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2-18-14 12:10pm Scoot: on bad roads

Feb 18, 2014|

Scoot takes calls on whether a highway design is to blame for a number of accidents on a particularly dangerous stretch of road, or is it drivers to blame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm skewed in fort Garland. Ted -- is campaigning for a Republican. Candidate. On the campaign trail he apparently called President Obama a sub human and my bankroll. -- gangster. Institution means any and nearly take that seriously. There's a stretch of highway 98 between mobile and the Mississippi State line it's nicknamed bloody 98 and a lawsuit was filed to. Sue those who designed the highway is at the highways fault we'll talk about that coming up in just a moment if you just orders order rap album we've been talking about for the last couple of hours. It yesterday were talking about the trial of Michael done via the guy who shot and killed a seventeen year old and an argument. It started over loud music and it was a case of a retired police officer in his seventies to shut until somebody in a movie theater in Tampa. Apparently following an argument about texting. Well yesterday I did there was a shooting outside of the Phoenix in a suburb of Phoenix at a Wal-Mart. A fight between two men one man told police he was losing the fight and that's when he decided to pull out his gun and shoot the man the man is dead. Now there's investigation on going to shoot it which not booked and police are reviewing the surveillance video and I'm sure there's there's any event. But a shooting inside able Wal-Mart because of a fight. Is this the proper way to use a gun. Here's our WW project my opinion poll do you carry a gun in public -- 1% say yes and 79%. Saying no. And the -- blog which is treading on our website is titled do we need a gun to make groceries. So why is this what first of all. There might be somewhere between eight and eleven million citizens who have concealed carry permits in America. And to carry their guns in public and a vast majority of them are responsible. Gun owners and we've heard from many on the show today. Tens of thousands of times every year it's estimated that Americans do pull out a gun to protect themselves or to stop a crime. However. This should not. Take away the opportunity that we had. To talk about those people who should own guns. In the sad thing is that there are there are people who were so pro gun. I'm pro gun I'm pro Second Amendment. But there are some people who were so pro gun that they have this mentality that everybody needs to own a gun and the truth is everybody shouldn't own a gun. And yet some people can't bring themselves to be honest about it. So what leads to all of this. There's a lack of respect for opposing opinions today. The years. Hey beaters in the media. An increasing expectation of instant gratification. I think all of this contributes to this heightened state of frustration America. It's almost as if those who express their rage by using a gun feel like they're they're looked upon as heroes. I like minded Americans. Somewhere deep in the sub conscious of not all but of the trigger happy gun toting Americans. There must exist a feeling of responsibility to stand up for all Americans who are frustrated with the system. And whatever type of people who you like or dislike or fear you can stand up against them with your gun. But allowing an argument over loud music. Texting in the movie theater. Or disagreement edit service calorie it and suburban Wal-Mart to escalate into a killing. I think this is frightening proof that some Americans are not stable enough to navigate their way through society. That's supposed to be civilized. But frustration as part of the human experience. We don't get frustrated. We get frustrated with the debate about road rage think about the increasing incidents of air rage. It was -- just the other day. I taken off a plane. -- people going into a rage causing. A dangerous situation. On an airline flight. Why is this increase. Frustration. Is part of human life. -- and sometimes we just get frustrated with ourselves. I can be sitting home alone I could be in the studio like -- be in my officer WW sometimes I get really frustrated with myself. So find it a lot of good shoot somebody because of frustrated. What do what to do a lot of gun and shoot myself. The answer is not. Stricter gun control laws. The answer is not more guns. The answer is recognizing that hate. And judgment of others. Had become such an integral part of everyday life in America. That they seem to replace a sense of respect and tolerance that we should have. I hope for reaching the tipping point when. Those who are expressing hate and discontent are all levels. Are starting to -- that not everybody really feels that -- In January right wing radio and TV host Glenn Beck lamented in an interview with meg and Kelly. On Fox News about his television show on Fox News Channel saying. I think I played a role unfortunately in helping to hear this country apart. -- told Politico. I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language even before Glenn Beck expressed those regrets I have sensed. A cyclical change. Coming in America. And it's slowly making the far right and the far left in the meaty in particular look like total out of touch. Extremists. And at the