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02-17 11pm Scoot; Snake Handling, Children driving cars

Feb 18, 2014|

Bob Mitchell talks about: snake handling; is it a religious freedom right and/or is it just crazy?...ALSO... a ten year old child told police he was a dwarf when police stopped him, while he was driving the family car.Have you ever got caught driving when you were underage?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit. Couple things on our WWL talked table tonight. Ten year old boy came out of a novel excuse after he drove his -- card to a snowy ditch he told the cops who was a dwarf. Forgot his driver's license so what was your first driving experience like. -- did you ever sneak out with the family car and did you get caught and course we're talking about the Kentucky pastor. Who started a reality show boats they candle in church she's died of snake bite. The practices -- legal in most states but it still goes on primary and they say some rural southern communities. Shouldn't be outlawed everywhere this is practice fallen to freedom of religion or freedom just to be. A nut job and fortune tellers. Fortune -- may soon. The out of a job. Scientists have found a way to accurately. Predict lifespan. In worms. And a breakthrough they say that could one day used to predict how long -- human. The secret they claim is looking at the burst of activity. In part of the so which generates its energy. Scientists believe that building a pre radicals -- when cells metabolize. Is one of the factors that drives the aging process. What about it would you want to know in advance how long. You were going live and in the words of you to get a blood tests. Doctors say. Policy here thirty years so laden. You've you've got a little twenty years and that's an -- of the thirty years or another forty years would you. Which you'll know. Or would you just rather you know the in the dark about that. I don't wanna know I'll be honest with you like to find out right now how much longer. I'm -- live. I'd like to know that of that I know much money. And he does support myself if I have more than -- -- then may be at -- more trips. By a fast car or something like that. By a snake farm no I wouldn't -- ethnic form but what you wanna know in advance. How long you were going live that they can take a blood tests and I can tell you you're gonna live this long would you wanna know. I happily would woman 0260. -- 7866. -- nine OH seventy contractually. At 87887. When they get called up on a couple text messages. New Orleans was original flight plan for Disney World we can handle the Olympics we can handle horrible we can handle anything. Now like that Bob did you forget we could not handle the world where you're right about that and you wanted to just on the Summer Olympics. Okay. 2601786689087. A -- interested in this story about. Scientists may be able to tell you how long you can live. I don't know but I I really I think I've especially at just that at this point my life. I really really would one -- of any of you who are retired or you're even thinking about retiring. You know that's the one thing that you worry about you know do you have do you have enough money to pay your bills do you have -- money. To pay all all of your unexpected medical needs. In the future. I would and and of course that that would really help they can you know and amplify a new right now. Well Campbell of ten years twenty years or thirty years and that capsule will -- help meal plan what I'm going to do. Financially 2601878. 866889. Point seven we have some lines open would love to hear premier talked about the us. You can talk about win when you were growing up did you ever sneaked out what the family car. You get caught about it I'm just so impressed I mean that -- -- support ten year old. To take out the family car. Get and get into an accident and to think of telling the cops that well I'm I'm not really did I'm not uncommon to war funnel of mountain -- My driver's license a home. Real quick. Text message we have freedom of religion if you -- dumb enough to believe and handling snakes usually religious experience. It'll be better than human species. By natural selection. Mean. Don't get that when. Undated a try let's go to bill in California are you bill Nicky says eliminate the mentally weak I think that was struck -- how are you -- what part of California. It. How's the weather out there right now. I'm. Content you'll you know. Oh OK -- What will what's on -- golden. Important that your regular stations. Burn it to about. I -- whale might make me in the round it. Am not in a -- neither leader would there's there's there's no -- but you know there are there are churches that that believe in this there are churches that believe. That the scriptures say that you can handle snakes and nothing's gonna have to deal that