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2-18 WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 18, 2014|

Dave talks about leftovers, Jimmy Graham: tight end or wide receiver? And the best apps

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the eighteenth of February 2014. It's I am glad to -- -- is not Monday now and that makes me a happy man just that little thing doesn't take much to make me happy end. That being Monday it makes me happy that we are 20% of the way through the work week. And we are making our way on to the weekend in the weather -- fantastic with the exception of the follow through do you see guys anything -- -- -- line back or well usually when I kind of make that term. Out of Metairie and in the new war and they act and -- the superdome almost immediate. Roll. When I exited at the superdome. And was going around the super you were right there I looked up and I could not see the superdome there. Now can you know when he did. That. You can't. Remember. You know you know the -- notes Woody Woodpecker in annual unity yeah right under the exit sign I mean under. I could seek. No -- but I had to be under the guys that several people swerving to catch their exits again it's back to where the highway nine the night tan and the river about partner expressway and I -- split at the superdome myself several people swerve at the last second. Realizing they were now on the Red Line those those big painted I hands on the ground in the lanes. Really help daylight hours ago because then he advocates the sign above hopefully concede the sign. On the ground so we got back on -- this morning dense fog advisory all morning yet so I'm going southbound on the bridge one line northbound here Carol Robinson yes glad he's back in the Natalee -- and advising us on traffic. Yeah yesterday morning during the show starting. That did that -- that's an accurate exit -- -- -- down but he had one of those mornings hunger words thing well the reason was I'd brought some laughter. And I knew they were sitting there waiting all its own -- I just kept thinking about my left overs in line to go eat them at this happened to be us now it. And I love -- -- that's been sitting in the fridge all nightmare needing an Italian drastic there at the and then to -- salad them lettuce leaves get soggy -- times it's soggy. And everything's this little. Now it is loaded in that Italian addressed Syria got toured new star -- around now -- talking about a Jamaican myself on a big left over. Idle idle some people will not be left he left. And keep them because they they know that I eat. But it in George Carlin used to say that. Yeah eighties left -- to make you feel good twice the first time that you're saving the food you know throwing it away the second time you're saving your life when you do take it out of your free agent finally throw away. When it's covered in various different colored and fight the molds and things -- I eat my leftovers and I love the marinated salad. I love cold pizza. The Dan next day man all called pizza chicken cold chicken the next day -- among my favorites. This folks gathered from Iraq hopefully you can see this morning things -- Making bad get a favorite left over are you left over -- Yeah yeah right idiot I'll go for electric casserole. Assuming -- -- -- had new rules. And sauce and all Latin. And I -- about cold the stuff you don't I know I don't know are now while I know I'm gonna he's not gonna -- that -- got heated up are gonna. The chicken. Yeah. Deny deny all do the cold basis but. Usually events are casually. Thing I got to use that though I even like goods pieces -- next day and a cold. On bread with -- Yeah I don't want him. Why are you doing -- and I can I hear my stomach grumbling thank you David collected fifteen minutes or foggy first news here -- WWL I am not have a -- album tickle your foggy forecast. Right after this sports did and they were trying to help me get through the. Dog is it is dads -- -- dense -- going advisory all morning and they are con going southbound on the causeway north -- just one lane and it is bad in spots took some of the dances fog we've seen in awhile. Got that fog this morning that it's gonna stick around at least through the morning QB dense fog advisories posted north and south of the lake. Even after that -- it's still going to be a cloudy day and mild Temps in the mid seventies this afternoon and tonight lows around 62 of course watch out for that dense fog again. It'll be with this through Wednesday morning and then Wednesday afternoon 75. With 820% chance for light rain. And on Thursday a cold front moves and -- is going to bring a 40% chance for some showers and storms with highs in the upper seventies. From the eyewitness cease forecast Fenner I draw just far. Tell -- along the coast -- -- is actually reporting visibility of zero -- out of visibility less than a quarter of a mile most other places it's a quarter mile including the international airport where it's 63 degrees and foggy. And at the Slidell foggy and 63 degrees relative humidity 100%. Sports time now on WWL for that we take good morning and happy not my day. The Steve Geller were making our way through the work weekends to sort of weird times in the world of sports. Where very little is happening you've had the NBA out there all star break and -- -- it yet College Baseball -- starting football essentially over as we wait for the draft at least -- in the free agency period in the content tagging people but. If you wanna watch sports and