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2-18 9:10am Tommy, household chores

Feb 18, 2014|

Tommy talks to Eve Tahmincioglu, the Director of Communications for the Families and Work Institute, about division of chores in households

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He. Tommy and GO load joint town and tell me and Amy and so. Mean deal but it. Yeah let's go to the they news Tommy Tommy please director of communications for the families and work. Institute dom our peoples still stuck in the old school ways that has noting to do with the kids Cody McClain and that's woman's work. Yeah I don't think we still expect the traditional role and when the people don't happen it caught the attention clearly you know relationship. And studies do show that says women who don't need to be. The main breadwinner in the family they had to not be happy with that goal when they're brought in to that goal. Is that just because of the way men were raised. And it's hard to get that model out there. Heads or do they think somehow that if they vacuum glorious day dust storm mop or laundry what have you that is somehow makes them a feminine. Part of it but I think those ideas are changing on -- our research showed that men EPA fuel. Working dad is one that is successful at work it does well financially but the old it successful at that picture so we're seeing better in our research that men really want that dual role. But it couldn't pressure purple men and women. Domino's 40% of the women this new study shows are Jud chief or sole breadwinners. And does that have anything to do with being a single mom. BBC I think that we're being looked. Looked at couples didn't where they where actually -- that's true that's well yeah I mean you'd that the whole. Shall we look at happen based on the studies you know that caught their attention. Well ultimately and that that he that they want the rule to change that they need to change settled. The -- it hard to get your hit these little that we grow up with. But you literal chains as you did she get off your behind and do some vacuuming not fuel which I'm saying it. -- my husband -- like a complete about back. Change it one power household at a time if if a lady is listening right now or maybe it's a man in and -- they feel as though they're stuck with just. All of the chores and the other one if not only doesn't. Help but it you know lot of ways on -- what they've already done god he would. Get him to see the light and start Elton. I think that that the typical big -- if you enter marriage thinking of these traditional role that could be interpreted change. But you know one in the best. Repeat that career out there let you know Marriott about that supportive and one that it has support your work and what you do at home as well that I think that the key. But getting them to change one there. In that -- that difficult and I'm not how you. You think the marketing game is still is is the marketing were to change and you would see a man used in this with her you would see. A man used in the dish washing detergent that may help change the model and and the younger man perhaps who did and guys that set -- would get it. I'm really -- -- that -- because this landmark research is that it would that work institute had been. You know looking at that and observing what we see it and that marketing. Even on sitcom -- that they still don't. Traditional role you know there are so -- showed that show. A more modern family but it clearly the would still be those -- but we're being force fed does every day. And there's a reflecting what's gone on in life for our EC -- from your research for the Families and Work Institute that. More men are actually getting involved and or that Lisa housework is looked at as a team effort. Well we did a study of a national study of the changing workforce we do it at least five or so year civil we found in the report the put out there than the -- speak we found that men are feeling more and more work life conflict. So there almost as much as -- in the -- today that they're feeling the pressure they really want it be great that they wanted to think that home. But it helps -- put it they're feeling what many women have been feeling for years they'll. Is that a sign of progress against that way but we are the key for that the instituted we're trying to change the work please get it. At that 1950 model. That if we can have men and women. Balancing work and life and the -- actually difficult to camp out you can get pollute you're in the little bare but we need to change the structure of the workplace -- based on a model that doesn't exist anymore. I hypothetically speaking if you were to have a guy that inherited every household duty and he perhaps work for radio station I was having a hard time. Because you know you do the outside stuff you take care of the law on year clean outside and how she washing cars it seems to. -- hypothetically it would seem as though. That at least ends and it's over but if you try to clean house it never ends bury it. And infinite amount of surfaces Saturday and -- it just keeps coming need it do. I wouldn't call -- football people entry it net. Yeah and it's like Newman with the mail on signs held talking about that never ends -- how it is. Exactly and now you know we're getting hit with the note here in the northeast is it -- at a gap kid you know you're just constantly do we want. Men and women have to realize they they have to -- some things that maybe you're not gonna happen perfectly clean house. And that pressure and how do you do that I don't know and I think back what is the strain on the marriage you have to be able to let things go. Well it's one thing I don't have to worry about they team I'm glad we took their time. And -- not anymore at least glad I'm glad we took the time needs. And it was great -- anybody need -- anymore in a lot of help that that there go to family that worked out or. These tell me lasting and and it means he'll. Never heard that before but it's a beautiful name thanks so much director of communications for the Families and Work Institute.

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