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WWL>Topics>>2-18 6:15am Tommy, Saints & Jimmy Graham

2-18 6:15am Tommy, Saints & Jimmy Graham

Feb 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL and college football analyst Mike Detillier about Jimmy Graham and the franchise tag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like to tell you -- joins us right now to talk about. Really I guess Mike what is the biggest story in the NFL right now. -- Yes good morning SA that is about them but I -- so forget couldn't see. Where I -- right there. Give -- a big bright smile now and now IC. Brother Tommy about Jimmy Graham is that road because of the timing of it because of you know here we are in February 18 biggest story in the NFL right now. Pretty much. -- you do that too as one of the storm of the game. Also prompting -- -- a little bit here because of the fact that. There was no agreement and no great insight now again negotiations always thought well what. In this -- He wants to get paid like a wide receiver because you know he can draw the fact that the I was like out wide to -- the senate the power. Because bottom line that you try again. And the franchise tag differential error is you know one million books. So. What you expect and what he's gonna do here in Jimmy Graham. The franchise back and get little Graham you're a quality but you know what else saying. I think that we should not that franchise that the nation. As a walk on receiver and that idea because a copy what -- missile -- to an arbitrator. And it debate historian and well well Jimmy -- simply this. All into what it would be. Big sport about it what -- -- -- what we're or not. Although. I think the bottom line at all as you call it going to be will. To be -- financially. And everybody kept trying to strapped. In that. Debate his contract. All public 2012. Yield. Would drop in house. What -- signed a record breaking -- six years at three million. Sixteen point five million guarantees. Would in England patriots. I think that the contract. In law. The record breaker back in twelve. And I think that's how. Do you mitigate. Because of football installation. You probably -- the legion of -- again at six years so it doesn't it yeah eight. Seventeen. Eighteen -- guaranteed. But that mobile. We will put them over in the air sport that you'll get. But those of us that are a little Fuzzy about the whole franchise today. Hold out freeagent thing not that it's likely to happen and all but just refresh our memory -- if we were a little Fuzzy from when it happened -- -- What would bring basically. That was the thing coming -- wrote that in that -- all the way -- actually it was manic. The one who actually told but it is that art that is gonna come back to get you like me. The -- every day that working with the same players that sort of thing Arctic will strike killed. All of the deal that we saw early in the twenty. Thirteen season that it which will admit it back through and you won't believe that you know Sean Payton. And it was a kaleidoscope -- bet is that. But he'd -- or any of the off season work out. And none of the old age. He got a deal done active all of that the Manning camp at that time early July. Make it happen but basically what it is. That now. You are probably become the training camp with that franchise -- -- our Heidi not on the long term deal. I think that's what you didn't hear that Jimmy is not gonna be individuals were knocked -- -- -- -- Yates more than likely. And tilt a you Walter and you'll get just like a withdrawal. -- negative aspect or all of as a player. In there to pick up in repetition. All repetitious about what you do. And everybody ought YouTube does it it is not that way. I mean -- you know like play caller it's holding their situation. So. I -- what -- so little -- get ready. I think you gonna become a court movement which you regret. So would it be accurate to say the -- hold it wide receiver. Tied in classification of the franchise tag is a red Herring because of the real. Our goal here's -- long term deal worked out some gaming Graham is is able to play as well as he possibly can initiate the year coming up. Yeah it does note that well I don't know about them carry forth. I do think that there is always that kind of in the back you might argue that a product -- and trust of India. And it has built and all portrait you won't sit. We don't want. I've always felt that at that point and Jimmy. The last couple years that put -- good play. Baseball whether he was selected that. Now because that is talents. You have economic data -- And it's it's going to be interesting -- whom you aware. How you couldn't pay him at the franchise player but those. I think you give respect that you want an arbitrator would be saying he would idol to deal in the words sorry. I want to get it quite got to play one year under franchise tag on experience with ten million dollars. Not a picnic in our report. In terms of a cap space -- -- right answers but I guess. The saints can afford Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees pay both what they're worth and still managed. Find enough free agents enough lower round draft choice there's some builder because not just those two guys understand when I'm asking Mike. Well all know -- the blueprint. Outwards they and other teams have been doing what patriots. And what -- look at how that -- has traded players. All the patrons played a -- Tom Brady. The -- that played Drew Brees. I'll look at the pictures dictate what picnic in what art they bought in the bitten insights in the same which are reassembling its. Figured I'd say I didn't -- -- opening in robbery counts to. It -- -- -- you know on the money is a -- that money. In the back in the same with Jimmy Graham got in here. That all salute to Clinton well in this. That's the tricky corner does does not only -- -- personnel. On a pig. And -- opted to -- a lot it was a it was for example action but the stroke. Like they're so important. You can basically catalog these players but two or more years. Flights. And that's how the patriots have been successful. -- all the equipment success because one. On -- updates. But yet you can't afford Jimmie and -- and also looking. Around the world. Well -- having to pay Cameron Jordan a much bigger the they're making dictum that it'd be in junior go more money so. Economic and actually care. What you do with chip. Is -- -- Also you're what I think is -- -- -- this team -- actually there are no different sense of blood. And how the rules rookie contract didn't start paying out. And so you can -- an -- city. That's why it's so important on the financial orbiting not just its personnel. But also to get -- Speaking of the draft choices might when you draft guide going to be -- It's going to be march early April -- number did I not been pushed back in Sunday. Which means I'm up what is now you probably did you do you know why. Oh but that's. You know part of the twenty. On that one would well -- that your coverage of the beltway -- -- And it felt you executed two -- now being pushed back -- it doubles. You know simple. But got rid of the year old girl I mean it's amazing how that wearing those all. And with all the -- of you know. We agency and everything they become a certain army. In involved in. This. Lately. In training camp. And know what you're writing it and ball out. -- based -- Mike thank you so much free time thank you --

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