a whole lot of up that area. No definitely you know you have the Olympics on right now at least but just watching NFL network in constantly monitoring anything new with this country definitely for sure Aaron well keep us up to date on that and everything else the -- Good morning everyone in the period to franchise tag players has opened in the NFL at the saints cannot come too long term view of restrictive free agent Jimmy Graham. The team won't use that designation on him. But the question becomes is -- truly -- tight end or a wide receiver. Super Bowl champion Michael Robinson of the Seattle Seahawks to the NFL network his opinion. Let's say he is more like a wild receiver he catches the ball all over the place he can go but it's a quarterback Ingle has allowed back whatever it may be. There's a stark difference in money on the line to projected 2014 French franchise tag him out for a tight end. Is six point eight million dollars compared to eleven point six million dollars for wide receivers. Terrel Suggs has in a four year extension with the Baltimore Ravens the 31 year old linebackers -- a six year deal in 2009 that expire after 2014. Now these are 228 team. Who needed some salary cap space and you know bring some guys and so we three -- the number one priority is to give us today today at a place where wherever Perino we -- we wouldn't in the championship game you know the last two out of three years and I think that's definitely our number one priority -- Suggs earned his sixth Pro Bowl by invite this year in the franchise is the franchise leader with 94 and half sacks. Meryl Davis and Charlie White have made Olympic history by becoming the first American team to win gold in ice dancing the US and Russia. Are tied for the overall medal count with nineteen United States has earned five gold four silver and ten bronze. Syracuse is still number one in the AP college basketball poll. The 25 -- -- orange who won two games in the final seconds last week are on top for a third straight week but received 641. Place votes. From the 65. Member national media panel Florida which is 23 and two moved into second place from third. The 27 no Wichita State shoppers are the only other unbeaten division one team. There -- third in the new poll Arizona dropped from second to fourth and do rounds out the top five. They have -- on sports talk ESPN MBA NFL business analyst Ehud prayer breaks down the same situation with Jimmy Graham plus. Audience would you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana in the NFL -- Steve Geller naturally morning Lucas. Board five point three Steve gala Dave don't hang out with -- on your radio -- biologist askew was so Jimmy Graham opposition does he play for the sex. -- and day that's it you would say action every time I've ever heard anyone refer to Jimmy Graham at tight end Jimmy saints tight end Jimmy Graham. If they always talk about the tight end records he's broken most -- a -- for a tight -- a three sides very tight end. Everything that you ever hear talked about Jimmy Graham is. As a tight end. But then when you look at this you lineup. Exactly -- becomes then the issue and where they will challenge. Things with a collective bargaining agreement and the NFL players association and that he's lining up more than 50% of the time. Outside of that position right he's not lining up in the traditional spot where -- tight and would line up he's lining up and a spot where a wide receiver would lineup sometimes even lines up and a spot where running back Mike line exactly so becomes confusing. I hate this debate I hate the fact that we're having this argument but I understand both sides. I totally agree with you I have missed him -- such as well but to me what you're saying. If you you're asking me what position Jimmy Graham plays he's that he was drafted as a tight and he played college football as a tied at one yeah he is he is a tight end game. I mean if you wanna play if you wanna be a wide receiver that I guess. The states would have to switch that the notation on the roster but if you look at their rosters wealth he shows up. At the finance problem as wide receivers make a lot more money that the type that that is the big prize it right and four million dollars more on average yeah a little of excess of four million dollars that he could make with the franchise that if they franchise tag him. He wants the average salary of wide receivers in the NFL. Not -- ads and in his contract negotiations he wants to be compared to the salaries of other op. Wide receivers in the -- Right that's one of the snags it's reportedly going on with the long term negotiations is that he wants top five wide receiver money on top I've kind of exactly. And I get that from his perspective. Hey you use in me like a receiver you can pay me like receiver. Pass it the same thing well here tell them we're just you know moving around to shake things up so I understand both arguments. But I hate that it delaying the ability to keep Jimmy Graham in the black and gold we don't know for sure if he'll remain in the black -- gold. At least not happy in the black single. Floor especially since we just went through these long drawn -- negotiates with Drew Brees would like to see Jimmy Graham wrapped up long term say it's got to get on the ball little bit better I think you try to get these. Key elite players locked up before this happens we'll talk more about that 25 minutes of -- back in here in -- with more sports and I'll ask our running back who winds up in the wildcat. You running back -- quarterback. 