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2-18 5:20pm Roman Harper, Saints free safety

Feb 18, 2014|

Deke shares a celebratory moment with Saints free safety, Roman Harper.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Long time. Successful defense aback with the New Orleans saints' Roman Harper. John just now Tommy for the -- I don't come in right to you wanna visit Roman Roman thank you so much for joining him a man how are you. Do -- do on good Roman -- go over Roman not. Take me take me back to us last week when you found out about did the team parting ways here -- -- go back and I think their first year and I kind of said earlier Roman I was almost made it much richer you got out to such a great thought he got. Her before it -- game without their five once thought they you -- red hot. And but but I mean you have Lanston Roman almost the public three times as long as the average in these league how much how much -- nephew got a moment. On that they've got a couple great isn't so I'm excited about that and in I was down actually. Sean called into the office. And I thought you know mentally -- -- -- -- at all groups so I would argue now expected records and he's. Simeon you know the system business part of the only thing people hate about it is it didn't -- goes on and now we had a great conversation men that great serve then. You know all these and the here in it does the business of the man -- it was tough which on the route to talk about it but it's just part of it. -- happy and excited. For the next game the next opportunity out quite well. From I don't I don't necessarily necessarily say that the word easier but does it UMass saint does does it make it easier winning he is. It's it's it's like Danny it's -- like it's a it's a part of being as you understood Jonas do what they had to say but they candidate in a professional way did did that make the whole situation a little easier. Yeah you know me and there's no other way in Communist. I mean if they do it now. You know -- and it's better for me is that with them. Graham indicate they could -- scrutiny over his. You know brought me back and go to camp in -- English units in the you don't have a chance you know it's so many other ways with that is that this is great news and and look in the case on all the because of my coach and you know they are out call you eight cents and you know it -- most. I've been there for eight years and a ignited the he'd been an and -- yet the portly -- it's good. -- they're they're moving on moving on it I think everybody's going to be just. Roman -- -- -- -- -- -- day about Jimmy Graham a common upon free agency and also what the commissioner Roger Goodell said that you know he's not rule out explore and what could help treat injuries and -- -- brought about medical marijuana. How much pain you play is -- home. Meant -- -- anybody beat anybody. This the best on the differences that we not heard. -- the -- cook it. Around it's easy but it's either right now you -- not hurting. All right now you're not knowing that -- -- heard -- don't matter how bad you hurt you gotta play you could still be heard now. But it's not like he got it all I got to lace up -- them go out there late 'cause I mean. How would imagine the way you give beat up like -- did you body ever truly not hurt. You know great company both you have to find -- -- the point where. You know everybody good movement is giving it Sunday that's the type attitude and how little booklet. We play with pain from the moment you know -- are like Lleyton mark and all the young kid he's got to deal with it yet you'd like to have a -- constant it's all about the into the game. Are you might not so good on Wednesday Thursday -- that during the week. A few days you're ready. 22 under perform at a high level and that. Roman now are you you've got some coming up put a first time since I'm only you know who you you Rebecca a senior class schools or you -- recruiting as -- being recruited here. You bureaucratic game now I've had field. -- -- it will be great that one thing I'm excited about the fact that you know not just on my left leg in them like. I'm just like -- around I think about my opportunity I don't know at the moment of creating you mean my agents -- talked with people at -- come by we'll get it. You know there a couple of different opportunities and wanting become very -- the fact that like. Made a lot of money money -- -- issue. Remained ineffective but I'm not my opinion not not the leg -- twisted but to say come -- mark -- -- you to pick the best situation -- -- -- Stanley. Distance wise you know hopefully it's not too cold all it is a pretty effective and -- and. It is to make mad and wanna go win because he's the women. And and things of that nature of man and disintegrates which meant hopefully the whole recruiting process that you like -- -- will start seeing. I'm excited about it and haven't been a part of this kind of left among the great prep the -- out. -- like three days that I haven't you can't do anything ousted all right they caught -- -- -- would -- do so now back here so it was night. -- I see as a bunch of different players and it would come across I did hear about guys -- -- season righted their plea. Haskell ball may play pro body from places and and some on the you know we you think the -- guy you like -- you you could still be a young man. Any hang your professional sports Korea be okay that is a small portion life is not he's not a lifetime career but there's. There's not too if you make enough money there -- could last year. Someone of liked how important was it that you Roman to get educated early. To know that if -- day. I've got to I've got to sign his major contract -- broke. Yes and you know that thing go my biggest fear of not more when our league look. You know I don't you know -- people you know you go back to where -- from an -- it got me all this money you know look at. Nubian girl is the biggest fear of a lot of people you know and mean to be as fortunate that there should be -- as well that. Burn -- and calm down but down the road you know 1520 years and you heard from my injury but is once you get up -- so. You know it's a possibility it can happen that the Obama didn't. A bit smarter from the group of people that -- look at me what so Meehan you know and I've done the same money so. But it's good to great situation at the end and is that we were going to be a part of. Eight season and as a full Bali look at -- make it 98 of those and -- Roman. It's always been a pleasant Amanda I think all of us we should -- but look in the know when you land. Wherever you go into next you'll be successful and we we always appreciate may you always been good to listen in victory and defeat number of. I hate the man always but don't. Doing their views which human being great over the years and appreciated. What article you out of whereby we appreciate all of you familiar lament the what they'd let -- -- And -- go make some place somewhere else meant so I appreciate. Man Roman thank you so much -- we -- deadly Tebow we -- when you sign a new Britain and knew they were all calling. They've that they they. It did that go with it. Are ironic when you take care all right Ascap folks Roman Harper and one thing. In that would be able to take away from Roman -- eight years in the National Football League already in the world team. When you wind and -- maybe -- on the level.