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2-18 5-6p Sports Talk, legal marijuana

Feb 18, 2014|

Deke asks, "would you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana in the NFL?"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening welcome our number 20 sports -- don't -- -- -- -- would give you decay is the code word in the 1000 dollar national dance contest. -- all coming up just a moment. 38 free agent safety. -- -- -- we saying that in 06 suits his -- to get drafted came out the gate with a great start and got her before -- Eagles game. Much his first is comic Richard human Roman Harper. From six to thirteen. In a black and gold uniform. That's some long time in the national football I -- average lifespan of a football players what three years. Roman nearly -- and then. And looking forward to talking to him after the top after the first the break was speak Roman -- -- the bottom of the hour. NFL network Heath Evans. And your take should. Tiny Jimmy Graham be paid that tied him or wide receiver. Can show vote online at WW will -- time. Also. Marijuana. Would you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana in the NFL. And -- warning if for some people out there. Eight maybe you don't you have not been described it you've been you've been to scrap pain medicine I have I have had cancer. Arrowhead. I was called hot can lymphoma. I went through thirty weeks of chemo. And another -- weeks of radiation. And god -- god blessed me and maybe below. I haven't had a heck of a few hiccups since the end there was the about a year ago I thought I had some parallel prompted the biopsy. Morality what you've been through you had a medical problem for I've taken you a lot of places the never in my throat. That was so you know that would it was tough but you almost or Shula came on right. And you had medical problems for what is helped you have you had you head Mano and hook a back in just on -- not gonna I think -- it's educational process. People will describe medical marijuana I mean I don't own a dog dissolves the Dodgers rolled on the joint it's not like it. A lot of it is in -- phone -- it helps from a situation is not a high fearing it it helps your appetite. Eight get through to nausea. So even if you're not. Sport for football. And let's make a universal. Are you see somebody hits in in -- fan it's in pain in -- you've heard about it before or you may be some reviewed drove an added driven out of state. And you've gone to places where it's legal. So some mind your family. They have some relief. I'm in you do that -- Loewen and know you I would in a hobby. Is it takes just legalize it already alcohol as far worse. I here's another ticks. A lot of people. May say -- me as a wide receiver but he was hired as a tight end we had receiver has been drew choose not. Chose not to use him as he. -- now have or should it. Pay pay pay him as a tiny. So giving your take there. And I also. The medical marijuana situation. We've seen players in the past they've had. -- deal with pain before most notably -- fall when he came out and talk about how. He had a problem with the painkillers and people campaign. You know if you if you deal with you if you had a long term. Deal with pain which I have right now idealism has called neuropathy he may see you know one of the more notable. For diabetic neuropathy medicine's at this calling their club it's kind of a circulatory they -- it works. But he affects you different offense is one mile is taken in -- -- to me. Is Amy -- pretty. So I really couldn't take to take a new -- not take on the things for pain. But. I think it's -- it's an open discussion. A walk and half and knowing NFL sometime it's a bad rap. Because what thank goodness some probably affected the you know be a bunch of people walk around smoke and now that's not what it talked about it talked about how can it help aid. In dealing with injury dealing with pain. Let's go let's skip to some to calls it -- address it with some you have to say river that would just habitat has the football because this is this the topic I'm gonna -- missed out about this before. -- the commission the National Football League it's it's it's in state now the big news is what before first year how became legal in -- but. So here's what they shouldn't it be able to have medical marijuana. -- -- -- -- -- -- I look to smoke -- but can't because in my. Job I'm just read it takes I don't know that's the thing with a personal savings go to Jake Jake thank you for calling WW ago. They they need to do well in. WOK. You knuckled a lot. Illegal right. They will go under that jail if they catcher that -- Some years ago operate very traumatic injury. Broke my back. Didn't celebrity spinal damage suffered. Desk and rubber match so don't think -- -- While going through my that you researching. Our options on fixing myself one while getting darker expert. Era under. Are you getting where you gain some relief from here yeah pain medication day. -- has that kind of like you -- experts and couldn't remember anything -- repertoire problems tonight. On. -- -- -- On pain medication but that they had to put me on a diuretic because our system stop there. They editorial excitable body right forearm. -- inflammatory. -- For the past. -- -- There and illegally. Using marijuana accordingly and have been