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Scoot Show 2-18 9pm Bob Mitchell, Death Row comfort

Feb 18, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host BOB MITCHELL: the state corrections department says the only way it can lower heat levels on Louisiana's death row, to comply with a federal judge's requirements, is by installing air conditioning. Do you want your tax dollars paying to provide AC for death row inmates? How high would you set the death row thermostat?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the show I'm Bob Mitchell and particularly tonight on the big -- seventy WWL. Here's what does all of our talk table you know every now -- -- something to just great Georgia and my fault -- -- to have a great expression when I would aggravating the death he would say. -- swallow me up boy -- -- this this story really swelled me up on the the instant that I sought. The state correction department says the only way it can lower heat levels Louisiana death row to comply with a federal -- requirement. Is to install. Air conditioning. -- plans are currently the primary source of -- elation on death row. Now a court filing state prison officials submitted a -- plan that would involve. Buying air conditioning units of a climate monitoring system for those cells. It's unclear at this point how much it's going to cost. -- when it's going to be installed the correction department of course is appealing the judge's ruling. I don't know but you but I don't I don't want my tax dollars going in in that particular area. You can give me your opinion at 2601 late 7866889. Only seven you can text me. And 87870. Now you -- also talk about our other subject -- our -- table tonight and that is a report about kids watching too much TV. According to the American academy of pediatrics toddlers who watched three hours of TV -- may end up. Educationally stunned the physically weak and prone to bully so I wanna know how much TV did you watch growing up publish TV deal your kids watch. And did you have a favorite TV show let me go ahead and get to a couple Texans were quote like and then I'll get to. Via the the votes. Bob Bob hollow ball. X including the death row inmates problem solved simple -- that AC would never have to return well. All right okay. There a law abiding citizens who don't have air conditioning. And live their houses that get hotter than 88 degrees no a -- for criminals and that's that's exactly. How I feel. Here's another one a different point of view and something to think about if you did research and sure how many people exonerated from death -- will be an innocent. He might have a different opinion. You know you you have a very very good point their but then there's also been hopes. Other reports of people that the that that that go to jail that are innocent so what do we do do we just. We make in jail just the you know a frat house that we make it very easy do we say. Well as a chance that. But couple these people might be innocent so we just make a really really nice to make -- plush and I don't know you you you understand where you're coming from but. You know I'd I'd just don't think you can take that attitude on this as far as watching TV I believe watch a lot of TV. Is fund depending on the program that watch also think issues said. -- the place in reaction is extremely. In port and my kids are now seventeen and fifteen they -- quite a bit of TV and to do Bolton well above average students are right. We're going to give back to our phones were gonna go to Jimmy and Hammond Jimmy how are you tonight. And. I'm doing about what Tony my -- day. Okay. Among. Drive good short oh do it we only knew the well important. Is his job is finished. And got a call. Google come back to. -- -- -- -- -- Pro and college. And when they -- their position on. There was. Overrated by accessible. I Jolie ultimately after this -- -- would you like to see your tax dollars meant air conditioning death row. No 100. Alleged breach Richard calling let's. Let's go hold on hold on just the second want need to get -- up Joseph in Chicago that you joke knowledge about Joseph. -- -- the -- of an offshore well all right bill you. I'm doing well but I -- in law enforcement. And I know what might pack followed on the air in -- however we look at this from a different perspective you're. And -- as we can pay for the air conditioned now. And you've been caught and that cost or because that's the great civil suit for civil rights violations in the court already and there and I don't Stewart. Weakened by the air conditioned now. At the courtyard content and -- -- Angola and Iraq but the department of correction under a consent -- like all our search all the -- like it'll be here. And then we can not only -- clear indication we can pay for the monarch turns and the administrators. And all the other claw. Bet they'll associated with -- considered -- rather than just. So -- usually