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Scoot Show 2-18 8pm Bob Mitchell, Death Row comfort

Feb 18, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host BOB MITCHELL: the state corrections department says the only way it can lower heat levels on Louisiana's death row, to comply with a federal judge's requirements, is by installing air conditioning. Do you want your tax dollars paying to provide AC for death row inmates? How high would you set the death row thermostat?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the show to me Bob petrol filling in for duke tonight in the big date seventy WW LA MF and and dot com. Here's what is on -- WWL talked able to grip on the subject that it just great -- As mum dad used to say it does so well Asia up well when I read about this this -- really just swelled -- the state corrections department. -- the only way can lower heat levels on Louisiana death row is to comply with a federal judge's requirement by installing. Air conditioning. I don't know what you. But I about a big beef with my tax dollars pay and to provide a seat for death row. Inmates. How many of you grew up without air conditioning. How many -- you grew up with window opens. And if you could set the death row thermometer. If you could set the death row thermostat. What would you put the temperature. I just find this just -- on amazing I mean I don't know upon a -- you. But I -- I grew up without a seat we had -- plants in the house. And I'm sure there are a lot of -- senior citizens live -- -- AC right now. So our question that will be a big it's heavily pretty -- opinion poll question. Do you want your tax dollars paying to provide a seat toward death row inmates in the -- could control the thermostat on death row. How high would you summit now output ports says that anything over 88 degrees. It's cruel and unusual. I don't know in the -- of death brought out I just don't have that much compassion. If you're in jail and you -- on death row and you're suffering a little bit. Also we're going to be talking about -- -- won't have kids or grandkids you may wanna pay attention on this. According to the American academy of pediatrics toddlers. Who watched three hours of TV today. May end up educationally -- Physically weak and prone to bullying. Three hours. I think -- kids. -- -- -- want to weigh more than three or no one of them was talking to. -- earlier they they watch Sesame Street everyday and normally had recorded and played back a second time for him so how much can -- be. Did you watch growing up. And was there any show. That was a can't miss show for you are pro lines are open to 601878. That's 2601878. Or told 3866889087. You can text and -- At -- 7870. Up unloved ligature touches but I'd much prefer to have talked to -- line's open right now. Which can talk about this you want your tax dollars. Do you want short textiles your hard earned money play and to provide air conditioning for death row inmates. And as a kid to. How much TV did you watch do you think today's kids watch too much TV not tell you one thing that that I have -- and I guess I have to think back and I don't know how much remember. And my own kids zoning out so much but I know that. If I don't go visit my grandkids. My grand grandsons or they come visit me. They can get so zoned in on watching TV. Dot I can walked in and talk to them and it's like. I'm I'm not even there so -- well that's good or whether that's bad. But I -- they get so focused in on these TB programs. As far as me growing up. The TV program that I just could not missile as -- mentioned earlier. I hate to -- admitted but. I was a big Mickey Mouse club and Brad to watch Mickey Mouse club. And I had to exceed that opening thing. Where Annette Bullock chipped in total -- come on site. Hi I'm -- and that that made Monday everyday. 2601 -- 7866889. Awaits revenue of a couple of other things to talk about put up. We'll start of these subjects tonight let's go to Crawford and gentility power your Crawford. It. Are you there. Now we got you how are -- Crawford. -- now how do you feel about basically now the states say in the the only way they can complies. With what the -- ruled us for his death row to air conditioned death row or you for that. Eulogy hole and. I often but I think hand forward and I -- -- well. You know you're sure about. The story about -- Israel -- You know had not been guilty at a job. But no matter what you're guilty or not I think we got a great great great compassion or anybody. Lawyer to Nationalists and I've I grew up as a kid. And he and and in the late fifties and we did not have we didn't have our commission we had -- win a big old fans big goal -- to open its -- nice and cool. I'm not to I can understand not creating swat boxes and not creating temperatures. On it and in -- hundred degrees but. -- You you're in jail. Because -- killed someone you -- on death row. I mean do you deserved. To have an