WWL>Topics>>2-18-14 10:10am Scoot: on concealed weapons

2-18-14 10:10am Scoot: on concealed weapons

Feb 18, 2014|

Scoot takes calls on whether it's better or worse for society if everyone has a gun.

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Good morning I'm screwed in -- -- today still some fog around the area I woke up this morning and I looked at a -- window. I could not see anything. In downtown New Orleans. Did you watch the debut of the new -- -- we Jimmy fell last night's. -- -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll this morning did you watch the debut of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon give us your opinion by going to our web site -- bureau. Dot com we'll technical throughout December give an update coming up in just a few minutes I had planned on watching it I was I was writing -- blog for today show last night so I missed it. And I really don't watch late night television since I've been doing to discuss show last couple of years three to midnight here to -- WL. I don't invest in late night television because among the iron I guess -- I get sick of recorded in Washington campus that's something that's that I do so -- haven't invested in late on television and what I've seen of Jimmy Fallon before last night. Is just an incredible talent and I love the -- in favorably mentioned this in the news a few moments ago he was described as being very comfortable. Yeah he is a very very comfortable personality also very funny and extremely talented. As I say I've I've I've seen him do some things -- is -- late late show before and I just think the guy is incredibly talented and the right choice although. Although you know people get comfortable with somebody and I'm sure that there are people who we're gonna miss Jay Leno -- It may be Jay Leno wasn't better but you were comfortable with him. And this is something to be said for that especially if you're watching late at night and this is a person that's in your bedroom with you you want somebody who is familiar. And if you watch what you're going to sleep Jay -- always been a familiar character in the weighted. Johnny Carson was a familiar character for many many years for many people before that. And so now for a new generation it will be Jimmy Fallon. But again let us know if you want to if you watched last night and if you do wanna comment on that you can call our show today. There's a stretch of highway 98 between mobile and the Mississippi State line that is nicknamed. Bloody 98. In a fiery crash over the weekend to teenagers and grandfather were killed it's -- a two point stretch of highway. And a lawsuit has been filed over the design of the -- this was back in 2010 minute lawsuit actually gone nowhere. Can the design of high we'd be blamed for accidents. Or is it really the responsibility of the drivers to drive carefully. Now when there was a third accident that led to a vehicle going over the railing on the southbound lane of the causeway. Last year. Because a commission was talking about -- Finding the money. To race the guardrail on the southbound lane of -- six inches because that was the original bridge so that. That guardrail is literally a -- opposed to a concrete barrier on the north town. Lanes and it's also six inches lower. But I couldn't help but think that is it really is it really the -- the railings fault -- really doesn't come down to individual. Responsibility. And -- I mean I realize that there are high profile vehicles today and and everything is different. But you have a responsibility to understand what you're driving and how fast you should be driving. And to pay attention. And sometimes. People get into accidents on the causeway it's not because of anybody else except because of -- themselves. So to to talk about racing the card real sometimes and think those kinds of things. Establish a false sense of security like oh well okay we embrace the guard -- and now -- -- -- -- driving as opposed to really focusing. On your driving we'll talk about that later in the show. Also texting it is a very frequent way to communicate with everybody. As steal a lot of people know it's dangerous but they're still texting. And driving and I have admitted this countless times I don't do it. But I -- admitted that I will text somebody even if I know they're driving. And sometimes they'll text me back and I'll text him back again that's wrong on my part it's it's their ultimate responsibility. Whether or not they respond to the text but it's not good for me to text embody what I know they're driving. But people even using texting took to break off relationships. Texting is convenient. It's less personal. Is texting replacing one on one communications and is that a bad thing. What are the advantages. And what are the disadvantages of -- he would you like him what are you don't like about texting will also talk about that later in the shale. Yesterday we talked about the loud music murder trial of Michael -- And he was found guilty on three counts of attempted murder and firing -- vehicle. He was not found guilty of first degree murder that was declared a mistrial by the -- because injury couldn't agree. Race was part of a conversation. But here's another story tonight I don't go out of my way to talk about these stories but here's another story about guns but this does not involve race. This brings up internally. I've got an entirely different aspect of -- it's still the same conversation but we can leave race out of this. Police say a