and that probably no matter what whether we wanna do it or not whether they they are going to file an appeal do you say one way or the other this is gonna happen. Right they're gonna get the year edition. You know it's the so do you wanna spend a dollar an -- wanna spend fifty dollars and two years. -- I I just don't like the idea of the fact that we get forced -- making it comfortable -- inmates on death row. I don't -- but that means we need new federal judge. The I'd -- appreciative Collins go to Joseph in Chicago laureate Joseph you really listening in Chicago. I'm -- in Chicago. Love the show or -- -- back on the air and I actually streaming out here on the I'm glad. So how cold is it in Chicago right now. Actually hit a balmy 41 degrees today that after yesterday's bloody digger either big. -- -- Well you know -- -- had its share of a famous criminals and -- a new New Orleans politics. And Chicago politics of very very very symbol. And that blank Felix. Do you know -- I mean we we have a mayor who has just been convicted on I think it was only one all of only two council of all kind of wrongdoing now what do you think about the the attitude that the that the government is stepping in. And if her if you heard the last caller he said it's it's pretty much a done deal the government has spent an insane that we need to air conditioning death row. Well you know somebody in prison you know I don't think that they need. I think -- Oppenheimer's patient not per decade you know. You know what he Indian Egypt certain right that people -- You know being in the air conditioning -- them. Exercise I'm -- Mac. OY eight why should pay what should he -- be. My. Well I'm I'm just afraid that. If you if you make prison too comfortable for them then. It's it's it's it's almost like say and I'd come on it and have have have free male domain what's next that air conditioning for the president. Are -- gonna start and requiring. A big thing a T bone steaks and may be it's an. Bill draw goes global there and serve them chart brawl oysters what's next. What part of law and in irony is that it -- drop those who'll beat them in the yet. Is over -- the president because I'm coming down on Monday -- or at -- -- you're coming. I am now that an iron and seven weeks. -- -- -- the French Quarter first order. That that is that is the funding it's a little bit. Lower key than that and the Jazz Fest but a lot of good talent. Oh a lot of good food. Jo -- I read a fictional but earlier and the talked about researcher wrote about people who. Are exonerated from death row and and that is something that that you have to -- in the air. But you know honey honey honey you -- that in deep you -- would you have to you have to almost turn. -- on line in line to the possibility that someone might be on death row that might be innocent because if if you take if you take that attitude. That someone might be innocent wouldn't that that you and in in a situation that that you would make jail like a country club just in -- -- have someone who's not guilty. Reality once once they round up in jail and and row they've been convicted by cherry pick the dollar aren't oh. I mean he would do people go to jail time that we were not you know be it happens but what does that. About pilot who want some of the -- made it probably I don't know what the that they are of that but. What the Hussein goes into about fifteen minutes ago on the news time. Yes she was saying that you know. The person kinda grow if I needed oxygen so what does that matter. Well at the pan and you did you eat eat yet he can't -- somebody in the hundred degree. You know I'll admit that okay. Air conditioning no 100 degrees in the in the south he can do something about that it can't be in human of them use they are. Of course I I would like to taken asked the family. That's suffered from these murderers on death row I'd like to ask their opinion you know it is 88 degrees to -- But I would imagine they can control of thermostat to be a 105. They'll I think it -- and and anybody commit eighty -- the hot -- it is -- a hundred degrees for one. And nineties and right you know somebody can handle that he and Eric are probably is an average of 88 Chicago. It that it does not hear back though we what was it. About that three years ago we read. That page in March 2000. So Howard your guards handling all that snow and and it did I read that correctly that that some of the lakes up there are frozen. Lake Michigan the most. Mostly in the frozen and others around them in the -- And the right so that the shipping lanes are open and operators. That -- been pretty bad and the good thing relate well up higher and yet the voting them. Well I don't know I'd hate to have a -- the water right now. Well you got -- -- again nobody's captain and I think he's got -- the media away under a blanket. Bill. That's -- all right Joseph you have a good night and thank you so Moshe calling