virtually. -- -- I'd start. A week ago yesterday cold Turkey. Find it. Becomes everyone lost a drug test you. And obviously when you're dealing with going to out of -- when you going to your doctor Lewis. For people who don't know out there after you've had and a lot of people once you've had a a major surgery or are like Jake summit dealing with. Back knees. Spine. You know people who have that that bacon neuropathy you have to go to what is called you know a general practice that would based they'd. A pointed direction so awful pain management. And the hand but -- and I think a lot of people take it to get the misunderstanding. People who have to go through pain management. Look that's like as a job and use your drug test and in the -- and -- given the use at the -- and -- And media and in if you don't -- describe -- so I just wonder I want to put out there so -- you -- you're in a case 22 into. Feel like you wanna wake up every morning -- if you feel like you wanna wake up every morning and can do it everyday life. You can't work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody there. Why you legal state. So -- and function. As -- normal. Member -- society. -- Now when you when you work -- a -- and a marijuana to have you with your pain were you still able was -- a point down date was an adjustment they were you had to like. I just have to be able to do different things. Was it was an adjustment period -- -- were you able just like I'm out of pain and I can work. -- That -- getting. Open wage and there are a lot of things that I can't do now that I used to long time ago and played golf in. Can -- I -- written. I've got a motorcycle at a garage because I've got under too much -- A lot of I've got. I know I'm experiencing right now what. Is worse -- those. Pictures. -- -- But I watched so many people. They're wide deteriorate. And all over beating. Addicted to pain medications. That the federal government allow. To happen. In and you go back -- can you hear about it the you know your your educated about pain and intolerance. And you know it's hard because you sit there and you prescribe so much Madison. And you know pain. Is not gonna wake up in the morning with the pain is not going to be UT at noon. And yet your announced -- from me -- a huge champion here but in and you see -- bottle says we'll take one every four. Alice for rain we may not be in there but yet when it pain hits. And you sit there and you say well -- mom a lot of full -- a date in your pain you can't walk and long like -- like take one. Marte to and not the function and not work and it's and a lot of people were in Indian ever buys the case individual cases are different. But it is difficult and 28 point 530 days. On May 23 24 day seven days before you know animal mates and got to be campaign for eight attendees and you're -- -- Because. A large portion of them. They go to the street the pain is just as illegally they do marijuana. Oh sure yet they -- they are absolutely they go to street but but but but appear you give Tony insurance for two or three dollars and 34 jobs. And in the NL and it's it's the same because it it's it's people who legitimately have Madison and him being sick and some from almost on their -- -- They don't have enough medicine to to last and -- saying I'm Tom -- people netted an old of people people who fall -- To the dating back but it's like he going right well why -- we have the eighties people didn't seem like is if there's some answers out there that can help. Well let's just like an asthmatic. That. A lot on Saturday. What rule pot -- -- yeah. That would be able that that's the entrances and picking up. Are they going to be able paid double price for -- Greg died within three days of not being able looking. Yeah it's and then a total amount payment -- look back I am grateful for you call and it Timmy historic heat. Kimi oppose it is and I the last time a lot of talk about is Kevin Tommy and Phillip and paused to look. Please don't leave I'm gonna get Roman Harper and reschedule some things because now we'll get some good call is about these. This is something now this is that when you when you see people go on the floor in in states and they talk about it legislative these of the topics that come up. The studies -- now what is helped what is likely for somebody to be it long term had to deal with pain management long term have to help. And we're talking about our bodies -- you'd been through a ton of things before that is horrendous. These football players. -- beat up on the alma I hit one here. And they could be dealing with spinal problems like -- was put it -- life. It is something that data can help on it but don't we at the very least it did very lease a -- it's this get educated about what can we do to maybe help people. Stop BM the when he came function. Everybody is as a wake up in the at least feel good and I don't mean from a child common theme and do what you can walk. And not be debilitated because in such bad -- long time. Successful defense -- with the New Orleans saints' Roman Harper. John just now Tommy -- hang -- I'm coming to write to you wanna visit Roman Roman thank you so much for joining him a man how are you. Do it do on good Roman -- over Roman not. Take me take me back to us last week when you found out about did the team parting ways here -- -- go back