128 and there is -- talked about some places visibility is really 01 person just text me late 7870. Says there on river road and death Strahan and can barely see twenty feet. You're outlook for this Tuesday fog this morning -- clouds this afternoon and look for highs again in the mid seventies. There could be a shower or two mic stand today and again tomorrow but really Wednesday looking identical today fog in the morning. And then some showers in the afternoon with highs in the mid seventies. Now by Thursday our next front approaches it's not going to bring rain until late Thursday night into early Friday morning -- still warm on Thursday. I expected to be a first step and he. For the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- itself. Right now dense fog quarter mile less visibility just about everywhere 63 degrees coming up -- great text messages about Jimmy grammys he's had better wide receiver some great laughs over text messages. About left over breakfast as well right after this 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the eighteenth of February 2014. -- Tuesday a not -- Modern day as I liked -- -- -- -- is dense -- foggy out there. -- Yes Woody Woodpecker cast -- and I neither -- many people taxing masters and they've run this several areas of the visibility so bad they can't see the vehicle in front of -- I don't like that I'm looking out my window here and I can't the guys about thirty feet I think at the end of -- Crescent City -- still there I can't tell you know I can't -- the superdome even when you're right next to this morning. You with a big lights on all the way around to see if paint. Blow. Expect the superdome to be and I was messing with the wipers again this morning I had that you know that moisture things going on and can't wipe away fault no all I know -- it is tennis that then. -- -- -- -- I don't know slows -- on the medal if you just intention at all the way I just get straight to rob nothing ever however around. In grabbing your eyes as the fog lights on and don't do the -- I don't. -- it's fun to turn on your rights in the -- that looks like you're going through like you know warp speed on Star Wars or Star -- But you can't see anything at all make your visibility far worse yes it does not turn on your bright lights and I were talking earlier about leftovers. Yesterday and marinated left over salad. Enjoyed every -- of and the forward to. And some attacks made the best thing I know is left over seafood -- the next day or year out now let me ask you when you when you take -- -- out of the phrase it's got that layer effect on top and the orange Thad. Do you appeal that off and throw them in the trash before he heated up. An already heated up and makes -- fat right Aaron you know I mix it right back here again I keep it actually got -- -- if I don't see it. It's like -- -- out of sight out of mind -- the gumbo and nine -- -- gets rattle through and it's gonna clogged arteries overtime but. If I don't see it I'm okay but if I see it yes and it's not a cop that killed flatness. On top of the gumbo when I take that bridge offered goats got a peeled off the throw -- with the -- it -- everything sucks it up so much. These -- things taste better. The next -- yeah no doubt about it and I think it you're right I think. Everything counted just collapse delights and gets in there and you know it's great I like to keep the -- in the -- in the average. It's wet and -- about my wife's not you can -- new new rice OK you know and like the cold -- re -- I think it's fine if it's if it's wet and dry night. In the right yeah you don't -- crusty and -- -- cold crawfish or crabs. Those says I love left overs but I don't get to enjoy them my -- teenage kids. All our pitches he's -- a Yankee leaves them in there they stay up later than we'd. And so middle of the night you've got debt something you bullets left in there -- for you could eat for breakfast the next morning. There's no worse in that you open the free -- go on now I have that happen and then sometimes are run into my life in the hall way and Arriaga teenage son. And then I'll run and my wife and she kind of looks down. Like you deal. With the -- Backup though leftovers like it was a big thing well I got. The spaghetti and lasagna is -- government has taken leftover pot -- in on make jambalaya with that the next ego -- -- good. Lots of people love leftovers pizza. Kick him. Marinated salad I -- just about anything cold the next level called piece of steak with -- mayonnaise on some bread slice it up on the bread not emphasize that I just are you just put this I have on the big piece and nice tender -- as long as -- -- -- light -- prayers -- okay well. And yeah sometimes I will admit this. I will hide it left. It is something I'm really really want that out of an idea I mean -- it up and stick it way back on primary Yan. I really wanted for breakfast the next morning. I got fortunate. And our you know have a chance sometimes you know maybe even deported them like in the vegetable things underneath them cucumbers and green peppers got the skies we'll have a lot of (%expletive) -- maybe that that puts in the white. People file for hiding food for my kids I don't know them that they're really want that left over it is a dream about it all night it's gone in the morning easily. Some noticeable partnered got to do it -- I'd negative with Nike about twenty minutes more prisoners here on WWL AMF them man. That go live and direct to the foggy Eyewitness News