easy. Shouldn't you shouldn't make it as hard as possible. I think you can really good point I guess they -- all I -- -- I'd do unto others leeward haven't and I even given our -- very contemporary now. Well I'm I'm not a major comfortable so like I just have to disagree with you on that now what about today's kids do you think they watch too much -- Uh oh yes side bitter -- absolutely. In my community. Now according to this report anything that. Over three hours is too much TV. That's kind of a funny funny that you mentioned about via -- -- Ali I don't know about. I'm sorry I didn't hear you would you repeat that that -- -- that you mention about it making -- trying to bully. Oh rolled the bullion you know. And I'm not I'm not really sure exactly you know that they released these reports. And they say these things but then you use you never really find out how do they come to all of these. Conclusions I I think what actual would -- and as the fact that I guess if you watched three hours of TV and you want stimulating yourself by maybe you'd. Doing some reading or are doing other skills. To load a coordinated well against a hand on things I guess that can happen and what about you growing up how much TV did you watch and what was what -- you could just not in not miss every week. My mom pretty particular about limiting art TV. Yeah. Oftentimes you get sent outside. And tragic. Get out there you -- imagination. That surely you have a favorite TV show but surely I had a favorite TV show in my favorite TV show and -- now. My team hosts the -- -- mighty mouse yes a whole wee. Wee girl up and -- an entirely different era. And my mom like Q my mom what is the audible to a pot meet watching three hours of TV never gonna I got a chance to watch may be. Maybe a half hour hour at the most in the afternoon. And a little bit that night but of course the main TV. Then compared to an alum and what do we have a couple of stations now -- hundreds and hundreds of stations and kids confined anything they want him to Avian and a lot of parents use TV as a babysit her. And what this report also -- isn't that is that which you have to check in -- is that when you have your kids in daycare. You have to find out how much TV they're loading them watch in daycare. And I I think what they're getting -- here is that a lot of times. Parents in the morning before they drop kids off to school. The kids are glued in front of the TV set -- they go to daycare and they watched TV all day and that that's that's what they are basing on the fact that it does hamper trials development. Not a good -- what was your favorite TV show growing up. Well I mentioned earlier a net on the not a very much club. And -- I was a big lone Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers -- the most noticeable I was really don't know most of the probably no more than 1011 years old. Yeah so our creator. Didn't forget who could forget you right. I appreciate you calling my partner you thank you all right thank you Crawford let's take -- -- Salvador's that your name. Yes. Yeah yeah. Let me before you but it won't talk -- old book goes out here every job it is safe house. Down in an area there's always are and aren't. And soup again and stuff like that cabinet member Garrett arts. It remembers Superman. -- -- about Stella Dallas Pittsburgh. But the reality view that it does it better idea you know bandage radio when you got home. But you -- is just jump out but it. -- -- You know you -- you you brought about a very good point when I was growing up I was actually more interested. In playing ball. Well I was watching TV and and my biggest routine in the afternoon was to come home. Do my homework and then. Go out and play ball but -- I did when the Mickey Mouse club came on I did after common and just watch the nets say hello sometimes it's all indeed it was just the you're a -- say hello and then. Because I think they each came out and said you know I'm Jim -- Annette I don't even know will be the most multitude -- -- Is that that is would not. -- because certain new life in every sport came out people that. Baseball. Basketball. Boxing gloves whatever Rose -- was. We plane that in low post is we have in as the biggest fight in quite that we -- additive that's. We don't do this bill was about a mile away with eight. All of -- You've been you know over the big -- taught you talked about you know. It did make it back domestic oil law. You know she had written what was certainly. -- mineral called a rule means the world. Well. Snapping at what is entries cherry tree out. -- -- -- -- I am today. Or its allies I got to take a break before before global after our big date somebody ready drag our opinion poll question. What do you think of using your tax dollars to play to air conditioned. Death row inmates. -- -- Who knows they need to get except that they would let slide out. Yeah I'm I'm I'm with you and I I didn't grow up with their condition I grew