from Chicago. But they put me on the board they'll let me tell -- welcome back. All right thank you so much all right 26001878668. At 908 W complexity. At 87887. -- give me your thoughts on. Do you want your tax dollars pay and to provide a sleeper death row inmates. We we had someone call an earlier -- and he said that this is pretty much gonna happen but. I guess I'm I'm I'm gonna hold on and hopefully the court system mostly a little bit later. But even if even if you just looked at it in general in all how comfortable should we make it for death row inmates. And we're also talking about the television. In the all time cable television blame it on television to kids that they watch too much TV. And when you were growing up published July auction. What were some of your favorite shows welcome back with some of your phone calls and from your text messages after the break -- WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute. I'm Bob mental approach do tonight tomorrow -- back and here's what's in the thing tank what do we treat the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom like trash. Combat wounded Vietnam vet with two purple heart bronze -- been waiting six years. Although VA backlog. And it's still waiting why -- park tomorrow. He he has right that we do we do treat a lot of the men and women who risk their lives of freedom like to trash. Here's what we're talking about tonight on the Boudreau -- Bob Mitchell. A big it's ebony Prodi drag our opinion poll question do you want your tax dollars pay and to provide a sleeper death row inmate abuse and why. Which went on here why would we even have to do that. Because a US district judge ruled the death row gets so hot it violates US constitutional protection against rule. In unusual punishment. And the only way to get the cells that cool right now leaves fans. Is to air conditioned them. And that's what we're discussing tonight were also discussing. About the American academy of pediatrics. Flea collars who watched three hours previous day may end up educationally stunned. Physically weak and prone to -- and you think today's kids watch too much TV. How much did you watch growing up and was there one TV show that you were growing up that was just can't -- this show for you let me get to a couple of Texas as quickly as likened them to back lippold. 98 point six degrees of the core body tent. Keep up for old Tampa 97 point six. Kids spending too much time watching TV playing video games on the computer. All interfere with the person to person contact but they are just symptoms import parity Polaroid. Let's see we're talking about that might be the possibility of less than 1%. All of a chance that someone -- emotional on death row but this person says. That's good publisher of the 1% and you're right you're actually right but -- I don't know what one I don't know what do you do about that. You know you'd -- you beat you can't make it you just can't do it's it's it's a terrible situation. And I'd hate to be in an in and that I'd hate to be that 1%. But what do you do. Bob button not a matter of hobbling prisoners. But approachable and president that the US violates its own standards there's no grounds to challenge China. I ran it -- I think you're all right put that but -- just don't know if they need. Air condition -- get extra plans they don't need air conditioning we have we of people in our city we have senior citizens and our pay it in our city. Who can afford air conditioned liberal about it. The prisoners on death row can live without let's go to George calling from what part of Massachusetts George. Shoot ought to -- -- -- -- and god -- I think Bob. You know. It. -- and be sure do. The would be the U. -- but the degree. Cruel and usual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was a real. That. Creepy. Music and you make. It. So big trip to actual. -- but -- and yeah. So don't go -- -- And those guys. I've read about that story and I was just totally blown away by that. You can't make peace saying the I mean I don't I don't expect it as a Christian no doubt but you know pitcher Jake you've got somebody who here. I have a jury appearance is that not only did you commit the crime that you -- -- your man out you don't stick to -- does that there. Don't you could ever bit the years now -- -- is a picnic music should be -- -- And that their actions gently. As well -- say. I do agree with you I do think that we keep prisoners on death -- Too long and and let them have too many appeals. I -- I just don't think that 88 degrees. Is inhumane I mean. -- on the big. -- In Asia and. What what about our our men and women who our -- or in in the rockets have have to take and you will be in the desert in in. Where where where all that gear that they have to Wear it. I'm like you always get our your advantage del -- are going -- you know once the terms of what Scott speicher from regular. All right