WWL>Topics>>2-18-14 11:10am Scoot: on concealed weapons

2-18-14 11:10am Scoot: on concealed weapons

Feb 18, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about the pros and cons of concealed weapons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning -- stood in for garlic -- whether it was a very very foggy morning woke up very early this morning looked out of my window I could not see anything even the ground it was that followed the course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know what's going on before we get to the bridge there is a stretch of highway 98 between mobile and Mississippi State did the state line. And a stretch of highways nickname bloody 98 it was a fiery crash over the weekend to teenagers and grandfather killed. Lawsuits -- filed suit against the the design of the highway this was back in 2010 that the lawsuit really hasn't gone anywhere. And the design of highway be blamed for accidents or is it really the responsibility of the drivers we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. Here's are new WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll this hour. Do you carry guns in public places. Now this is not a criticism it's just a survey of those soliciting do you carry guns in public places. Give us your answer by going to our web site -- WL dot com it looks like that pull this -- giving up and coming up in just few minutes. The -- like today is titled do we need guns to make groceries. Police in a suburb of Phoenix say that a 36 year old man. -- shot and killed by a 25 field and after the tournament started fighting at the surface counter at Wal-Mart Italy Britain returning something and it. And retail outlet can be very very frustrating and by the way this is not wal mart's fault. This is clearly the fault of two people who had the freedom to walk into Wal-Mart and -- it. One guy told police that when he felt he was losing the -- He'd been pulled out a gun and shot the up again. You guys to. So the question is would this guy has even gotten into a fight with the -- the first place it somewhere in the back of the mind he didn't. Nobody had a -- if he did not have a gun would he have done everything he could to avoid that confrontation. And even if you haven't -- isn't that what you should do shouldn't you always try to avoid confrontation. Here's detect those guys in -- far more or over whether Hannity early. Or Russia. Where's Limbaugh we're more conservative here's attacks I am very pro gun. But you had me thinking. Perhaps there should be more training testing required to obtain concealed carry permit without that training. Your government is a danger to others and you should lead at home. I'm not question the second and I support the Second Amendment -- support my right in your right to keep and bear arms. But people also need to be intelligent enough to understand the law and frankly there are a lot of people with guns. Who don't understand the law. There -- a lot of people with guns who want to. Express there frustration and their rage and their judgment of others right then and there by shootings of we talked about it yesterday in the case of Michael -- it sure seems clear to me that this this guy. Guided to a confrontation. It was a life threatening in the beginning and even if it came like threatening. It didn't have to be something that ended in death. There are people who believe that everybody should own a -- And I don't think that's true. You can be forgotten right splits. Don't -- so far -- to suggest that everybody shielding gun and that everybody should have a gun. Everywhere if you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 8770. And I'd like honestly note do you do you carry a gun everywhere to carry gunning in public places. Now some of you have jobs in and put yourself in situations that you have to be and they -- you need to carry gun you'd be you'd need the protection. But nobody should carry a gun. For the confidence to be in a situation that they might not be in. If they didn't have begun. He is a text FYI Louisiana has an open carry law no permit needed to carry it on your side walking down the street perfectly legal. OK show should you should you do that. Do you have a -- with you all the time. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dying is nearly seventy protection -- 771. Of the things that I bring up in the the blog today. Is. Where's the NRA. If the NRA is so quick to condemn those who use tragedies. Who wanna use tragedies to bring up. They are agenda of promoting gun control laws. Then where is the NRA and where are responsible gun owners at a time when. When somebody does -- music on responsibly. Wouldn't it benefit the NRA and wouldn't it benefit gun activist. To publicly. Speak out against those people who use a -- inappropriate and it's appropriate to have a gun on you when you're in a place like Wal-Mart. In an indication get into a fight you can kill the guy if you start to lose the fight. I guess that the -- I was winning the suggestion is that he wouldn't have pulled out his gun -- and shot but hey you know what I'll go ahead and get into a fight I'll take on anybody because I had a -- and if if I start to lose I'll just take out my gun kill. Is that really the mentality. Of what gun ownership have on the streets. Our numbers 2601 in seventy toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Protects Amber's age 77. For frankly and Daniel here on Debbie WLA good morning. And