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Scoot Show 2-6 10pm Bob Mitchell, Snakes in church & joy riding

Feb 17, 2014|

A 10-year-old boy came up with a novel excuse after he drove his parents' car into a snowy ditch. He told police he was a dwarf who forgot his driving license. What was your first driving experience like? Did you ever sneak out with the family car? Did you get caught? A Kentucky pastor who starred in a reality show about snake-handling in church has died -- of a snakebite. The practice is illegal in most states, but still goes on, primarily in the rural South. Should it be outlawed EVERYwhere? Does this practice fall into the freedom of religion category or freedom to be a nut job?

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And that's due tonight -- Robert Mitchell. Delivers dude who is filling in for Garland. It's again the chance to play radio what do you guys tonight are big date seventy. WWL Prodi drag where opinion poll question New Orleans -- -- -- the NBA all star game. And had great successful super woes could we ever host. A Summer Olympics are again thinking last night while watching. The winner Olympics which I'm totally getting bored of and start thinking about the slogan of the Seattle Seahawks why not just one honestly think you think we could ever do that. You can give me a call at 2601 late 7866889. A late seventy. An -- go right to wane in Gulfport and -- -- quite some time wing thank you so much for holding. -- the people that. -- Google and amid the. There is a great song on what you've ever heard that I've played it for Maya one of my granddaughters -- the week it's called. -- -- -- Davis world one was irked. Courage self -- With the Davis -- -- -- -- in the first self righteous church in the sleepy little overpass to go if you are. You never heard -- that. I'm serious that there is such a song it's my -- Stevenson and when you when you get. What did Stewart did not it would be harder on -- and it is the bird on what you don't. Culprit here though the outlook and he wrote about life. I -- -- comeback or. It's still going to be so you'll want to thank you so I'd agree but I'm. Going to. I'm I was just talking I was just talking to John who who was my board up and hope and what the show and he's a way to birdies and all of a sudden I just realized he said. You have the same Bob Mitchell listen to what when I was going to school and an in you know I say I was very very fortunate. I got in a radio right. -- -- -- One group like that that and. While most -- -- a little bit older but now I'm actually going to be honest with ya got in a radio. When I was seventeen years little a I was label a -- in right now high school. And the of course you know we all we all grew up together and had just some some great. Try it -- I'll probably not a notion of old Bobby Petrino he could be. Know him. Bobby Reno was around when Moses who were in short pants now. And I know I know. There have been a big I would definitely meant it that the bird you know I don't know -- -- can apply an adult people out of to stop and think you put the money to raise eastern common background. And -- little to show when you are marked. And -- guy -- -- liberal -- fumble by a bump lower due to penetrate puppet opera and -- Because don't do real -- would be they and he said look he's if they get one bite -- -- -- and wait how. And -- that immediately on that yet because you put China allies in the. The. And it only been open and -- it in the I'll tell you -- and it. I mean I don't know -- to need. I don't see this be in freedom of religion I think this is just -- -- whack a do you know. Yeah -- -- it out that you need to be regulated by the government but also beat city ordinance is. Stuff like that you but I mean nobody expected and little equipment in your world today got a good jump around with state that that that would. Specter's been at all you know legal -- lack of world. -- but when Hamlin knows that honey you're convinced people do that how do you convince. Wait a minute I'm answered my own question my question will be how do you convince sane human beings to do that and I've been answered my own question because. You can't -- slain. To put your hand in a box of rattlesnakes now this guy. Well well at their religion. Does the serpent evil thing. And it did in the evil almost failed labeled the evil just about brought out put out. Well. Well in this guy had had already been bitten eight times and survive now what I don't know -- I wasn't able to rub. Get enough information I don't know all the other eight times he had been treated but this particular time. The. Don't know what retreated because I saw that you would have thought. He wasn't treated. No way -- heard a Billy