and I think that if first year and I kind of said earlier -- -- almost made it much richer you got out to such a great thought he got. Her before it -- game without the F five once thought they you -- red hot. And but but I mean you have lasted Roman almost the -- three times as long as they average in these league how much how much of Matthew got a moment. America got a couple great -- -- and so I'm excited about that in I was down actually. Song called into the office. And I talked to him -- -- important -- -- before at all groups so I would already knew expect it is going to either. -- -- you know the system business part of the only thing people paid about it in the business let you know so on and now we had a great conversation and that's great serve than. -- -- always beat him here in it just the business that demands it was tough for sound rude but talking about it but it took part of it -- I was happy and excited. For the next game the next opportunity to play well. -- I don't I don't necessarily necessarily say that the word easier but does it UMass saint -- doesn't make it easier winning he is. It's it's it's like that it is -- like it's a it's a part of being as you understood -- do what they had to say but they handed in a professional way did did -- make the whole situation a little easier. Yeah you know me and there's no other way and as I mean if they do it now. You know I mean and it's better for me is that down Graham and make it they could -- scrutiny over in this. You know brought -- back and -- -- -- -- -- should net him a you'll have a chance you know it's only other ways would that instant. This is great news and and look in the -- on all the guys on my coat and you know there are out well you trip and you know it's emotional and I've been there for eight years and a ignited the neat thing when when when yet the -- that this -- And they're they're moving on -- movement on it I think everybody's going to be just. Roman -- -- it's -- -- to -- -- day about Jimmy Graham a -- upon free agency and also what the commissioner Roger Goodell said that you know he's not rule out explore and what could help treat injuries in the -- brought about medical marijuana. How much pain new players do at home. Man done me anybody beat you but. This the best on the differences that we not heard. And that -- -- around it's easy but it is it right now you -- not hurting. All right now you're not Noland -- your -- heard -- don't matter how bad you heard you gotta play you could still be heard now. But it's not like he got -- all of our Natalie sub -- them go out there late 'cause I mean. How would imagine the way you -- beat up like enemy did you body ever truly not her. You know great company to -- you have to find. Probably the point where you know they're by movement is give -- this Sunday and that type that to an invaluable -- We play with pain from the moment you know you are like Lleyton mark and all the young kid he's got to deal with it yet -- -- I think art in itself but -- didn't -- day. Are you might not feel good on Wednesday Thursday but after that we. A few days to get ready. To pick up their performance level Sunday. Roman now you -- get some coming up put a first time since I'm only you know who you you Rebecca. A senior Haskell for you give recruiting you being recruited here. You being recruited -- -- now -- that field. They've made it will be great that one thing I'm excited about the fact that you know not just on my left leg in them like. I'm just like Serbs around I think about my opportunities I don't know at the moment of creating you know we might as part of the people -- have -- by we'll cute. You know that coupled with an opportunity to wanting become very -- the fact that by. Made a lot of money money not only on main issue. Well made good effect but not my opinion not not like you twisted but to say Tom oh well do that pops in that you'd pick the best situation Moscow must friendly. -- the wives you know hopefully it's not too cold all the things it factors it'll. And so it is to make mad and wanna go win because he's the women. And -- and things of that nature men and disintegrates which meant hopefully the whole recruiting process that you like because start hitting. I'm excited about it and I haven't been a part of this kind of left among the greats who are the -- out. And out like three days I have been you can't do anything -- -- are they off -- -- we would Artest do so now back here so it was night. Roman I see is a bunch of different players and if we come across ideas here bug as -- ski season -- their -- Haskell ball may play pro body from places and and some on the you know we you think the black guy you like loud you you could still be a young man. Pain and you professional sports Korea be okay that's just a small portion life is not a it's not a lifetime career but there's. There's not -- and if you make enough money there -- could last year. Someone of liked how important was it for you Roman to get educated early. To know that if -- they did calm -- -- back in the U Korea did you work financially secure a secure and off the ways you thinking like. I've got to I've got to sign his major contract I'm broke. Yeah and you know that -- go my biggest fear of not more when Africa league look. You know I don't you know I people you know you go