that people are accurate or not execute we're all on the -- There's a registered call -- I think a lot of it get from two different world body necessarily. Are stupid you know first two and one potential who entered what you haven't done -- slow Margaret. You're -- an addition to the world but. I would be. -- put some training an intense week ago. She should know what you're in in their potential to not really open -- adequate. Just hated that mystical know what they're it would indicate did not. Problem no one -- new recruit in what you know and ordered and at least give it to him under certain amount on record and we want to. They don't know what do want to be an issue up until a clear a lot of problems. Well Daniel I I agree with you or not I've talked to. A few people who teach our gun safety and -- teach gun classes Dave Newman among them with. A concealed carry Nolan. And it -- says that the proper way to teach it. About gun ownership is to use the gun at last resort will -- I'm I'm getting the impression that a lot of people are not using a gun as a last resort. It would it would take -- -- were there. It's not too or are you want certain point he's not partner unit shipment some people who don't -- Mentality account university of whom. Obama will work -- open. -- -- counting on for the wrong reasons and I'm. Not wrong reasons -- -- -- I'm not. Derby constitute between the two viewpoints it was on some current earnings and it shouldn't need everybody. Lots. Just about -- certain laws and rules deadly weapon don't want them enough. I would agree I think some would argue that are driving is a privilege and gun ownership is a right under the constitution and that might make a difference in the minds of some. I think it's a lot to -- number opened it to run pretty. -- I haven't been in a parking gotten a lot to use it in a lot he wrote it with the -- interrupted it didn't you know. Well I I agree and it's a it's a wonder that innocent bystanders -- hit in these situations. In public situations like a movie theater. This guy Michael -- shot to ten times in. He only hit one teenager but others could have been hit innocent bystanders could have been and obviously the guy I was -- of of of very good shot. And then you know you you have the situation where a fight breaks out. At the surface camera Wal-Mart and the guys losing the fight takes out his gun and shoots and kills the guy Daniel I'm -- to color show. All right thanks listing. Here is a text that reads you have to take a course to get a concealed carry permit. You take nothing to open -- So you know let's be honest about this there should not be hysteria. About gun ownership in this country. It should be hysteria to the point where everybody needs to be armed and there are some people who worship the gun in my opinion almost as a false god. And they believe everybody should be packet. But that's really not the case is it because obviously there are a lot of people who don't understand. The rights and the responsibilities. They go along with owning a gun. If -- they witness. A scoot it for Garland and more of your comments are next on Demi WL. A lot of people disagree with me but I just don't think everybody should own a gun. Everybody has a right to own a gun but not everybody has the you know personality that temperaments or. I guess to some degree the intelligence to know how to use a gun properly. Here's -- WWO pretty -- opinion poll the -- do you carry a gun in public places. Tony percent say yes and 80% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com ask your blood is also trending on our web -- I've tried to talk about all of this in the blog. We're talking about the most recent incidents involving. A gun that I think was inappropriately used. A -- in Phoenix at Wal-Mart two guys get into an argument the guy who is starting to lose the fight told police that when he realized he was losing the fight he pulled out his gun and shot and killed a guy in Wal-Mart. Is that the right way to use a gun. The -- blog is titled do we need guns. To -- groceries. Read it share it it was your comment feel like it's on our website at WW dot com. Also -- website at WW militant count on video to every Alley she knew every Alabama fan passed a city. So it doesn't matter where the year here or in Alabama when you're LSU fan or an Alabama fan or wherever you mark as an issue knowing you gotta see this. It's T about a beer on the corner of magazine and pointless it's very proud intersection. Singing. -- tied. Yeah Alabama roll tide. It seems that he lost a -- our resident tiger lost a bit too. Our resident marine Kristian -- -- -- pick six bet so you know you want it even checked it's on our way of cited a VW built up. A get to abort your text here in just a moment and from Slidell -- -- on WWL good morning. More after you do good. I wanna. I just want to bring the points. You know you're -- dollar really doing good. Bring it up a lot of this -- You kind of hit and distance war the most important things about Elena -- our -- In and I think that you teach people this more bore. What would you get a concealed weapon apartment. I have to policeman -- -- -- It would have been -- used -- -- wink -- -- you know pull the trigger and -- it comment what. Well delightful being an outlet or what about a month vehicles -- -- threatening. What about -- in a grocery stores like threatening. People don't understand why we don't have gone as just an equalizer. It is to protect