wasn't treated this time but was he treated the other eight times. -- -- -- The bomber Eric urban directly at the bunt that -- so that's why it was -- something columns. You know it -- ghetto he knows. It anyway. To -- -- -- to move on. I'll have a good car or in -- -- jump ball so we're sure she went on what we are out and Robert -- somewhat fair and eleven you know -- air edit form and I don't dread the form truck all over the place that. A dead ball -- 66 -- well that was a call. And when I was 1415. Years old. On Friday nights you know at daddy tickets but it all by itself you're about to -- them every Friday night they would go to -- In -- and they would know beaten you know he's been have a good time and that they would. I do not care that Turkey's war. So we take -- slightly -- rot in the field in the past duke. Around -- a broken down whether he's been pretty forward even built and and we would do so it just goes through could spit or about. Payment at mobile RUN. Ngo and I double -- and of course I'll tell you ought to. -- the alternate route they'll walk in that booklet -- -- I got trouble impact it made -- wait you're. Longer that much of. So you were directed at you had to fess up. You know something something just came to my mind you you were born and raised there. I seem to remember I can't had to be really really really young a senior member of my mother taking me. Some place. I think it was that the gentility. Shopping center. And someone could do was in the ground would snakes and it was one of the radio stations do. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- Was it played his name is coming to -- hello the second. Watch just a note to us some kind of crazy name is an Obama. I'm so -- That. Like little -- it. Right right and and here here's this guy was into the pump attempting to Damaso. -- -- in his own grave down there and and he couldn't he couldn't move a lot because of the if if he moved the the stakes -- attacking. You know you really going to be lost your mind although a couple -- you lost your mind and -- proposals -- to do something like that. Minutes that we need to -- code for couldn't do that. You've been on the there. -- Wells. Let's -- a started in. In New Orleans soon. And I think. 1967. -- that it was I think it was 67 quite shoot 67. And worked in the afternoons. About your. Right to about six in the and went and then went to -- warnings that wasn't warnings almost like. The -- or we'll man is great the do it that. Wayne got a thank you for looked thanks for calling things only a little time okay not a -- here all right well let's that's the commitment to a more call. Yeah we'll go to -- -- Peggy Howard you. Duo and legal tonight just that it would be on the air and good to be here on WW while filling in dispute. It's -- -- -- I have a story about make. I Egypt mentioned and Kellie -- And reminded me. I grew up until woods. And went to school all through art school in until it went out and haven't greatly built its fragments. -- restore. -- on gesture by by the industry account. And when they were clear angle and it was brutal. Is that it was just a well and -- you know the area. There at least co operation weird. -- and once in awhile on the unit on the on -- impediment to open up. So anyway declaring -- in which they'll make. -- The guy to a clear end but at the contest were seventh grade boy quite -- equipment or. And they decided that there were in. I'm at a contest hand. We -- whoever caught the most -- travelers. What went from -- pot. -- dozens hundreds -- Well like that and -- in school equipment tanks from the -- client -- -- we need Hank and act like -- -- -- him and then they'll bring you think it would but once I am a week ago. Certainly has some secrets make and some herbal that's against the world. It on the seat in the on the seat would be. It was an apartment and it would it make it. It hurt our yeah. But I think most of that you sit and welcome our. And it will be completely quiet but I'll -- you as well he can. Dance collect. -- Question you know like I'm top of the art. And and that he will kick in and how -- is -- Available. There's little. You know the teacher -- -- a lot of because that would. Something new in our they're trying to be our adventure certificate and then you know you can ballot he and keep them. -- -- -- you met your engine now a teacher doing and so if it. -- in our parents but at. Any -- it. Can't say. It was a new to -- we don't count that right by open field that and you know our content. -- -- spared the Cochran had a couple of years ago that -- that Katrina. We have -- on IBE. On my spot. And the hot and that well and McCain and I'm like this and he and it was -- evening this -- about exit at all. And he. You