back to where -- from an indictment it got -- all this money now look at. You know being -- the biggest fear of a lot of people you know and -- to be as fortunate that have been could be do well are remote than. Calm down there down the road you know 1520 years and you heard from luxury but is what you get up until. Well it's a possibility that can't happen that the Obama. -- -- -- -- not so good enough people to look at me what so Meehan you know and I've done this thing about money so. It's good to great situation at the end and is definitely worse then it be a part of. Eight season and as a full Bali -- couldn't make it 98 of those in black and gold Roman. It's always been a pleasant Amanda I think all of us we should -- but look in the know when you land. Wherever you go into next you'll be successful and we we always appreciate may you always been good to listening in victory and defeat in the -- I hate the man always was -- Who in their views which human being great over the years and it's appreciated all of our talk you out of whereby we appreciate all of you. When we give lament the what they'd let everybody and go make some place somewhere else meant so I appreciate it. Man Roman thank you so much and we -- a deadly Tebow would you vote when you sign a new Britain and knew they were all calling. They admit they they receive did that go with it. Are ironic when you take -- -- all right I'll ask capitals Roman Harper and one thing. In that would be able to take away from Roman law eight years in the National Football League already in the world -- When you wind and -- maybe. You don't know level well -- NFL network analyst Heath Evans to the radio -- he thank you. So much for the time Jimmy Graham will be paid like a tiny and go out to -- I think we -- option he would probably go somewhere in the Korean. -- and I mean the numbers speak for themselves -- mean -- if you were put a lot of thought you -- touchdown catches. You know all burst down characters you know they all kind of strained it a lot more -- a wide receiver that he -- -- -- -- -- You know that probably could be said for a lot of that try to and that play this game that -- -- -- -- paper like idea so. I -- Making it is not over. No room probably narrow it is -- since speaker. But the bottom line is what's best for every. Organization is to do special between them and -- overpaid too many players on and no matter how valuable Jimmy is. -- If he replaced Peter principle but that means you you and tell the franchise for years to come trying to tell Wanda. He as far as the National Football League coming up -- -- know combat this week he would you talk about overpay in. I'd used it in the league moved to you know. What they would do older rookies compared to it and Lance class -- Sam Bradford this has been a plus for the league it seems like now I I think some some. Most of overpaying seems to be free agents not on draft day anymore. Well yeah that's true you get more money credit to kind of get to the older better -- what it was created to do. I think he owners appreciate that league this year. You're paying proven players. Obviously your Russell Wilson scenario or two years and he can't -- -- -- -- choose to get what is -- but you know that that he got to -- you know that that's not the the K whatever -- -- have. A couple one -- two year players that are kind of -- and their contracts so so speech so I think it's worked. I think it makes guys got a group that -- in this business just a one hit wonder rookie year but really look and see what they developed into and can they maintain a a true NFL pro level play our first sustained amount -- years. He's now when you look at this offseason -- -- the combine is -- up how how much do as an analyst Keith how much how much are you required to Tebow would become by how much you -- it. You have -- Andre. Well I mean required a lot you know obviously as it you know it's on air and I don't know actually get to watch you get a close and personal we. You know the data book -- what they'll -- it -- so. It could have been on the biggest believer in that. You know it -- straight there's gonna be much more loudly. Two meters is forty timers or Vietnam. Got old school like you know show me a guy impacts on national news exports and step. I wished they'd have to run forties. You know ill afford to wait that to the forty count but because. That's kind of your carrier around as the pats and so I think a lot of things we do to come -- don't mean crap to be honest with and a lot of guys ride the charts that shouldn't. And a lot of guys plummet down the charts that shouldn't. They're gonna draft guys would be good talent and value later know what to look for. And most time those routine to seek consent -- The Baltimore Ravens so to speak be used to consistently. Draft quality players -- panning out predator type system -- -- -- Heath -- he's always a pleasure and a man thank you so much -- the time. IE we appreciate it gingerly with the timing on line three Tommy thank you for calling Debbie did you know. A pretty good bill -- rights had. One election on all helped by. Vertebrae -- Three vertebrae protruding. When. I got bed after Monday -- and they. Know everything else about four irons. Like Ortiz paid bills bad because they paying. But that they won't do -- -- on the bills they don't