far right in the far left do not reflect the views of the majority of Americans. And there's going to be a shift toward more civility and more common since this seems to be gaining momentum. This will not happen because the media wants it to happen. It's gonna happen because of this growing trend in America. Which the media will reflect. In order to remain relevant. If you and enjoyed our show -- comment on numbers 2601878. Told 38668890. Point seven -- -- -- 77 a -- blood today's titled do we need guns. To make groceries. You can read it -- coming on and it's on our website at W if you want to come. From Harvey Keith welcome to -- WL. Yet -- used to. -- -- at one point. With a guy is in Florida with a teenager you know but also. Supposedly on the audience for the Balco all believe all. But one thing on now occurred is what does blood alcohol content. I don't I don't I don't know and maybe that's one of the reasons that he he left it didn't call 911 because he was drinking and driving in and shot somebody and like I guess he wanted to. To escape. And -- blood alcohol level might ultimately be lower fee is just. -- -- But I -- it all on the line some people want to drink alcohol that becomes super. Girl -- think it may have been more alcohol in the on it and that could be. But while pulling your weight you -- you. Call you should've taken kit bag take -- that would of cared because you put yourself in the position. That what happened to happen. Well on the same then if dribble and more than they would act where he was that floor he should know that was the bad able bullet. He -- picnic area there and. I don't I don't think that would consider I don't think that was considered a bad neighborhood and and did his father live in the neighborhood. It. -- -- I could neighborhoods a good neighborhood can be bad too with the wrong people in that neighborhood dynasty in the torture making keys poet. A 4 o'clock in the morning. Now walking alone on the street in downtown New Orleans is a little different and walking through a suburban neighborhood expected to to assist someone -- -- -- -- close to -- was a gated community. OK and that also missed the loss of Coke so which heated note written parity within that neighborhood. I don't understand. What would it make you should know. Just like you should know. I've I've I should have known. I should have known and selling it changed mine my pattern -- there are dangerous neighborhoods everywhere people live in the many people live in the French Quarter of people live downtown you just have to be careful. About when -- actually on the street from New Orleans Janice your under the WL. As you get it to. No ticket limit but the fact. A delicate this -- in an email. I don't know life over the pet -- he has signed the -- things so much the violence escalation of violence that evil. I don't know apple I don't know I I think that that was smoking all the time. All I know with the whole thing has to be a little concerned and I just think it's going to get one if my husband as a weapon and he had his. Carry permit died accidentally in cleaning up things I didn't know what I was doing -- -- accidentally hit the paperwork out. That's going to be a private can permit but -- -- tell me recently is I don't think I'm gonna dialogue and it still would like done. Hate this because if I had my guns attached to my body. And I lean over I can't do anything. And let's think somebody could be that he hasn't -- -- -- and then you know we do about that. Going to the I don't know what I -- do that I can understand that he had a gun on me in case something happened in the parking lot you get -- -- and then like that to protect people's -- But again I don't know of people apparently that have. What happened that shouldn't have them I mean if you going to accuse somebody Obama is vacationing -- -- an argument that the one thing I would. Advise people avoid arguments about the people just. And and yes I think this is that this is a good point of an anti it to break -- Politico but if if a gun is allowing use to. To get into arguments and confrontations that you wouldn't get into without the gun. That's not with the Second Amendment protects the Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. For protection. And when you think about Michael -- when you think about the retired police officer Tampa at the movie theaters in the shooting over texting when you think about. These two guys sit disservice Cameron Wal-Mart yesterday getting to a fight all of these situations did not begin with a threat to life. They started out as a confrontation over something. That arguably is relatively. Superficial and simple. And it's somehow escalated into a life and death situation. Did the presence of a goal line allow it to escalate to that point that's the question. That gun owners have to ask themselves. I'm scooted for Garland and we'll be back under WL. And welcome back to the think tank on scooting in for garlic today here's an update on our VW -- pretty general opinion poll. Do you carry a gun in public places. Tony 3% say yes 77%. Say no. Last night was the premiere of the new tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and here's part of what it sounded like. Get out -- really don't know how I got here. I I grew up enough seniority that's how close are it is New York a beautiful town had a great