our light polite or family and I think to you had a caller couple cause last listen. Any -- shot somebody it is -- -- on the well was delightful. Not know what that particular not threatened from the you have no right to deadly force takes more light. But if you like has threatened by -- sport trigger. You'd better be approved in a court of law beyond her shallow but now that -- -- what threat not just enjoy and live by. I think the I think that's of just a legitimate question and I would agree with you. But you can't initiate a situation and again I don't know who started this fight and and I -- I'm -- -- about did the -- have a permit I don't know there's still a lot of information that we don't know about this the guy was not charged with anything -- shut somebody you know in a Wal-Mart. But if you if you get into a fight. Could you have avoided the fight if you could avoided the fight even if your life became threatened during the fight then. And you shut somebody if you could have awarded the fight in the first place in which you really wish your life really threaten initially. That's that's a very good point -- -- -- and that that's something that you better open appointment or a court of law by duplicate the few a few years back it got sent. That was robbing mark Karr -- -- well can you prove to a judge -- startled by somebody and that that the good questions to -- right I've started a fight. Demo it became a -- you what you hope that that's exactly and that and I just I think it's very important that people realize. It is I'm out. Very much -- on. Okay but when your life is threatened you have that right now you need to have some sense about you and and move away from combative situation. Yes sir. But you know you know people people using -- situations just because an equalizer because they can. Joey I I actually agree with you and -- I'm pro gun two and nice support the Second Amendment that they are are there are gun. In through easiest and gun that I wouldn't say gun to -- is because you can be a gun enthusiast -- and not have this mentality that I'm speaking out. There are some people had this mentality that I haven't gone I have a right to own a gun I can shoot Julia if if something happens. No you really have to you can shoot and kill somebody because stay offend you. Eat your life has to be threatened. Here is attacks that recess -- it. It's clear in both cases in Florida both Zimmerman and done. Without their -- It would never had even approached or initiated contact with their victims. And might I add that the shooting with the seventy something year old retired police officer. Who shouting kill somebody over an argument that resulted from from the guy texting and a movie theater which is rude but give it to some money because they're texting. Get into an argument apparently threw popcorn distaste that threatened his life so the retired police officer shot and killed the guy who threw popcorn has faced. That happened. In Tampa Florida. For a New Orleans Brian -- -- WL. You in. I want to do appreciate the fact that your program. But to argue that it's a little bit about me -- I you know I'm -- as well but I am -- a libertarian viewpoint I don't want to get into the -- so. But anyway. Regarding the com. Albeit do we need -- to make history. 8% -- -- not members of the bail. But. The economy -- -- yes and our gun permit. But if I don't feel I'm won't need to go on inside purchaser that we don't like it to someone. Because. I'm carrying a -- okay because I recognize. That a possible changeup and could start to like get into an -- at the somewhat. That results in. In the use of deadly force in my in my case would be the other person pulled right -- Okay. Our picked up from eight picked up a deadly weapon and can't do you know. Which inaccurate -- -- away. Because that that's gone. -- I feel may ultimately needed while walking into the store from like Clark. And exiting the store between the store in my car because you know I really don't think that. On opera attempted to -- me on the way to mark our. That he would be he or she would be horrible and to permit in -- a vehicle will achieve I. Can say -- start -- logically what all right. You know I need to go and right now even if I don't think I ever do. But this is the one -- the boycott in my life like he needed police beat Michael ever achieve my -- -- that market. You know it if you want did you know nothing else -- Well you don't know you don't know when you're gonna need it but I I would think that today. Gee you would try to stay out of situations where you felt like you needed to gun even if you had a gun and had a legal right to carry gun. People are talking about well I need a gun to go to the movie theater now well really what I wouldn't go to a movie if I thought I needed to go on to go to a movie. Now I understand what you're saying bright and it sounds like you're responsible gun or you're concerned about getting from your car. Two inside but you also are thinking about you know I'm not gonna start an argument just because I have a gun and I fear that there are a lot of people who have been. And brain barged into thinking you've got a god man you can use. -- -- concealed carry class a part of that I used to work -- say -- -- say we're about to work at the rate they reserve police officer volunteer but I would. Bryant we've got some we have some breaking news so I'm gonna ask you hold on to telling your story so stay with the student news. And