up just -- with the big goal when defend. The fifth floor it would. And you guys. That's it thank yourself. All right jar short I'll be with you next hour for -- -- 26018788668890878. I'll -- you a little bit more what's going on behind our opinion poll question we come back. But do you want your tax dollars paying. To provide air conditioning for death row -- -- -- to -- at -- 787 you can call -- at 2601 late 78668. -- nine point 78. Got a couple lines -- I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of on the brigades seventy WWL. And visuals don't show I'm Bob virtual -- do tonight it is the final week of our 1000 dollar nationwide cache content that you joined RW WL cash club. Sign up now for WWL cash contest alerts and you'll get a reminder fifteen minutes before each code word has announced. Just text the -- cash now. 287087. At age 7870. Know the code word. Enter it at WW well. Dot com. Slash trash and you -- -- a files and books weekdays right before the top the -- news at eight. Noon three. And civic join -- WWL cash club today. Message and data rates apply a bit Michael Bolton a real quick second -- got a bunch of text messages elected get. Caught up on what we're talking about tonight as our -- somebody Prodi jaguar opinion poll question. Do you want your tax dollars pay and to provide air conditioning for death row. In mates and that's because the state corrections department was the only way. Beacon lower heat levels on Louisiana's death blow. That a credible drugs required is by installing. Air conditioning. Bands aren't good enough for them. The problem is we don't execute our prisoners fast enough that they deserve. Thanks for your time it was great if you were able to have a health fanatic and what a difference may yet. -- concerted it -- I would turn up heat on all inmates on death row. On now cannot get out but it may keep others. From coming in so in other words to make the conditions bad the and it might deter crime I've I've I've always thought that. If I had my way people wouldn't be on death row. Long enough to complain. No air conditioning it's it's not a vacation. As far as favorite TV shows grown up Oakland -- a dream of Jeannie Gilligan's Island. -- are often stuff. But mostly I want to be outside. About kids watching too much TB of kids watched three hours of TV today who's going to bully them Leo at. Because the other kids are inside watching the TV he also. All right now let's get back to our post that 2601 late 78668890870. Let's go to Joshua how laureate Joshua. -- -- -- -- -- One of the questions about Earl. For all I know one of the people. While. Little over the year -- -- that is. More income in that he'd work with you wrote in the court. So that. A bunch of crap you know he was one of the -- people. I'm not gonna get into the jail. In 1988 when I was twelve years old and out side in the church where it down so -- and some -- -- and. I don't watch more TV growing. As he would probably in most kids Jabber. Jack birdied eight and today. That I work for a. How do you know how do you do answering the questions. I don't know. -- no no no normally when you watched jeopardy how well do you do. I'm betting it. That people out there. On the college level yes I do there are people. The other. Sometimes do some. Power it's it's. But I. Or play every shot that. And good except for college college. Do -- do better in the number one. Number two. Real good. You'd better number for -- -- on college but I. One of the people. All the -- -- I don't work and he wrote the local for a week I eat he would he's a well or just -- -- -- -- it -- it. Jerry McGee. So you say value say no air conditioning for the death row inmates. To what to make sure that you were clear. All right Josh appreciate -- voting and tonight. All right 2601 late 7866889. College -- -- a couple of lines are open to doubles -- get right to deals go to Barbara in memory power -- Barbara. On and -- and I. Very welcome first of all how do you feel about did today into the watch too much TV. Probably. -- But maybe not I mean I know a few individuals. -- ticket stay glued to TV. And it's okay and I mean. It's not a little wishy -- there now. Well I mean keep my fortieth double file you -- and maybe for that age maybe it it's not too bad bad. I think probably general gently I think you know -- talk about childhood obesity and stuff like that yeah that could be a contributing factor you know -- Well this this this particular survey is basically done all on toddlers -- -- I'm not quite sure. I could not find the the age I think I think toddlers are considered about what. Two and a half years old I'm an app right. Green. Line and it it says that. That the studies show that the kids who watched of more than three hours TV today and that the report. Pointed out that. Unfortunately a lot of times when you dropping kids off for daycare. And you think that maybe the daycare people or engaging them and creative