man shot another man inside a suburban Phoenix Wal-Mart and this is not wal mart's fault at all. The men got into a fight they -- this service counter. One man said he was a losing the fight. Then he pulled out his gun and killed the man he was fighting it. The shooter was not booked an investigation is ongoing detectives are reviewing surveillance video and I'm sure there's a lot of it from the service counter and at Wal-Mart. But think about these two guys get into a fight. They're sitting at the service counter and at Wal-Mart again this is not wal mart's fault we can just called a big retail store. And one guy pulls out a gun and shoots kills the other guy because he's losing the fight. When I read about this yesterday I like I couldn't help but think about. People walking around in public. In places like a big box retail store with a gun willing to use it to settle fight. And it we also heard in the news yesterday that Sunday afternoon a man pulled out a gun and fired into the paintings of an artist Jackson square. Nobody knows why. He could've easily hit other people art art art too many people carrying guns or. And if you're a gun owner. Where do you. And where don't you. Carry your -- This -- blog today is titled do we need guns. To make groceries. You might agree you might disagree you can read it and share it and give us your comments if you like it's a turning on our website at WWL. Dot com if you wanna join us for the commented in if you're -- gun owner I'd you know. I'm confused about this I support the Second Amendment. I'm not in favor of stricter. Gun control laws because I don't think they're going to cut down on gun violence. Because look at the people who have guns legally what happens. May end up. Using the going in and you responsible manner. If you're a gun owner weird do you and where do you not carry your gun. And are you aware of the fact that there may be more people in public with guns than you think I think that's with this case in Ballmer tells us. To join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. At 0878. Text -- -- 778. I'm scoots for Garland. Ever coming right back on every WL. Police took a suburb of Phoenix say that yesterday at 36 year old man killed Tony five beatle band two and started fighting at the service -- Wal-Mart. And the guy told police that when he felt like he was losing the fight he pulled out his gun which he carried with him into Wal-Mart. And and shot the other guy who was right mentally pronounced dead when he got to the hospital. So if if you have a concealed carry permit if you carry your gun with you. Is there any place you don't carry it. Where do you and we -- You always talk about the stupid people they kill somebody. For no reason. On me in my -- and have never killed anyone but he did stop and attempted robbery of me and my girlfriend talk about some of the good stories about guns for change what you could certainly call and talk about those stories. I rhetoric an article that estimated that there are tens of thousands of times every year tens of thousands of times that Americans. Brandishing gun to protect themselves or to stop crime. All that's fine and I I I'm certainly. Aware that that happens. But when you talk about. People -- Because somebody doesn't know how to use a gun or somebody let's. Anger dictate how they use a gun. Anger not protection anger or revenge. I think much of this stems from the hate it's in America today in the prejudiced. It it's in America today. Those stories are definitely significant let's talk about -- the positive stories with guns as well there's nothing wrong with. When somebody dies it's worth talking about those -- -- -- are so many people who promote carrying guns everywhere. And I think it's also fair to talk about how not everybody should have a government. And not everybody should have a gun. Everywhere. And the Sonics. To join Russia with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text numbers 877 I've stood -- for garlic. And for the West Bank -- -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- My whole life. Katrina. Hit it I actually went out and purchased. Now I purchased it it could do that. And carry it out. I. It is situations. If it -- -- -- don't talk to. Get back Garrett at the alleged that -- Are you you are you saying that if you would have used the gun there might have been a question about whether or not you used it appropriately. -- What's. The and I am happily. I don't. That you wish him well. You know -- been interpreted it really. Out and it and bank ought to -- it -- -- it is. Out there. It. In the article you. Oh. And we should just get. Oh. If I had that equipment. That would've been. Been. But -- since years since you'd sit your OK and you you didn't have to shooting and kill anybody and again I I was in those situations with you sol iron I I don't know. -- Could it could it be that. You really didn't need to kill somebody but yet you might have been encouraged to use your firearm if you had it on -- That is exactly. That. Came out what they can. It is in and it didn't do. It. -- -- it would. Go out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Clyde I agree with you and that's why I like having this conversation because I think there's a disproportionate number people aren't on radio who. I had this mentality that everybody should carry a gun and I simply don't think that everybody should carry -- I'm I'm glad you're still here to talk about this flight thanks for sharing your story with us. And