god god is gonna protect you but. From what I remember about that the way I had been explained to me that doesn't mean you should test that that was talking about. In the Bible days on the apostles were traveling the gospel highway. That if they were to grab let's say a stack of wood to burn a mistake wasn't there the street without hurt them that's that's my interpretation of that so I think I'd stay away from the. I would too because. You don't know what they don't do. -- bill what about you have if you can find out right now how much longer you're going to live whether it's ten years. Fifteen years five years twenty years 25 years would you wanna know. Yet so would. Why would you -- Well last two years ago can't look away from themselves. And I gave virtually wants. And that's what you. And I'll you know. What do you know because you aren't alone won't know how many more how much longer target list. I would -- -- -- I think that would and I think that would make a difference on. Some of the things that I have what do you know like but most people that when you when you retire or you -- close to retirement you always. Our concern you know do I do have enough money to lastly. And if I knew for instance that I only had a few years to live that I might then I might do some extravagant things. Yeah how would you know I don't know I'd be watched -- an -- you know. -- -- ninety's for god you know. Well do you -- have to wait do you gotta make peace god he can make peace with god right now. Is put your hand -- a snake -- in the hole on the whole you yeah only kidding. Only fitting. Would it then you better be at peace with him at that point. Bill I appreciate your phoning in OK okay thank you olives go is it to Patrick. Doing fine at the very well I'm coming back for a little bit. Okay good glad you. And it leg at a drive in the record. At first to go what were you calling from. -- -- -- to them trying to as people call and see if the money followed reports just. On another fogged out on the I ten and I -- an email here. That. Hold on that fire trucks in route from New Orleans east and more competent -- when spends so. If anyone is in that area at all and you can do it safely. Give me a call in old Wendell took a go ahead Patrick. OK so -- and gamble for one reason because I'm on the lives on the most unlucky guy in the world. Because this story about out about sixteen year old. Probably not vote. Really wanted to see that girl she's a couple of them out around midnight so high that year in the door and her mom that it might get that work. He worked for -- at the time -- So actually you know I could use the caller. And cool start speeding them now. Anyway sure. But my outlook. Couple let the -- I'm. -- no no no no. So apple on over my heart to not throw -- ruled on the window outlook up polluted but not there. All my goodness I thought about it. Now did he recognized the car. Yet she said. I ordered that all -- -- he finally become -- beaten out and out street. No. So I I started bale Michael school girl. I would sit in -- about -- being manly but no -- their crimes like little girl. And so he's get all hot ticket agent upon -- it could be worse. Yeah one of the world. I am on. It man on planet -- gamble. Oh my goodness I -- I that I that I can't imagine I can imagine just the the consequences of being pulled over by the police of a have been having to explain that but to be pulled over and find out that Richard dead. Yeah it would it would -- area where that area I didn't realize because -- -- Yet on the market -- make it you know. I worked for -- Paris what other he would send a bingo mogul. And I have to build those -- -- I'll do need to. Not is that typical eighties but to me so. So you would you would go to a church service on the pastor said if you really -- prove you have faith in god put your hand on that box look next poetry you do that. Well all right maybe not but it. Man couldn't be any worse then put not a double church lady. All right Patrick I appreciate you voting in OK. All right let's go to a -- calling from Boca -- how are you -- I'm good enough thank you. As far as like their concerns. One wouldn't have to bite me it was scared me to. -- -- -- -- -- I am when I -- when my first job. Was an -- photographic studio. And I process. The the photos. And I'm in this. Programs they're mad dog rule. With the developer and everything and just -- along with the radio. -- Princeton than solution. And it like comes up and I -- my opinion backed. I mean that that's a little frightening what you know its approach ramp it up. That if and maybe going to. A church service like that. There's no way -- Arafat won't want to be abroad that the nomination. Well it's. I mean we did get a a text earlier is promote someone else who was Pentecostal and said not all Pentecostal churches believing that -- probably -- Never even alluded to that. But Simonyi is back country churches there's this is what -- preacher and it is against the law in most statesman I would have to imagine though even if you made against the law all over the country. People would say well that you or infringing upon their freedom of religion so. The -- do you think the do you think you should have the freedom of religion to do that. While I'm really played it. God doesn't expect to debate god -- got. And it -- not going to allow any buying and there's merit alone earth. I agree with that but -- than expected to be state. Lot I think -- when you're doing something like this year in fact I'm I'm reading a text message right now that I was gonna say what I was gonna say is as the Bible says. Am not the lord dog gone. And -- there's no way in the world I would play in an and to have -- though I mean that would be like say in. I'm gonna jump off a mountain and and and lord. You need to -- Angel to protect you know that's such as tempting -- that's something you should not do. Well when I -- ship wrecked on the island. And it was splitting wood on the fact. And the like baiting. And how. Maybe they'll Allen thought would surely was the one that you needed that god does campaign. But that was the difference it's a whole different -- was are no different situation. And guided Palestinians that you've got also stated that -- -- generally we're able bruised it's something that fact that. But I don't think I think we all know that in our audience to be able to try to play at a play like -- been given. Given me reason to the old are just flatly. Right and he was doing God's work at the time he well he was and wasn't attempting. Absolutely. And I just. I think it's -- as far as I'm concerned and obviously it's ridiculous for anybody to think that kind of a game. I'm with you -- I appreciate your phony and so much on you you have a good night okay. All right 26017868889087. You can text may have paid 7870. And also like any of -- that may -- you are out in the New Orleans east area around around the twin span we had. Words earlier about the twin span was was closed down -- it the text must of forgot that it was not due to the fall. It was a do disrupt and also a few if you know something about that I like to hear from a Scottish dot com our -- All the plant and -- The whole bag match they got one life to shut down vote or not. Act out of you need bank. I mean you're you're not far climbed up but every now and got a player -- our direct. But it are the only thing like record cannot be nothing but what are never a problem I'll work so far. So is it is traffic bumper to bumper. That it sounds like to me what what they were doing now remember a couple weeks ago when we had all the ice. And I was traveling the twin span and a date they have a couple of lanes blocked. And they were just trying to keep people slow download I've got -- that's that's how I get home I've got to go over the twins spent tonight. One Oliva at midnight so is hoping to have some clear sailing. A bombing at an hour that their effort -- and I don't I'd like that maybe only -- trainer -- quickly. -- -- that much about art that there aren't that I know how and it went real art but I don't like I'll be achieved. Scott let me ask your question if you. Could know in advance how long you were going to live would you wanna know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet there at a I'd I'd -- know now if if I was. Twenty or thirty years lol I might not wanna know but right now. I would wanna know because that is all kind of things like to do if I knew I only had a few years left I don't know might taken. Might sell everything solely iris doesn't give a whole bunch of tax money when a -- I don't know what I do but I've I think I think I would want ago. Yeah and I'm not me. They better have pretty good daughter I don't wanna bet. -- I appreciate your phoning in okay. All right 2601878866889087. You can text me at age 7878 but had -- break. Dot C you will be first up when we come back if you look take part -- and in our show where we're looking for people that. That when it comes to handling snakes in church pastor who was on a reality show died from a snake bite. Is that freedom of religion or our -- like to put isn't it just -- in the -- nut job body feel about that and as a kid growing up. What was your first drive an experience like and one more thing scientists. Have found the way they think noble eventually. Be used to predict how long a human would live if you knew if you could find out right now how long. You were going to live. Would you wanna know 26 year old -- late 7866889. Point seven -- Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL. Welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell in for duke tonight it's the final week of -- thousand