George I appreciate you call it in butter you should. Thank you so much just go to Wayne in Slidell power you -- -- Google. -- -- the national -- slide -- eleven. Well I don't. Drop an element -- -- -- -- but that didn't happen that it is what -- it right now. But anyway. You want to become a little bit if you. When we get there -- bot bot -- but it. Like Rupert knew this all true. She dropped her off of the living conditions. In the William. I'm gonna scream that. Because bird trade group -- of poultry. In that was winner over it didn't matter but -- In Georgia. The ceiling issue do you think do you think in general -- Kabul prisoners too much done. Absolutely did you wouldn't wanna go would be it would be easy -- president just -- well. You know. We -- it imprisonment. It's ridiculous. I had I had the -- angle -- -- and a teenager. Had cured me of credit report and -- You have any kids. You think kids today watch too much TV. And and but but we have I have long one it started one -- since spring bill. She's -- college if you want to know what you and seventeen year old Israel. Active in sports at school don't -- country. You know we monitored but you know what I look like the is that it did decline appears showed today. On like equality issues in week. We're kids and the like just like Red Skelton. Outlook for the greater variety of views. Yet there are no authority shows on TV right now. Right right right by an army and equipment brought it up that's got to be one of the best shows on TV right now. My kids -- Want -- know that the Andy Griffith Show if if you watched it or -- that your kids watch it. You use -- not have to be afraid to watch Japan and it was the type showed that the there was always some kind of lesson. I tell you what. What frightens me about -- of about kids watching TV today ago. I don't know where you stand. And morally and what you believe in what you don't believe but when when. These kids are growing up today. Watching TV show. Even even even the sitcoms the sitcom come on at 11 o'clock in the afternoon. And people living in certain lifestyles. And your kids are growing up believing that that it's the normal lifestyle. Caught -- you point out on him and two bring them to real. Detailed look at those people feel like it and live like that look out and you wanna -- -- That's not what that outlook the bug you want to like that and it would have been happy about it and you're right you're right -- -- -- -- Much a point but then they're also. People do that and content now own reality shows. You know if he's trying to you know with a steal girls what. It's -- so -- I cannot I cannot watch any of those shows I was -- well my oldest daughter was was visiting last week you know walked in and she was watching the show tickets called. The bachelor some just dumb stupid show in times and. Output but you don't look at look at older soap opera or -- government putting them. What you know that the the thing the thing that amazed me is. I'm not a true okay I'm -- I'm far from being prudent but putt I don't watch soap operas but one other thing what little things that. I was tunnel like. I guess you say retires semi overturned -- took about a year or so -- and I never watched a lot of daytime television. You turn on some of these soap operas and I'm thinking. Wait a minute I'm out in my -- -- show law. And order. -- today. Every year. I wish I like that what did those leagues the -- of the eight. Don't worry we'll look at it -- yet -- At what was your favorite children. Like Red Skelton. Like like -- any. Raw. According. To. The outcome and I. In the -- on day. On the day but not. -- -- in Asia. And now. It compatible. Egypt's public you know. Let's count the wood frame but a lot of people did a lot. When it opened -- -- that would currently told Tampa. And -- -- it was a -- cop was trainer. The he painted coral. And and didn't he end every show -- and godless. That was -- crackling and I appreciate you thought and -- All right thank you so what got me give you a couple of text messages and I'll get. Right back to the phones. 88 degrees is a lot cooler than they will be after execution. Believe it or not. I am normally conservative I just don't trust my government with -- administering the death penalty in humane. They were on a schedule and waiting in line to -- they will be put to death follows an inhumane for someone who was that the be killed. Happens that I beat of the Pete in the places waiting to die. All right. I tell you what. Let me take one more phone call before we go to the break we're gonna go to crazy Joseph one New Orleans power you how crazy are you Joseph. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Well. All. That. Our actions. Are. Also. The treatment at all and -- Support. -- brought. Expect important. Because. -- you -- in the -- In. Your current. -- OK I don't -- well let me say let me say it's -- -- I don't mean to -- mean I'm laughing I don't mean to be. Making -- of anything -- -- I guess that's the definition of -- -- call in human. I don't I don't call ninety degrees in humans. -- -- Right and -- hit bottom line is I want my money in prayer and even death row prisoners. Actually I don't. Care. First call you or pop or cut back. And -- You. Talk. Our society. You know they give them to course mall -- ball. But but that. That that's the that's the prison system. Are you get our -- A lot of people. And a role. Model for our country. We see. On. -- old opry. I don't understand where you can opera and I appreciate your phone -- -- got to go to break gonna come right back if you wanna give us your thoughts and your opinion we have some lines over and 2601. Late 78668. At 9087 AM Bob Mitchell and which -- on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and for good tonight -- -- -- WWL -- table. According to the AP that's the American academy of pediatrics toddlers. But watched three hours of TV today may end up educationally stunned. Physically weak and prone to -- Course but I agree that not every study that you read you have to pay for gospel but. It does point out the fact that what you don't want as a parent you don't want. Start the morning off as you're getting ready for work letting your kids watch TV. And then you bring them today -- and depending on what time of day care -- should bring it to. That some of the day care places that the parents need to goal but further into what's happening while your work that. Some of the places instead of doing a lot of one on one with the problems to put him in front of the TV. And then if you have more TV at home but it comes up entirely too much to be watching so you think today's kids watch too much TV and on the peninsula published a -- watch growing up. And was there any show that was a can't miss show you know what -- your favorite shows growing up. We're also talking about a situation here Louisiana where US district judge. Ruled December that death row gets so hot that violate fewest constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Now he's demanding that the sales fool. To where it never gets any warmer. Than 88 degrees. Is that too hot for death row. And do you wanna spend your tax dollars to air conditioned death row. Now I understand that there's a chance. That we may get forced as a state in to doing this and we may not have any choice. We -- appealing that but we might have a choice but look at the actual factor in in and like I guess maybe earlier than that it just didn't hit me so hard but. Is 88 degrees. You main. Is that topless I mean it is is that too tough for death row 88 degrees. Let me give you a couple of quick text messages like to you -- let's go back to public hanging more of a deterrent then. Currently existed may sound gruesome but they are on death row for a reason. OK let's let's go back to to Kate Kate how are you. Yep thank you Bob. Talking about you chills spurs. Are at stake Korean award satellite. -- variety issue yet to Carol Burnett she'll be TV shows yet to write it while yacht called variety show what. It -- acted -- that was done blob. Like all we call -- in and Con-way. India -- will and rebut what will -- do devil made me do that that and no -- that lamp again. Little late show that rightly should not think those schools. Actually didn't opt out Albert that long ago but -- they do you -- this Saturday night lot. Because that date that's when but they did it gets what little bit law. Give up some mature audiences as that night Lott was good when this first game bought out -- Clinton -- growing up but I also like bonanza levels of my favorite shows. Hit. And but -- the -- of death row. That this is what aggravates me about the whole bank okay that is that the State's appeal when that decision but this one. They are you know and and the point here that the that maybe we should start talking about and -- -- shifting the conversation here is. Is 88 degrees too hot for death row. Note bullet but it looked like they'll want the appeal. Where and when the criminal defendant get all these appeal so well. You know 1015 years twenty years are on the state think get -- saying ma -- harmony and it but he appeals cases go through -- but these judges read all the bad. They can make a decision right then and -- But when it comes around to put. Somebody and get -- to -- Of the teal actually a bit. It takes -- out. Right even up into it'll never at least they'll peel off a mistake doesn't get the same standard that the yet but you know he's got a lull. Should audible -- -- the defendants in the state -- So I don't know I I watch people. Worked in the summertime. -- I watched people do yard work. I watched people cut the grass I watched the that the sanitation guys work outside you watch people who have. Install all -- cable for the for the TV companies and you watch people work for the electric companies and they