know who. The tactic to try to make the afraid. Paula but yet and then turn orange or the white and it Ellie try to scare me. Implement it into an even at the annual. That what does that what does scared me right down a public take a brick and throw an outing. I didn't do anything lingo when we came back next here at the same time of the year and fall you about the but it was about we need to locker. So that's -- you know and making news article you can come here every. Year yeah. Our puppet show up scooped him up an important -- -- in mind the image out of market street. Haven't eaten then that's more than I would do you well I think -- come -- -- it. You know what hurt me and he didn't hurt me but not as it was in April upbeat. And art. I'll -- -- appreciate your voting in tonight okay. All right acoustic 018786688908. Germany I'm Bob Mitchell filling in. -- one of the things we're talking about tonight does the practice. Of handling snakes in religious ceremonies now. Is that freedom of religion or just freedom of the nut job and should that be. Totally against the law in all but it's also talking about growing up. -- sneak out the plan which car to get caught. -- tell us your story I'm Bob Mitchell interest dude coming right back to six year old 178668890. It's seventy. We have a few lines open to you should be able to get right through this the -- show what they Robert Mitchell filling in pursuit. Get to the phones and just the second but. This is not my favorite kind of story. I'd love stupid criminals story and if you talk to most detectives they say that just about. Every criminal have ever come across as a certain degree of stupidity. So we have a story. Of a Bozo that was. Bamboozled by a locked car door. Now from Portland Oregon comes the story a Bozo Ruben talker. Who decided to take a little nap inside and unlock car. Now we're gonna have to assume at this point that he didn't notice it was. A police car. Parked in the south -- -- and station parking lot. And bears another problem are Bozo when colored once inside the he couldn't figure out how to unlock the door to let himself out. He felt so trapped he used his finger to -- help. In condensation on the window. But apparently. No. One noticed until the day shift arrived the next more -- -- it was found inside the car freed and charged with criminal list of all right let's get back to our our our phones were gonna go to now we have two mikes on hold to this is the Mike from the looks like the 334. -- -- how are you might. I'm greatly enjoy your show I'm -- enemies bound and down and back then and now they're saying about the snakes number one a transplanted corner. -- in Lafayette. And what can you do to keep just like the way -- number one and you'll would be a perfect place. -- Olympics the Olympics is in most co -- organization. And don't come to New Orleans and Louisiana they would be like -- the -- Gyllenhaal. Well you know I mean I'm with you now the Winter Olympics -- can do it out by. The summer Olympic I think being a structure. Would cost so much money that if you look at what these cities -- after mile actually. There's never the pay off on the back again it's just business. Now let me ask -- if if you're a bit much in the Olympics and I mentioned this to my wife and she just -- while you're just aren't sensitive. I'm getting a little fed up with. Every person's there got some type of whiny story about time to time I wanna win this for my grandmother a lot of windows for my grandfather of the past while wanna win this for. This person and that person. I once a -- just want to go there and insults so foolish enough to win it for themselves. Just exactly right the personal interest stores like -- -- it's it's over the top I mean it it's a real. Real significant. Unique store. Like it but. Not every one but if he knows everyone's everyone's. Everyone's -- a story you know. A lot of -- away just from my dog. Yeah I wanna -- my cell like a look at some promotions. And -- contract to make some cash with Cuba. I've created says it's too much but. Sure actually -- -- and -- said that on delta bought about all ground for example the ground up ground I don't know some respectable war. A war in the -- But I mean. And I wanna know what can I do to keep stay away from yeah -- that runs. That's about -- I don't know. Thirty yards from the house forty yards now. What do I need to do because I'd hate snakes that -- would -- Wednesday. Was normal -- the Internet but it was -- -- -- right -- the practice it is my question was. Does the fallen to freedom of religion or freedom of the nut job and I think it's free of -- no job no I can help. -- that I can help him because I would be the same way I what I would not want snakes in my yard