childhood. I'm not many people from target is that the top. My dad had a great childhood and native who told me as a kid that I was gonna graduate high school and then go on to be on Sandra alive and then eventually be the host of the nation. -- said I graduated high school. I mean that's so not like me. All right you heard the verdict in the Ray Nagin corruption trial but how did the jury come today guilty. On Tony on 21 counts out of the country that decision. Angeles gonna take you behind the scenes with a four person. -- juror and the alternate it's billed -- radio Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill. This afternoon -- -- -- -- to -- here -- -- to be real. There's a stretch of highway between highway 98 and -- -- -- highway 98 between mobile and the Mississippi State lines. It has been nicknamed bloody 98. There was a fiery crash over the weekend it took the lives of two teenagers and -- grandfather it's too late stretch of highway. -- a lawsuit has been filed over the design of the highway this this was filed back in 2010 but it really hasn't gone anywhere. Is it fair to blame the design of -- highway for accidents or is it really ultimately the responsibility of the drivers. -- civil crashes on the causeway last year it went to public cars and actually three cars from going over the side. There was talk about raising the the railing on the southbound -- that's the old bridge the southbound lanes. Now hard six inches lower than the northbound lanes. There are a lot of high profile of -- Oprah high profile vehicles on the road troubling because -- every day. Should the design of the bridge be blamed or does the responsibility really follow the drivers. I would think yes especially the highway is known as bloody 98. Now of course not everybody who travels this stretch of highway that's a beautiful part of the country. Between mobile and the Mississippi State line and there's a beautiful areas of 98 when you get across the -- -- -- -- unto -- Not everybody who travels -- stretch of highway knows that it's dangerous. But is this part of the blame game in America. That we know -- to blame. The design of -- highway. For -- this is something that would have been unheard of in the past and I think that all highways obviously should be designed to be as sick as safe as possible. But how much responsibility should fall on drivers themselves. It when I talked about this before with the the -- commission talking about the 28 million dollars that it would have to raise to. That race the height of the south on guard -- by six inches. I think it's important talk about General -- safety. Because that there are a lot of people who get into action -- and I think at least one of these accidents. Was a single car accident. So can your really blamed the the the railing of the Bridget and if the railing on the bridge kept the vehicle from going over the side. Could that not even cause more trouble because it would be like. Pinball machine effect with a car bouncing back into the traffic I lived on the -- short several occasions. And I have witnessed outrageous striving both northbound southbound. The fact is the cause was a dangerous stretch of highway. And there are a lot of theories literature dangerous stretch of -- Is there a highway design. It should be blamed or is it really something that falls on the the responsibility of the -- and again this lawsuit that was filed back in 2010 usually going nowhere over this distraction for a 98 between mobile in the Mississippi State line. But I I just I find this. Another example of the blame game always blaming something or someone else for for our mistakes. Now if there is a flaw. In the highway then fix it. But that does it mean that we shouldn't place ultimate responsibility. On the driver's. You draw the causeway. Do you think the height of the railing on the southbound lane is a problem and you think of -- highway anywhere with the design is. -- is so bad that you could blame the design of the highway. For accidents or is that your responsibility as a driver. I'm -- for -- if you are notorious for the -- are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. And a text ever is a 7870. We'll be right back with more here's -- -- -- WWL news updates with -- -- -- there's some accidents round today and it is simply were talking about down I can -- ever be blamed scooter bridge should be blamed for an accident or is it relieve the the responsibility of the motorists of the driver. A lawsuit was filed in 2010 -- -- go anywhere but it does bring up an interesting point this is for a stretch of highway of flight 98 between mobile. And the Mississippi State line it's referred to as bloody ninety because there are a lot of accidents there. But what about this idea that we should be responsible. There are there are so many examples. They demonstrate such deterioration. But the lack of personal accountability and I think talking about well we got to raise the the southbound lane real. On the causeway another six inches because cars are going over the side there were three accidents I believe three vehicles went over the side of the the railing and the southbound is six inches lower than the northbound that's the old bridge it really is literally a -- not like the -- the concrete. Barrier that you find on the northbound -- but he can we really blame the bridge. Or is