dollar. National cash contest you could win big just like -- -- right here from New Orleans remember you have four chances to win. A thousand dollars every week listen -- WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at. 8 AM. Noon three and 6 PM for the code word and Internet code worked at WWL. Dot. Com slash cash got that. WW -- dot com slash cash war click on the contest link to WWL dot com have probably easier. And it's just as easy -- -- on your Smartphone or your tablet. And that your office computer or -- -- well. You can win anywhere each weekday four lucky listeners nationwide. When -- thousand dollars each good luck to remember. The times to listen right for the top Leo -- news at 8 AM. Noon three and 6 PM on WW let's go to the phones and -- how are you tonight -- I. I am. I -- -- about the snakes I agree with you -- interest and I think we knew when you intentionally do it yet you are. You know you really challenging -- I think what the actual scorcher that they're talking about it you can handle wipers and not dot. And you can drink any point in this thing and and recover and some extra. -- So apparently intentional I I agree with either I think I think that your idea -- -- and I think that's absolutely that's true that's like a challenge. While Monday when the apostles were -- -- -- on the gospel on -- You know if it that's scripture meant. That goal while in treatment work and if anything happens to you to try accidentally drink I -- -- accidentally grabbed a -- ambulatory care viewed not. Not a knuckle head and stick your hand up nights you know. Our our cable like for instance -- I. Like my -- but. At at at that. You can take you through anything. I think it turned down to you know I think that really stick on the -- and I think in freedom. I don't think it should be like make children do. Our -- people but you know native Americans are legally to pay LB. That's a real delicate issue because in posting your time. You know an adult who willingly dealing and it really. As part of their religion. You know he'd do you remember to keep it refuse. And it you know. I think nothing should not that involved children. Or -- worse and I don't think it should that the government should outlaw that I needed is. It's really stupid and I think it's real -- interpretation. Of scriptures. I guess the only thing that I would be against -- and -- I don't know enough about it. I don't know how these churches were I don't know if only the pastors but from. From what I've read and from what I've heard is that they encouraged the parishioners to do that and the last thing I would I would hate to see you. Would be some family greatly influenced maybe have some young kids in there and they tell the young kid. Well you have to have faith in you know mama has faith and that is it stick in boxes. -- I would be greatly against I. I think that's not. -- point that I think that could be outlaw I don't think any coercion should be involved at all. If view. To find out right now how much longer you're going live on this earth -- you wanna know. I wouldn't care yeah I thought it wouldn't change my life and all I -- cattle and every day just is that it does so the last. You know they I think he has a born again Christian -- -- stated you know live it as if he's not gonna cover a thousand years but be ready become. General I don't have a problem -- that that way the only thing I might do different news. And I might use my money it will but it certainly a fun to just you know I mean. When I mentioned as a couple drove to start thinking about retiring. In oh you. You we wanna make sure you have -- Alonso on on the other hand. If you are a born again Christian and you know that you or being faithful. Will and with with your money you know that god couldn't take care view but I've I've just I guess I would like to know because. If for instance. If I knew I was only gonna live let's say another five years okay. I might go out and buy me a Porsche another Porsche convertible something like for the three and -- -- my money as a last well some might do something stupid. -- -- -- And enjoy it. -- -- paktia and and keep on your. Well you know I I have I have a buddy of mine and he said that you know you you you get to a certain age and he said really it doesn't make any since the buy cars just -- them. There -- council we believe that for a couple years they enjoy it and god do in connecting. I had one like for twenty years and I lost a bit during Katrina haven't. Had a beautiful 1985. Red Porsche can't really convertible brought that I bought brand new infect. And that kind of funny side story on that. I've bought it and it and -- wirelessly. Forty miles. And and and what happened was. A basketball player. In Dallas. Bought the car with alt test driving it. And the cut and put the convertible. He couldn't