so. Here's the way to keep snakes out of New York okay. Move some place where they don't have snakes in the yard. I need you demonstrated that. Our coach I think I got a -- You know and I don't PP at all for you know it's been important programs like compare career and it just have a dog in the a moth balls. I have all crawl out just live especially summer couldn't cooler. I would think so man I'm I would not wanna be in your shoes I'd be afraid to go on in my house. -- national. That same banks in the country just a little bit. But it's not it's not like second awards valued and -- as well all -- -- a lot older. Our our should not the ground and I guess is that they do that legally because of the water table in the you know at the ground so low which I understand that. Well when when I lived in New Orleans east. We lived on the war relived all only Carmel and I had to have a doctor in the in the back of my house and -- a beautiful home it was on the war. In one day. I'm I'm looking over the doc and I see something that wrapped around mighty -- one of the pilings underneath the deck. And my first glance I was trying to figure out. How in the world what is that now I realize. And my heart starts pounding. This is some huge snake. That wrap itself around. So I'm gonna draw. Another try to be brave -- normally I'm I'm fearful of this okay so right I don't get much trouble. And I just played at -- -- the snake on the on though that the -- Snake didn't move. Didn't even mood at that point. I put the shovel up and up all my life it's time to -- We need to find another place to live. I am so fearful of these snakes. But I thought I can't imagine going to a church if I want to church on Sunday morning. And they and and and the pastor said look. You need to prove to me that you are good member you need to prove to me that you really have faith in the lord stick your hand. It helps the group couple on the -- on -- it up a bit hectic I can be listened. I should be Jewish journey and I put it and all callers that at all it didn't look like -- lately I can do. Look here's here's what I just got a text message. Keep yard clean the and moth balls for snakes just got another text message on the. -- just break the law ball throughout the elect as a perimeter. To what it says here keep. -- keep guards clean and put mothballs for snakes. Now. Neither that a -- some cherry bombs and hope they'll swallow them -- up a. No question. I have enjoyed your show by the way -- were you driving right now now it's pretty clear. It is it's overcast which is more because there's a -- -- out there -- which there really. She had them -- the clout but others -- all of migrate to it. I have a text message ball very dense one mile each side of caution I imagine such Jefferson highway. Well yeah it does not just now that the Slidell. So it it's not that bad but an ambulance you guys for another three or four hours so it's all about talon robot arm and it concerns me -- steps that walk out of my kitchen. Pitcher throws a moth balled on the -- the house. Yeah I don't I'd give them -- all but I mean is it. Bill to create a perimeter or you know it is just several law of the council do it. It creates a perimeter but a vote of two or up to me I'd buy about five gross. A moth balls are not -- -- all the -- underneath and -- -- yet but I'd I'd I'd live what the older flat to. Yeah yeah and they said he'd be art plane which means -- I just crammed -- all that but. -- -- -- All right Mike OK let's go to -- number two how are you Mike. I'm man what do you think a ball leaves these people who. Say it's their freedom of religion to stick their hands of a box of snakes. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna cost -- sure -- what chemicals. -- the word. -- I wanna hear about your first drive and experience in the Jew ever sneak outlook the play on the card you get caught. Public not. That it was that was on the -- and -- -- now. If you go out. There and who. Can at least. And muscle. In and completely people. And people about it. You. Guys can. Not the I'm just that bit. Positive about. About it is that it's I'd. Like big -- And I -- It. Get him at. You you'll. It took us a couple of players. And it was. It was noted that -- that we do. But it. To put it -- to -- As -- -- That. Took him back in 1981. When we looked. At it and didn't want it. You know and and it would get him -- -- -- -- and we don't. I'm Obama absolutely. On the ball that it was the legal system and -- of the it seemed to go. Home on one which would there. And on the road that could put. -- -- And all we did it influence again. And and it's. That we could have been had. -- -- one. And it. -- -- -- They look like -- that commit. Wouldn't keep kidding you