it everybody's responsibility to understand. The physics of the vehicle you're driving. You know afford explore. Drives a lot differently. Than a Honda Civic. It's your responsibility as a driver to understand the difference. Should the road ever be blamed. Our numbers 260187. And toll free 8668890. Point seven -- embassy 7872. To your text here in just a moment from river ridge Diane Euro and the VW well. They get it. It out there who won a little bit rose but -- question that this YouTube and -- your local. You don't -- -- -- -- and you could see. It that it's like the. I I would -- -- obviously there there's some people will be -- ninety's. As scenic route for a lot of people I'm not that familiar with it between mobile in the Mississippi State -- more familiar -- -- -- 98. Gathered at Montrose in -- -- -- in those areas tested -- On the Eastern Shore and it's it's it's it's a beautiful stretch of highway so somebody might take that road and and not understand that. And I just think it's unfair doubling the road when you know -- we have responsibility to pay attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- But it that we know you but. You slow. -- -- -- -- But we'll look at that. The conflict. That and that. Yet. That they they bet the thought that was. It. -- thought. It. I agree that Diana Politico to show here's attacks are the Chicago area visiting New Orleans for a few days. Illinois just pass concealed carry the last in the nation to do so I supported but I worry whether. Will have bad situations come from it and that is tipped him -- I'm glad you're visiting new worlds from Chicago thanks for. Thanks for hanging out down here here's a text Darius such a thing as faulty design. But also not to relief faults. Of a bad driver here's a text as we speak I ten was reopened Metairie road and immediately shut down. Another crash it's stupid people. I JT here under the WL. -- -- -- -- All of -- you. Again tonight. I know I believe I believe Robert Mitchell Bob Mitchell going to be right. Yes no well -- I don't know I'm a -- -- tomorrow night I expect Carlo. While tracked it down one pound is it and the station all day I'm in a bad -- signal area doctor but he couldn't would probably come out. About frank you know. All right JT I appreciate that thanks for listening from Metairie Suzy here on every WL. Good on the planet maybe you thought that the actor -- the accident and don't quite often. I mean who won that you'd think. With with it with the causeway -- the last accident did I heard about last year was the third of the year or vehicle went over the side there was a reported erratic driving. -- by the driver and there's speech could've been a factor and ends up in an accident going over the side of the bridge but I don't think it's fair to -- the bridge. No I don't either and like I think. He's we take responsibility. Via color guard are on riding action. And I just feel it maybe we got beat -- -- counties that either the five way back in the day. That it might not an extra point in my. Quote -- -- and it hit it I think you're more like sixty -- but now at seventy or more got eight. You know there's say there's just a lot of truth in them but what if the speed limit was eighty would people go nine year would be they would they be content to go eighty. And it is is it. Is is there a point where you increase the speed of -- at at some point people well you know I'm comfortable going as fast. I think it was there I act if I am. And I mean I believe being killed as well and driver error which -- corporate it -- and hand it. I deployment in our opinion act like maybe. You. Speak suck it -- Speed is often a is often a problem and why is it is -- it it not only is that a problem it high rates of speed that. Speak -- factor into accidents and speed is is a contributing factor if if for example it's raining. Right handed the speed limit might be 65. -- if if if it's raining. So heavily that you should be driving forty. If -- going if you're going 45 -- you going 45 and in a sixty or 65 mile an hour zone speak can still be a factor in that case because of weather conditions. And coming -- and also allow. It's -- to comment. There's an Atlantic -- showed drive carefully out there if you're -- stay -- this if you wanna join us for your comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890878. Tech's number is 87870. And here's a -- resubmit claims adjuster in in today's world it's always someone else's fault regardless of accident fax. There's no more personal responsibility. Hey look if there's a road that needs to be fixed line fixed the road but don't blame the railing on the causeway doubling the road. Take responsibility. For driving safely yourself. -- scoots into garlic. Will be back last night under Jimmy Fallon the debut of the new tonight show with Jimmy Fallon as opposed to I've I've saw this little bit -- for you to. A basically. Playing acoustic on the set just sitting on does the -- and in bodily stadium -- an amazing. Moment in television here's an update on our -- WL pretty -- -- people do you carry a gun in public places. 