if you're -- weather sites -- for Garland and here's today's color with WWL news. Good morning in my connect to the think tank -- studio for Garland today and do you carry a gun in public places that's -- WWL party -- opinion poll here's an update 16% say yes but an overwhelming 84% saying no. Stood blog -- on our website right now is do we need guns to make groceries yesterday we've talked about the case of Michael -- race was involved in the minds of many in terms of that case. This case that we're talking about today is another very disturbing case doesn't involve race but it involves this mentality. That some people seem to possess. About owning guns and about. How to use those guards. Police in a suburb of Phoenix say that yesterday at 36 year old man shot and killed 45 year old -- got into a fight at the service counter Wal-Mart. So wal mart's fault these guys were -- a balk at a Wal-Mart they did they got into an argument at the service counter. And the guy said. When I felt I was losing the fight I pulled out my gun and shot and killed -- guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- are now. Regarding stories. I learned. What I was saying. Are trained to be neighbors -- police officer once again I'm not gonna say where. I learn how to -- and discreetly. While off duty. When you know you you when -- -- -- when -- off duty police you'd pay at every opportunity to 48. Bad situations and you talk that you. You level our ability. To avoid they -- situations that the only thing that you really have to act the -- by law is if you witnessed a felony. Taking place. Never -- you know you don't play traffic cop would take you blue light out a couple people for traffic and pop type tranche this war. A misdemeanor. You know. -- And you know you talk about all of a chain and that can. Turn into deadly force situation because you have gotten into an art in the wrong person. Needing. You know some exposure from your computer and cultures. And you don't know inner pact with each other. So you get buried and you know. It's only. Did. And escalate. Because you really don't communicate with each other. In other situations where of course. You know you walk away or just apologize. And be respectful. And -- you know let it let it die it's not gonna take any money your pocket okay. And there there are people who don't want to back away because they feel like they're they're they're backing down and that's the mentality that needs to be addressed in this country if you gonna have a gun. Don't use it just because you're afraid to back down and you want to. If you wanted to seek revenge for this moment that your reputation is is -- -- -- be able situation. Now this year later this like two years ago a light and I were sitting in a movie beer. And of course at my apartment and yes you know I'm Gary in the year but you know once again at no point. You know in the draw parliament the none whatsoever because it's -- -- -- but did you also talk that if you're in you talk it's a police officer that your crops. An extra one state to fire the typical situation but yet the culture far. So Brian you what you would agree that did these vehemently continue that they that the people who argue Willis if everybody would have had a gun in this. More people would have had a gun in the movie theater in Colorado what -- stabilize it might not. On this and there are on the net Peter and -- real difference and -- they were born and lots of confusion it would have been extremely typical for one person apart form. To make a difference the person would have had too far in the future. August and the that he has. That person -- the threat. And do the situation that point point which would have been extremely difficult because we use smoke grenades. And they want people. All over the place. On the best thing to do that situation is to get out danger theory and if you king and someone else. Regarding the story hear. Someone sitting. Directly to write next my life. And he would he was talking on the -- Polite politely actually stop and he said well I'm not talking out and he said no you're not supposed to be doing as please stop. And you -- and races and talk about -- talk on the shall operate -- -- well -- You know. I'm Kelly you know -- -- carrying. Out all want and yet this blog -- -- commercial with that move. And -- even though. In the wrong white outlaw. It it's so well and I just bragged that we do the opposite side because we came there to watch a movie. We did not come to get them compensation. And so we didn't come here to. Finish a compensation. Someone else started that behavior. We went there to see a movie -- enjoyed. -- you're you're you're the perfect example of who should be caring god. And it is unfortunate that there are some people who will allow something to escalate. Because they they haven't gone so I want people like you to have a gun -- my appreciation this story was right -- -- here's attacks I have a hot hot temper. Therefore I would never trust myself with the gun. There's a text. Wrong even if your life is not threatened and someone breaks into your house you can shoot and kill. Yeah that that's there's there's some gray area there. Here's a -- -- I work in bad areas of New Orleans used to carry a gun but it may be too confident. Quit carrying. And rely on the hair on the back of my neck to stay away from bad situations. If your -- stay with -- -- duty for Garland were right back with more of your comments on