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2-18 6-7p Sports Talk, legal marijuana

Feb 18, 2014|

Deke asks, "would you support or oppose the use of medical marijuana in the NFL?"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk on big Bellamy are coming up after our first break. There was speak with Michael McCain was offered a feature on line it's Sports Illustrated dot com. -- the AFL allow players to use illegal marijuana. Bigger piece ticket out. And of course this was brought up during the Super Bowl week. In a New Jersey New York. And operated jaguar -- tempo. Should Jimmy Graham be paid to -- in all eight wide receiver. You can vote online at WW dot com we spoke. With business analyst ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt was in the promised to Green Bay Packers. When they had to do the deal for Brett -- And some of the highlights that -- talk about is that some of the moves. That are being made by Judy Graham's agent to say well you know should be paid -- -- a receiver into the tide in his posturing positioning. And it's an -- out -- maximize. The money he's gonna make for -- -- Nine he says it does matter to an extent now to his knowledge. He said he's never known. To file a grievance on behalf of a player and agent. In a situation whereas while we're -- he'd be paid from a certain. I a different position and what he is touted as it has never been won by the player. So in accorsi went on more talk about have a -- test -- still a very powerful to four front office of management. To protect their best player and to give him more time. To negotiate to get a deal. Are now. And that is what is done. So on -- is fine print now it is. You think about now you and everybody out they had to do this before. About this up earlier. You've all alone he can be a small loan. On one of those you know holidays all you go to Creighton and some alone in 2000 dollars this'll take a vacation. Some -- you know -- you can. And there's a lot of paper to sign sign he meaning you get like his being on the open was the can you imagine. What the -- on these forty feet the economy and dollar contracts yes so it does take some time it does. And we think of the magnitude -- it doesn't you may call your bank where you make volume on all of also someone -- you know media would -- -- finance institutions -- okay. -- -- is not can be just Kokomo and now they don't have to draw up something they'll be some type of papers. Then there and obviously people who've done more business of certain things in game that in a quick. But it's it's Heyward has to be signed it is a tedious process. Got a a very good email here -- encouraging email from ms. Marlene Joseph she's the director of public relations with -- is consulting group we spoke Marlene -- helped us a lot. Over the all star weekend. The attendance at the NBA jam session for the oh wait. Year that was Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday was 75911. The NBA the NBA's estimating that more than 87 nearly 88000 fans. Attended the all star jam session. From Thursday through Sunday this year. So folks that is to my calculations nearly thirteen more thousand -- Yes indeed just another. Fed in they had a New Orleans. Historic all star weekend in store all saw -- and I had a birthday to Bill Russell. The high scoring game eleven all court records broken. Yes New Orleans bask in the glory they dazzle. In prime time again it's a feature of on line WW real. That come -- let's go to the a phone calls Lamar Carlisle one mark thank you for calling Debbie -- up medical marijuana city NFL look into it. Well -- not get. Any. Vehicle and it worked out or wrong. Or outback -- the twenty. Every year and -- -- -- Absurd. And -- and any medication. Thought. Out assert. And there I would get up on that all. -- Which cuts back and the rest. Outburst. And shocked if you have just one. More day. This one out there are mad at. Us now. It. So this. Is probably got a vehicle. But it -- Get up and -- Talent. They come in and I. Thought. That has watched me. -- -- -- -- -- You know he's seen you. -- -- Nine. -- -- not. Go to any. -- -- this optical. The I don't. Look like that but. It is. They are somebody that. Knocked it. On -- and -- of history -- All. Right. And people you know history it is shortage. Street fight dole out the game. It. Is just gonna. The situation worse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right way. Right well from what I -- more wanted Tony -- would you have told me mark and I appreciate the call. I think you'll be you'll be fine if you you know we go doctor. You know recommend you all refers you to -- a doctor. That is eight -- doctor. And you can Google it. But we fuel history and -- that's one thing what the what they'll pay you if you had to deal with a long standing pain no people especially. And eighty bad knee or -- in this deal from a sickness that you have and Lotta people who who have neuropathy have to deal with that remain in. You know that was and a few of them awhile back. Speaking of growth in autism is consistent with the the lead singer of Aerosmith Stephen -- Well there was a joke a little while back when he did you know -- -- finish now any -- face I mean look real bad enemy could Google it. People joke in all he was just tie with chocolate -- the dude got neuropathy in my the worst neuropathy that the you can hand. And neuropathy is sign on I know and ask athletes deal -- it's more of after act you know -- a bad day thing with you've had long term. Dealing with chemotherapy or -- and it's. It's something that you can handle what it for it's it's one minute one minute your feet. May be like a bay became coach is so sensitive. In in the mix he could stamp and not feel -- That that's what you deal -- and we talk and we talked about this because this is a big time doing have a -- don't. I would talk -- copies as you know your body always hurts and I have a sore armed Roman as it is it your body hurts. Now this time a year in you you kind of more used to because you know. That you know Sunday's not common you know -- -- fight through it any any kind of broke it down -- -- against the bottom down whose. And I think that there's a right way -- what the right way years I'm not sure -- that'll be up to a but what the commissioner said that you know they open to listening to him then that you know that they are. And I mean some you know when you get -- in the political conversations some people do feel that it's only a matter of time. Before marijuana legalized in him anymore placed just recently got legalized in him. Colorado Auburn is now welcome and Michael McCann is a very good piece of on line. At Sports Illustrated dot cnn.com slash NFL -- to the rest of his bases talking about. Should the NFL allow players to use illegal Merrill Guam Michael sports history in BTV legal analyst and writer. And the director of sports and entertainment law institute and -- and -- Law Michael thank you so much for the time and a point when you dig into this Michael is more about. In education process that. This is what it's gonna take to educate people that there is 'cause a lot of times we think about it. He would think we'd. Whatever you wanna call it grass but there's a vision maybe depend on what age you are is a vision Novo. People out party and it would stock is a vision of people. You know I don't know doing some innings gave pat but they eat you don't really think of people. -- open. It has held -- been proven to be I was with the NFL faces an educational process here. Yeah I think the NFL I have a couple of issues what is is that it like you say do need to. Perception of marijuana has changed a great deal in the last ten years and we we remember the 1980s the war on drugs. Well marijuana it was framed as something as dangerous war in the same ballpark as cocaine heroin. Younger person's nowadays -- it may view it just entirely differently that you it is not a big deal. Debut it has a substance that seemed to have some medicinal benefit at least for a person to that pain issues. And the NFL of course has issues with pain and players and the fact that players are prescribed medicine in the NFL to treat pain. That arguably more serious than marijuana. Painkillers that could have as side effects that our players and I think the NFL has it in a position where I have to look at marijuana. As not so much sort of the historical. Its drug that. Because so many problems at least as it was -- is doing so. But one that that the pain -- right now in the NFL. Marijuana has treated as other drugs like cocaine heroin where. What -- if -- test positive for the first time normally. Nothing happened in terms of game penalties usually you're you're. Put in rehab and and there are other treatments for the second time immediately get a four game suspension. And I know a lot of agents has that look I would rather my guys use marijuana. Then by keeping them -- is that an oxy. The highly addictive I highly addictive synthetic we manufacture drugs. -- marijuana is obviously natural and seems to be it would until even with them has problems when compared to these other substances that are critical legal. It may not -- they made me not being nearly as harmful. Michael now when -- when you look at -- do you think that there isn't a number of players that. Use marijuana for pain vs what many feel is like when a player. Make gate you know -- four hits -- -- substance abuse or the you know. It's not it's -- recreational do you think there are some players they use this for medical from a from a standpoint to deal with the pain. If these agents have said that probably that agents has said that. There are players who use it for a bad as pain relief not to get pie maybe they have multiple purposes maybe they're using it for pain relief and also wanted to I'm not. It -- ruling -- possibility but I. It seemed as we have a number of NFL players use it because. They they they in this sort of the list of choices of medicines they could use to treat pain. It's not as bad as other ones in terms of side effects. Our players are someplace using it to get high in half on a short term that the case. But you know players streak alcohol and take -- you have fun and and get inebriated and that's awful it does so. It is and it is by excluding one and making and other substances. In fact that could be used for recreational purposes. Mike honoree this part hear of a different piece this was so one. That was up put up -- and I found advances it this quote I'm a part of a statement someone wrote it did if an agent who marijuana from its this the band -- is now listed the NFL allow players to smoke. They should also openly support the progression of marijuana. In -- is based products as -- -- Duke medical alternatives. For the players we heard the commissioner basically say. Super Bowl week that he was not going to rule out. Then you know the NFL would not rule out the possibility of at least looking into that deep do you feed that was -- like up a politically correct. Statement or do you think -- is some merit today. But