know. Can't. -- -- -- -- -- that you. You know you're so kind of you know but it don't support that we get out of our our hope that. Didn't think. That's what it comes. All right Mike I appreciate it so much OK. All right got a text message I tennis clothes on the twin span east. At all like that. -- it down at all I ten closed on the twin span he's -- not fog related solo rolling blocked cops everywhere. Traffic detoured to highway eleven any ideas. I mean that's that's about your only option I guess. I ten closed on the twin span eastbound not fog related -- rolling roadblock cops. Everywhere. Traffic and a detour highway eleven on over to come back. A few more a text messages to read. More phone calls Patricia. Gary RJ please they were -- if you wanna be apart of the show and give us your thoughts on. What do you think about churches that practiced. Putting their hands and in snakes is should be banned everywhere or is it. Freedom of religion. We'll take your phone calls but the big -- seventy WWL 2601878. We're told 3866889. Points of -- Bob Mitchell in pursuit coming right back on WWL AM on the dot com -- -- -- pretty drag or opinion poll question New Orleans just -- of the NBA all star game and had great success with super both. Could New Orleans ever host the Summer Olympics WW dot com. Am most people say no but 58% say no 42% say yes a into the fold rural what like what medium. -- hadn't read a couple of text most of what wanna get caught up on this. Visited my uncle and Honolulu was a teenager they have viewed loses there but he said there are no snakes and Hawaii and none. At the -- states Baldwin will let them bring in a snakes in them. For the guy that was try to get respect on the lead the house that says -- -- line and it burns the snakes bellies and as far. As the situation with the that the guy. And and in the Pentecostal church. The Kentucky pastor of the reality church call of the reality show culture they salvation. He -- a believer a book or both. Was a believer against is that correct. -- right now that a passage in the Bible suggested poisonous snake bites will not harmful it was a long they are notably god. Well he died from a snake bite and here's a text message not all Pentecostal churches do that just saying. Not all Pentecostal churches do that just saying this gives us a bad name and we donated practice that's stupid stuff. And only we over indicated that all Pentecostal churches -- that. If we did well I apologize for that. Let's see anymore all I'm trying to see if there's an update on on the follow dean. I ten closed the coast are cleaning and at at at. And I -- mention -- the I -- is -- the twins -- eastbound not fog related follow up text about the gun rights. I tennis clothes because they're clear it away all the snakes that at bat that at. I -- that's NC humor let's go to Patricia Patricia thank you so much for calling WW well tonight. I think it's ridiculous. Actually -- -- -- And relational and have viewed. Cheats like right from your lines -- -- so play. Albert -- keeps me it can't hurt bad. There's. -- situation. Is the clean joke. All right okay we'll go ahead. There's bank and words aren't desperate. They took that game again and at church and I didn't know capture -- though. You know that replied -- and it sitting at the end. All that kind of thing you know break and -- and not. Sending our it's it's like and you know they're there and they member whose really care matters right. And it is. And Amber's. You know where's the -- tour. And eight lecturing on. There is -- back they'll. Late start and -- and asking you know. -- -- -- Bet that cannot seriously. -- as a teenager. I was shear fact it. That's like so alert ten. There have written so well with strangers and what was and -- -- -- you can bear without older countries strokes. I don't know I yelled back at spec get your facts -- it looks like. OK so would you go to a church that. Wanted to encourage you to put your hand and -- rattlesnakes. -- -- You think this should be against the law does not does that fall on the freedom of religion. Vacation vehicle soleil. Because. People going to church like there you know could be an appliance fact they're two years. And -- -- it out of their quality and yet it. A -- -- well yeah yeah yeah it won't hear something April. That. You know here's night strike out rattlesnakes and. And and now. -- -- he has. -- act out Marcus sales that. Can they actually end I think the court that they if you count it L. Right all right Patricia appreciate you calling Gary and RJ you guys hang on I'll be right back with -- And if you wanna be part of Marshall tonight it's 2601 late 78668890870. When you were growing up did you ever. There was the eco friendly vehicle what was your very first