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2-18 7:20pm Deke, New Orleans Pelicans

Feb 18, 2014|

Deke talks New Orleans Pelicans and trade deadline. Also, what to expect in the 2nd half of the season with Mason Ginsberg who covers the Pelicans for BourbonStreetShots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk a little about the New Orleans pelicans and today we welcomed in Mason Ginsberg a suburban street shots dot com -- thank you so much for the time how are you. -- I'll do well Mason things gained just tipped off again tonight public good matchups have been a -- in Miami and Dallas so elated at night and also the late one. San Antonio and the club has chemical photo watch him down at staples some obvious home didn't catch all of that one but. I'm not going to the the back half of the season -- against the Knicks the way why -- the New Orleans pelicans and I'm and then everybody we talk to says that. When it's hard -- is a lot of injuries but I mean will continue to. That Orton isn't. Obviously it well but like but I did that in reality so. It it the president and there's a -- was due to injury that today you know -- -- and I think. -- cemetery Hewitt in the basket an area of the team but if the -- All you young guys kind of play together and learn to play with each other so going forward next season and and you know that there really in. Conducted open chemistry and become you know a dominant team on the road with -- I think it is of course I was. Now with that said. If that is the that the format would seem it is done that now which you like 2014. Is basically 2013 again. Because you want able to have all those guys together and -- bumps and bruises so I mean to me you. You bases sitting in the same place a year from now -- trying to get disseminate -- I and I feel I wouldn't go that far yet and certainly you've got players who were a year monitor that when it again it. I think at Dover line here and it has slugged more -- than it would otherwise -- -- that argument is that he would grow as a player without Bryant and without your holiday that you -- that all the pieces. Playing together with an -- and he had a few more and you know I thought it a lot began -- the eight under on what you got out of him and and even the right hand and is probably out of the year the recently acquired player other -- nowhere near the play. But -- can't -- any sort of world -- stretch or so I think the spartans look to incorporate and the game on the thing that these banners and so hopefully. That does he can built on chemistry -- and -- that you really respect the. Bill Simmons who guided -- -- you know regardless of if you like -- not he's he's good -- -- he's obviously highly thought -- by ESPN has been the network the AT&T in BA. Steve listed at thirty whereas contracts and in Vietnam with seven. Is Eric Gordon led the -- pelicans basically owe him 44 point seven main over the course addressed this season. In two more on he's is he's he's immovable army can you moved his -- You can lose anybody and yet and we've we've got the whole religion. New wall that kind of money foot -- that kind of production which is basically. Not -- bank for you but would you comment fifty cents on the dollar -- right. -- -- It definitely he's not playing up to his contract I got richer but I think it would be all wac player in the league yet but he will be adequate counter record with the thing -- -- the -- But that he got at the redundant deal that would give -- guy. Kerry -- into -- the guys scored about the ball and distribute Eric Gordon Moore your score they'll. Either that built that team and it obviously that will look to try to move and -- yet tapped it going forward like we spent a good question what he would take on salary. It's going to be up and move them. Did that and can offer some additional properly there's even though -- take on more salary this year mixing early -- that -- that. He had a couple -- Easter -- that -- The ball and the security terms of where they are because you know there you go back in there and play out east this year things that. I'll add that whole opera that so it seemed that you don't want to make -- -- the play out here who maybe isn't really that Good Charlotte. Similar back particularly Gordon. Mason Ginsberg the Burma street -- dot com all things New Orleans pelicans. They Jonas all the time him Michael McNamee they do a great job -- tree shots. Dot com is the site I now Mason now we talked to -- via some of the movers and shakers in the NBA. And they tell us go to Maine to keep an eye on a one it's getting a lot of a course I gather it's an up and -- scored 58 earlier this year is. Pierre Jackson. -- Baylor we remember him for eight. You know what he did in college the pelicans have the rights to him and also something of that depth. Marks based on me as -- he thinks that though Austin Rivers could be a guy it's name's floated around there what do you think about the trade deadline as far as pelicans of concern. So there I thought -- guy. You guys have more players in -- it would be here. I don't think they're really actively support -- that much because honestly that he's great because of them are under on the market I'd. He's -- in the document. PPV. Anchor that even the tree on pretty well after your accident. I -- them and ultimately it yet but the fact of the matter it. It again developmentally. Talent on on -- and so I think so yeah I like that you can offer. From another -- too many people are going what are your that. Mean you think his chances the I don't need them. And but I see if you can package and even with Eric Gordon and Archie. More -- and I think there are at the net and could you weren't. Right now is that you know you look on the while that did the Wizards a -- arrested in both of those guys that -- isn't Jackson and the Cavaliers are interested. In Jackson as well you know we just. It happens is you gotta make the call you'd hate to see somebody else get began when he comes off like gangbusters in the league but. And I did that happen often but we'll have to wait and see now up -- -- followed. Mason is going what are realistic expectations. Dolphins team let's just say -- okay yet the U got more on -- Davis this year he's -- faith we know that. ID get Holliday healthy and exceeded Evans indeed all these guys background and it's indeed Smith. I don't out on the Osce Goran because I'm all about him. What our realistic expectations the easy is it a playoff spot is the middle of the pack because. -- meet in the west legitimately. I