things that they're just. Putting them in front of the TV. And so it says that basically is that what happens with these kids. That they have poor vocabulary and for math skills and I'm I'm only I'm only trying to surmise what's going on here I would have to think. That now and in gold in those early. -- years with kids it's so important to -- in -- react with them and give that give them some place section and an earlier and talked to them so they can learn to communicate. So I guess -- if if if they were under or early communication skills but just sitting in front of the TV. I can see -- like to be a problem. Now let's talk about our big it's ebony pretty jaguar and people opinion opinion poll question. Do you care if your tax dollars. Provide a seat for doctoral and it. I would care very much senate and I would hope that they did not mean. You know I would rather see if anything that they if you exit out every -- my electric bill when it goes towards. Topping a disabled person or retired person pay the electric now. We don't you brought up very good point and that looks like you were route he were reading my notes because that's that's one of the things that that I put down one of the things that. But four left to -- my wife was talking about this and she said she's a bottle while. Just like about this type of thing is that we have absolutely. Senior citizens who don't have the money in and -- there -- -- a live in the heat and they can't pay their electric -- some of them don't have a seat. All we want one not one not take that money and help those people forced I I quite frankly. I don't have any sympathy. If you were on death row I don't have any sympathy if you wore a murderer and you were sitting there and you whining about that it's too -- -- just don't I'm sorry. You know when they think it's cruel and unusual about the cruel and unusual thing they did to fumble on that. Am going to get it. Right so -- now that the judge that the judge ruled that the heat index. Can never go above 88 degrees. Now I've I've just don't see where 88 degrees is that it is or even ninety degrees is overbearing plus. Are we making it too easy on the bad guys and it isn't -- supposed to be a nasty place to go to is -- especially if you wore a violent criminal now. But I do understand that we we need to. Jail old certain criminals in certain institutions and on the incident and in different or are at least have a have a different in it with what in the institution. But I think if you if you -- at the -- violent criminals if if you murders someone if if if you're on death row. I don't think you deserve any comfort. -- topic that was well put -- -- I think one of the text someone and Cuba. You know maybe you make it to -- the end you know people will be one that is Al -- -- they won't mind going to jail. You know there and -- -- entry meal today and called a courtesy of the taxpayers anyway. You know. Yeah I mean ally support all I ask. If the dollar on line -- on my electric bill to help. An elderly. Or disabled person -- I'm like I mean and you know at least got. If I was the one that I'm in it was going towards helping -- like that I feel it's sleeping and I. Not to make a body like that I'm more comfortable I mean a lot of people go wild. A ninety degree heat index several days at work I mean. Listen I. Oxy. I have -- who cuts my grass and why tell you one thing -- in these guys they really really worked in the stormed on the they're they're out there in that heat and they're swatting. And -- and they're working and they're they're choosing to do that so if if you if you've committed a serious crime -- and and you were on death row. You know something if if if you have to -- you have to -- right that's the price should -- let me ask you growing up what was your favorite TV show. Again. I like bewitched. That was that was one of my favorite game he's out there like that I had like a lot of issue like that. Do you do you have a favorite character in the show. Probably of the Montgomery. That was Samantha and amp why -- I like wait a minute what was. Wait a minute wait don't tell me asthma ruled there wasn't that her mom will come on away. And or -- it was asthma ruled. It was more pain at the hole and. It would it would it would what I wanna add on content. And of course -- my favorite actor and there was doctor -- day and that it was -- it was funny. -- thank you Barbara thank you -- all right I want -- All right 601878668890870. Contractually and 8787. Let's take an old phone calls go to Joseph. And -- put our parish or you're Joseph. On Bob I am doing plunge in the Mitchell and dirtier. Hey I mean old -- and I -- married outlook -- you know you need to let out but. -- do -- one news guys let me tell you if if if we provide air conditioning. For the death row inmates you know -- you know what next they gonna want their meals. Imported from rocky and Carlos down in the parish. I know one thing RP