I -- in one respect to the politically correct statement and that is growing pressure on the NFL to treat marijuana differently. You know in the NBA. If you test positive for marijuana the penalty is far less severe but if you test positive for cocaine at the test positive for cocaine heroin and him being in -- suspension. You get a slap on the wrist of the marijuana -- it's just most leagues treat marijuana differently. Led the NFL treated as heroin cocaine it's I think there's pressure on the commissioner. But I think the commissioner is also approaching this with the understanding that any changes that are made to the drug policy -- we collectively bargained. And security NFL you're thinking well. Maybe it would allow players you know -- Under certain conditions -- it's awful in the state that they're playing in. But we want something in return to part of the collective bargaining process where they want to have a give and take it and I don't want to get that out. Voluntarily they may want something an exchange from the players' association who knows what it could be. But I think the NFL wanted to treat this as an issue negotiation. Rather than one that unilaterally change. And Michael when you say slap on owner is thought Indy what is actually is a Tony for play in the NBA is pop. It began with a monetary fine. I think 25000 dollars and then -- that is that the penalty goes up and take I believe three offenses before there's any type of missed games. But they mean they did their whole damn hard line in the sand though on the on hand when a cocaine I mean that's that's it two years bam right. Yes it is a big day it's exactly right if -- acquire ability. You test positive for one of those. -- the NFL level of what -- what is their zone on things like that you topical name want. You've -- of the first time normally they put you in rehab it's up there -- -- could technically the Spaniard at that point normally that ability you sort of the benefit of the doubt. But he did have positive twice. Then your game suspension whereas the NBA. If you have positive once for anything but now want. You're talking a two game suspension provided it's within the list of collectively bargained drug and -- we remember Chris -- the poor man yeah that's the spotlight that -- suspension. Absolutely. Michael how can folks followed you on Twitter. -- Man my this is a good stuff man will be talked to you again very soon. Hi Michael McCann bored very very good stuff -- very good piece up online at W as Sports Illustrated dot com should NFL players. Allow be allowed to use illegal marijuana it's a topic that was it on who will weaken people continued. Talk about operated jaguar Pena posted Jimmy Graham be paid as a tie in -- a wide receiver. -- a vote online at WW dot com good conversation with ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt. Andrew told us that though this is posturing positioning by -- agent trying to do his job which is maximizing the money he's gonna make for his client. He also said that. To his knowledge no players have -- agreements we try to be trade. As a position differently than what they are listed games now here's some more national take here -- CBS sports on the Wilcox. That's I think NFL network what he thinks about -- great. Don't put a wide receiver in the outfield I don't get -- receivers are well I've played running back on these meetings that's Jimmy Graham. You're tied it and if they franchise they've got a franchise him as a tight game. That Solomon Wilcox now. Here is analyst Willie mcginnis. There's a receiver is the time I didn't do at all this season and you can move him out today -- -- -- -- disease -- ball over players increased those mismatches. When you gave -- form he is the guy you start with besides the quarterback position he is the next minute line that you have to be able to stop. And take off the board because he can to a lot of different things. Now Seattle's Michael Robinson doesn't NFL network heaping steaming Graeme is more like a wide receiver. Would say he is more like a wild receiver he catches the ball all over the place he can go but it's a quarterback Ingle has allowed back whatever -- -- So what is your take there as they take what's your take 260187866. 8890870. I now my may not NFL analyst draft analysts. For the NFL network he paid any. Conference called me was the media was allowed to check in on there was about a now for a five minutes in what he spoke and the weed out some of the points talking about the issues draft. Including -- -- -- is opening statement he thinks this is a very good year for wide receivers in the draft. Let's hear from Mike may -- -- his opening statement on the -- point toward the draft and the reason why he's going to the draft is because we get a good look this week in. If the combine in Indianapolis. Well here we -- and -- my perspectives. This is deep deeper and that's straight class Argentina and probably ten years. That's -- green or YE most of the general managers which gal I talked to route only. One GM comedy dictate it happened cup or weaker this year is very shortly after the top ten pick question hope. -- -- -- I think. There are short position that are -- this year get a quality player or career or around so. That was very generous and he says having a top two when he picked issues like having a top team -- last year in my -- thinks is one of the deepest draft he's seen in the last. -- Now here is more from my may not one not talking about the quarterbacks in the issues -- I think that's good