forecast under its make good morning -- thankfully not to fall. In here right not -- -- Italian TV if humans not yet you'd just fine yeah I doubt we're -- you're just outside. The bigger problem and I got to ask you that what color what color is your love -- I what. Let me ask you what color do you -- magenta. Color it roots Battelle. Okay posts are true -- somewhere between. Us isn't searchers like Ian Alexander is okay but like I -- not showing up agreement that ultimately that problem -- Image shark trips like alike anchor Holler at him -- now that I am wondering what what look at -- -- tell what color releases a. We are looking at tenth in the seventies and seventies -- after -- with color Oprah -- I'm looking -- -- trees on I'm we need right now hold on that is actually he set magenta you're right I went between yellow lingering. The only reason I know that it became used to dye Easter eggs and won the colors she -- -- it was archery she decent yellow. And symbol to unit together and that makes -- trees that the only reason I know that. Yet I don't know what I was informed that one that -- lights off -- like he pulled that and I love maybe -- Crazy names for colors all perfect. Literally. It is like he's admitted that kind of hot pink but on. That actually like it looks kinda dull it's a little bit read this maybe united key I don't. Anyway what I thought I I don't I'd. I didn't know at the campus shade tolerant of -- election making it one color your watch and I'll get the color and weird how that happens yeah. All right so -- Of -- -- dresses. It's very scary thought is that an area what it dense fog advisory -- I am -- and areas and through noon importantly. More -- -- -- born. -- -- do not expect to be able to vary far. Light for several more hours this morning that -- we are talking. Yes we got convoys on the causeway and restrictions that sort of things that. Just the weather is messy morning commutes and got bad knees because it looks like the next couple of warnings will be just like this morning. You -- that you know businesses that time a year and -- have to watch for that fog sell all acting through even Friday morning the possibility of some forget that we start to see things improve a little bit over the week. Once the fog does burn off what we have this afternoon will be that -- the bits and these again today is gonna be warm and kind dampened dairy and sake and it. Monkey humans yet again today of out of -- a 100% right now I'd give. Point and the temperature are exactly the same and -- always told me when that happens outfield at and that that they you know 75 would feel great if it was dry and that -- by -- 75 and kind of damp and humid. Does that -- Quite as refreshing -- it's a mistake and it damp and humid and tell our next little front beacons to work and late Thursday night and early Friday morning and how cold does this for a make it doesn't drop with -- spreading will be a little bit cooler in the sixties that kind of cloudy all day so will be noticeably cooler you know Friday and what will see this week but even over to the weekend. To sixties to near seventy all the -- through Sunday. That's fantastic we had a lot of parades this weekend a lot of outdoor activity and he knows a worried yesterday about some rain may be lingering Friday you know toward great time that looks like it's gonna wrap up early on Friday. Good all right don't have to worry about Friday's that's right idea play flat Bieber. -- a lot about this thing well. It is ridiculously addictive game. That is no longer available in the App Store or in the Apple Store for folks. On their mobile devices because the developer was overwhelmed by the popularity of millions and millions of people. Who word downloading and playing this game in the talking about it some people -- -- of people hated it. Anyway so he pulled united not available anymore but now. Google and apple are cracking down on flabby -- lights people are trying to make similar. Apps for people's problems. And they're not available at all so oh I am asking people this morning if they have any apps. That they loved so much and wanna share with others who can't get flat -- -- -- something else they can access we'll find out what Laura's. Favorite app is coming up a little later here on WWL IMF famine that now I have -- -- And -- only addicted I'm -- -- downloaded it before it became unavailable. Now people are sound phones on eBay that have -- -- -- on it. Four hundreds -- thousands of dollars. But again like -- that -- -- 9 good morning I'm Dave Connolly had several discussions go on this morning and I'm really enjoying people attacks -- me some great favorite left -- after I confess that sometimes -- -- kind of leftovers of that I'd make sure there's still there the next case of that I can bring them from my breakfast -- lines. -- we're all stuck by Jimmy Graham as the debate continues over whether or not he's a wide receiver. Or a tight end he is insisting through his agent anyway that he should get wide receiver money because he lines up at wide receiver. And just as much if not more than he lines up at tight end -- Everything we've ever talked about him is as a tight end one person tax states -- and -- -- I just hope they decide what position Jimmy Graham plays before my fantasy football draft yeah as far as I know you can only drafted as a tight end -- fantasy. Another says. I shared his early years of machinists do some hurt their -- yesterday so they help them with a leg when he wants doctor's name now. Another