close. It's true he couldn't. He couldn't close the top of the Marshal I was able to buy it as a used car and get about 101000 dollars off off the price the pro life candidate. I had a forty years of -- like. I can't caribou. The insurance didn't cover it well it had. -- the insurance the insurance paid for insurance -- paid for but it did didn't pay enough for me to get a well a new one and and and the car really was kind of like a a rite of passage for someone like kids because. When they got to where they would go to their senior prom Ariel and let them drive the cart to the senior prom. But the. Olympia picture of millions to. Sixty pick out and for seventeen years and we'll deal mean -- -- had to -- -- But I have a picture of the blue. Sheldon Silver and you can imagine would happen lose it during Katrina. And I had to watch a tow truck. -- I don't know I. I don't mind you that hoped that the work I'd still depiction. Death to what what they told -- what they told me was that the engine was probably okay. But they said the fact that the water gotten into the car that the electrical system -- -- cause me problems forever. -- I can imagine actually what killed my electrical. And I'm sure supplement. Like that evening out. That would. What -- have been talking about driving -- what was your first drive an experience like. -- my god I didn't steal what are my IQ and counting on -- result let me guide and guide Canada. -- At that time we lived in in Chile. I don't know no houses cars that there's fate that you know I currently that was to happen you know that they get everything. And now. -- -- And it was quite so easily. That the stick shift on the thing and he's that you probably have trouble that the collapse but I didn't. And this -- the funny thing at all listen. It's a police officer stops you let me do the talk and -- it's you know like he was out of it. Mine -- at a court. I thought we'd be stopped at what would -- L. And how how old were you. Yeah that's yet that's really Smart. Haven't a semi Euro drive and if that kind of let let me talk to the cup right she wept at at at at. And we got out after. The decisions. Now I'm actually pretty big at all and it took me out. You know yeah yeah. And it was. In acting my brother needed drive our other Alcan which actually. And -- duke and and and you have like. -- and and my mother now because at war coming down streets were okay -- about. Yeah yeah and now. You can walk on the street leaving -- -- -- that you've tried. Call our all the time particulate. Skinny and you're not on -- That would limit the cult car and even watch the Olympics. Unique in that it did not on network it. -- I don't fly on the Olympics worthwhile leave -- -- -- How -- act by collectors anybody's. -- like Tina come up on my being you know and obviously -- had switched to do that that we know. Appreciate you -- and tonight I am glad you're you're on outlook avenue on. Thank you so very much. OK let's -- -- compliment first of all let me give -- via the phone numbers again so you can. If you wanna take -- take part of about a conversation to six year old 1878866889087. Related caught up on a couple of of text messages. -- that the that the that the that the and according to this xmas tree comes from the twin span. It was a fatality just cleared the now here's another one that says traffic has been diverted to highway eleven headed to the North Shore. There's an accidental fatalities on the twin span and Bob there are cleaning up an accident on the twins than just as you get on coming from the east day in the far left lane. And you don't even have to slow down they should be cleaned up by the time you drive home while that's. Anyone has any other updates on that nick and the text me or you can call late. At 26 year old -- 7866. -- nine OH seventy we have a couple of lines open. So while pleased it was a called a fuel and answer our big gates -- pretty drag our opinion poll question. New Orleans just -- the NBA all star game. And let's face it our city. And has had great success with the Super Bowl and indeed the in the NFL just loves us. Could do worldly than ever host a summer. Olympics have got a lot of different opinions and that's about it or at WWL dot com. 59%. Say no weak but not 41%. Say that. We could. If you or just tuning in we're talking about this Kentucky pastor. GM. He started in a a reality show called snake salvation you know -- maybe that's a question we can use tomorrow night. Are related to many reality shows I mean every every channel as a reality show with. I was watching some reality show. During the week I was kind of surfing. Announcement I don't call hillbilly heaven or something like that and now these guys on the show that I saw actually. -- the ones who would go all in the hunt and get the poisonous snakes to bring to the churches for the for