mean I don't think anybody off Phoenix would be what they are right now opting without to Golden State we're probably in a bit better although their product better suited. As long as there in their dangers straight against anybody. In the playoffs but to say that you know there and you know middle of the pack Western Conference where everybody healthy I don't see that. I mean you're exactly right and it's really that -- electric is really difficult. I I had it and final spot article -- we go way. -- them together and in the Ryder. Ball -- the other your network life yet Gannon. Well Ottawa that intelligent or well you know I was really important that it would be so. Now we can optimistic for the back mattered not because the thought he can't. He picked up. It just because of how he does copper and really it. Now I think that that thought -- -- really think about it. In the long term we are very very good position so you look at only the thirteenth and -- they're very good right now. They older talent immediately to players like -- twenty odd years of age -- younger. So it was -- -- -- court together need to grow together. Even by if we unfortunately missed and here I -- will make it we can stay healthy. Our bodies that we did that early in the line I like where you are especially with what you can't you get over -- you can understand how valuable is that the team how how good he's going to be. Mason -- what are you have a bonus side I -- the folks in this and what's what is Burma street shots off. Well we we we the the the number -- he's an analyst about people -- -- -- -- -- that any reader can understand it got a job we would appreciate it that the baton constructive criticism from here and right now we're track in the trade deadline pretty closely. At 2 PM that. On Thursday itself. If you wanna read about all the rumors what's going on on you know compounds that outside obviously will be continuing the aren't are not not not in congress. Now Mason -- all at Sydney you know do between constructive criticism and a hater. -- -- -- Whatever difference though -- and you you can you can tell me we -- -- -- or you know you know we always talk don't respondents thought of you know. Guy like -- mamiya de yard create tell you that. Campbell kinda just the dollar and it's hard of that but there's a difference between constructive criticism. If somebody just hate but -- you do you guys do a great job you know I was thinking back this past week in. Meant what about wall coming at the history -- -- you know wade LeBron in VP of the game. I was Superman Dwight Howard would I am very interesting moment in in in dark history. -- you think about what happened -- in history. In the skills competition that close -- about a tenth of a second overtime for the for the three point shoot out a tremendous dunk contest it was the talent does it judges the highlight real dominate. Magic in -- they all gave it rave reviews and in the Haskell on all star weekend over twelve more thousand people total. Visited the all star jam session and what they did in 2008. It just seemed like new -- will will get another all star game sooner than later because Alan Silva sandy. As -- after the week gamble I'm knowledge everything we went great great and I even -- to have a birthday to Bill Russell on -- everybody does seem to enjoy themselves. Well absolutely yeah I'll come out and I'm not that now I didn't think grad school here. Very. -- be in the world that we can. He picked it agreement. Me and it just seemed like. -- whether that everything just went out of the club in the world and I -- -- I don't think it'll be too long until. Until that -- -- -- out -- again I I I couldn't I couldn't vote. Or anything that man -- in -- that this city very well. Now Mason UUHUT. Their universe it takes it now what's it like over there now post Mack Brown. -- -- turn to an area. Heard earlier that kinda kind of weird right between background and and strong -- it. You know I don't kind of combat lowered the second -- spot in plant like that -- people expect that. It it's limited to sports in Texas takes as long haul for Obama Dallas Cowboys football they're right. Got it exactly that way. And I think might think then I hear there was a lot of fun -- -- beaten countless. You know -- that he deceived right now if you if you had been watching the game be -- mean this this is some good stuff in the west I mean let's face it. Golden State in Oklahoma city Oklahoma City don't play him and a first round I mean -- nobody wants to play Golden State as you did when you can shoot like that. That's equalizer dumb idea to a set of foot when you can -- -- like they can shoot. And -- that some guys are ready helmet half court sets especially a guy like Iguodala. They can do some things now slow things down while Bogut who does well I think he's underrated of course David Lee. He got into last year but he came back I mean they they made a good wrong so they've they've got season. Phoenix is a team that right now if you Indiana. -- take anybody out to wins you just don't know what the -- Venus because Venus is just got a number. Against Indiana and east is animal caught drive it's like Indiana and Miami Washington is very interesting because of what they have what young guys. And they got a big man and Nene and seemingly Miami dios. More difficult with big guys like -- -- what they don't Indiana -- another big ballclub. But that west. Coming from top to bottom that that now -- -- -- like tonight I mean Miami and Dallas and and Nikola was on the Spurs these big time games coming up. That -- It it hurt looking at them -- in your injury the you know. I I can and that done and now being out real contenders but. Portland dog has been incredibly convenient or if someone really quickly. San Antonio you never you can never count those guys -- era in their players throughout the second half that even seem like that they'll be right there are better come out. Obviously on the city that he -- -- -- there Kevin directly blame you if you're the media here that not to convert article on him. It considerate and split and you did so far this -- Mason how -- folks following you on Twitter. I'm an eight again and he can be argued that our our our -- like it or street -- street abbreviated so welcome to -- they are elegant runners on our side all sorts of government and struggling the next couple. Mason thank you so much and it's our -- appreciate it. I amazing Gainsbourg those guys come with a New Orleans pelicans take him out Burma street shots dot com.