says Whitman now due to help people like -- 150% of the time. Those those would grams numbers be as good if he lined up only a tight -- another says if I feed my dog cat food everyday. Does it make him a -- -- tight end. Tigers appeared dog eat out of the capital more than 50% of the time. But today into the that it doesn't take that off right. I do like a fantasy football argument as a fair few football manager because Jimmy Graham was not available to move into that -- -- -- I don't think Jimmy's agents in the seventh and everything and get him tight and money as a wide receiver right. -- the debate will continue as the time has -- -- that teams can start tagging players -- if they get tagged up to wait and see Steve Geller got that. And Maureen -- Tuesday morning sports it's -- Monday. Good morning everyone and yes the saints are on the clock as the franchise tag period has opened. And big questions remain surrounding unrestricted free agent Jimmy Graham. Both sides would love to get a long term deal worked out but the team is forced the slapped the tag on Graham. He reportedly wants to be considered a receiver not tight end since it would mean more money. CBS sports Solomon Wilcox tells the NFL network that's not gonna happen it. Don't put a wide receiver in the outfield I don't really wide receivers are well I've played running back on these meetings snapped -- ground. You're tiger -- and if they franchises they're -- franchise that hasn't tidings. The franchise tag period closes on March 3 and free agency opens on March 11. Terrel Suggs has signed a four year extension with Baltimore that puts the linebacker in position to finish his career as a member of the -- The 31 year old signed a six year deal back in 2009. That expired after the 2014 season now he sat through 28 -- Definitely is one listing the worry about what we can detect all season how we normally do -- -- home -- designed to themselves as well as soon. And you know I'm -- as well wanted to be a little wary about 100 points alone makes it. Suggs also -- the team's salary cap space he was expected to count twelve point four million dollars against the cap now he's at seven point eight million. At the Winter Olympics in Sochi the United States and Russia are tied in the overall medal count. With nineteen the US has earned five gold four silver and ten bronze Germany. Is the overall legal leader in gold medal still they have eight. And Syracuse is the top team in the latest associated press' men's pole. Picking up 64 of 651 place votes after being a unanimous choice to previous two weeks. Florida has moved up a notch to second and Wichita State is third after keeping their perfect record intact Arizona's fourth followed by do. Today apple on sports talk ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew -- breaks down the same situation with Jimmy Graham. Plus would you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana in the NFL. -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. Board -- 23 -- on Steve Geller hanging out with you on your radio do you know of any other case withers precedent. To have a player who is traditionally known as one position to be franchised as another position or get. It's through contract negotiations the money that another position again. Well there if this does end up going down where they tagged Jimmy Graham as a tight -- he gets goes to arbitration and it's found that. He is in fact. Do you wide receiver money. This definitely changes things for guys like Tony Gonzales was actually retired now. And also guy like Antonio Gates with a sand and San Diego Chargers. Because they also take more than 50% of the snaps outside the tight end position -- viewers now management and ownership we're going to be telling coaches where -- line players up. Because he's got to watch the salary cap I don't want that guy you don't pay check your chart if he's lined up -- tight and it better be -- 50% of the time. You know like Colin down from box and don't want them up at wide receiver this -- you got me over the 50% mark. They could be it's definitely something that changes the way. Players and salaries are structured from here -- now which is kind of interest because I know Bobby gave there was a big proponent on how free agency. Ended up being changed around the NFL so another say could end up changing how things are done in business and in the league. Think again think -- were talking about fifteen minutes more sports on WW value fog forecast and some great text messages that. Dense fog advisory all morning all southeast Louisiana be careful out there Tommy Tucker I'll get accurate for the next four hours which again. Jimmy Graham tight end wide receiver. Let's talk which -- I the united such as money to him it's four million bucks they could applied in the saints and their salary cap issues that sample size and that is and why Jimy wants. Wide receiver money and that's -- the same thing -- Canada and there's a president -- you know whereas another team enough to you a little bit or am with a tight and says the use of flight receiver and then personal about it next month. Craig's list of woman say it was a accused of killing one person said you know it. That at 21 others like killed 22 up. So talk about Craig's list it on line dating and it's on commercial yesterday for on -- babysitters. I don't -- they've never met before -- yeah -- you can. Thanks so pleasant talk about your favorite time of day and a lot more plus a very special. Yes Steve Cohen joins us look toward that.