the -- candle in sir remotely. Anyway. This this pastor. Died is name is Jamie scrutiny if this had been I think the eighth or ninth time that. He had been bitten by a snake and a but they tried to giving medical attention and he said he didn't want it. And he wind up done and so does that. Fall in your mind the opinion of freedom of religion. Or. Aside look at it -- three in the -- an absolute nut job. Coming right back on WW LA and implement dot com. Bob Mitchell and crucial tonight tomorrow on WWL first news atomic talker is Jimmy Graham a wide receiver or tied in -- the four million dollar difference. In number -- designation helplessly -- salary cap issues plus. Are any saints worthy of the franchise tag besides drew -- Jimmy also a nineteen year old charged with killing one person should middle and Craig's list that she also -- and murdered. 41 dollars -- hear about that Psycho. When do you wonder who's on the other side of Craig list and or other sites have you used online classifieds to meet people or to buy things. Plus researcher of women or the only or primary breadwinners in 40%. Of American hopefuls to millions to open -- were -- for women. And -- you divide the duties were you live but are you a morning or evening portion. In both peacefully coexist under one roof and what's your favorite time to wake up and you'll go with Tommy Tucker weekday morning six to ten. On a WWL -- go to -- in New Orleans laureate Joseph. -- so rallies and what's on your mind tonight. The lesson. Of analysts and -- about the nation however and I would. -- that what you're talking to. Right trees. And job could mom illegal -- But first -- Wednesday. There's no obligation sticker and the -- box. Appeared remote or your elders and your preachers. They do this snake -- okay and it's not every it's not at least they. Want to know law. Are you were actually in some services where they they did this snake. Saying I haven't brag that it's street they won't say we were raised above Baptist. But I -- -- double pentecostals. Those leaders snake handlers. And those -- -- current district also. And but there's no stick hand in the right box elders and Martin BP paid ones. Us. They order namely through but now if you can't appear on pastor. And say that you -- panel snake. You've got to go to council one but elders. If -- go through psychiatric care -- mean. Did need to do the elders have to get a Maine to become an elder that is that the pressure got to put him in the snake bots. Our round -- yeah don't know much about how they can't you. To do a bit. -- you out they'd do it. But now now on the other hand these days you've got to go for -- for -- feud between bond insurers but does that. -- -- even Basra and pentecostals. Are stored and -- -- to -- -- on that. There will not not all I would have to imagine. That it's a very slim slim minority. Of the Pentecostal churches that do this. Yeah -- -- -- and it was more for a one -- -- be -- days. Does very few years ago for our. A field throughout the state defiant and even backhand well do it anymore does have some other do not want to do it. There -- doubt about it I'm -- firmly bully. Like you view and I believe -- I'll come -- -- -- believe that day you're dead but they don't know afraid they've got protect. Well let me unveil activists to -- that this is this this this practice and in other words. Who do you put your hand inside the box. Noted nobody goes near the box you know from what I've seen an out and how they cannot. Church service where they do. You know end -- back in my area. All the little note there saying that you know boxing's so said the preacher. Rick and get one round that you want to ban on going out and and definitely restored dance around. A box -- and show. You know try Jimmy around it. Gravel Kabul and now okay you know -- -- and start branch would want you saw on Fox News out sorts today. So so so and and in other words it's kind of like. You put your hand in the box and I just you train that you don't get it right. Yeah it will add the preacher does. -- -- account page monologue mr. -- and -- -- -- it don't do it. -- Well and law. -- law. And the people mistaken it. Well that's not BK. So well that. The apparent pastor in the elders on -- but that would be quite -- you wanna be an elder -- -- -- -- got to stick your hand in the snake -- Now I'm not sure if you've got to be gone out faster but the issue raised -- I don't understand the children just like cabin -- -- raised -- you know. Our Gardner you'd -- straighter and you don't hit it down a rapist did you confirmation. -- Well they're raised up and -- SA now days it's. Battery. View there still. -- and it's in that flight. In some ways in Egypt and which way eastern Kentucky. And west country -- your way out of college on the aegis. They're all scrabble life but I haven't been able. They