driving experience and if you did sneak out. Did you get caught let me hear from 2601. Late 786689. Point seven Bob Mitchell. The waiting for go to the big 870 WWL AM implement dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- tonight on WWL go to Gary Derry were part of Illinois you're calling -- him. I'm here Rockford Illinois seventy miles Chicago. Doing a little getting a lot of snow. And -- about six or eight more inches two days been. I can say it's been frozen winter from hell. Do we have a we have a couple friends who live in Chicago and they're saying like -- but look the lakes -- frozen and they say it's it's still probably the worst snowstorm of the Riverhead. The yes I saw something -- that he'd be the mountain Lake Michigan up in northern Wisconsin right. -- people walking across the way you -- say the games. But Lake Michigan has played about two feet of little ice on it. You know hopefully that'll cure a lot of the -- inspection that snakes at at at at lasagna monetary. Collectively for reasons Nixon alumni -- waters makes have been efficient energy use and worse they look like we're adults that are just think Campbell. These snakes that are taken over the Everglades and part of Florida -- huge price on people that listeners consider -- masterpiece are also now. And in Florida in Munich they killed eighteen supporters the other day. I know I've since I've seen some of the pictures of those -- apple -- huge. -- isn't trying to help guru or some kind of what. Whether religiously connected -- -- on your -- nation. Or they can get some kind of a natural enemy that the policy ruby was scared me I'm scared -- for the little snake. I am too I'm -- putt -- I'm scared of -- -- But -- think these things or eat not. A lot of people catch and are generally are disappearing by announcing that. You know that would be useful strategy for meeting these animals. Sense I have to -- -- -- Four Maryland but some students. Something powerful to stop a war. I don't know about a bowl and -- think had won a -- bazooka and a chainsaw can't. Yeah. Do I I don't hear any of those preachers getting those -- -- extras and. So Gary what about you what was your first drive an experience like. You know I didn't wanna learn how to drive -- getting water right placed a call -- my terms of the force me how to -- -- well we don't we found from a story in the news out of relief. Was kind of cute as a ten year old boy. Decided he wanted to goes visitors grand parents so only he brought his urine samples sister in the car. And drove it was a ten kilometers so I think that's what six point two miles something like that and ran into. Well a snow bank and that ten years old today with -- police came he told the cops that he was a dwarf. But he forgot he forgot his driver's license at home with a pretty clever story for a kid to think up you know. And cheering -- might be a politician so -- -- Gary appreciate you called gonna go to RJ in -- how are you RJ. All right. Of -- back on the older. You regret that I sure do a lot of fun those days. -- -- -- All of wet -- -- -- -- And right now that you were not as streaks like I don't know what I'm about to watch. Well remarkable what Barry is accused of Wear around your property. Your war. That was initially the Internet that -- that usual through a wall -- -- potential ought not. But it burgers and all Q. What do you think about the practice of handling snakes and church as a as -- test of your face. Leverage so -- forward Richard close at church I ignore. The no -- playing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Period we're there yet two minutes -- traditional. All white -- got a court order -- And I -- federal. What patio regular you know. Did a cot model. -- -- -- -- -- I had to go to it'll flow. Talking -- some Beers at what it wanted. Well regular beer out of rhetorical bag. And a street -- -- got my -- on the globe publisher Bob Hope. And bought are available. Because we used to Wear choke or -- -- RJ -- -- before you run you think New Orleans could never host the Olympus Summer Olympics. -- Not. We're going to assume what you -- and there are real lot of police work and all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it would have to raise a ton of money and I believe I'm not sure I believe that Russia's. Winter Olympics cost the -- wanna -- twenty billion dollars -- Money minute either RJ I appreciate your call -- okay. We're gonna break up for news next if you wanna be part of the show. We have some lines open you can call us -- 26018788668890878. Talking about is it religious freedom for these churches to practice. -- -- Venomous snakes as part of the servers or is that just something that should be against the law coming right back -- WW well.