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2-18 4:35pm Deke: Jimmy Graham contract

Feb 18, 2014|

Deke talks Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Analyst for ESPN.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andrew Brandt is a German and we lean on in can give you the complete breakdown is -- NFL business analyst for ES PM -- a part of many. A front offices before Andrew always a pleasure to have you on the program how are you. You're well it could Buick you. Andrew. Jimmy Graham and I players are -- anybody agents but what is the logic of AJ. I guess or all come -- fourth down on his client I would wanna file a grievance that you should be paid like eight. A yacht a different position and what you all what is the logic behind that. Well at all positioning at both spots very well but he -- -- that is it. -- -- What are. You -- Day. There's going to be a lot. This issue. Where the -- I. Either all day. You're right point and well. It matters. And whether couple more. It is difficult negotiations. Where's Jimmy Graham. And long term deal. I think Paul. VE. Short term ended up there that like number that I upper. They want to have errors in each. With -- programs that means that issue not. What the heck number is that the very short term there's. The issue all our. Andrew you've -- -- promises before and -- have you had to deal with this tactic before. I have not I remember. From afar. I was in the league are being well now. Sure well and the ball more treatment and whether it be active and outline Packard tech is -- -- easily on both of those positions. -- I work with the Packers a couple of years ago but I think I was involved in it by about. What they're gonna do it -- Michael Finley in a situation where. Looking at at doing it hitting it heal her partner boy you know 55 or not but they got ill or 75. That was the way to avoid this situation but. Haven't but I can see it go into agreements and we also -- -- -- going forward -- single bullet gonna come down negotiations. As there have been a situation where agree with his father and his case and and if he would have found it one being out of position saying well. Let him if it was up Pro Bowl tidy in. This year -- went to Provo but they can get positioned as a as a wide receiver has ever -- one that they won the grievance. But I where that kind of a thing. Especially with the EPA not -- -- that the -- Large branch and that is very. Powerful weapon for management more than players. Management look the practice. That they can keep it that players part is and you that in Hershey. -- -- at that specific player's specific position. Don't have them extradite the lawyer. A little bit evening out the franchise that. Andrew Brandt is it -- those you can visit Andrew Brandt a follow him on Toyota at a -- at a deep. The DT Andrew now when you look at the wall and Saints on the but the rest of this conference at the NFC man it's. -- not the point out what's going on the west although saint louis' struggled some in -- at quarterback for much of the year. In two picks in the top thirteen. You know when you CDs a long time successful defense wanted to come in -- the last time Gregg William so went to a place and you know it was a a team that was considered a good team. He made a defense and better and he's got a lot to work with -- already in Saint Louis at the number two pick in the number thirteen in Arizona with a double digit win team. -- does defending Super Bowl champs are -- in deep and in San Francisco Guillen. They could have twelve overall -- they've got eleven they could get a compensatory not. Hey it looks like you know what other team is gonna play a western team in the conference championship goes you know the last two years basically. They come out and a final four in its span the you know the west's other -- and Atlanta come from behind to beat Seattle we will look at it close they have it. Back to back title games in his comments will Weston. Yeah I mean I've achieved and to be classical league this year and or other connections with the Packers in an eagle just think that those were the team. It beat that's not to say that -- -- continued I think lead changes each year no matter how much think think that day. I -- think they're set up well you know quarterback. But again a lot of football player. And they don't -- that -- there there at the buildup playoff game. What was impressive about the Saints that night was. Not the vaunted passing attack that the running attack. And negate that on the crucial game and they gave it all on the Burton and I believe to a third string running back. -- and I believe. So I think -- well positioned as well it just comes down to keeping your star telegram and I think it will want ordered other. And continue to progress on the defense side -- What pitchers thing to me about the last week -- to bring out the veteran players. That the major -- and tell you they're moving -- they're getting younger. And not holding the bat like a lot of doing -- guys here and walk that let him go here early. I think in the and that's probably part on those players. -- -- when you look at the NFC Aminu is OK she was five and six both advance five went all the way -- -- game on three straight road games but they did -- Losses to Seattle a chance to win there late. Eight seems like clearly I don't know of distaste AFC than any of seat. You just have to give to the post season and you've got a chance and I mean the five and six of both one owner wrote one this year and eight. Yeah you know did well in in the second round nor have a good showing against Seattle San Cisco did beat Carolina. -- -- CEO would be I agree with you what those two teams that class but other than that you know if you get into the playoffs you got a shot. -- happened over the Packers -- -- doesn't have a look at the Steelers got the years before that if the Giants. Both years they -- it all just got. That obvious it was the case this year with the number one beat the Super Bowl but. More than nor where you have wild card getting to the Super Bowl. You know I think here to go to Seattle their stock one of them is not is going to be five. Probably every year. Though. You know it or not when the division so that unfortunate. One of those came -- and let it be. It is that wide open conference I think you'd think that the -- has it here today. But it's been six months ago. Andrew always a pleasure comment thank you so much for the time we appreciate. --