pointed their bibles that god and first night again. I don't know what do you -- -- -- questions. You know -- yet. And that gentleman and I'll earlier tonight didn't you bet I am program. You're in you're healthy. You you know you don't make it. Dead wrong upon it and if you get bit by -- -- or copper. You bet he would -- you weren't you well they -- off. Let me ask -- and for more true witness that you ever. See any of these elders are -- and actually get bitten by the snake. Not so -- So they were just David that they were just lucky enough for the snake not to bite them. Don't don't paying ten years I don't know you know it's -- to his. Own home. Don't put this right the sleep like a trance like that it's like -- lot. Probably into the sea and guy will get caught in the it was Easter service thanks. Last year it was gonna include. And -- partnered. Is he had the most the biggest. Campbell we're two of -- it is about that city. I mean that those -- -- not a big country and around for around. And he had now -- That was bill yeah it was only an eight day trial looked like it was try and light -- and -- Or you know incapacitate. Regular look like today fundamentally -- in his face. Spoke of snakes and the nature of and that put them all over the place and you'd be it. -- -- called Jews to apply it was you'd never near that and and I'm not. There's -- one quick question before you go if you knew if that that there at this some research that they say that. In the future they won't probably be able to tell you club with a blood test about how long. You can live would would would you what I know right now how many years you have left on this earth. Absolutely not so yeah. Note. Would be talking about stress. I tell you I don't care how many years I have left you wouldn't put you wouldn't get my hand in the snake -- and have done that I have to knock me out to do that. Margate has starred Bob -- say it every time -- seeing as I was close to the front door. -- At. All right Joseph. It was a great well thank you thank you so much. Oh man oh man. All right I'm Bob Mitchell in -- coming right back in WWL AM implement dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in forest due to -- that's. It's filling in for Garland and I'll be back with Q a tomorrow night disputes couldn't do Garland for tomorrow's -- and a whole bunch of fun. A big date Sony -- jaguar opinion poll question New Orleans just posted. The NBA all star game. With a great success and also -- produced many successes whenever whatever we do the Super Bowls are people actually love it. Buick that we can handle things like moderate growth could New Orleans. Ever host a Summer Olympics. At WW dot com 59% say. No and the 41% sodium I don't know I mean. I think that would be an incredible thing. For the stereo and I'm sure we'll have to be at least a multi -- -- there's no way I think New Orleans could do it alone. But I would have to think if you if you give all the parishes together and stuff like that though we can do it except that. Of course the big thing is where where -- the money come from. Because I mean you're talking about billions and billions of dollars. -- to do something like that. Really -- enjoyed every one who was text us and all the phone calls forgot to let. Less phone call was -- it was very very interest I wish I'd gotten a call up earlier in the night. Because it explained a little bit more about handling stakes were it's obviously that you don't get forced analyst -- but -- -- -- that they just get all. Worked up and dancing and just stick their hand on the box snakes and pick a handful up and no hope and pray that. You don't do but sometimes the cash. You do and because of what happened to the to the pastor that Kentucky pastor and he had that -- we -- -- he had been bitten about eight times before and who was okay in this time. They tried to give him help needed one help. Those and the medical team to his house that he didn't want that and you -- -- -- him well one more thing. Before we in the show. If you heard about this South Florida man who's recovering from second degree burns after he tried to save his dog ruby. Who accidentally caught on fire how did ruby accidentally catch on fire. Thelma boxer but he -- -- was treating the dog with fleas and ticks. When she noticed alive -- on the floor. And tried to burn it. With a lighter tried to burn the -- of the latter ruby the dog became startle and jumped across. Where she was Rhonda Byrne the -- And I just because of the police sprayed in the text braille on the dog the dog -- in the flames. Her husband. Jets picked up ruby in his arms and jumped into the swimming -- The dog is OK the guy a second degree burns. Thank you for. Being part of the show tonight. Thank John for helping me. Jack for the last hour and I'll see you tomorrow night in -- at 8 o'clock WW --