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WWL>Topics>>2-18 7:15am Tommy, online commenting scandal

2-18 7:15am Tommy, online commenting scandal

Feb 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Andrew Kreig, the Executive Director of the Justice Integrity Project, about the latest with the online blogging scandal from the US Attorney's office

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're talking earlier about the the ID US attorney's office in New Orleans and a story in the advocate saying there could be another. Shoot -- ball in terms of who was blogging in two of the things that surprised me was one of them surprised me was that. -- -- and it was blogging was an FBI agent. And and now that person's lizards now they do the other it didn't surprise -- he has noted by. Next guest Andrew Craig executive director of the justice integrity project is that. The Justice Department not so good and administering justice to themselves good morning Andrew you Dylan wrote great. Thanks for taking the time with -- you've been brand -- Munson and a frequent guests -- me -- your take on this article on the advocate and and what judge Wilkinson says. Well a subpoena. Yeah I mean that headline is says subpoena seeks info about it anonymous web comments. And basically the magistrate judge. Is leaning in the newspapers. To cost up to name and so. A couple of anonymous commentators. Would -- Suspicions and fears that they maybe additional. More enforcement personnel who have not yet been smoked out. Now normally in America contest. Between the free press and protecting sources. And the government cheese you got a lot of complicated issues. They exists year but I think. Did the people of New Orleans can feel let things are perceiving. The way the rich hood and my opinion. Ike is a thing -- my attention in this story was that judge Wilkins and noted that investigators at a sufficient factual basis to ask the newspaper for more information about eleven specific Nolan -- on. That come commentators and only Tony twelve. But the investigators simply did third their requests for this information so. It would seem like they didn't fight very hard to find out who was -- in the in the office. Well exactly and I think that's what. The federal judges. Have. Are are ineffective. Fighting against and in my belief fighting for the public interest sort of I think people should be happy with. The -- the judges are proceeding in this because. You know free grants and protection of sources that. I cannot abstraction but what we're really trying to do is have accountability. And if you have. As to -- mckinny's. Everybody in the government is against. The target. Then. That's very dangerous. But there is also a freedom of speech concern here and I think everybody is entitled to express their opinion on and off an FBI agent. Should be allowed to express their opinion about a case that they're investigating I don't know what exactly was said -- draw that line. Well I think the judge is drawing it appropriately here but saying that judges gonna look at the -- privately. And see what's going. And that certainly releases. But I think the concept of freedom of the press and leaking and -- forests. Is usually too. Enable people to bring out information that's against the power structure in the public needs to know but in here. The and anonymity. And secrecy. Would be too. Advance the government's power to crush. Somebody out in the public. Houses different Andrew from. -- let's face it dead in news departments live by people leaking information that they won out and and hand essence is I guess this NBI attic relationship and that is sometimes a median and the government authorities use each other they leak information that they went out sometimes you did did make themselves look good sometimes. If somebody's in disgruntled or not happier thanks whatever -- only going whatever is going on is wrong. They'll leak it to the media in the media attributes it to an unnamed source to a well placed source. How do you draw the line between that and somebody blogging isn't because it's filtered through the media first. Yes -- I think you're absolutely right charming. In in the first situation which is the traditional weaker you have the editors and reporters -- Well this is vital information we have to. Protect the source of that the public. Knows some some important information from within. Government. Here. It's almost automatic process. Where. You know estimate post information blog that. It's nobody's giving any editorial consideration to a two about the circumstances. And it's basically just enabling propaganda. Some of the attorneys have hinted that this could go all the way up to Washington DC. And some people in the Justice Department their bottom line. Is the Justice Department. Able to police itself will they in this instance. Well I hope so but. Again fortunately. You get some charges were -- urging them to do the right thing but there's just a powerful culture. Of four let's protect each other. And certainly. Is is the case in Washington. It's even worse in Washington. So. Thank goodness for the it's the pressure to do the right thing coming from India. Federal picture. Andrew thank you so much we appreciate your time we'll talk to -- again as the story continues on full thank you.

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