WWL. I'm -- in fort Garland Niger witness if you're told stay where it is for coming right back with -- mark your calls and I've got a number of protects against two as real -- here's one 90% of self defense is awareness. Not just awareness of your surroundings. But also awareness of your actions in relation to others. And that's from Dave Newman who has been armed our show and our station many times Steve Newman is with concealed carry no one. And -- always talks about if you have the opportunity retreat you should -- -- two guys get into an argument they get into a fight. At the service counter and Wal-Mart in a suburb of Phoenix. One guy tells police what I was losing the fight song -- took out his gun and he shot and killed the guy. Is that really the right way to use -- -- I look at that told -- just moment last night Jimmy Fallon debuted as the new host of the Tonight Show. And for many of you this is an uncomfortable change because it's different if you will celebrate Jimmy Fallon is the new post. I was never Jay Leno fan but he was a very comfortable. A figure for many people who went to sleep at night watching Jay Leno and before that it was it was Johnny Carson here's. A little bit of the show from last night. Do you still wants everyone now. I. Well come to the Tonight Show. This is these first tonight's show broadcast from new York and over forty years. -- -- I'm -- found then I'll be your host. For now. Night for that. Your resolution -- we're gonna event features some of the highlights of the Jimmy Fallon that's an issue last I'd taken a big debut part of pop culture in America. I'll wing here and to be WL. Getting your image thanks when. It's correct an earlier call -- bad. The judge said somebody said that yet to be guilty beyond beyond a shadow but that's about semantics -- A lot as beyond a reasonable doubt if people think that means that it's all everything -- would -- all of the sure a jury Foreman went on the Jarrett and struck out. He shared beyond a reasonable doubt mean what a reasonable course and think it is right or wrong. Not noted that in being warned that it. So ultra realistic you know that this person you know epidemic -- bill that -- that reasonable doubt. -- -- A reasonable doubt guilty -- reasonable doubt in the all -- anyway I ever -- To carry permit and I don't take a gun outside of my truck model. And the reason -- got it is not accompanied it -- to Garrett a government vehicle. -- it at all. There is not got the curb that is so that I could be -- would know what the law says no and Austria in that shooting it'd be. And I think that's one of the problems is a lot of people don't understand it's law they don't understand to how and when to use the gun and they're not really trained. And -- is an outrage that I would never. You gonna let spotlight by the white a lot on my children are white what -- -- that it's been my home. -- So if you're in a public place and you you get into a fight -- -- losing the fight you're not an apology gun shoots about. Now now on. It's going to be in the truck. And and a delicate that would fit in its duties that. We don't know all situations but you know apartment Wal-Mart I have a Eric Herman and I haven't got strapped to my ankle in a -- come up on minister observers as. And I got partnered me in the back it and knocked unconscious -- companies helping on it in my body can -- them I would say it. -- -- -- Celtic art yeah apartment in -- regular -- it should support the body you you're in it is to shield them. Just stop -- -- and you I have -- like to be I'm not saying that would that would apple with because I carry the ball. But I achieve that situation happening. I mean obviously. I don't know walked by it would be stupid about dispute that but they they have that -- to do better situation cannot vote. Backpack can't -- right. It got spit on him. I got some open. And there's still a lot we don't know when I'm going to go to show police are still investigating this and looking at surveillance video and I'm sure there is a lot about it because this is the service counter Wal-Mart and a suburb of Phoenix and now wal mart's fault these guys walked in there there's still a lot we don't know but. If the guy would've had a gun. We all questioned whether or not he would have actually gotten into a overtakes in the first place party just a few minutes are gonna have a chance to hear the code word and win a thousand dollars nationwide. For lucky listeners win every day in our 1000 dollar cash contest nationwide and every WL. You know the verdict in the trial of Ray Nagin. So now Angeles gonna take you behind the scenes how did the jury come to the guilty verdict on Tony Tony one counts. Angeles gonna take you behind the scenes with the four person they juror. And it alternates it's don't miss radio Angela an open mind with a legendary Angela hill this afternoon one to -- here -- WL. This is the 1000 dollar cash contest the code word this hour is calling and see all high end. Enter the code word at WW real dot com slash cash click on the cot tests linked. And our website for your chance to win a thousand dollars nationwide. And it's just a -- inner Wear every you -- office computer surfing at home Smartphone on your tablet you can win anywhere was in for the next code word right before the top of the hour news. At 3 o'clock this afternoon and good luck for Smart radio intercom and every of -- well -- scrutiny for Garland. And we'll be back after the news.