question I think it is very -- -- I think we're seeing more and were union so in the tree what -- from the college game and the art to. The quarterback position and not just with. We're gonna go read -- on -- own reader or beat that guy at all over and the belief that why I didn't move in the pocket and create opportunities. -- by using your leg pro ball down field so. As our athletes are concern you know -- like pretty strict orders and athletic kid but before I did move on an opportunity to throw the ball. We all know what we're turning and -- now. I think usual as you go down a little bit or Eric I like even more and content forty cougar highly -- You know Logan Thomas to be used while part of this year or back collapsed. He's got tremendous talent and will put skills but he might not go late the -- -- I -- -- -- replay it too well the quarterback what the result at all -- who -- mobile quarterback that's still good launch control from the pocket. My me hockey is another text there was a lot more Oklahoma and it would not -- just -- marijuana trust me I was there I would trust. Mike may not NFL analysts expert for NFL network talking a variety of topics here is mine may act on. LSU quarterback Zach. -- -- Without injury. I don't I don't think he could be a first -- for a while there are actually what he is good at what worried me a little little tape was just. Actually -- error count some of this. Intended receivers -- the ball well now wait sometimes. Aren't. He's. Not a guy that I I think it's part they won Indian colony place when you have how much would impact them. Incredible to be quite as much his as you might think on purpose. Because I do believe he's got a lot of learning -- but I like his side I like his ability electric arm strength. It's it's more just a matter of is -- work getting more consistently all is keep you want to get oil. And some of the -- makes an acute. Egypt doesn't get the ball out quickly enough and I think that's something that the young quarterback's gotta develop. Well 10 it says mall full of these sane one in the critiques of of segment as he stated that receiver. Or does that do does that make him a better because -- 2000 yard receivers and -- Beckham junior Jones commander it was a make receivers that better. If you stand -- he was so much in the other team know what he's gone. And that's the case quarter receivers is that good. I think the receivers -- that -- are you do think with his bag that's go to Jimmy and can't would -- good evening thank you for calling WW there. Putted being -- you. Yet. Yeah yeah. Rendered in the room you know it is and -- -- -- love playing Arnold there. So you do you think it should be allowed to use it. I've got to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how that what happened in the hunt on the world com takes you -- had a moment. Playing the union. And roller. You know. And a joke book. Yeah. Would you would you draft -- -- they can't throw until Osama always Johnny Maine fail. -- problem. The day. -- included -- It would didn't let you know. I got a -- now long term Jimmie had the ended when they both had in their careers he could very well have a better career. Did did Johnny men's -- but according to what all expert to say amends in -- while the number one pick in the end Andre. I Jimmie thank you very much appreciated yet they go you know that you uses her remind me accident he thinks that. Even without the injuries segment burglar might have been tough to beat. -- off first or second round and then with the injury threatening doubted you know it's uncertain as well throw the football. But. Again opportunity there's no question about hear more from our. Analysts Mike may not he has im talking about the receivers in these years -- Really interesting because it's about why your draft I've seen in years and obviously depending what happens in all of them. I don't watch it will be long ball. And then you start to get into what labor deal like anymore usually is completely the receiver and Mike Hampton or jolt of Benjamin. So I really believe. When the Raiders he's decorate them all -- sixteen. Then that's probably. At least one if not two of those three will -- And it was made out more and to Baltimore -- question but I wanted to play appall Williams talked about I think this is a very deep he says one of the best. Our groups of receivers he has seen in the draft in a while now of course always a hot commodity. The injury Russians is -- out on those pass rushing special. Yeah I think they're not act. In the bar. I think Qatar and where I actually think your top five player. Might think Bart -- can -- -- -- to will be -- -- would be cool. On the one united kind of interesting. And it might be a little bit ID support from all -- Is -- -- that -- rush guy he doesn't have as much when he usually play. -- might be more comparable to -- to -- remember Seattle took it that the number fifteen. Two years ago but he could -- out real -- first. And then when he said Mac in bar he was talking about Buffalo outside linebacker. -- Leo -- merry go play this year for Buffalo the Bulls and a long time successful player for Jim -- -- comfortably as Anthony Barr. Some think he may be the best linebacker in the all of the draft and all of college football. Anthony -- there. From UCLA when he is -- goes into Russian right -- on the outside that is -- me up next now would dig into the in BA a little bit what to expect in the -- the second half of the season when things second hand unity in this hand. They'll run