strongly against. Given. Our execution. And that throws every give. I think our -- yet but it is and know -- because. Do they go. -- those people is that they were. Barbara -- give up money tutor. Disabled people's well we -- ball. -- the correction department is appealing the ruling but US district judge US district judge Brian Jackson ruled the death row gets so hot. It violates the US constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment he demands. A plan to pull those cells so the heat index never goes above 88 degree at. -- get it. They want what they get that Louisiana. Almost. Archaic now that -- which show. So Mayo and blown heart to radio art body. -- At different -- The -- will -- -- fan that are. Certainly. -- what analysts say it gives stood and what that a guy. And Albert did there -- eleven. I am not sure. I'm not sure. I don't ot be -- contrive that thank you Joseph Rochelle you will be up next we come back to 60187866889. Point seven got a couple ones open. So if you wanna -- in and answer our. Ready drag our opinion poll question do you want your tax dollars paying to provide a -- for death row inmates. Let me ask if you can control thermostat that's hunger and as an expert that you could control the third was that a death row. How Hollywood or how lol. Which -- sent. And what you all time favorite TV show what do you think kids that they watch too much television I'm Bob Mitchell in -- WWL welcome back to the show I'm Bob -- -- -- tonight. In a -- Avalon alligators around here. I don't know if you saw the story of a -- on a couple days ago want to pass along to -- I've never heard about this before never. And if any have you. Of course I know there's a difference between alligators and crocodiles and I'm not quite sure know what it is and is just the nose and I think we have alligators here. Okay Willis about crocodiles and this this is a scary you know most people when you enter crocodile territory. You keep your eye on the water in the land right will now researchers have observed crocodiles and Australia. Africa Europe and parts of North America. Climbing. As high as six feet off the ground. The researchers believe the crocodiles climb in the trees. To keep a look out on their territory. And to warm themselves in the sun mean how scary would how scary would that be to be in a boat. And you're going that you're going to on the buy you and instead of the crocodiles bid on the bank you look up when their wanted to trade -- knowledge. Well that they were big east it is physically impossible -- you totally. I mean I don't know and I do realize that you can't believe everything you read online but it did it did did have some pictures and now the -- It's a -- picturing them climbing straight up the tree. The easel like some trees that maybe had been -- -- bent over a little bit OK I like crawled up that would. All right let's -- back to our phone calls we orbited somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Do you want your tax dollars paying to provide air conditioning and the death row inmates at this point 96%. Say you know and only 4% say yes let's not go back to our polls we're gonna go to Rachelle Rochelle in the bush parish. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there the reason it's air conditioning is at the state correction department says that. That they've done the research and the only way they can get beat that the temperature of the sales cooled. Two that's the state under 88 degrees is with air -- right now they they use window fails. -- -- Well it's it's higher than 88 according to the reports that have been filed in Maine today. I just don't see why we are so interested. In in making conditions on death row easy I mean you you were on death row because you you killed some on the issue. You view or a violent person and I I listen you you may disagree with millions of perfectly okay I just don't have the sympathy. -- Actually. However. Mean. Yeah. And don't. Vote. You -- Trench. At. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are. You -- I don't like the idea in any way of pampering these death row and. -- -- -- -- -- Got up but feel they. Well I I don't have one person who emailed me. Amnesty to read it says well if they're on death row anyway. So if they die from heat exhaustion it saves the state the only guy that's that that not might be a little bit and sense of an -- and I can understand that I can understand. That's why not just -- I mean I don't know how many people have on death row but I don't think it's in the I don't usually large number why not just monitor them. And if if if if it does look like the the the -- is getting into a middle. Given the global extra water or take him off for awhile but I am totally against my tax dollars. Paying for air conditioning for death row inmates. -- And I had no intention to go to Google -- gorgeous. And -- say I don't. -- -- -- -- And which -- -- -- -- Yeah. It. It. -- speaking