around the block hoping that none of the neighbors would see me and and and report -- This one time -- this the ticket on a lesion fields and I'm I'm making you'd turn. And I am so proud of myself but I didn't turn -- enough and I ran into a sign. And I mean that was it and fortunately for me there was a body repair shop not far away. And I brought it in and I cried and I said my daddy is going to kill me can you please fix that the today for me and I hand I had fifteen -- actually -- the you know fifteen bucks for a kid. You know back in. But late fifties that was a lot of money. And at and -- got the guy bailed me -- my dad never found out about it. Coached stories kind of similar to that when I was sixteen got a license. I let my best friends do you take -- car out of a back road. Corporate little. Abstract almost yeah you didn't think he'd beat Condit didn't make it turns. Into a village. -- -- -- about. 3000 dollars -- their liberties are buried in other law -- -- or not turning -- in the insurance and remember that your. How are you are earning the money. Two to grind out my current apps even though he wrote a little bit and hold you. I was sixteen and it was good I heard about an hour or paper. -- odd that had to hurt to run a check for 15100. Well good news is. Our work. Right but well you know when when we go back at times like that and and the way our parents should trained us and taught us and disciplined us. I know nowadays people think that it's child abuse but I have mentioned so many times on the air that at my parents about handled me the way they did. And spank me the way I did I don't know what would've happened and they because -- I've. I grew up at one point in my life. Well of afraid of my parents that if is that of the of the spanking that that I would get. And I'd I'd I think it turned me into a to a well disciplined person. I've been tricky word has consequences. Consequences right I I just don't drink cart I just. -- We -- consequences. Italy hundreds side of everyone's a winner right -- and and compete you grow up a little. Great state. Also a look at the right or. -- Larry appreciate your voting -- tonight -- to Wayne and Veronica when we come back if you wanna join. The show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for -- our phone numbers 2601878. Hope 3866889087. You can text me at -- 78 that. I'm Bob Mitchell and for scoot on WW LI Bob Mitchell and particularly tonight the newest member of our radio family is WW LTV news -- Angela hill. And it's tax time and we have tax experts who can answer questions but only about your personal taxes but business as well lost. Are you or someone you love living the student loan nightmare we have help from the student loan helped senator. They'll tell you of your federal education loans eligible for consolidation. Even forgiveness would be -- and we all heard the verdict in the way nick and corruption trial. But -- the jury come to guilty on twenty. About 21 cultural go behind the scenes with the foreperson and other jurors Angela an open mind what the legendary Angela hill. Weekday afternoon one to 4 PM. All on WWL. Let's that he handling. Snakes -- event -- -- six falls under the putting goal putting the lord god took the test which you're not supposed to do. All right a little bit of a problem here I'm gonna ask for erotica and Wayne did to do me a big favor I know I know it's an optional pain in the butt. But I don't have time to go to your right now if I do that'll be able to be a few seconds so. If for -- product and Wayne who were on hold will will do me via the flavor of holding it all -- throughout the newscast. Then when like come back you guys will be first. Of what we're talking about and if you wanna join the conversation. You conduct call me at 2601. Late seventy. 8668890870. And John pitcher ready during the news and we will do it tune in to our conversations were talking about. Handily and snakes. It is is that really a religious freedom -- two. Freedom the billion nut job. Coming right back I'm Bob Mitchell for screwed on the big day it's seventy WWL AM a and and dot com.