tomorrow night against the New York breaks the number two seed a year ago. A ball club is on the hook for four to five million dollars. Remaining of this season in Dixie expiring contracts. But the was contract. In basketball. Commodities to admire. Yes he was hot in at Phoenix this setting gains against the lake got in the Western Conference finals every is back. But basically New York got him in the some knock the hell do -- give them. They gave him and -- mean. In BA is that is is the -- -- I -- equal face you could love in if it will probably at. But if you educated. Used a baseball opens the ball because one -- and mutiny. The WM VP. All money no way it is all mine in a gain. Them you know it that -- in the game. You. Know when he's in the NBA maybe they all you every team. You can fall asleep -- banana -- as you walk out the office. In the -- him biologists out of your player he was still a -- -- militant they got the thought if million dollars two year. Look at it BO Simmons. Smog that this month that he listed what with the top thirty worst contracts in the NBA. In coming in at the top in almost certain. You left 44 point seven million dollar. Eric. Gordon and -- Yeah he's able to gain 3135 and nine so. When some game. Stephen Atlanta thank you for calling debuted ago. He'd be -- there millionaire a like those numbers but without didn't pay. Now is the here's the thing. Is guarantees the east so they're anti Kobe Bryant they owe him eighty million dollars. -- the next three year. And yet you are right it is Smart that you did. About Jimmy Graham salary. Area that. What that -- -- look at the percent to Tommy blocks and pay him that but -- all the tight end now. The percentage of time that he get it out at the receiver. In -- in -- but on the paper roll in and I would look did that a number of drops it is our catching percentage and a bit -- he gets to 70%. That would pay 7% of the Bob Hebert said. Steve that's a good there in the main -- you came over that while listen that you needed practice and that. At -- and well. Doubt. -- after it failed that it will look at these reports something did you know well it's the Butler didn't mean hey big guy deserves the but being at saint need to be at saint Drew Brees needs Brees needs in the game needs him we will welcome. And you know keep the guy in and I make it make it work. Mean that you are you a transplant in Atlanta. Oh yeah -- fumble right there it mercy hospital in new war but he -- how long you've been. Outbid Atlanta two years you had that you would did. -- real good. The weeks after the Saints out the game is we usually when that. That the -- -- pop but do it appeared that thick -- -- again yeah. Absolutely -- -- -- your -- from an -- -- the south shortly really give the Falcons fans watching him out well. I got a hat have you been Dino and all that call was the over the -- not -- good job ME yacht -- forced insightful outwards. Well yeah we were we on the last three weeks sweet. About six days of little bit. The -- hammered I mean yeah I am like. Will be in Louisiana roots you can always liked hunkered down. It is that you know this is you know only talking about. Yeah preparation preparation talent they don't know preparation mangled ligaments south Louisiana we get prepared for curt being. Brian that's as these you just deal bogged down over there no doubt -- that. -- now -- it's probably right now -- that are probably the follow it deep pockets to. The degree I got what they were given a governor -- and after not called -- -- that. Whether about -- Lewis and wanting. Where are people on the thirtieth. At the summit the pot holes that we can't. In Ann Arbor in preparation in the pants especially you know the deal with Katrina and stuff like that yeah you can't in. You can't compare it back to Katrina which you can compare the you know that the bako mean that you know Cole in. I mean it was like 1230. Or 130 in the afternoon on the day when all the traffic was stopped new body with that nobody it was in the -- -- there. I mean nobody in traffic command center manage in the track. Yeah we will watch it from over here you know because we had a little -- was that the week of the Super Bowl when -- Tuesday Wednesday. And that day weekend before but how we will watch it over and Atlanta and move on like. Wow you know for fun for those people to be stuck on the road like -- that was serious. And indeed it we have in our group we by eighty people -- -- a manager inside sales writers in. We hit to our folks. -- not get home for about 1820 hour long. Newton yeah it was it was pretty serious enough. They called literally this last week which was great. The road to a clean not a lot of people got to output from the the two weeks before that with the accident but. They did a better job they earn preclude. Not guy to -- -- man I'm an idea from you be safe nobody here yeah yelling out the opting Gary Graham now. I thought they would go to day -- -- done in a deep down they always a pleasure talking to somebody from down -- and thank you very much I Steve you take care that you my man. The film from our way even -- over them and now he's got them on -- Louisiana -- -- -- it -- -- good food all right coming out one more hour to go what the pelicans do in the second hand over the season and yesterday we spoke who could be on the trade block. Do the billikens try and move somebody -- do they stand pat. And the second half of the Indy gets underway -- when tonight folks the Clippers and the Spurs. Yes indeed I Deke Bellavia and visit WWL.