end and constantly coming to this day it happened a year ago but costly to this day a national screwed what about when you were jumped by 4 people at 4 o'clock in the morning walking to work in this dvd. What if you would have had a god. And for those of you who have heard me answer this forgive me for repeating it but for those who haven't heard Nancy this. You weren't a year. And for those who want everybody to have a gun and two to seek justice when something happens. A gun is not always the answer. I'm not saying it's not an answer in your case. But it wasn't answered my case. It's not an answer everybody's case. I said countless times that if I would have had a gun in that moment of my life. I would've been justified in music it. However I would have had to use it before things got serious enough that. It didn't take long. I would've had to shoot these people upon approaching me. And I don't know if I would have been able to pull it out and shoot it after they hit me and got me on the grant. So if I would've had to shoot them as they approached me. Would I not have to. Defend myself and say I felt my life which threatened. The good news is I'm I'm here I'm not questioning. Your situation. But don't question -- Because you weren't there. And Clyde just told us and compelling. Stories about how there are times that he felt like if he would have had a -- somebody would be dead but he didn't really need a gun in those situations. I like to counter this idea that everybody in America needs to be aren't. I like to counter this this. This rhetoric that comes from many people across the country and talk radio could potentially answer guns are not the answer. Those are for protection. And some people are using guns to seek revenge if you just joint news. We're talking about a case in a suburb of Phoenix yesterday a 36 year old man shot and killed 25 year old man. They were they were in a fight at the the service counter of Wal-Mart. So that's a crowded place I've been to the service Cameron went -- -- again this is not wal mart's fault this is just a big retail while this is a public place. And a 36 year old said he was losing the fight therefore he pulled out his gun and shot the guy. So. Do you need a gun to go make your grocery sets the title of the -- blog today it's trending on our website at WL dot com from the West Bank yelling your WWL. -- -- I called because I was raised in the same program thought it was a -- -- state -- the chain and next police officer -- will -- -- to agree with hunting and shooting in target practice. I was taught to shoot. A president of the international NRA. But that all my life and not solid side. By gunshot or block after -- a friend ally the language in the back in and -- him. Guns I've traveled with gun in my on my curtains for the next twenty years. And not finally grew up enough emotionally to realize. That having a gun doesn't mean I am going to be okay. There are other ways to resolve differences on the way to keep yourself any other ways to stay out of the Blue Line. And -- I think this is a really good point on the Second Amendment does not. Suggest that you own a -- for the purpose of feeling brave when you're not supposed to supposed to feel break. Second Amendment is not about carrying a gun because you want to. You want -- You want it. Take revenge right here at the moment it's about protecting yourself and if you could protect yourself with actions. And not a gun. Then why shouldn't that be considered an honorable option. That's exactly it feel -- app got. -- had too many friends who asked me when it comes to -- award is different for a walk can't count and my black pants and -- in effect at the big. Do hear what you would do the same precautions it would take it any big city walk and I don't walk a lot he'll go down dark -- Don't walk on morning at 4 o'clock in the morning -- -- -- -- -- showing you know act responsibly. And you have the most problem. Ellen I'm going to call assurance specialist and a gun. Should not give you the courage. To be in a situation. If you might not ordinarily be it. -- in a dangerous situation. With money on a regular basis. Probably need to go. If you're Arnold say -- this if you wanna join us for the common are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text numbers 8787 here's a Texas sorts out guns are not the answer for everyone you know we'll get to that we come back. I'm -- into garlic hears it every WL news update with -- -- -- two guys that are Wal-Mart service counter and a suburb of Phoenix. Again -- fights guys losing the fight so he pulls out his gun and shoots and kills the guy. Right there Wal-Mart. Should that guy had a gun. Should everybody really be. Carrying Oregon. Here's a Texas starts out. Guns are not for every one. But it is the answer for a lot of people and ideas and should be my American right to carry guns. If you actually take time to listen to the show. And not pick and choose which you wanna hear what you think you here because you're looking for recent criticized which is fine I mean I've been in his dismissal time and there always be criticism and frankly don't care. But it's important if you actually listen I I and the Second Amendment supporter. I support your right to keep and bear arms. But I also supports the responsibility that comes along with owning a gun and a lot of people don't get that and they think that owning a gun in and of itself. Is the answer. It's not. Here's a text you'd let your shows in your last caller was right. I have I -- have concealed carry permits and -- there are a couple of situations. Where if I would have had a gun somebody would somebody may have been dead. And -- may have been in jail but a lot of people don't deserve to carry guns you have idiots in the deep south -- Harvard and all over the country. They can't reader writing can't even complete a sentence much less be allowed to own a gun. Scary. I here's a text I know people who said. They Kerry and wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone if they saw them snatching a purse. That's a -- how about called 911. And get a good description. Yeah if I guess you could trying get in a time machine. And go back to the old west. But if if you don't understand. That shooting and killing somebody. Who is stealing somebody else's purse. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is murder. If you don't understand the law. Then maybe you shouldn't own a gun. Maybe those people who own guns should be a little more. Familiar. With the actual law. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll did you watch the debut of the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon last night. 26% say yes and 74% say no give your opinion by going to WW -- count from Lu Ling -- here and -- -- WL. I I don't. I had been raised. Around. Chart patterns rifles. Pistols except her but that was -- properly I mean that's it from street camera in Louisiana. Leave you know my brother -- an immigrant politics senator Specter I was taught you know. I was on -- you know and thanks so you're try to. Proper safety how to put a lot had to clean -- Lindy used them don't pull him out and issue are going to use him. And in this situation excellent breaks out pareto Richard cheese picnic and take it from you and then -- You know how to buy a gun to scare people you're supposed out on two if you pick it -- you're supposed to use. Right. And I ER honey now at my house. Even my -- Holding taught cushy spot in your hunt and school environments and she -- don't call. Fortunately there hadn't got political analysts someone didn't. And you -- I think it. And actually -- -- to -- to the floor and stipulate that there and they won't even know they would admit it wherever and look at what you do. In the dark by my acquaintances. Not people that people have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parents courses. To do it because that's intent that they're content in the UK. But the whole point is is. People need nine. We. Wouldn't and 4 PM we'll hear. What are we -- Amy you bring up a really good point about rotary agent and I think that he is just another symptom of of the problem that their results from. From hate and frustration that is close to the surfaces so many people my address all of that and -- erode our website do we need do we need guns ought to make groceries and -- you were properly trained him when I hear about but I hear about a five year old kid picking up a gun and killing his two year old sisters some ridiculous that you like that's. I can't help but think that. Why aren't these children taught not -- gone. And anybody. What -- I I agree that even if they get a hold of the gone had they not been taught what not to do with a gun. Remember when you start gamble and because he should cinema a little further away from that they should not let them. Well I -- some somewhat so I would argue that well he simply breaks in my house on the Internet time to load the gun. Close to the at it like where -- -- -- I wouldn't or. The point and you can -- every single one. Take out safety and pop they do everything and which ones -- In the future partly. That Robert person coming in whatever and properly and they don't have the hat. That our union and in kind. Of any excuse to Portugal. I appreciate you calling our show unemployed you're a trained years ago I think you bring up a good point about road race because I think that it's another symptom of the problem. Here's a text that says -- not letting any gun advocates on the year. If you listen to shows that I do and now or over the years I have never shied away from controversy. I've never shied away from those who have differing opinions I answer the phones as they come and I answered the -- I guess as to as many Texas I can't. I'm constantly. I'm constantly allowing opposing opinions on the year. So if you're a gun owner and if you disagree with me and you think everybody should have a gun. You're certainly welcome to call our show just like everybody else's. What is scary is that some people just cannot believe that anybody agrees with me. There are some people who believe that everybody must believe the way they believed. And that you're just a total -- go if you don't believe what they believe. I'm -- and for Garland or your comments are next on WW well do we need guns. To -- groceries. Two guys get a fight at a suburban Wal-Mart outside of Phoenix. One guy starts to lose the fight so settlers in the forty pulls out a gun and shoots the guy at the service camera inside Wal-Mart. Was at the right thing to do I'm -- for Garland. Numbers 2601 it's evident. Toll free 86680 -- nearly seven Texas a 7870 -- blog today is. You can read it coming I feel like you share with others -- a -- WL. Dot com. Here is attacks that Reid says -- I don't carry a gun because I might shoot and kill someone but I do want the right to all I totally agree with that. Here is another text that. Talks about my situation and again I've I've I've. I am constantly asked