of children. Do you think today's kids watch too much TV and when you -- grown up public TV did you watch and what we're so -- your chance initials on your favorite programs. -- -- -- -- You okay. What was the -- Brady's -- name a few big Roger you got it. What was what was the horse's name. Well. -- -- -- Oh yeah. -- Try it -- Well. And the court. -- Well. Well one of one of the things that the AP that the American academy pre pediatrics. Tells all parents is that you you have to find out at day care. If you're dropping kids off. How much TV they're watching what -- our programs are watching you know are are -- just stick these kids and brought the TV because of if you don't wake up in the morning can put a cartoon on or something and then let's face it that's what a lot of people do and that's some and unfortunately on with a lot of people that's the only way the mom and dad can get ready to go to work you put kidnapper the TV. Trophy of the kid in front of TV while you're given way to go to work. And an hour hour time -- the morning and then you bring in the daycare and there's certain in daycare all day watching TV and you bring him home at night there watching TV all day. Then they can easily be exposed 678 hours TV today. Call could -- What the and in a way like it sure educational. -- yeah. You. Sure are trying to compete with television at apple built and a person actually got a really. -- I. Don't child at. Each go. -- -- -- Got your child care but. If you. -- -- bad people. A. Thank you Rochelle Rochelle appreciate you calling John who's answering the phones and running the control board says he loved the monsters. But three stooges -- The Three Stooges Speed Racer. And Johnny -- Man those great -- chose. What were your favorite old shows 260. 187866889. OH seventy I'm Bob Mitchell -- right back on the huge show on WWL Anderson the -- show on WWL -- Bob Mitchell pullen and first dude a couple of text messages were talking about. You think kids today spend too much time watching TV. My kids are six -- nine my kids do. Too much extra curricular activity to have time for TV religion classes soccer basketball baseball. Girls' -- they average about four hours a week that's good if your tax dollars have to pay for a -- -- 30. Then -- the soccer at ten degrees or lower. That's an interesting thought. Put an AC control in doctoral now and just keep the switch in the off position and don't even hooked up to the AC they don't need AC. All right let's go to met in the beat Matt how are you tonight. -- -- -- -- -- On about. A row inmate. It cruelly. And Italy group and people want in the month. And you should remove the old -- of outward of one I'll. -- if we're gonna have them there. -- obviously we war. Did it. Given the important. And the people that they've. -- -- and local election. People are clear and -- -- -- put him. In 08 critical or. Your neck like it. And get out of the so. I think that Al courtroom problem could cause well he did all. -- -- And you. Have a problem and get rid of the actual. Well but I think I think you'd have to agree that the death row inmates those guys and women if there are any on death row. Or the more violent criminals and -- and their on death row waiting execution. And this is this is the area that the rest of the prison. The joke of the judge found no problem whether -- Italy the -- -- portion of the prison's so. You're saying that you would you you'd be -- the -- would be for or against the air conditioning. It would go out and we're going to be spending. Anyway that that we can have that. That the people. And -- -- 88 degree. Like carpet treatment -- -- at eighty and eighty. A good idea and they have an appeal. That's the state is the state is -- right now. But you showed you're gonna. Be. So you'd think. That. You can -- for someone that is committed murder at 89909192. Degrees that's that's that's two in humane for them up for what they. Have done in life. Oh -- down -- people. -- Oh. Oh that temperatures that are eighty or better in the whatever it is they beat the permit and a group. Margaret that all the good and it brought them. No the the only debate the only issue here is the temperature on death row that the rest of the prison that there's been no are no ruling on that. Right and then -- did my point. People did caught -- A bit. Better conditioned. -- and no one agree on about read through it like the -- is your favorite TV shows and one. Like Google like 41. Of them. All right appreciate you call -- okay no one has brought up off the road runner I used to love watching of the road runner cartoons you know. All right -- -- a whole bunch of people on hold the Jimmy. Wade Wayne build Georgia you can do me a really really big favor and hang on during the news we come back would give to your phone calls. In fact you can call during the news and Joba gets ready to goal right -- Copley over to. 601786688908. Suddenly I'm Bob excellent for --