get the pay they get -- -- -- Oh man you know they can take the scapegoat -- -- Excruciating I am not the commodities. Topic today though and -- like the pretty good call that. The Big -- supporting. Him. To do it anymore. We just wanted to the way it is and a -- it. I've got to Damaso you you do as you do when you ultimately had to use. Absolutely that you like about cultural. Like the dog. -- quite work there and that's what about the number doubt it would -- an -- deal. I got to town where Maine knew it you know well as some people I'm showing you case and in some people just sent them and deal with pain. This can do about it you know you gotta open book on a man that we've got did you respond to -- I mean that you you you know against. And got a OK okay Tommy thank you so much I appreciate it -- let's go to John John thank you for calling debuted at -- -- did you guys that are. And I'm completely agree the previous scholar. Obviously a real pain and yeah. -- you know. -- -- I want it ought to add that one out. And I was diagnosed it degenerative has been out -- senior. Which you know that people's. You know -- -- -- should pay. It right -- -- That are. This year so far. And -- probably different. Ten different types doctors dirty different doctors totals and -- a lot of hours. I don't want to current procedures and whatnot. Are. But there is no I mean there's no sure you know that. You do is -- -- you live. Yeah I mean actually you don't -- -- with medication. It's is literally you guys are. You can't they. Are the early and I can do. And -- can it work. A normal job. Even with the medication. How do you howdy how do you deal on a daily bases on you you'd -- yet medication -- be viewed. I got it took a man doctor I see him. -- -- -- Right -- do you -- argue. Are you prescribed enough they have to deal with Ukraine. Add that I'm getting into that I am I'm -- pain medication which is probably wanted to talk armed. Strongest one out there right now. I mean I tried everything shootout like I don't wanna be a chore. And Charles and -- now when you deal with your doctor. And I guess we'll have a dot you win now and you've got up to a certain point time and and you're told him whatever you all and seek out a couple of times before and don't look this is give me some relievers not gimme. -- touted -- to work with you on trying to adjust to get to -- and they gave you some relief. -- that run into another. Especially in my. Area quickly tell me you know how do you compare you know our appeal and we know keeping the -- Any and all that. -- government trying to cut them back. You know -- certain medication. Market or cut back on the production -- Problems on the street. But people like -- that really need the medication. We can't get out that we know well I'm not have been probably. Dosage that should be right now. Because there is -- is technically scare me at all white couple you know I think he just can't. Worried it may be losing it like in. -- Deeper and some. You know it's there's so many regulation that because the things that happen on the street that you can you literally can't. It makes you wonder why they won't let the doctors prescribe it known it. Exactly mean that they went to school they took the -- where the do what they need to do. -- the agent legitimate need let's give them what they. You know but I understand you wanna cut down on the street in -- occupation which they go street decade. I mean. I'm. Actually on the street are up but. I don't do it ought to know -- -- but the thing. To a minimum because. I don't -- -- To you know give control of the net I think that should be given in the first. I hate to be very active person in high school I would. Or you let him in order for sports. Some. -- exceptions to the rule but. You know I I just gonna disagree -- everybody says are you with the pain you deal with that failure what I. What I didn't medication when the doctors you know never try to work into this -- -- doctor. Yeah -- I it is impossible. It's not. You know I -- the will to live right I want to do. Coming on next hour Michael McCann Sports Illustrated in the TV legal analysts. Will be -- this city NFL players be allowed to use. Medical legal marijuana it's a very interesting piece up on Sports Illustrated. Right now talking about this isn't any other people had a -- While also replay our most recent -- conversation. With former Saints defensive back Roman awful good stuff -- nation. Roman UB beat a big QB excited to hear that again if you have not had a chance. -- gracious on how the whole thing was handedly -- Mickey coach Payton and I'm looking forward to put in recruiting process again and he says that the use. Done well and been able to kind of watch his money wisely so he's not an 88 dire situation here but. Romo will be able to kind of -- -- way he wants to place all they come up. All right it's a 1000 dollar -- contests in the toe or this hour is a borrow. BR. RB OR ROW borrow PO ROW. Into -- worded WW dot com -- cast. -- -- contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. It's so somebody and you could be only office computer serving at home on your Smartphone paglia -- You can win anywhere is of the next -- were right before the top of the -- at 8 AM tomorrow during Tommy took the show good luck from Smart radio into com and -- did -- yeah.