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2-18 6:20p Deke, medical marijuana

Feb 18, 2014|

The Big Chief Deke Bellavia talks to Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated & NBA TV Legal Analyst & Writer. Also, he is Director of the Sports & Entertainment Law Institute at UNH Law.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Auburn is now welcome and Michael McCann is a very good piece of on line. That's Sports Illustrated dot cnn.com slash NFL news and get to the rest of his bases talking about. Should the NFL allow players to use illegal Merrill Guam Michael sports history in BTV legal analyst and writer. And the director of sports and entertainment law institute and -- and -- Law Michael thank you so much for the time and a point when you dig into it is Michael is more about. In education process that. This is where it's gonna take to educate people that there is 'cause I think a lot of -- we think about it. -- would think we'd pot whatever you wanna call it grass but there's a vision maybe depend on what age you are is -- vision Novo. People out party and it would stock is a vision of people. You know I don't know doing some innings gave -- but you don't really think of people. -- open. Did to deal with some then way don't have to get out and you know dealing with with -- the Nelson in eight. It has -- it's been proven to be I was with the NFL faces an educational process here. Yeah I think the NFL -- a couple of issues what is is that it like you -- tweaked it the perception of marijuana has changed. A great deal in the last ten years and we we remember the 1980s. The war on drugs -- marijuana was framed as something as dangerous war in the same ballpark as cocaine heroin. Younger -- nowadays it may -- it just entirely differently they view it is not a big deal. Debut it has a substance that seemed to have some medicinal benefit at least for a person who -- pain issues. And the NFL of course has issues with pain and players and the fact that players are prescribed medicine and the NFL to treat pain. That arguably more serious than marijuana. Painkillers that could have. This side effects that our players and I think the NFL has it -- a position where I have to look at marijuana. As not so much sort of the historical. Drug that. Because so many problems at least as it was -- -- doing so. But one that that the painkiller right now on the NFL. Marijuana is treated as other drugs like cocaine and heroin where. What will happen if he test positive for the first time normally. Nothing happens in terms of game penalties usually your your. Put in rehab and and there are other treatments for the second time immediately get a four game suspension. I had a lot of agents has that look I would rather my guys -- marijuana. Then dedicated and -- is that an oxy. The highly addictive highly addictive synthetic we manufacture drugs. Marijuana is obviously naturally and seems to be it went -- even with them has problems when compared to these other substances that are critical legal. Remain upbeat they may not be nearly as harmful. Michael now when you when you look at -- do you think that there isn't a number of players that. Use marijuana for pain vs what many feel is like when a player. Make gate you know -- -- it's you know substance abuse or the you know. It's not its recreational do you think there are some players they use this for medical from a from a standpoint to deal with the pain. If these agents have said that it will be that agents has said that. There are players who use that support that as pain relief not to get high maybe they have multiple purposes maybe they're using it for pain relief and they also wanted to not. Excluding a possibility but I. It seems as we have a number of NFL players use it because they they did in the sort of the list of choices of medicine they could use to treat pain. It's not as bad as the other ones in terms -- side effects. Our players are some players using it to get -- in half on a short term that the case. But you know players drink alcohol and take to have fun and and get inebriated and that's awful it does so. It is and it is by excluding -- one and making and other substances. In fact that could be used for recreational purposes. Mike don't read this our idea of a different piece this was so one. That was up put up -- and I found his chances if this quote I'm a part of a statement someone wrote it did if they meet your new marijuana from its this the band subs is now listed the NFL allow players to smoke. They should also openly support the progression of marijuana. In -- is based products as -- -- Duke medical alternatives. For the players we heard the commissioner basically say. Super Bowl week that he was not going to rule out. Then you know the NFL would not rule out the possibility of at least looking into that. Statement -- they did -- some merit today. I I think it in one respect to the politically correct statement and that is growing pressure on the NFL to treat marijuana differently you know in the NBA needs. If you test positive for marijuana the penalty is far less severe but if you test positive for cocaine at the test positive for cocaine heroin and him being in -- suspension. -- get a slap on the wrist of the marijuana -- it's just most leagues treat marijuana differently. Whereas the NFL treated as heroin cocaine it's I think there's pressure on the commissioner. But I think the commissioner is also approaching this with the understanding that any changes that are made to the drug policy laps to collectively bargained. And if -- the NFL you're thinking well maybe it would allow players you know -- Under certain conditions provide it's awful in the state that they're playing and but we want something in return to part of the collective bargaining process where they want to have a give and take -- timid I wanna get that out. Voluntarily they may want something an exchange from the players' association who knows what it could be. But I think the NFL wanted to treat this as an issue negotiation. Rather than one of them unilaterally change. And Michael when you say slap on owner is thought NBA what is actually is -- -- if the player in the NBA -- pop. It began with a monetary fine. I think 25000 dollars and then from that is that the penalty goes out and it takes I believe three offenses before there's any type of missed games. But they mean -- -- there -- damn hard line in the sand though on the on hand -- a cocaine I mean that's that's -- two years bam right. Yes it is a big day it's exactly right if I acquire ability. -- test positive for one of those. -- the NFL level of what -- what is their zone on things like that you topical name one. You've is the first time normally they put you in rehab without the league could technically the Spaniard at that point normally ability view sort of the benefit of the doubt. But if you test positive twice. Then your game suspension whereas in the NBA. If you have positive once or anything but now one. You're talking to two game suspension provided it's with in the west of collectively bargained drug and -- we remember Chris Anderson aboard man you have to bother you that pierce suspension. Absolutely. Michael how can folks follow you on Twitter. -- Wrong man my this is a good stuff man will be talked to you again very soon. I'm Michael McCann bored very very good stuff they're very good piece up online at W as Sports Illustrated dot com should NFL players. Allowed be allowed to use illegal marijuana it's a a topic that was it on who will -- people continue to talk about.