they work in the summertime. In in temperatures -- much greater than than 88 degrees so why is 88 degrees. That pot and why why why is 88 degrees in new name for death row. I understand that. You -- that is all betrayal we noble. But -- -- that kind that make it 78 degrees that naturally but that -- certainly don't agree I mean it's all of the treasury note. I try and and if we could control a thermostat the main one but my main heck of if if that's too hot form. Wanna lower down to about sixty you know. Right and if one more point made up assure that the there. Why. That people complain about the death penalty and we need life in prison. Well I'd like the people who killed -- will be read -- who would let go because he was on light all. One get real cute he was on death row and not allowed in the walk off Scott free because of the jury all -- so I'll let that you remember -- I know I don't but -- I have a text message that pits and we're talking about its says this -- the comfort of death row inmates. Where were the victims civil rights right that's what. What will it rebuild. Starting -- he was convicted of bank robbery. And I believe he killed two bank -- I think it was in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Back in early sixties. He was black. And it would -- blacks on the -- or so that that was that was -- content that he was going to death row. To be executed but because they -- -- -- on your game in light of Britain this thought of the -- praise on but that -- walking that was for the possible. Ryan I remember that now go to remember that yes don't -- So that a given delight in prisons which he did. -- I don't know how many years in pinnacle but probably east starting lol well -- act now. And appealed and got out. So that's one -- epic you wanna talk about life in prison -- -- -- -- walk around the United States that. They give the death penalty and didn't get like Britain. All right -- I -- -- draconian and OK. All right thank you when we come back go. One of my favorite type of stories and I love finding these don't put criminals stories and so what we come back after the break. I'm gonna give -- the Bozo criminal. Of the night I'm Bob Mitchell -- for -- on WWL. And I'm Bob central and Boris do tonight enjoy myself when -- really appreciate you calling in love talking to you let me read a quick a text message. I think one of your calls was trying to say and I agree a 100% that if the judge wants to use taxes to pay for something in the present system. -- putting in a program that educates inmates I agree with you Bob forget the AC instead. Give inmates a reason to want to be out of the system and feel good about themselves. So when their sentences up there are more likely to be productive citizens and don't return to prison. We're taking your phone calls or begin at seven apron to drag our opinion poll question do you want your tax dollars paid to provide a -- death row inmates. And not become like to take a a little bit further the not to that's what we have been. Focusing on tonight and there is -- a very good chance that did the judge -- could just jammed this down our throat. And it's because he. Has ruled that if the temperature. Goals higher than 88 degrees. Aniston actually heat index of its temperature to actually be be lower but a against the way the breeze blow and not -- and it. Would be 88 degrees -- of view. Can -- to work in conditions where it was hotter than 88 degrees to where you were actually outside in the heat working all day. And in temperature of the 88 degrees or higher. So let's kind of focus and on this is 88 degrees do you think 88 degrees. Is rule. And then usual punishment. I certainly -- to -- six year old -- 78668. At 90870. And here is our -- all criminal of the night you're gonna absolutely. Marvel. At just how crazy. And how much of a Bozo this -- release does -- come from Stewart floor. -- David Brown. He brought his pregnant wife and to the hospital so she can give birth to the couple's new baby. So far so good and like any faltered to be our -- was very very nerve. And for you guys have had to go through this. Especially that first baby bring your life and you you very very nervous. And most of us that there are new and -- -- just don't know what to expect now. Unlike most fault of the but he he had a very unusual way of dealing with his nervousness. He took out his high tech vaporize -- Yeah. Filled with pot. And started thinking right there in the delivery room. At at at started puppet on the ball right there in the delivery role. Not a good idea Bozo owners caught up with of his pot call the cops. Koppel was busted. Just as the sun was coming into the world. At at at at. And now you can see July. We made him the Bozo criminal today. All right I'm Bob Mitchell in the Porsche go to been asked if your -- to please stay with me I'll come out right after the new we have to blinds open its 2601870. 8668 at 9087.