about that which is why it comes up so often. The descent person is asking. If I would've had a gun what -- where the kind of protection if I don't I don't have a gun where the protection should I have against evildoers. Well when it comes to walking to workers -- chauffeurs for Tony -- that morning when it comes to walking to work at 4 o'clock in the morning -- new weapon is a camp. Now wasn't my fault but I did. Voluntarily put myself in the position where something could have it was my fault that it happened but if I can avoid being in that situation I'd rather do that. Here's what concerns me about the mentality of some. Who -- guns. With the confidence of the gun. They will put themselves in situations that they might not ordinarily be -- and that's not the purpose of -- government big gun is for protection. Not to venture into dangerous situations because you haven't gone. From the plus last year under the WL. Listen to barely hear you. Yet who that's better I use -- I'm good. Patriotic time and -- and humidity in Australia or non impact you'd be you'd you'd -- that -- I think at some people shouldn't have done who I know everybody at the right that the BO. Like that on people on -- team all pro who 80. The people oh okay. Well that's because I am the one who made it. Mary. I don't think -- at the dirty use the is that opinion a good thing the people that aren't. I in Florida and it's been. An issue. -- -- Well I'd I don't know but I think it's it's fair to ask the question would he have done that. Woods George -- have even gotten out of his truck and he didn't have a gun and I'm not trying to resurrect that that debate but there are situations -- You know I wonder if this guy if this guy would have done all he could to back away from the fight at the -- discounter Wal-Mart in a suburb of Phoenix if he'd never done. Knowing that he had a gun -- pressure to get beaten up I'll just pull up my gun and kill the guy. Expect an ad and -- -- in. Our blood and put them. That put him at a look at everybody Garrett wanted to get people on and get people all an all around. It really can be involved. In that it had not eaten it and -- Less I I agree with you and I appreciate you calling -- showing and it's the Second Amendment obviously and and and I'm not a challenging the Second Amendment at all. But with every right comes responsibility and as some people don't seem to understand that. Here's attacks that attack ad says ask the people that survived the school shootings or the theater shooting. If they could have had a few aren't good guys in the building. At that time. Could've saved just one life. If they would agree the it would be okay to carry guns. You never know when you'll need a gun to save your life or someone else's life. You know that is that is true. But. It seems like. Opening fire. In a movie theater with people a lot of people are not trained they have guns may have guns legally. But they don't really practice and they're not really trained to use their guns. Do you want a bunch of citizens opening fire. Again what happened in that movie theater is tragic what happened that school is it is tragic but the answer. Is not that everybody the aren't. Some people should not have guns and if that is offensive to those who worship the Second Amendment I respect the Second Amendment supported. But. It's a fact now and everybody should have a gun. I'm screwed in the Garland will be right back into the W well. Last night was the debut of the new tonight show with host Jimmy Fallon did you watch it that has been our -- WL party general opinion poll this hour. Here's an update on the -- 27% say yes and 73%. Saying no. If your opinion WWL dot com a detect two you're texting their comments are just a moment here's an email comes from. There's is I -- thanks for direct answer this guy Becky said. I'm a -- boy who has been living in Hamburg Germany for twenty years groping your neck of the woods and used to see you at mass at saint Phillip on Sunday your local celebrity. WWL -- mind. Touchstone back home and usually listen when I'm cooking dinner. It is often startling to hear some of the comments from some other listeners. I often shake my head in despair you do a great job rescinding the counterpoint to making people think. I love the way you defend young folks my parents didn't get the Sex Pistols and I don't get little Wayne so like. The kids don't seek color the way we did they don't see sexual orientation. And they understand it can be different our future is in good hands. And that is from Michael was again in Hamburg. Here's a text that pretty much defines what we've been talking about. I feel that my gun is for home invasion. Or car not to enforce the law or my personal opinion here is a text. In the confusion during a shooting like in a school or a movie theater -- text about it a moment ago. In the confusion during a shooting people need to remember friendly fire isn't. Yeah isn't friendly here's another Texan reads. I think it comes down to you just can't fix stupid. So we've been talking about another shooting this -- doesn't involve race whatsoever but it does involve this. Mentality that seems to be growing in America. This idea that. If you carry a gun you can just seek revenge or. Take care of justice right there on the scene. Police say in a suburb of Phoenix at a Wal-Mart two guys get into an argument and the service counter. When guys losing the fight pulls out a gun and shoots the other guy he's dead is at the right way to use a --