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WWL>Topics>>2-18 5:35pm Heath Evans: Graham contract

2-18 5:35pm Heath Evans: Graham contract

Feb 18, 2014|

Former Saints fullback and current NFL Network Analyst, Heath Evans, joins the radio huddle to talk about Jimmy Graham's contract negotiations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well commander -- FL network analyst Heath Evans to the radio -- he thank you. So much for the time Jimmy Graham -- to be paid like a tiny and go out received. -- think we take option he would probably go somewhere in the Korean. Yes I mean the numbers speak for themselves and you see where it puts a lot of time you break down touchdown catches. -- all burst down characters you know they all trying to say that -- I'm more of a wide receiver but he does. It. You know that probably could be said for a lot of it try to and that play this game that day's paper so. I -- making it is knocking over okay. I know drew probably narrow it is -- since speaker. But the bottom line is what's best for every. Organization is to do special treatment and -- overpaid too many players. And no matter how I able -- is. -- -- he replaced Peter principle but that means you you handcuffed the franchise for years to come trying to tell Wanda. He as far as the National Football League coming up -- -- know combat this week he would you talk about overpay in. Idea -- the league moved to you know. What they would do older rookies compared to it and Lance class at Sam Bradford this has been a hopeless for the league it seems like now I I think some some. Most of all the pain seems to be free agents not on draft day anymore. Well yeah that's true you get more money it to kind of get to the older better figures what it was created to do. I think he owners appreciate that league this year. You're paying proven players. Obviously tiger Russell Wilson scenario or two years and in. He can't sudden he'll choose to -- -- work but. You know that that he -- you know that that's not the Pete dictate whatever pretty you don't have a couple one that you year players that. Are kind of -- New York contracts so so speech so. Bob I think it's worked. I think it makes guys got a group that -- in this business projects to one hit wonder rookie year but really look and see what they develop into and can they maintain a a true NFL pro level play -- sustain about three years. He's now when you look at this offseason done at the combine is coming up how how much do as an analyst Keith how much how much are you required to Tebow would -- by how much you follow that. -- -- -- Well I mean required a lot you know obviously -- it you know it's on the air and I don't know actually get to watch you get it close and personal we. You know the data -- -- when they'll get through and so. It's good to have that. The biggest believer in that you know -- straight there's gonna be much more loudly. To me either it's forty timers or Vietnam. Got old school like you know show me a guy impacts on -- music sports and step. Bob I wish they'd have to run Ortiz. You know format can't wait -- to forty to come by because. That's kind of what you're carrying around it impacts and so I think a lot of things we do to come -- don't mean crap to be honest -- and a lot of guys ride the charts that shouldn't. And a lot of guys on the album charts that shouldn't. The good draft guys are good Trout about waiters know what to look for. And then most time those routine that you seek to -- or. The Baltimore Ravens so to speak be used to consistently. Draft quality players -- panning out predator type system the way they -- He'd end and he always a pleasure and a man thank you so much of the time. -- we appreciate it.

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