25% say yes and 75%. Say no. So is the road ever to blame or is it really the responsibility of the driver. From dynamic character and BW well. I can come -- I wanted to call and say I do believe that it ultimately. The driver's responsibility. But I can. Reference one instance. Where I think highway design. -- -- the thought and Bennett coming off of interstate fifty. Is it you're. Getting on high twelfth where you have to make that sharp. All you you -- but the problem is. My new or emerging on our twelfth. They're definitely not -- not Sperry who allowed you to view what traffic its upcoming. On -- twelve. And in Vietnam and where you know what you could be rare and because that you have to stop quick change here. Encouraging you should stop oriented. But if you cannot -- into the tropical and I twelfth. And traffic coming in behind you also get eight that it definitely. Pull our port has gone. I would agree with you or not I I went through that area recently -- -- weighted down springs Santa Ana and I would agree with you but if we know it's dangerous and we go that way they'll either have to be cautious. Or accept responsibility is if something's happened -- it may be should be changed but in the meantime if we always dangerous than we have a choice of either going that way and being careful or taking. Yeah yeah we did and you know you can point out that the changes that they've made. I -- battery. To allow courts to hurt you for example coming off of clear view and heading west on I can not bear market on that right now -- Even on -- -- they allow -- much more sufficient accept. To be able -- into the trap -- and I there. Karen I'm glad you brought that up because I think it's always -- -- are going to show I think it's always a good idea to talk about dangerous intersections and emerging there I 55 I twelve. Yeah that is a dangerous merger. From Morgan City Joey you're under the WL. Actually take in the call does that offer counterpoint. I'm motorcyclist a motorcycle -- and although the country for many years and and I can tell you that I think the roads are designed properly. I think they're sciences is done properly by and large but -- -- -- motorcycles defects in the roads can can greatly effect. The safety of the biker and it's something as simple as a pothole or cracked in the road or expansion -- it's not done choir right. If there's not adequate warning to sport. You can -- and go from being your great work great day to worst nightmare. And it's a lot different sort bikers than it is sports or -- -- I would agree and I've I've I've written about recycled many times so I know exactly which talking about. So you know in any case like that you know maybe it may be part of it could be due to to the road. If you travel an area on a regular and again something we're gonna travel and -- for the first time and it may not know it's dangerous but if you travel an area on a regular basis and you know it's dangerous that -- it -- your responsibility regardless of the design of the -- of the puddles -- when it's your responsibility to accept the the responsibility of being a safe driver. I'm -- him for Garland coming right back on WWL. There have always been areas of roads and highways that have been very dangerous birds in the past nobody ever thought to actually blame the highway. And I think this is part of this trend of of not accepting personal responsibility for our behavior. It's something that I love to talk -- on the schoolchildren died here into the W growers it shows and I've met Dylan and do during the day. You know the the removal of school led prayer from public schools. Legalized abortion. These things that so many people think -- have led that to the demise of America. -- that's wrong. What is really led to the demise of this country is the lack of personal responsibility. And it takes a few moments ago from some laureate said that a youth art now not taught responsibility it's true. They're not taught to be responsible for their behavior and adults are no longer responsible for their behavior are received a number of text from lawyers who say. Nobody's ever fault everybody sue happy everybody wants to -- is because no matter what happens it's always somebody else's fault. Well life happens. And sometimes things just happen. But everybody has looked at the legal system as some kind of a lottery. Or welfare system you you consume. There's a story about it forget the town it is a small town Louisiana. And there was only one lawyer in the whole town. And a lawyer it was was barely making -- -- chest just getting bought. Another lawyer moved to town and they both became millionaires. Is an update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll do you carry a gun. In public places 75%. Say no and 45%. Say yes. According to a story in the New York Daily News there is a shortage of clones. Older clowns have been dying and there are not enough younger clowns taking their place over the past ten years the country's biggest clown organizations and yes they have them. Are showing a decrease in the number of -- obviously if they want clowns all the need to do. Is go to Capitol Hill -- Angeles coming up next the -- -- blog today's about it shooting that took place yesterday. A two manner to Wal-Mart -- disservice to our inside wall again Juan suburb of Phoenix. Negated to an argument -- get into a fight. And the guy said when I realized I was losing the fight. I took up my gun and I shot and killed the guy. Is that the right way to use a gun scope bloggers on our website at WW dot com wanna thank mark and Carter studio producer and a great day bloody New Orleans.